tagGay MaleWorking Alongside Each Other

Working Alongside Each Other


I was sitting in the dentist waiting room, idly scanning the magazines and trying not to look at my watch again, the dentist never seemed busy but you never got to see him on time. Another patient arrived and was booking in at the reception desk, he was tall and well proportioned, I heard the nurse giggle and she was obviously flirting a little. My eyes wandered to the man's well fitting trousers and lingered a while, all very well proportioned, firm and tight, quite a nice distraction. As the man turned towards me the first thing I saw was those light steely eyes, then I recognised him.

I had business dealings with his company many times, much more than that I had been his lover for two years of my life! What started out as a business acquaintance had become much more after socialising whilst we worked away and stayed at the same hotels. Anthony smiled and with his normal air of confidence approached towards me hand extended, I stood and shook his hand as if we still and always had been business associates. It was so surreal my brain was turning over and over, yet he was so cool and collected. He sat on the chair next to mine and commented that he was glad I was still maintaining my oral hygiene, accompanied by a hint of smile which was amplified by his lovely eyes, it was simple innuendo and a hint to one of my roles in our previous relationship.

It had been a very intense and deep relationship, we both knew each other previously but at that time we had just worked together and neither of us knew of any bi or gay tendencies in the other.

In my case I had known I was gay since a very young age and mostly denied it. I was also naturally submissive and found that easier to accept so in my forties I explored online forums and discussed Dominance and submission. I often spoke to the same group of people and over time became more candid with these familiar online friends.

One of these was a gay single man who saw straight through my reticence to discuss sexuality, as time progressed I was able to confide in him that I had one fumbling experience in my teens and that my curiosity was still a strong factor. It was quite a relief to talk with him and in time it became very obvious that we should meet.

When we did meet things followed a natural course and I learnt a lot about myself, suffice to say I was a gay, loved kissing and did not limit it to the lips, sexually I was more attuned with what he called the "woman's role". I learnt later the gay community would classify me as submissive bottom, to me it was just experiences I enjoyed!

I saw this Gentleman regularly for a few years but he clearly wanted a 24/7 relationship, I could not accommodate that and when he found someone who could we parted company, not until we had a very hot threesome session as a handover, but that is another story! After this I went back to my normal vanilla lifestyle until that time I started working away and staying in hotels.

At this was the stage of my life I welcomed working away from home, it took me away from my normal environment and I consumed my time with work. I now knew I was gay but there were the conflicts with my family persona and the false image I portrayed so it was nice to have a different environment to swallow me up. The work I was doing involved employing contractors to implement my designs for industrial automation projects. One firm that provided these contractors was managed by Anthony and we often had to closely coordinate our efforts. He often stayed in the same hotel as me and we would often have dinner as a group or see each other in the bar, nothing too unusual about that. We are both very straight looking and acting and even we did not suspect so pretty damn sure nobody else foresaw what was to happen.

This one evening we were having a drink in the bar as a group, we were chatting easily and the drinks had progressed from beers to shots of whiskey, it felt warm and sociable. Anthony was paying a lot of attention to the football so I was talking with the others more than him but he kept on adding his contribution and he also kept the whisky being delivered. As the time got late the numbers dwindled and it was soon down to just three of us, Anthony was still watching the end of the football so when the other man said he was retiring to bed too I decided I would stay a while with Anthony, my lonely hotel room was not a huge attraction.

The whisky may have been a factor but I joked with Anthony asking him if he really enjoyed watching men run around in shorts. He focussed those eyes directly on mine and said it had its attractions, his eyes remained on mine, it felt awkward, he maintained the contact until I had to just look down and probably smiled out of embarrassment. He then followed it up by asking what my legs were like, I was not sure where it was going but the atmosphere had changed, he was not paying any attention to the football. I did not think too much but said

"I think your legs would be better than mine, you still play football."

He shuffled closer to me and placed his hand over my thigh and squeezed it, again using those steely eyes to interrogate me.

"Your pretty firm there," he said.

It's hard to hide what you are thinking at times like this, I was only too aware that my cock was semi hard, he was referring to the firm muscles in my thigh but to me he knew about my cock. My awkwardness was not lost on him and he milked it with long silences an knowing looks. We both exchanged looks and we both understood each other, it is very difficult to explain but once that door is open it so easy for things to accelerate very fast.

