Worked Up


No characters depicted in the story below are under the age of 18.


Andrea sighed as she rubbed at her temple, every step through the chilly morning air was one away from the comfort of her own, loving bed.

"Who the fuck.." She yawned, "Invented four in the fucking morning.." she growled the words to herself as she walked, the road lit by streetlights in the absence of the sun, towards her local gym, her in-ear headphones playing some tunes that were too upbeat to match her dour mood.

Andrea's fitness was her life, it was as important to her as eating and bathing, more important to her even than sleep or sex, as evidenced by her increasingly early excursions to get her workout done and her depressingly long dry spell.

When she had joined the gym a couple months ago after moving into the area she had started at a respectable eight in the morning, giving her time to wake up beforehand, time to enjoy herself, time to complete her workout and time to get on with her day.

But then, of all things, the bullying had started, not bullying or shaming about her body, because she was fit, and she knew it, her body strong and lean, muscles toned with gorgeous definition, no, a different kind of bullying altogether, one she had never expected to encounter.

The so called bully, a little slut called Sky according to the sign in sheet, must have, somehow, found out about Andrea's secret extra 'package', maybe glimpsing it in the changing rooms, because, for some fucking reason, she seemed to take absolute delight in torturing Andrea with her own cock.

More and more often she had come in to find this Sky doing her own 'workout', always close to wherever Andrea was, and always seemingly focused on making her as aroused as possible.

There was quite a contrast between the two of them, Andrea was a tall woman, standing just a little over six foot with a strong build, light skin, bright blue eyes and long luxurious blonde hair. Her breasts were a modest c-cup and she focused on maintaining her definition and general level of fitness through her workout routine.

Sky, however, was maybe a little over five foot, her hair long and black, often tied back into a bun or ponytail, her skin was a warm honied caramel likely hinting either way too much time in the tanning salon or a racial heritage she couldn't quite place. Her eyes were a dusky brown and always seemed more than a little bit teasing when she was caught looking Andrea's way.

Sky's workout routine seemed completely void of strength and fitness routines, instead, it seemed to exist to show off her goods. While on the whole Sky was a generally slender woman with a noticeably flat chest, she lacked the muscle definition that Andrea's form boasted. Instead with Sky, all eyes were drawn downwards to her key feature, her finely sculpted booty that was the purest definition of thicc. It seemed to Andrea that the majority of Sky's workout was focused on either enhancing or showing off that particular asset.

Andrea smirked and snickered slightly to herself as she walked, letting out a sigh at her own mental joke. "Heh. Ass-et."

As she arrived at the gym, the third day she had come in at this time, she found herself feeling a little more awake and cohesive. She used her membership card to gain access past the magnetic lock to the all hours gym, letting herself in and putting her name down on the sign-in sheet before making for the changing rooms. There were no staff on at this time, hell, chances were with the clock only now starting to approach five am she'd have the gym all to herself, at least for the first portion of her workout, which suited her just fine.

She stepped into one of the changing booths, even with the place as quiet as it was she still hid herself away when she changed for fear of her additional package being seen, again, anyway. She already seemingly got into enough trouble with it with only Sky, somehow, knowing about it.

She stripped down, admiring herself in the mirror as she did so, looking over her flawlessly defined body which she worked so hard to keep in mint condition. She was proud of herself in all honesty, and why shouldn't she be? This had taken real work to achieve. She pursed her lips some glancing down, eying the thick, sleeping python resting between her thighs atop two heavy, smooth balls. Well, almost every impressive aspect of hers had taken real work to achieve. That bit, in particular, was god's gift, or curse, depending on how badly in the way it was getting.

She changed into her gym gear, a loose pair of shorts, which, while baggy and ill fitting, served to hide what would otherwise have obscenely bulged for all to see. She pulled out a tight sports top that fixed her full breasts comfortably to her chest, stopping any awkward bouncing or shifting that would distract her.

She made sure her long blonde hair was tied back into a tight little ponytail and smiled to herself. She looked good. She felt good. And that cock teasing little slut Sky was likely still wrapped up in her own bed, miles from Andrea.

