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"Don't worry about it," she said, still laughing, "I am a floozy. I have been for years."

"But," Anna stuttered. "That's a terrible thing to say about your self!"

"What," Rosa said, "that I like sex? That I like the feel of a man's cock buried in my pussy? That I get off on making a guy cum in my mouth?"

Anna's eyes went wide and she held her tiny hand in front of her mouth. She stared at Rosa in shock unable to believe the language the other woman had just used.

"Oh loosen up Anna!" Rosa said with a laugh. "You can't be so uptight all the time! Are you telling me you don't like men? If you don't, we're going to have to rethink your client list."

"I like men just fine!" Anna said defensively. "I just don't like to, you know, talk about it."

She was blushing furiously now and Rosa grinned when she noticed that her nipples were poking against her dress.

"I love men and everything about them," Rosa said with relish. "I especially like it when I feel their cocks grow hard in my hand, like when I reach into the front of their pants by surprise and start stroking them before they realize what I'm doing."

"Rosa!" Anna said.

"That's exactly what poor Ned said when I led him into his office," Rosa said. "I put my hand down his pants and felt his cock growing hard in my hand. Then I got on my knees in front of him and pulled his pants down. Do you know that his penis was so hard by then it almost poked me in the eye when it came free of his underwear?"

"Oh my God," Anna whispered staring into Rosa's eyes.

"All it took was a few strokes with both my hands wrapped around it while I put the head in my mouth," the older woman said with her eyes half closed in rapture. "Then he was cumming and I let him fill my mouth with it. I didn't swallow it. I wanted him to see his semen on my tongue so I just held it there. There wasn't very much sperm anyway. I think he's too old to produce much, not like some of the men I know.

"Anyway, I held it there and let him look at it for a few seconds. Then I spit it into that tissue I showed you earlier."

"Eww," Anna said with disgust. "You mean that tissue you told me to taste?"

"Yes, that's the one," Rosa said matter-of-factly. "He signed a huge order for next month as soon as he saw that."

"Rosa, that's so gross!" Anna said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Is it?" Rosa asked. "Is it really so repugnant?"

"Well, yes," Anna said. "You told me to taste that man's, his..."

"Semen?" Rosa said helpfully.

"Yes, his... semen," Anna said as if she were eating bugs.

"If you really feel that way, I suggest you go grab that taxi right now," Rosa said with finality. "Because I'm not going to spend my days playing nursemaid to a naive, stuck up princess who thinks that my love of men and sex makes me a slut."

That comment seemed to knock the breath out of Anna completely. She sat and stared at Rosa looking for any sign of the jocularity she had seen earlier, but there was none. The woman simply stared at her icily and with her lips drawn into a thin line.

"I," Anna started to say and then realized she hadn't thought out what she was going to say. In fact, she wasn't sure what to say."

"You what?" Rosa asked coldly.

Once again the basilisk like stare that Anna had seen earlier was back. There was no warmth and no welcome in those eyes. There was nothing in those eyes.

"I didn't mean..." Anna said weakly.

"You didn't mean to call me a slut?" Rosa asked. "Or you didn't mean to say that you're a stuck up princess who knows nothing about the ways of the world?"

Anna gave up and looked down at her lap.

"Why are you still here?" Rosa said with a heavy sigh. "Haven't you wasted enough of my time already?"

"I'm sorry Rosa," Anna said meekly. "I didn't mean any of those things. Maybe I am a little naïve but I don't think I'm stuck up and I'm not a princess."

Rosa looked at her with no emotion and said nothing.

"I promise I'll try to do what you say," Anna said. "I'm just a little shy about some of those things. But if you give me a chance, I'm sure I can do it."

Rosa frowned and narrowed her eyes.

"Just go slow with me and I'm sure I will impress you," Anna said.

Rosa pursed her lips and a small grin appeared on her face.

"No more complaining then?" Rosa said.

"None," Anna said. "I promise."


Rosa put the car in gear and they continued their journey.

After a little while Anna looked at Rosa curiously.

"Was that story true," she asked, "the one about you and Ned? Did you really..."

"Did I really what?" Rosa asked with a smirk.

"Did you really suck his... thing?"

Rosa gave Anna a cold glare and arched her eyebrow.

