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My wife took a part time job in a pub a few miles from home on the main road between the two local market towns.

A few months later she seemed a bit depressed and said she may give it up. On asking why she explained she did not think she was suited to bar work. I asked what was wrong.

She explained that the customers mainly men where a bit arrogant and crude. They were always taking sexual and always making fun of her posh accent.

I sympathised asking what she meant by talking sexual. She explained that they were always on about how a posh lass like her would like a bit of rough. They asked every time she worked why she did not dress move sexy and show some leg and cleavage. They mocked her posh accent.

I responded well lets show them, let's go shopping and buy you some outfits they will appreciate. She just laughed at me saying your just after me fucking one of them.

The next time she dressed to go to work she came a showed me how she looked. My heart sprang into my throat and a got an instant hard on. She looked very sexy in her pleated miniskirt high heels and low cut top.

I had to say I think the 1/4 cup bra is a bit too much I can tell you have it on and can see every detail of your exposed nipples under you top.

She snapped if I want to look the part and actually pull a bit of rough I need to look the part if I want to act like a slut I had better look the part.

I had to agree.

She lifted her skirt showing me her sexy thong, suspender straps and stocking tops . I said aloud O MY GOD. She asked if I thought the guys in the pub would like them as she intended to be casual about how she squatted down for glasses and mixers under the bar. If she put on a show she did not care if they saw her.

She pulled on a coat and told me to drive her to work and told me to come get her at 11 30 pm.

I watched her walk to the pub door. She stopped, turned and smiled at me then let her coat fall open as she pinched her nipples. She then turned and entered the pub.

I drove off and went home I dressed in my sexy undies and completed a pile of ironing. The phone rang at about 10.30 pm and it was Karen.

She asked me what I was doing, she was pleased and told me to continue and do some dusting as she did not need me to pick her up. I asked why and she said she would text me.

The text arrived and read getting lift home will be late as going via his flat.

At one in the morning I got a text. I was in bed but could not sleep on seeing the text is was a bit of a shock. It said Fucked 3 times already having a pee so sending you a picture. It arrived soon and was a picture of a massive cock . My head was spinning with lust at what was happening with my wife and this guy in his flat.

I woke at 3.00 pm at the closing of a taxi door. I ran to the door to let my wife in. She was a mess but looked fantastic.

She flopped on the sofa put her head on the shoulder and said that was fantastic the posh bitch likes rough cock after all.

She slipped her left foot onto the floor twisted her back and lent her right knee on the back of the sofa and said show me you love me.

I rolled up her skirt and saw her knickers missing and her pussy hair all mattered with cum and she stank of him. I lowered my head and took deep breaths to breath this guy in then lowered myself down to suck her hair clean.

I then progressed on to get my tongue into her pussy and lick the cum still warm out of her hole. He had a very strong smell and very salty like a real mans cum I thought as I licked him out of my sexy wife,

I took her to bed and the following morning I licked her out again to capture every drop he had pumped into her. She told me what he had said and done. He sounded like a real demanding guy who got what he wanted and his cock length and size put me to shame.

On return from work that evening my wife was horny and we ended up her wanking me off as she was doing it she said sorry but she could not stop thinking about last night with Liam. She said I wank you with 2 fingers and a thumb, With Liam I use my whole hand and cannot close my finger and thum, he is so fat. She explained at one point in the evening she was on her knees sucking and wanking him at the same time. She had both hands round him and still had a mouth full, he is massive. She explained he fucked her three times cumming in her each time and when he cums he really cums.

She cannot wait for work tomorrow night and wants to see him again if it's ok with me. I said " yes its fantastic you have a lover" She replied not good enough Alan I need you to be graphic specific and detailed and write it down for me so I know exactly where we stand with this. I asked Why and she relied. Alan you may never get to fuck me again Liam is that good.

She shouted "Now beg me you fucking sissy" she pulled on my ball sack hurting me. She pulled me off the chair to my knees.

I knelt gathered my thoughts and then spoke the words she agreed with. Pleas fuck Liam when where and how you want but please let me help you get ready and please let me clean you when you have seen him. I will do anything u demand please don't leave me you can have Liam for fun and have me to be your domestics.

Karen continued to dress sexy for work . Liam continued to bring her home via his flat and their relationship grew. Liam started taking her out on none work nights.