Locking her belongings away into one of the lockers she strode energetically onto the main floor of the gym, mentally hyping herself.

Excited to get started, the room was lit from above by a multitude of bright lights, she admired how clean everything was, how well ordered and most importantly, how vacant the whole place was.

Andrea smiled brightly and put her hands on the curves of her hips, surveying the perfect scene before her. It had required sacrificing her sleep to achieve this, but it was perfect.

Listening to her music and finding those same upbeat tunes more to her liking now, she started to stretch her body, getting ready to start.


Sky yawned demurely and stretched his arms out above his head in his bed, blinking lazily as he stared into the darkness of his room, feeling the warm embrace of his bed hugging him. He let out a soft sigh and rolled over, laying on his stomach and burying his face into the pillow.

He wanted to get some more sleep. Sleep was the only place these days where he really felt at easy. Not constantly over thinking or worrying, or realizing just how alone he was in his empty little apartment.

He squirmed about in his bed, shifting positions and trying to get comfortable, but it didn't matter. He was awake now and no matter how hard he tried, he knew he wouldn't get back off to sleep.

He sat up slowly and sniffed, flicking on a light and looking around his empty bedroom, running a hand through his long dark messy hair. His room had precious little personality to it, it was just functional, a place to sleep.

Lazily, he swung his legs out of bed and stood slowly, padding barefoot through to his bathroom, taking his phone with him and setting up his Spotify to play some tunes. The bathroom was unpleasantly chilly, but at least his friend had let him use their Spotify premium, he didn't have to put up with their adverts as he went about his morning routine.

He looked at himself in the mirror, frowning some. He hated himself, he really did. He was so soft and feminine, his face round and girlish, his eyes big and sultry, his lips full and attractive. He didn't even have to shave to keep his face baby smooth.

He was wearing a t-shirt and boxers, his usual night time get-up, the shirt clung to his slender frame, hanging loosely over his narrow waist and hourglass figure, his boxers flaring out to incorporate his wide, flared hips and his huge, plush ass.

It was because of this awfully feminine figure that he had started going to the gym on a daily basis, an effort to bulk up on muscle, slim down on some, well, one, very specific area of body fat and generally achieve the masculinity he craved.

It had been over a year since his last girlfriend, a girl he had loved with all his heart but who had, he had discovered, cheated on him with a multitude of ripped, muscled dumbasses who, in her words, could be the man she needed under the sheets, something he had apparently never been for her.

But the gym so far had failed to show any results. He didn't exactly know what he was doing, but what he assumed would be common sense wasn't working.

Every single day he did exercises that he thought would target his ass and thighs, barbell squats, lunges, hip extensions, deadlifts.. But no matter what he did it didn't seem to result in his ass shrinking. In fact, either his boxers were getting smaller in the wash or his exercises were having the exact opposite effect that he had intended, which made no sense to him.

He turned on his shower and took out a hairbrush, running it through the length of his hair as he watched his reflection start to steam up, which was inconvenient, but at least the steam fought away the rooms chilliness some.

He knew his long hair was another girly feature which he disliked, but he also knew it was beautiful, long, lush and vivacious. It was one of the few aspects of himself that women seemed complimentary of, and that alone made it worth maintaining.

He stripped out of his pj's and set the brush down, stepping into the shower and adjusting the temperature until it was only just a little shy of being hot enough to hurt him. He let out a soft little purr as the heat of the water burrowed into his body, feeling the hot water strike him, forming little rivulets that trickled down over the contours of his curves, following his smooth silky skin.

It couldn't have been any later than five am as he languished in the heat of the shower, soaping himself and washing his hair.

He worked part time as a barista at a cute little local coffee shop, it allowed him to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life, he had hoped, when he got the job, that it would be an excellent opportunity to meet with and flirt with some cute coffee loving girls, but more often than not it was the male customers who flirted with him, many of them not even realising that they were not in fact being served by a sweet little caramel skinned girl, but a boy. The number of times he'd been asked with a wink if he'd add a shot to caramel to their coffee made him wince.