Anna steeled herself and once more looked at the other woman.

"Did you really suck his... suck his cock?" she asked, forcing the words past her lips.

Rosa grinned at her minor victory and kept her eyes on the road.

"Ned and me go back a long way," she said after a pause. "I like him and I felt it was time I gave him a reward for being a loyal customer.

"Up until today I never did anything like that with him. But I saw that he was upset about me leaving so I decided to give him the thing he's lusted after for all these years."

"That was it," Anna asked, "just because he's a loyal customer?"

"No," Rosa said patiently. "I said I liked him too didn't I?"

"Oh," Anna said and then buried herself in her own thoughts.

The rest of the day passed hurriedly. They went on to visit two more customers whom they met with for almost an hour each. While Rosa didn't closet herself with either of the two men, it was still obvious that her relationships with them went beyond simply being cordial. Her flirtations with both men were outrageous and obvious. While Anna knew that some women were flirtatious, she knew also that most of them never took it farther than simple flirting. She had the distinct impression that Rosa never held back the same way.

"Now remember," Rosa said as Anna was getting ready to leave, "wear something nice tomorrow. No dowdy old maid stuff, okay!"

Anna nodded and told her she would return her dress after it was dry cleaned.


The next day was filled with a whirlwind of activity. Anna-Maria was so overwhelmed by the pace of the day she barely remembered the names of any of the men she'd met. A couple stood out in her mind because of the way Rosa behaved toward them. She quickly came to realize that no matter how much Rosa claimed that she liked men, it was closer to the truth that she preyed upon them and their carnal desires to get what she wanted.

In one case, she was negotiating with a man named Jeff Michaels. Jeff was seated at his desk and Rosa approached the front of his desk stepping toward him cat like and leaning forward. Anna managed to stifle a small gasp just in time, knowing that Rosa was wearing a loose fitting sweater with only an equally loose fitting camisole underneath. She knew that Rosa was offering this man an unobstructed view down the front of her sweater and judging by the man's reaction, it was clear that he was getting a very good view. Jeff stammered a bit and then smiled broadly as he unabashedly stared down at her chest. Rosa turned toward Anna and gave her a conspiratorial wink and then turned back to Jeff to give him a winning smile.

By the time they left the office Jeff couldn't even stand up without showing the massive erection that had developed in the front of his pants. More importantly Rosa had secured six month's worth of business from him and had the contract safely tucked into her briefcase. Her smile on the way out was both predatory and full of self satisfaction.

"I'm sure he'll be calling back by the end of the fourth month," Rosa said smugly. "He'll need to renew the sales order by then."

"Is that what I'm going to have to do?" Anna asked. "Will I have to show him my chest like you just did?"

"Maybe," she replied. "It depends on what kind of mood he's in. If he's feeling good already, you'll probably just have to smile and bat your eyelashes at him. If he's grumpy, who knows? Maybe flash some leg or toss your hair just right. And if he's really in a bad mood, maybe you will have to give him a peek.

"Don't worry about it for now. That's months away and I'm sure you'll be ready for him by then."

Anna frowned but kept her thoughts to herself.

The rest of the week went pretty much the same with Rosa flirting shamelessly with every one of her clients. By Friday afternoon Anna learned that it was better to join in with the flirting rather than suffer Rosa's displeasure in the car ride immediately afterward. She soon had it down pat and smiled and tittered like a young girl while Rosa worked the room expertly.

Their last appointment of the day was with two men, Alex Rocca and John Betman. Alex was the purchaser and John was one of their site reps who needed to be heavily involved in the purchasing process in order to make sure the right materials were brought in.

As usual Rosa greeted the two men as if they were long lost friends. Anna saw both men grinning wolfishly as they eyed Rosa up and down. Her sheer rose colored dress did little to hide her petite figure and the tiny thong she wore could be seen through it in just the right light. In that same kind of light it could also be seen that she was not wearing anything else under her dress.

Anna had been encouraged to dress casually but tastefully. Her knee length skirt had been hiked up to almost four inches above her knee after Rosa turned the waistband down on the inside. Rosa had then unbuttoned the bottom two buttons on her loose blouse so her tiny navel would peek out between the open panels of her shirt. Through experience Anna had not worn a camisole, just a plain white bra that contained her small tits handily. Her panties were also plain white cotton and, while Rosa didn't approve of them after lifting Anna's skirt to look at them, she waved it away with a brief flutter of her hand.