When it came to return to our rooms I was bit embarrassed and I was wondering how we would interact in the morning, he decided to resolve that one, as the lift doors closed, he just said

"This is long overdue"

And pushed me against the back of the lift and kissed me hard. I totally relaxed and we deep kissed, as the lift slowed to stop, he eased back, those eyes again, then he said

"Just us tomorrow evening"

We did not usually have breakfast together, he normally ate with his workers and I often skipped breakfast, as was the case the next morning. We did not meet up until we were on the factory site, he was with a group of his workers looking at some drawings, he called me over with an easy smile and I just clarified some technical points about the work. Whilst I was there he asked if we could go out for a meal tonight so we could discuss the project extension, to everyone else this just meant ensuring their jobs for a while, to me it meant a whole lot more.

I booked an Italian restaurant and sent him a text, he just replied,

"Good, you beat me to it"

The day dragged on and my mind was rushing, I had always recognised how self-assured and handsome he was, I had sneaked too many looks at him but as it never entered my head he could be gay so I never frustrated myself by thinking of any more than that. I had become adept at that skill, being in the closet for tens of years teaches you something. Now it was different, I started to see him much more clearly, he was assertive in work, his job needed him to be, I wondered if that extended into his sex life, the approach in the lift left me very optimistic.

When I got back to the hotel that evening I showered and shaved, ironed my best fitting shirt, it felt like a date, I hoped I was not being silly. I had anticipated my impatience and booked the table for 6:30pm, the thought of hanging around until 7:30 or 8 o'clock would have driven me mad,

Around 6:10 I went down to sit in reception and soon after Anthony arrived too, he looked very smart and smelt delicious, he had obviously taken as much care as I had. Perhaps I was hypersensitive but I was interpreting lots of favourable things, it gave me a confidence which was usually devoid from the gay side of my personality.

We walked to the restaurant and Anthony led the conversation, he said he wanted this to be very different to the way we were at work, he said it was to be at least equals and as he had particular tastes it would be better for him to normally take the lead, I was not sure what he really meant but I readily agreed. Although his company did work to commission my designs I did not see myself as his superior, quite the opposite, he was the manager who achieved my goals, he had a numerous tiers of people working for him, he controlled them quite closely so if anything I saw him as the manager of the projects and myself as the architect/advisor.

When we got to the restaurant I started to realise what he meant by taking the lead, they had reserved a table near the window, even though it was booked in my name he told the waiter he was not happy with that table and chose where we would sit without even referring to me. Something about those eyes I think, the waiter just smiled and agreed.

He ordered some wine, he tasted and approved it and then suggested a menu choice for me. He then talked openly about his sexuality, describing himself as bisexual with a leaning towards being gay, he asked me what experience I had. He was very "matter of fact" but I had never discussed it openly with anyone apart from my original mentor, I did not want to commit to anything, I am not sure he understood that and accused me of being a bit too reticent and a tease. I was seeing this man I had known for so long in a completely different light and I liked every aspect of it.

We had a lovely meal and the conversation became very personal to us both, like we were the only ones that mattered, he asked about where I grew up, my family and my school days. It felt so very natural and easy to talk with him.

As we were walking back to the hotel, he told me he had chosen that meal for me because it had no garlic, he said he did not like making love to garlic. I was taken aback a bit and I was not quick enough to challenge his assumption, not before he just nodded to seal the conversation and to confirm my compliance. Nothing really had been said about it but it was starting to feel like he was developing a hierarchy.

When we arrived back at the hotel, we just went straight into the lift. I half expected him to kiss me again, but he said we were going to his room and just looked me in the eyes, not intimidating but obviously assessing my mood to his assertions.

My knees were like jelly, had I over committed here? I did not really know what he liked or disliked, what had I let myself in for? It was all tempered by my knowing Anthony for many years and also knowing that he had interest in not making it awkward for me in work, but I was still nervous. He slid the key card into the door lock and walked in, holding the door open for me, as I entered he walked over to the bed and sat on the corner, he gestured towards his shoes and told me to remove them.

I was now in the mode that I wanted to please him, so I did exactly as he asked without hesitation, it involved me kneeling on one knee at his feet and he just smiled down at me, we both got that message very clearly.

He stood up and lifted me to my feet and then we kissed, this was most definitely a mutual thing and it lasted for a long long time, he paused now and again and checked I was ok, I just nodded and kissed him again. He started to pull out my shirt and then he underdone my belt and started undoing my shirt buttons, as he stood back I took over as he watched, he indicated to put the shirt on the chair and then told me I may as well get rid of the rest too.