There was one woman in his life, however, sort of. She was a bright part of his day that made him feel happy to be awake. The woman in question was just divinity given a body, taller and stronger than Sky, with beautiful blonde hair and the most amazing blue eyes. And he wasn't sure if she even knew he existed.

Ever since he had first laid eyes on her in the gym, Andrea, as the gyms sign in sheet had betrayed to him, had been the focus of his imagination during his more lonely nights. When he was curled up on his sofa, alone with his laptop, he had imagined what it would be like to have her there beside him, and when he went to bed his thoughts turned much lewder, fantasizing about what they would do together under the sheets. He loved the idea of topping her, despite the clear strength difference in her favor, making her scream his name in the throes of passion.

He shivered a little. The last few days he had gone to the gym she hadn't been there and he was afraid she'd found a different gym or a different schedule. He hadn't actually gotten the chance to speak to her yet.. He'd meant to lots of times! But every time he'd gotten close to her in the gym she had left suddenly, like she was avoiding him.

Part of him thought he knew why, there was no chance that a woman like Andrea would be interested in a boy like Sky. But he couldn't let himself really believe that or what was the point in trying?

He stepped from the shower and began to towel himself off, enjoying the music as it played. Maybe today he would get lucky and she would be there, maybe, even, he would be able to overcome his anxieties and speak to her?

Sky used his hand to wipe away the condensation on his mirror, blinking as he eyed himself, a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Uh.. Hi.. My names Sky.. Would you like to maybe get a cup of coffee with me?.." His voice was weak, soft.

He cleared his throat and squared his shoulders, "Hey! Fancy a coffee?" Now his voice was a mockery of a tough guy.

He deflated and sighed. He'd think of something, if she was even there.

He dried himself off and got himself dressed, pulling on a little backpack with his gym gear in and gave his sparse apartment one last glance over before setting out into the cool of the early morning, making his way to the gym.


Andrea was about half an hour into her workout and was feeling empowered. The music was perfect, the gym was hers and she could feel the familiar burn in her muscles that told her she was making progress, it was addictive, the sensations coursing through her body as she worked out, her skin glistening with a thin sheen of sweat as she lifted weights and controlled her breathing.

While the super early mornings sucked, it was wonderful it to have the gym all to herself, it was worth more to her, she knew, than the sleep she was losing.

She caught movement out of the corner of her eye and she knew right away that it would be another patron of the gym, no real upset or surprise, she might've gotten here first but she didn't own the place, people would likely start trickling in sooner or later. Nevertheless, she glanced towards the newcomer casually before looking back to her equipment.

She hesitated, doing a double take.


The girl was unmistakable in her t-shirt and tight pants, Andrea felt her heart sink and her anger rise, she just wanted to work out in peace without this little walking disaster spoiling the most sacred part of her day. How early would she have to get up to avoid her?

Andrea felt her face flush with frustration as Sky's eyes lit up with recognition upon seeing her. She turned her back on Sky, trying to ignore her and simply get on with her work. She wouldn't have another workout ruined by this harlot.

Sky couldn't believe his luck when he had spotted her name on the sign in sheet! She was here and it was just the two of them, he was alone with her. He bit his lip and checked his hair, which was pulled back into a neat little dark ponytail of his own. She had noticed him noticing and Sky realized, feeling a familiar pang of anxiety, that as soon as she had noticed him she had turned her back on him.

Regardless, he wouldn't get a chance like this again. Steeling himself he started to walk towards her. He swallowed, stomach fluttering with butterflies as he moved up behind her, standing just a few feet away. "Um.." his voice was shaky, weak, everything he hoped it wouldn't be. "..Do you.." he paused, noticing something.

She had her earphones in, she couldn't hear him. He felt his heart sink a little and his confidence drained away. As he watched the outline of her muscles shift as she lifted weights he couldn't help himself, he saw her for what she was. Possibly the most beautiful and sought after woman he'd ever seen. What would a woman like her ever see in a person like Sky? He stepped away from her, ashamed for even thinking he would have a chance. He turned away from her to hide the embarrassment, frustration and upset clouding his expression and started his own stretch routine, trying to suppress the thoughts of failure filling his mind with exercise.