Alex led the three of them into a meeting room and then closed the door behind them. Once the door was closed John approached Rosa from behind and put his arms around her waist. Anna watched in barely suppressed shock as his hands rose to cup both her breasts. He squeezed them lovingly while Rosa laughed and scolded him for his forwardness. Alex meanwhile stepped up to stand beside Anna-Maria and she looked at him and gulped with nervousness.

"Oh you Rascals," Rosa said to both men with a girlish giggle. "You're going to have to give Anna some time to get used to you before you try to ravish her. She's new and you're going to have to satisfy yourselves with this old lady over here."

Both men protested with laughs of their own that Rosa was definitely not an old lady. She giggled in response and playfully squeezed the growing bulge in John's pants then broke free of his grip.

"Now," she said, her face flushed and her breathing a little shallow, "maybe we could discuss the next order you have for me."

Alex sat down in one of the plush chairs and rolled it back from the meeting table.

"Yes, you're right," he said with a grin and then patted his lap. "Now have a seat here and we'll see how much business we can throw your way."

Rosa giggled again while playfully slapping John's hand away from her bum.

"Anna," she said, "maybe you could sit down with Alex and get to know him a little better. After all, you're going to have to negotiate with him in future. It would be better if he knew a little more about you, don't you think?"

Anna's mouth dropped open and she gulped with nervousness again as Rosa nodded her toward Alex. Slowly, she regained her composure and stepped gingerly toward his chair. His face was friendly and showed no impatience. He seemed to be allowing her to make up her own mind. After a last look toward Rosa who had turned toward John and had her arms around his waist she bit her lip and forced herself to smile prettily. She giggled as Rosa had taught her and then sat in Alex's lap.

Alex smiled nicely with no hint of lecherousness and she allowed herself to smile back. She grimaced slightly when she felt a presence underneath her bum and realized it was his erection pushing against her. Then she giggled again and began talking to him about general things, just making conversation. Despite her discomfort at sitting on a strange man's lap and feeling his hard cock pushing insistently against her bottom, she began to relax a little and found she actually enjoyed his company.

She followed a nod he gave and turned to see Rosa and John in a deep kiss. They were still standing and John had pulled the back of her skirt up to expose her ass. Her rose colored thong, to match her dress, had been pushed aside and John's fingers were exploring her pussy from behind. Rosa was squirming and sighing as he probed her slit. When they turned to one side they saw that Rosa had pulled his cock out of his pants and was now stroking it from root to tip. Both of them were becoming increasingly aroused and seemed to be completely unaware of anyone in the room but each other.

Anna looked at Alex with her eyes wide and her mouth open in shock. Despite her anxiety at the display in front of her, she realized that her nipples were as hard as little pebbles and her own pussy was damp.

Alex smiled at her and gave her a slight shrug. She smiled back and giggled nervously. She gasped when he placed a hand on her leg and gently squeezed her thigh. He smiled at her again and both of them turned when they heard Rosa take a sharp breath. Her panties lay on the floor now and she was sitting on the edge of the meeting table with her legs spread to allow John to push his erection against the outside of her pussy lips. She sighed as he pushed himself inside her and gripped his shoulders with both hands as he began to thrust into her.

Anna gulped with nervousness again and then realized that Alex's hand was now under her skirt and his fingers were tickling her pussy lips through her cotton panties. The panties were now soaked and her own breathing was shallow and rapid. He pushed the material aside and two of his fingers slipped neatly past her opening and into her channel. She moaned without thinking about it and her arm instinctively went around his shoulders as she leaned into his chest.

He kissed her and her tongue met his. She felt like she was not really there. Everything seemed to be happening in some kind of dream so she relaxed and allowed herself to enjoy it. When Alex placed her hand on the tent in the front of his pants, she squeezed it lovingly and pulled his zipper down to free his cock. She felt him tug at her panties and she raised her hips slightly. They got caught on her ankles and she looked down at them through heavy lidded eyes as she felt his cock probing her vagina. She opened her legs slightly and it sprang past her lips and was an inch or so inside her before she knew it. She groaned at the same time that Alex sighed.

