tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWorking at the Diner

Working at the Diner


Both Sue and Tammy had been working at Great Eats Diner for a short time. The pay wasn't all that that great but at least it was it was enough to live on. Both were from the same mid-western town in Iowa. They had known each other since high school. After high school, Sue got a job as a clerk in a small hardware store and Tammy got a job in a nursing home. For both of them it was the same; since they were the new and inexperienced help, they got all the dirty jobs. For Sue, it was being made to clean dust, dirt, insect, and rodent droppings on the top shelves and the back room shelves. For Tammy, it was having to deal with the old farts that would try to feel her up as she helped them into bed, or cleaned up having to change someone's dirty Depends. This wasn't the ideal job they imagined when they were in high school. After a couple of years of the same-old-same-old and feeling like they weren't getting anywhere, both were getting a little depressed.

Saturday was a day off for both of them. It was a time when they could get together at the local bar for a drink and swap stories about the worst thing that happened to them during the week. As they replayed this week's worst, they also lamented about how they really hadn't had much of a date lately. While neither had a model's body, they both had some good curves in the right places. The real problem was what they had little to pick from in this small town.

At the table they were sitting at, the previous customer had left his morning paper. On the back page was an advertisement for sunny southern California. Tammy was the first to notice it and the wheels in her head started spinning. She grabbed Sue's arm and told her "This is where we should be. No more drab winters, tons of boys on the beach to pick from, and we should be able to get a job that pays a hell of a lot more than we're making here." Sue's eyes lit up. It was one of those things where you get so frustrated with the way things are now that you really don't take the time to think it through. "Let's do it", replied Sue.

So, on Monday morning, each walked in the door to work, said they were quitting. Within an hour, both were in Sue's beat-up 70's Vega, with $800 between them, heading for sunny southern California. Leaving their home town was easy, there wasn't much to hold them down. Both had been living by the week in an old run down hotel, they had no boyfriends to speak of, and their jobs had not been all that attractive. Sue's car was something she had gotten second hand a month before. It had the usual 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' in the bodywork. The paint was pealing in a few places and the tires had most of their life used up. Still, Sue's automotive inexperience, lead her to believe the beat-up Vega would get them to their 'promise land' destination.

Along the way, they began to realize that the car was not as economical as they had counted on. The radiator needed to be topped off twice and it went through 4 quarts of oil in 1600 miles. They had also misjudged on the cost of food or lodging, and by the time they got to LA, they were down to $400. Their spirit undeterred, they headed for a place to stay close to the coast; a place where they thought they could be close to the ocean and have good job prospects. What they found was the rooms were too expensive for the money they had left and had to settle for something further into the city.

It only took two weeks to realize the neighborhood they were in was pretty scary; 4 shootings in as many days. With work prospects not panning out, the violence in the city, and Tammy having a hard time getting accustomed to the smog, they decided to try their luck in San Francisco. With less than $60 in their pocket, they set out for San Francisco. By this time, both Sue and Tammy were getting a little nervous about the Vega making it but hoped it had enough life left in it to get them to where they were going.

They took off out of LA late in the afternoon and they had only gone about 150 miles before it got dark. Seeing as how Tammy was not good at reading maps and the signage on the highway not very good, they found the turn they had made 50 miles back, had put them out in the middle of nowhere. They were now hopelessly lost and the small towns they passed looked more like dried up watering holes than a town. It dawned on them that at the next town, however big it was, they would stop and get directions.

It was one of the tiniest towns they had seen yet. The town was comprised of 1 gas station, 1 eatery, 3 rundown houses, and a 4 room motel that looked like it had been there for 80 years. The gas station was closed and they were lucky enough to find someone walking across the street they could ask directions. Just as they were about to ask the man for directions, they heard a loud bang under the hood, accompanied by a cloud of steam. Turns out, the engine had run dry on oil and thrown a rod. The engine was now toast and Sue & Tammy were not going anywhere that night. The man explained the mechanic that normally manned the gas station, would open up at 9:00am. The motel just up the street could tie them over for the night.

Resigned to the situation, they walked down to the motel to rent a room. They signed in and paid $28 in advance. That left them with $1 each left over. The room itself was nothing to write home about but at least it was a place to sleep.