Andrea completed her set and glanced over her shoulder, her eyes narrowing into a scowl as she spotted Sky. Out of all gym, the girl had decided to do her stretches barely ten steps from Andrea.

Andrea watched as Sky, the teasing little bitch started to show off her lithe, supple body. Sky bent over, sliding her hands down over the top of her thighs, across her knees then down her shins to touch her toes.

Andrea bit her lip as she stared, helpless, unable to tear her eyes away from the excellent display. The girl's ass pushed up against the skin tight trousers, that thick, bubbly dark skinned ass just trying to break out from the prison of her pants.

She hated Sky with a passion. She wanted to work out. To do her routine. But now this slut was doing her bit, teasing her up, getting her hot and heavy. And for what? Just to piss her off? For fun? It infuriated her.

Sky glanced over his shoulder towards Andrea and watched as she looked away from him. Had she been watching him stretch? Checking him out? He felt a renewed hope surface in his chest and he bit his full lip, maybe if he showed her how strong he could be, how persistent in his goals he was? She had seen him there quite a few times, doing his very best to work off the weight on his ass and build up his muscle mass. Maybe she recognized that? Saw potential for a more masculine figure?

Andrea shifted from machine to machine, ticking off boxes in her head as she went about her list of what to do when. But her attention was split and a new but familiar problem was growing, swelling..

She watched as Sky started to do deadlifts with a barbell, the girl was no professional, clearly, she was just in this to build up her perfect ass, the perfect ass that shifted wonderfully with each step of the lift, demanding Andrea's attention..

Sky was sure every time he glanced towards Andrea he caught her just on the verge of looking away. Like, she was watching him workout? And was that a blush on her cheeks? It was!

Sky felt a new surge within him, electric, he felt confident! She was watching him! And seemingly, she liked what she saw! With the two of them alone, he knew there would never be a better opportunity than here and now for him to introduce himself to her. Just a few more sets then he would approach her, introduce himself. Gods this was real, really real.

Andrea was absolutely fuming. She had been caught staring at Sky half a dozen times already, and every time she was caught Sky just seemed all the more keen to show off, to tease her up, to embarrass her further.

Her cock had gone from being a distraction to being a problem, a big problem. Her shorts, while baggy, could only do so much. While they did manage to hide the bulge produced by her big softy, as it was right now, it wasn't quite so soft.

She glanced towards the equipment that, normally would be the next item on her workout checklist, the bench press.

If she laid down on that, right now, she could've flown a flag from the tip of her pole. Her shorts so tented it would be more akin to a gazebo.

She shook her head, her frustrations boiling over as she stood, storming away towards the changing rooms. She was done. Done with her session, done with Sky and done with this whole damn gym. She couldn't work out in peace here, that teasing little bitch was constantly just harassing her.

Sky glanced back around towards where Andrea had been, biting his lip a little and feeling a sudden pang of worry spring through him as he noticed the spot where she had been was now suddenly vacant. Looking around with wide eyes he spotted her, her back to him as she walked briskly towards the changing rooms.

Sky's mouth fell open in silent panic as he realized she must be done with her workout, finished for the day. He glanced around, frantic and uncertain. This was his chance, he was sure of it, if he let this one slip, he'd never again muster this level of confidence.

He swallowed, mouth dry as he set down his barbell back on the rack and after debating internally with himself for a few long, agonizing moments, walked quickly after her.

She had gone into the female changing rooms, he could hear her even, moving around as he paused, hear a locker open and shut. She was alone in there, he was almost sure. She'd been looking at him.. So surely she wouldn't mind if he just.. Poked his head in? Said hi?..

Sky clenched his fists, fighting back his nerves as he stepped into the locker room.

There she was. Her back to him as she stood in the archway to the women's showers, she glanced over her shoulder and froze, locking eyes with him.

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