I felt a bit self-conscious but stepped out of my trousers and removed my socks and shoes and folded them carefully on the chair, I was now just in my briefs and I stepped in and kissed him again. He kissed just for a few moments, then stopped and planted a firm slap on my buttocks, he just said "everything". I have never known why I enjoy being submissive but I loved that moment and he understood that too. I stepped out of my briefs, my cock was hard and wet, I always get too wet if there is any anticipation involved, I was slightly embarrassed as he slid his hand along its length. Fortunately he seemed to like it, I was relieved.

He slid his trousers down and I saw the bulge in his boxer shorts, he slowly removed his socks and then he pulled me in and forced his tongue into my mouth. I felt vulnerable and lucky, a strange combination.

As we kissed I felt his hard cock against me, it had escaped from the front of the boxers and felt so warm and sexy against my naked body, my hands caressed it and then I sank to my knees and gazed admiringly at his eight inch circumcised cock with just a tiny dewdrop of precum on its tip, I licked it off then gently put the tip in my lips, I enjoyed the heat of his cock for a few moments before letting it slide into my mouth, my tongue welcomed it by lapping underneath the tip, I let it slide deeper. He was quite big in girth but I managed to take it all in and just hold it a few moments suppressing my gag reflex. I looked up as I massaged his cock with my lips and tongue, he was undoing his shirt and smiled at me as he threw it to one side. He had a lovely body, not over muscular and a slight raised tummy but all very firm, just as I like it.

Anthony stood back and slipped out of his boxer shorts, bending naturally as he did made him look even sexier and I a felt a tingle go through me, I wanted this man to have me so much, common sense and any caution about work colleagues was out the window. Anthony plumped up the pillows and lay in the middle of the bed before slapping aside him and summoning me up.

I was still on my knees in awe of the whole situation so it sort of woke me up and I joined him on the bed, I naturally positioned myself beside him and under his arm and I took in his full scent as I got close, my hand ran over his chest, he had a slightly hairy chest with a concentration around his sternum and nipples, it felt good to be smoothing my fingers gently through them and only natural to wrap my lips over his nipple, my fingers meandered over his tummy and down towards his cock, he had closely trimmed his pubes or perhaps he had shaved them and they were growing back but they were neat and soft as my fingertips wandered through them to the base of his cock.

It was so hard and rigid I could not resist wrapping my fist around it and starting to slide up and down, he moaned with clear satisfaction and that was the only encouragement I needed to continue. My fingers brushed around the tip of his cock on each stroke and the precum helped lubricate his shaft in my hand, all too quickly he pulled my hand away but he turned towards me and pulled me up to kiss me. We lay on the bed entwined and kissing, our cocks rubbing against each other, both hard, mine very wet too.

The sensations were ringing through me and I wanted it to last forever, it did last for long time but eventually Anthony started to breath heavier and heavier, I felt him hold his breath and pull away but turning me over at the same time so we were in the spooning position, he pulled me in close. I felt his cock rest on my arse as he calmed his breathing down, my arse muscle was pulsing in anticipation and my legs opened slightly so his cock found the valley between my cheeks, he did not pursue it but rested there, he pulled me in and kissed my neck which just made my arse push towards him, it was not possible for me to pretend anything else he had to know I wanted him to take me. Instead he lowered the tempo of the whole thing, he kissed my shoulders and slowly started to rub his cock up between my cheeks and towards my back, nowhere near my rosebud muscle that wanted him so much, but still just between my cheeks.

I could feel his hot cock and his balls being pressed against me, they sliding easily on his precum and i started to match his rhythm. I suppose it was dry humping but it was not dry it was smooth and sensual and very hot. This lasted for a long time, he changed the tempo a few times and it just got better and better.

I wanted to beg him to fuck me but I have never been very verbal and kept the thought in my head. Just when I thought I was going to overcome that reticence he flipped me over on my tummy and knelt over my legs forcing them closed, I knew he was stroking his cock and in a few moments I felt the result, his hot cum splashed over my arse and back, the intensity of his moans expressing his pure pleasure. Soon after he lay beside me and kissed me gently, I lay still and let my lips gently embrace his, nothing needed to be said.

My mind was dragged back to the present by the dental nurse calling my name, judging by the tone it was the second or third time she had called it out, I started and looked at Anthony,

I just said "can you wait?"

He replied

"That is exactly what I am doing"

To be continued ...

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