tagGroup SexWork: Making a Sandwich

Work: Making a Sandwich


Wendy and Rob were shocked and horrified to see John Miller - Pop Miller's son who would one day take over the store - in the doorway clapping at their performance.

"John!" Rob said hoarsely, frozen and unable to move... it wasn't like pulling out of Wendy's ass was going to suddenly change the situation, and he was too in shock to even try.

"That was beautiful," John said, looking over them with a grin on his face, "May I join you?"

Both Wendy and Rob's expressions went from shock and horrified to just plain shock. Not seeing any immediately denial, John began taking off his clothes as Wendy looked over her shoulder at Rob. He raised an inquiring eyebrow at her and she shrugged.; John wasn't bad looking after all, and even though she'd only really wanted Rob, she didn't want to lose her job either. So as John approached them, naked and with his dick ready in hand, Rob decided to make the best of an awkward situation.

Hooking his arms under Wendy's legs he had her lean back against him so that her pussy was open and vulnerable, she was completely held up in the air by him with his limp dick still in her ass. John's eyes gleamed as he stepped forward, rubbing his hands over her breasts as he lined up his dick with her spread pussy. Of course Rob couldn't help but feel a little jealous, but it was hot too, and it felt damn good as John started sliding into Wendy's pussy, even though Rob was still limp.

As John began moving inside her, it tightened her asshole and Rob could feel the other man's dick rubbing against his, and he started to harden. They were going to double team Wendy, sandwich her between their dicks... his got even harder as he thought about that. Wendy moaned as her front hole was filled, the dick in her back hole slowly starting to swell... It felt so strange, so tight as the dick in her pussy moved in and out while her backdoor slowly filled up.

"Ooooh... it's too big..." she panted, struggling a little between the two men, "You're going to split me apart!"

They ignored her, knowing that she would be able to adjust and take it. And she felt so delicious wiggling between them; her husky voice was full of passion more than pain, and Rob was almost fully hard inside her ass, moving back and forth in unison with John now. Rob let her legs fall so that she was propped up between them, his hands moving to her boobs and squeezing, John's hands reaching around to grab her delicious ass.

"OH GOD!" Wendy cried out passionately her head thrown back as the two men began to fuck her in earnest, flopping like a rag doll between them. She was already exhausted from masturbating herself to orgasm and then Rob's erotic fucking of her ass; now sandwiched between two men she thought she might explode from the pleasure. It was unlike anything else that she'd ever experienced, completely full, stretched to her utter limit, and with the hard poles rocking her body.

She squealed as Rob pinched her nipples roughly, her holes tightening down on both of the men and making them groan with pleasure. They began fucking her harder and harder, Wendy between them, sobbing from the pleasure as her orgasm started... she knew it wasn't going to stop until they stopped fucking her and neither of them wanted to relinquish their comfortable havens in her body yet. She writhed between them, held up only by their thrusting bodies pressing against hers, all of her weight on the dicks that were moving in and out of her holes, creating waves of pleasure that wrapped her up and carried her away.

"OOOOOOO PLEEEEAAAAASSSE!!" She screamed, her body tensing up as her orgasm soared higher, her pussy and ass rippling around them. Both of the men pressed in closer, punishing her sweet holes with their bruising thrusts, squishing her softness between their hard bodies, not allowing her any escape from the pleasure that was taking over her body.

Rob came first, as her ass rippled around him, tightly gripping him as his cock pulsed inside of her, filling her ass with a second load of cum. Wendy moaned with the pleasure of his hot jizz flowing inside her, her ass tightening around his dick as it swelled up and exploded in her ass. John just kept fucking her hard, all through Rob's orgasm, making her squeal and wriggle for them as he plugged her pussy.

Once Rob stepped away John pulled out, turning her around and pressing her to the floor onto all fours. Wendy could barely support herself, her weight on her knees and forearms with her cheek resting on the floor, ass high in the air. John immediately pushed himself into her ass, which was still tight, the crinkled ring a little swollen. She moaned in discomfort as the second cock on the night pushed its way through two loads of cum to invade her back hole. Rob watched as his boss fucked Wendy's ass with abandon, making her cry out as he rode her roughly. It was one of the most erotic things that Rob had ever seen, cum being pushed out of her sweet asshole by the force of the fucks, her body in perpetual orgasm as he fucked her.

Wendy screamed as John tore into her asshole, pressing deeply and stabbing into her body with his swollen dick, bellowing as he began to shoot cum up her full hole. Her orgasm hit its ultimate peak, nearly causing her to pass out, and she shook with painful pleasure. John sighed with pleasure, relaxing against her upturned ass and kissing the back of her shoulders as she shook with exhaustion.

"Thank you Wendy, and Rob," John said as his dick fell from Wendy's ass with a soft *pop*, "If you guys ever want some company again just let me know."

Wendy shuddered a little as her ass was finally free, nodding her head at John's words. Although she was completely exhausted now, that had been the most erotic and fulfilling experience of her life. She knew that there was a good chance she may one day want to repeat it.

John left and she just knelt there, resting her head on her forearms and quivering from exhaustion. She didn't realize that Rob was just standing there, watching cum drip from her asshole as the crinkled hole slowly closed up. Eventually she felt strong arms underneath her, lifting her up.

"Come on," Rob said, "I'll take you back to my place."

Wendy was so tired she didn't even notice that his dick was already partially hard as he helped her into his car.

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