Rosa looked over her shoulder at Anna and a flush of happiness touched her face. She watched Rosa fluidly mold herself to Alex's body as he surged gently underneath her allowing his cock to slide back and forth inside her. She thought that watching Anna-Maria getting fucked was possibly one of the hottest things she had ever seen. The younger girl's naiveté and apparent innocence seemed to make the sight of her wantonly giving herself to a man she didn't know all the more erotic.

Anna met Rosa's gaze and then languidly leaned back against Alex. She reached between her thighs and pulled her skirt up past her waist. Rosa bit her lip when she saw Anna's pussy exposed like this. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and framed her vagina with a perfect triangle of black.

Anna then reached down and rubbed lightly against her clitoris with her finger making her shudder with desire. Her pussy clenched suddenly from the extra stimulation and Alex groaned loudly. He gripped her hips and held her still while his face took on an animalistic expression. He grimaced and bit his lip and then gasped. Anna felt his cock twitch and then felt the warmth spread inside her as he came. She whimpered a little bit and flicked her clitoris with two fingers until her own orgasm took her over.

She kissed Alex then and rested her head against his shoulder. They both watched John and Rosa as he pounded into her as fast as he could. Both of them were grunting and breathing heavily from exertion. They stared into each other's eyes and John thrust suddenly against her and held still. Rosa gripped him tighter, pulling herself up to mash her tits against his chest. Her bum rose off the desk and Anna and Alex watched in fascination as his semen drooled lazily out of her stretched pussy and past the shaft of his cock. A few drops fell to the floor and some oozed slowly down Rosa's left thigh.

After catching their breath they looked over at Alex and Anna and grinned somewhat sheepishly. Rosa climbed down off the table and reached down to retrieve her panties giving Anna and Alex a clear view of her swollen pussy lips and her black pubic hair stained with John's cum.

Anna felt a shiver surge through her at the sight and Alex squeezed her slightly with his hands against her tummy. He moved his hands upward and gently cupped her tits in his palms. She grinned and gave him a mock cold gaze as he fondled her.

"Watch those hands of yours mister," she said.

"Okay," he said.

He then leaned forward and looked at his hands over her shoulder and continued to knead her tiny tits.

They both laughed then and she batted at his hands feebly although her nipples had hardened under his caress.

"That's okay but I'd rather watch what's under them," he said teasingly.

"Well then," Rosa said, stepping forward and leaning down to grip the top of Anna's blouse, "we should always give the customer what he wants."

She yanked outward giving Alex a clear view down the front of Anna-Maria's shirt.

"Now that's not what we expected is it," Rosa said.

She unfastened the buttons on Anna's blouse and held it open revealing the plain white bra she wore underneath.

Oh come now," Rosa scolded, "I think it would be best if you got rid of this thing."

She reached around Anna's midriff and deftly unsnapped her bra. Anna found herself laughing as Rosa awkwardly pulled the blouse and bra off of her leaving her topless. Her nipples were hard and bright pink. She also felt herself becoming wetter between her legs.

"Rosa!" she cried out with a giggle. "That's not fair!"

"Why not?" she asked.

Anna then stood up quickly and pulled Rosa's dress up and over her head leaving the woman completely nude, much to the delight of both men.

"Now it's fair," Anna said.

"Hardly fair," Rosa said.

She then gripped Anna's skirt and pulled it down until it was pooled around her ankles and now she too was naked.

"Now it's fair!" Rosa declared.

The two women giggled at each other and then Rosa reached for Anna's tit and gently pinched her nipple.

"I've wanted to do that since the first day I saw you," she said.

"Really?" Anna whispered as a chill traveled down her spine. "Do it again."

Rosa cupped her breast and then moved in close to her. She put her other arm around the girl's waist and cupped and squeezed the tiny tit in her hand. Without either woman saying a word they moved together and shared a long soulful kiss. Anna moaned softly as Rosa tweaked her nipple. She reached down and cupped Rosa's mound feeling the combined wetness from her juices and from John's semen. She pushed a finger inside and Rosa gasped.

"You should have done that to me days ago," Rosa said.

Rosa then knelt down and ran her tongue from Anna-Maria's pubis, tasting both the young girl's pussy and Alex's cum, all the way up to her neck.

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