tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWorking at Burger King

Working at Burger King


A Not-Typical Night Working at Burger King

Many years ago, I worked as an assistant manager at a Burger King while I was in college. It was a good job for me at that time. The job was made better once I realized it was just a college job for me.

It was also where I met Karen, my girlfriend through most of my college years. We hid our relationship from the store manager though many of our co-workers knew about our relationship. This meant that, on many occasions, Karen and I worked together.

Occasionally, we closed the restaurant together. Rarely, it was just the two of us closing; usually there was at least one other employee helping. Because I had a car, I tended to drive everybody home after we were done. Many times, if Karen was with me, we'd go back to the restaurant after dropping everyone else off so that we could make out and screw our brains out. Since we both lived with our parents, this was one of the few places we could be alone.

Over time, we started to push the envelope. My favorite game we played when it was just the two of us closing the restaurant. I remember the first time we played this game like it was yesterday.

It was a Friday night. At 11:00 PM, the only other person with us headed home. So it was just Karen and I left. It was also the time we closed the dining room and went drive-thru only. We stay open for another hour after this; and it's usually really quiet this last hour. It gives us a change to get a lot of the closing work done so that we can get down to business earlier.

The first fifteen minutes went by like a normal, quiet Friday night. Karen was cleaning up in the back, I was cleaning up in the front and taking care of the few customers. Then things changed when Karen called me into the back of the restaurant.

When I got to her, she wraps me in a bear hug and plants a huge kiss on me. When she's done kissing me, she tells me "I have an idea. You willing to switch places with me and stay back here to clean?"

"I guess," I just can't think of anything else to say. And, I'm puzzled because she has never asked me to stay in the back before. She usually does it because she is faster at it.

She smiles, "Good." Next thing I know, she has my pants and underwear pulled down and is taking them off of me. When she's done, I'm in the back of Burger King, while our drive-thru is still open, wearing socks, shoes, a dress shirt and a tie. Oh, and my cock is hard and poking out between the panels of my shirt.

The drive-thru buzzer picked that moment to go off. Karen goes up front to take care of the customer. I stand there like an idiot waiting for her to return because I don't know what else to do.

She returns and fills me in on what is left to do. "The only thing left up front is cleaning the far side of the sandwich board and putting everything away. There is no reason you shouldn't be able to do that like you are. And, you should be able to help me from there as well if I need it." She gives my cock a quick stroke and goes back up front. Puzzled and now horny, I go to the sandwich board to start putting things away.

I end up in the walk-in cooler. I have never before been in there before undressed. The sensation is weird but enjoyable. I drop some pans off at the sink and return to the sandwich boards to grab more things to put away.

As I'm heading towards the walk-in, Karen gets in front of me and takes my cock in her mouth. I'm fully hard instantly and enjoying getting a blow job in the front of the restaurant. Before I cum, the drive thru buzzes and Karen stops what she is doing and goes to take care of the customer.

Pointing at the pans I'm carrying, she tells me "Don't forget to put those away."

I realize what just happened and I walk into walk-in with a major hard-on. I open the door and feel the cold on my wet cock. It feels amazing. After 30 seconds of it, I'm no longer close to orgasm and can focus on work again.

I keep grabbing and putting stuff away for the next few minutes. When I'm back at the sandwich board again, Karen is back and starts blowing me again. This time, we don't get interupted by the drive thru. Instead, as I'm getting ready to cum, she stops and goes back to work leaving me hanging.

After I don't move for a minute, I hear "Get back to work."

Her comment makes me realize she isn't going to let me cum. I get back to cleaning up but I'm distracted by how hard and horny I am. And this time, when I go into the walk-in, the blowing air feels like it could make me cum. But the cold makes that sensation go away pretty quickly.

When I leave the walk-in, Karen is calling me, she needs help. I look and see four cars in the drive-thru. So I go wash my hands, and head to the rear sandwich board to help.

It takes about five minutes to serve all the cars. My cock has softened a bit. I'm not soft, just not fully erect. Being up front, naked, with customers near, was definitely exciting. I'm enjoying this a ton.

Next, I go and grab the frozen burgers to put those away. As I walk into the back, Karen uses her hand until I'm hard. She is then kneeling in front of me and sucking my cock.

It feels like an instant and I'm ready to cum. She stops before I cum, which I expected this time. But, before she gets up, she licks my cock and balls getting them good and wet. She gets up and returns to the front.

I realize what she did as soon as I open the door to the walk-in freezer. The frozen air is blowing on my cock and it is about to make me cum. But it is so cold, especially on my balls, that I can't cum. After enjoying the sensations for 20 seconds or so, I put the food away and close the freezer. I'm back to a semi-hard cock and nowhere close to cumming.

I move to the sink and start washing dishes. Pretty quickly, I get into a rhythm and my cock gets soft. I'm about half-way through when I feel Karen behind me pushing something into my asshole.

After getting over my surprise, I relax and Karen pushes a butt plug into me that we've used before. It slides right in, making me hard and making me moan. Karen reaches around and starts to massage my cock and balls with one hand while the other is fucking me with the butt plug.

She starts stroking my cock and fucking me with the butt plug. I'm quickly ready to cum. Before I do, she removes her hands but leaves the butt plug inserted. I moan and thrust my cock around looking for her hand.

"Sorry honey, no orgasm until we're done closing." And she disappears back to the front of the store.

