Workers Playtime


He grinned as I pulled my flaps apart and slightly leaned back. With one hand on the small of my back the big man guided his huge twitching cock between my fingers and labia. I was trying not to tense up because I really-really wanted him to fuck the living daylights out of me; but his cock really was massive and I suddenly began to flinch as his purple knob eased inside my slit.

Sensing my unease, Bomber slowed down and gently eased the knob into my hole inch by inch until.......WHAM.....he forced the whole fucking thing in with one push, nearly launching me into orbit!

"Aaaaaayyyyaaaaahhhhhhhhoooohh oooohhhhhwwwwwwyaaaafucker!!" I screamed as he lifted me up and pulled my down until I was completely impaled on his huge pink cock. "Ow ow ow big fucking bastard!" I cried out as I threw my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his hips.

Bomber cupped my arse cheeks with his huge hands and began fucking me ragged (as promised) against the fridge freezer. Mummy's sex toy is about 9 inches long but Bombers cock felt much longer and thicker as he bounced me on it like a rag doll.

"Oh fuck...oh God....oh fuck!" I kept repeating as my whole body felt like it was getting fucked at once. I was soon delirious, throwing my head back and at one stage I even felt my eyes roll back as I nearly passed out when he growled and began furiously fucking me even harder as he tried to cum in my young fanny.

I was in a world of my own riding Bomber's cock and was only vaguely aware of someone else in the room because of the sound of laughter; then I recognised Oz's Geordie voice making lewd remarks.

"Can anyone join in or is it a private party?" He cackled.

"You can do what the fuck you want with her once I'm finished!" Bomber grunted as he lifted me off his cock and lowered my feet onto the floor. I was sweating like a pig and my cunt felt as if it had just passed a watermelon. I had to rest my hands on my hips as I caught my breath.

"Get bent over the table." The ginger haired man told me as he threw his vest on the chair and pushed my shoulder towards the breakfast table. I eagerly complied and spread my legs and pushed my cute arse into the air for him. It was only as he pulled my butt cheeks apart that it crossed my mind that he may not be aiming for my number 1 hole! Thankfully he did and with no resistance at all his long fat cock slid back into my juicy cunt right to the hilt.

"Fuuuuccccccckkkkkkkinnnngggg HEEEELLLL!" I groaned as he withdrew 6 or 7 inches of meat then rammed it back in again.

Oz and his friend Wayne were now standing opposite me politely waiting their turn with their pants around their ankles and their swollen cocks in their hands. Bomber began furiously fucking me again; and from this angle it felt fucking amazing as his fat cock went deeper into my body than when I was straddling him.

"Move her around mate." Oz told his West Country workmate, "I might as well get a gobble off her." Bomber edged me around until my head was hanging over the corner of the table, directly in line with the Geordies stiff cock. I obligingly opened my mouth for him.

"She's keen," he laughed as he pushed all six inches straight passed my lips, "I'll give her that!"

As Bomber pounded my fanny I tried to give the other man one of my special blow-jobs; but it wasn't easy with the giant trying to break my ribs from the inside.

I love sucking cock and getting done at both ends is great fun. I've had a few threesomes in my time; but nothing like this. Normally I take control but today they were just using me as their sexual plaything......and I was fucking loving it!

As Bomber's thrusting got faster and harder the table began to move so Oz just grabbed my head and let the motion from the other end control my sucking.

Eventually Bomber let out an almighty roar and, with three huge thrusts suddenly froze and I felt my battered cunt fill up with his hot juices as he exploded deep into my womb. When he finally slid his cock back out I felt a rush of liquid running down the inside of my thighs because the elastic in my vag felt like it had stretched out of all recognition.

"My turn now." Oz laughed as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began quickly rubbing the shaft until it began twitching and I knew what was cumming next! I closed my eyes and braced myself for a few seconds until he grunted and the first spunky spurt landed on my right cheek then a second on my eye lid. It was hot and sticky but had a surprisingly sweet smell to it as it ran down my nose. As I opened my eyes he moved forward for me to drain the last of his spunk into my mouth which I was more than happy to do.

I was still gripping the table and sucking the dregs of Oz's spunk out when Wayne moved behind me and pulled my butt cheeks apart.

"Facking Hell, mate." He sighed with a Cockney accent, "look what you've facking done! It's still facking stretched – I'll not even touch the facking sides now!"

"I suppose there's room for a little 'un in the back door if you're that way inclined." The red haired workman cackled as Wayne cursed him for wrecking my fanny.

"Any hole's a goal, mate." Oz cackled while trying to make his cock hard again.

"That's a thought." Wayne considered then pressed his bell end against my greasy arse hole.

"Thank Christ he's only got six inches!" I thought as he used his friends' spunk to lubricate my sphincter. I edged back a touch and without any finesse he rammed his cock straight into my arse making me squeal (with delight).

"The dirty little fucker doesn't care, does she?" Bomber laughed as Wayne buggered me and I kept writhing with pleasure and panting "Yes...yes...yes...harder...harder baby....harder!"

I knew Wayne wouldn't last very long; men never do when they fuck my arse and I was correct. It only took a minute or two until he erupted inside my bowels as I was sucking Bombers big weapon again. My arse was on fire when Wayne pulled out but I felt as sexy as Hell so kept sucking Bomber until he pulled out and shot a second load of spunk onto my face and hair.

As I finally stood up I realised that Wayne was now taking photos on his phone and showing them to his workmates who thought them hilarious.

"Show me too." I demanded and he did as I made them all a cup of tea. There must have been about 20 in total of me getting fucked in every hole with a big smile on my face and the ones with Bombers cock in my mouth looked scary as it was so big. I remained naked while we drank the tea and Oz even got me to wank him off and lick his cream off my hand while we nonchalantly chatted.

The men went back to work as Daddy was due home soon afterwards but not before I had promised more of the same the next day.

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