I remember a night that had profound consequences. Karen was going out with Liam clubbing in town and she told me to get her a wine while she went in the bath. I gave her the glass and went to leave but Karen said. Alan get a razor and shave me. Liam says he wants a naked pussy. I was pleased to keel by the bath and shave my wife pussy and lips totally clean, It looked so hot and sexy.

She dressed in stockings, suspenders, thong, 1/4 cup bra. and heels, all in white. She put on and zipped up a 1960 retro style yellow mini dress. I commented that in a club with the florescent lights her under wear would show though yellow. She responded that Liam was insistent he told her what to wear and was going to introduce her to his football mates as his married fuck buddy.

I asked what she thought about this and what if by introduction he means fuck his mates. My wife explained that she has seen Liam twice a week for a year now and she was in love with him. I panicked and she said don't worry. Liam wants a fuck buddy not a girl friend or a wife.

She said come with me and we walked down the drive together and stood at the end of the drive. Karen told me to get hidden behind the wall . She explained that Liam was fed up with picking me up at the bus stop up the road he said he should just meet me at the end of our drive.

While we waited for him I put my hand up her skirt and felt her bare bum and the outline of her thong, I put my fingers between her legs. She responded parting her legs allowing me to feel he pussy outside her knickers. She looked down at me and said " take care that belongs to Liam".

A vehicle pulled up and I saw the logo on the side and could not stop myself saying out loud, "He's a fucking plumber" She snapped back he may not have a degree or be a company director but he is twice the man you are. As she walked off she said be on the drive when I get back to punish you for that comment.

They drove off and then stopped some 50 meters down the road and something was thrown out the driver's window. When they had left I went to see what it was. I picked up Karen's thong.

I went out to the drive at 11, 12 and 1.00 and no sign of Karen. At 2.00 pm still no view. I had just turned and was walking up the drive back to the house when a white van came racing up the drive. I jumped into the hedge and saw him pull up next to the house.

I kept still in my hiding place and saw Liam kissing my wife against our house wall. He pulled her dress up exposing her stockings and bare thighs and bum. From their movements I could see he was fingering her.

I crept out and mover up the left side of the drive and hid at the back of his van getting quite a close look at him fucking Karen her dress zipped open and he was felling her tits as he had her pinned against the wall fucking her .

She was cuming and feeding his ego and he was grunting as he was shoving up her. She was having climax after climax but stopped sudden when she saw me .

Liam stopped spinning round flowing Karen's eye line he saw me he ran at me shoved me back onto the ground and was coming fist clenched to give me a beating . Karen jumped on him pulling him away screaming at him not to hurt me . He shouted it's a peeping tom a pervert and lent down and pulled his arm back to punch me. Karen said no its my husband it's my husband

Liam stopped stood up looking at Karen then down at me and said real no kidding this is Alan.

I was on the floor on my back looking up at them. I will never forget the sight of them. Karen in stockings suspenders ¼ cup bra so tits nipples and shaved pussy on view. Liam still with hands in fists and a massive hard on he had lifted his balls out of his pants too and I could see a ring round his cock making the amount just up my wife.

He said fucking pervert what's he doing she said he a sissy his cock does not work but I need you Liam don't hurt him come here and fuck me. Liam did not asking twice he took Karen to the steps at our front door and told her to get down on all 4 like a bitch he was going to fuck her like a dog in the street.

He stood on a lower step and bent his legs and dipped down and fed his cock into her and almost sat on the top of her bum with his pelvic bone. He was fully up her and she was just climaxing again and again has he fucked her.

He shoot into her then pulled out dripping all over her back he lifted her dress wiped his cock told me to shift , got in his van and left.

Karen was in bits she had cum so much she was spinning. I went to lift her but she said no do it here like you're the puppy.

I did and she was covered and very full it was leaking out onto the step. Once she had cooled down she walked in to the house went to bed. I heard her crying and went to comfort here

She was very mad at oozing Liam until he texted . It read sorry for flipping never happened before did not know what to do.

Next text said call for you tomorrow at the door ha aha

Final text said want to talk to Alan too tell him he banded from fucking you

Well I got what I wished for now I am a 24 /7 slave and a cuckold sissy boy.

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