It takes me a few minutes to calm down and get back to the dishes. Somehow, I manage to get through them. It's difficult because the butt plug hits my prostate ever time I move and I feel it in my cock.

Five minutes later, I'm done with the dishes. It is finally midnight and time to close. After checking that we have no customers, I walk to the circuit box and turn off the exterior lights. The butt plug feels like it is massaging my cock with every step I take.

I yell to Karen that we are closed. She starts tearing everything down. Me, I'm standing still because my next step has me closing out the cash. Which means going up front and standing by the cash register. The cash register that is next to the window. While my cock is hard and being kept that way by a putt plug. And Karen.

After waiting another minute, I figure what the hell and head up front. Once there, I look around and do not believe any one could see below my waist from the outside. To my surprise, as I'm counting the money, I test that theory as somebody is knocking on the window.

My heart is pounding as I pop the window open and see a couple in a car.

"Are you closed?" they ask.

"Yes, we closed at midnight."

They pull away. My heart goes back to normal but my cock is super hard. I've never considered myself an exhibitionist but apparently I like it. Karen heard the knocking and came running up front. She watched what happened, smiled at me and went back to work. And so did I.

Counting money while distracted is tough. Counting money with a hard, frustrated cock is tougher. Worse, the butt plug keeps hitting my prostate making sure my frustration level stays high. It's to where I don't want to walk because it feels so good.

I finally finish counting, taking about twice as long as normal. At this rate, it will take me forever to get through my closing work. I don't want to wait that long to cum so I start moving quicker. But as I move faster, the sensations from the butt plug increase making me moan as I walk through the store. I can just imagine what I site I am.

I come across Karen, she sees my condition and smiles as she gives my cock a few strokes. She moves on quickly starts as I just stand there trying to remember where I was going.

The next 30 minutes or so pass uneventfully. I'm getting through things a bit slower than normal but Karen is a dynamo. At this rate, we should be done soon. Or rather, she will be; I'm now sitting at the desk (sitting is easier; the butt plug doesn't move around and excite me constantly) trying to balance the cash for the day. I'm having a hard time of it and have to keep starting over.

As I'm getting close to wrapping up the cash, Karen comes in and tells me she's done. I tell her I'm almost finished. She takes this as an invitation to take a seat on the desk next to me. That's when I notice that she has removed her pants and panties.

That immediately makes me lose my focus on what I'm doing. I keep looking at her; she spreads her legs a bit so that I can see her pussy. She looks me in the face and tells me I need to finish before we can play.

That makes me look back at the balance sheet sitting on my desk and sigh. I pull the calculator over and start working on it again. All I can think about though is wanting to play with Karen's delicious pussy and cum; I just can't focus on this form.

After five minutes of not getting anywhere, Karen tells me to take a break and check that everything has been cleaned. I head to the front with Karen following. I head to the back sandwich board first and as I bend over to check underneath of it, I feel her hand on my cock. She gives it a few pumps and moves the butt plug around a bit. I enjoy her hands but she quickly stops. I take that as a signal and stand back up. Opening the microwave, I peek in and feel her fucking me with the butt plug. Again, I stop and enjoy the sensations but they quickly stop again.

This goes on for the next five minutes. She has me so frustrated, I can barely walk. That's when she takes me into the walk-in. She kneels in front of me, takes my cock in her mouth as she starts stretching my balls out in the blowing, cold air.

Her mouth feels fantastic but the cold on my balls distracts me and keeps me from cumming. After a few minutes of this, she stops what she is doing and pulls me out of the walk-in. I get worried when she pulls me towards the freezer. Before we get there, she licks my cock like earlier but she also dunks my balls in some warm water.

Into the freezer we go. Between the blow job from a minute ago, the butt plug and Karen being half naked, I'm ready to cum. The freezer has other ideas.

The wetness of my cock and balls affects me immediately. For a split second, I felt ready to cum but then it went away. To my surprise, my cock starts to shrink within a minute. She notices and smiles at me, "Now you should be able to finish up your paperwork." And she takes me back to the office.

She's right. When we get to the office, I wrap up my work in 5 minutes. I go back to the front to finish checking everything when I notice that she forget to empty and clean the shake machine. I call to her and let her know.

When she comes up front by the machine, she gets on her tiptoes to start disassembling the machine. I take advantage of that, and run my hands around her with one going to her pussy, and the other reaching under her bra and grabbing a nipple. I start to finger her when I realize she is horny too. I keep fingering her pussy until she starts moaning and moving her hips. As she has done to me tonight, I remove my hands and tell her to finish cleaning the shake machine.

She moans but gets back to work. I let her work a few minutes before I trap her again. This time I reach up behind her, unhook her bra and remove it from under her shirt. I take the bra back to the office and leave her to finish up cleaning.

Pretty soon after, she tells me she is done and we clock out. I pull her into the office, remove her shirt and put her on the desk. I put my hands on her boobs and my mouth on her pussy and start licking.

She cums pretty quickly. As soon as she is done, I stand up and push my cock into her very wet pussy. Needless to say, I fuck her hard. The butt plug adds to the sensations I'm feeling. After a very short time, I cum in her pussy. My orgasm is intense and goes on for what feels like forever.

When I'm finally spent, I pull out. I turn around and Karen pulls the butt plug out with a rather indelicate plopping sound. We wash up, sit down and snuggle for a few minutes and head home.

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