tagAnalWork: In the Backroom

Work: In the Backroom


Wendy jumped up as Rob walked in, her fingers still buried in her ass, an expression of pleased surprise on her face that gave him immediate confidence... yeah she wanted to be walked in on. His dick was already aching, straining against his pants... he was dying to fuck her, knowing that having just cum he'd be able to really hold out for awhile and enjoy her body.

"ROB!" she said in surprise, unable to hold the excitement off her face.

"You look like you could use some help," he grinned at her, "Maybe the real thing?"

Her eyes lit up like Christmas lights and she practically purred, "I would love some help..."

Stepping forward she brazenly kissed him, her arms twining about his neck, he ran his hands over her body; cupping her firm tits and squeezing them, before reaching around to pull her close to him and gripping her ass. Kneading her ass cheeks like they were dough, he squeezed and pulled, letting his finger tips get ever closer to that tight crinkled hold. Wendy gasped and moaned into his mouth as he played with her ass, gently pressing his finger against the hole and then pulling it away again, teasing her mercilessly.

Pressing her hips against him, Wendy ground at his dick, her kiss frantic and desperate, deeply passionate.

Rob pushed her back, "Turn around."

She got into the exact same position that she had been in before, bent over but with BOTH hands on the shelf in front of her; her delicious ass was up in the air and pointing straight at him. But first he wanted to try something else, just for starters.

Lining up his dick with her sopping pussy hole, he began to push in as she moaned and panted with excitement, her tight pussy gripping him wetly. Reaching around her body he took hold of her hanging tits, squeezing them hard and playing with her hard nipples, rubbery buds that he twisted and pulled as he shoved his way into her body. She was squishy wet, tight and gripping against his dick, her crinkled asshole winking with excitement above her juicy slit. Rob fucked her hard, wanting to get his dick nice and lubed up for the main event, he liked a nice, tight, slick asshole.

Wendy was moaning and thrusting backwards, her nipples tingling with pleasurable pain as he pinched them tightly with his fingers, she was so excited at her fantasy come to life! Although he felt wonderful in her pussy, she was hoping that he would take her ass - not that she thought she'd have to worry too much about that! His hands were kneading her breasts, squeezing them roughly as he pounded in and out, she could feel another orgasm growing while his balls slapped against her clit. Already sensitive from her previous orgasm, her pussy was excitedly convulsing, getting ready to send her on a second high wave of pleasure.

As she began to buck back against him, her pussy shivering around his dick in orgasm, Rob was reluctant to pull out but he knew what he really wanted. Pulling out... a slight shift... and she howled as her orgasm was split by the painful pleasure of her ass being opened up by an angry dick. Wendy squealed as her body took him into her tighter hole, a fast hard thrust that knocked the wind out of her and made her tighten down on him even more. They both groaned and panted, her ass rippling around him as she continued to orgasm through his onslaught; he began thrusting slickly in and out of her ass, her insides burned and cramped but it just pushed her orgasm higher.

Wailing, she clung to the shelf as he began to ride her ass, thrusting into her like a bucking bronco, his hands on her hips and squeezing hard, leaving fingerprints on her pale flesh. He couldn't believe how tight and accommodating her ass was, tightening and relaxing, trying to hold him inside, trying to push him out... Rob was in absolute heaven, buried deep in Wendy's ass. Just as her orgasm started to run out, he reached underneath her, hunching over her body so that his dick probed her at a different angle, and started to rub her pussy.

She screamed in sexual excitement as his nimble fingers and the ache in her ass kept her cumming, pleasurable stimulation that became almost painful in its intensity. Tears began to spill down her cheeks from the amazing sensations, one of her fingernails broke as she dug it into the shelf in her excitement. Rob pinched her clit as he buried himself in her ass, moving up and down slightly and making himself bounce inside of her as he began to fill her tight hole with spurts of frothy cum; groaning contentedly.

Wendy sobbed, one of his arms under her holding her exhausted body up and pressed against his groin as he finished cumming in her ass. She was sagging underneath him, her pussy still burning and sensitive from its forced pleasure... it was the best sex she'd ever had in her life. And all this time that she'd been masturbating back in this room, hoping that he'd come back here and catch her... hoping that he'd want her. It was fantastic... even better than she'd ever fantasized. Her ass was going to be so wonderfully sore tomorrow...

Clapping in the doorway made them both look up with identical expressions of surprise and fear.

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