The next morning, they had a sparse breakfast and went to visit the mechanic. George the mechanic, told them it would cost $2,000 to put a new engine in the Vega. He could possibly get them another car for $500 but it would take a week or two to come up with. Neither option was what the girls wanted to hear so they headed back to the Great Eats diner to talk over their predicament.

In the diner window a Help Wanted sign was prominently placed. After they sat down, Randy the short-order cook, came to the table to ask if they wanted anything. With no money left, the answer was obvious to both the girls. Just as Randy was about to turn away, Sue had an idea. "Wait, what about the Help Wanted sign in the Window?" Since 2 days ago, when the previous two waitresses quit, the mid-twenties scruffy looking Randy had been run ragged trying to handle things. He hadn't been too hopeful at finding any help but this seemed like his lucky day. He told them he could only pay them $6/hour and that if they wanted the job, they could start right away.

Sue and Tammy looked at each other like 'not another dead end job' but figured if they were going to be able to eat, sleep, and save enough for another car, they would have to take the job. Randy told them to look in the back room for some uniforms and that they could change there. Sue and Tammy found a closet in the back room with a couple of well-worn uniforms and began to change.

Unknown to the girls, Randy was watching their every move. As each piece of their street clothes was removed, Randy's cock got harder and harder. He began to fantasize about what it would be like for the girls to be totally nude. His fantasy was short lived because both girls didn't go that far and were about to re-appear out front. Randy's cock was still bulging under his apron as he began to instruct the girls on how to take the orders and put them on the ledge where Randy could get them from the kitchen side. Their eyes were on his face and not his crotch, as he went through the whole list of do's and don'ts.

It wasn't long before the first customers arrived and it didn't take too long for the girls to get the hang of being a waitress. The first day was exhausting and the girls were about to give up until they reminded themselves that they had to put up with it long enough to get another car and some gas money.

One of Randy's requirements was that the uniforms not leave the restaurant, on the pretext that he wanted to make sure they were cleaned for the next day. This suited Sue and Tammy just fine, since they didn't have any place to wash the uniforms themselves. Randy's ulterior motive was that he got to watch both the girls strip down to their bras and panties before putting on their uniforms. More than once, he jacked off as he watched them dress. This left a cum stain on the wall below where the hole-in-the-wall to back room was. More than once he tried to see if the girls would go out with him, but they weren't interested and gave him the cold shoulder. As each day passed, Randy enjoyed the morning show but became increasingly frustrated that he couldn't take it further. All that was about to change.

It had started out as a warm Monday morning. Business was down considerably, almost to nothing, because the highway department had blocked the road 10 miles west for construction. This pretty much left diner business to local people and there wasn't much of that. At about 11:30am, Sue and Tammy heard a roar coming down the dusty street. They looked out the window just as 10 bikers pulled up in front of the diner. Stepping off their motorcycles, the bikers strolled through the door and sat down at the tables. As Sue and Tammy looked at each other in apprehension, they knew they would have to be careful about what they did.

The bikers eyed Sue and Tammy with smiles on their faces. As the girls started to take their orders, the bikers started to check out the girls by running their fingers along the side of Sue and Tammy's waist, then giving both girls a swat on the ass as they turned to take the orders to the kitchen. Sue and Tammy were both hoping the bikers would eat quickly and be back on the road but it seemed like forever for them to finish their meal.

Just as the girls thought the bikers were going to get up and leave, a biker named Jake said he wanted desert. Since business was expected to be slow, the cook had not made up anything for desert. With a boisterous yell, Jake announced that the girls didn't have any desert for them. In a fit of ill-timed boldness, Sue spoke up and told them, "we don't have any desert, why don't you boys just pay you bill and leave." As soon as she opened her mouth, she realized it was the wrong thing to say.

Both the girls were too close to the bikers to get out of the way in time and on Jake's command of "Get em", both the girls found multiple sets of hands grabbing their arms and they could not break free. Hearing the commotion in front, Randy ran out of the kitchen to see what was the matter. Just as quickly, multiple hands grabbed him, forcing him into a chair. Randy's hands were tied behind the back of the chair, his legs were tied to the chair legs.

Now that Randy wasn't in a position the cause trouble, Jake announced that it was time for desert. Since Sue was the one that had been so brazen as to tell him off, Jake decided to start with her. As one biker bushed things off a table onto the floor, the others lifted Sue off the ground and deposited her onto a table on her back. She started to struggle to break free until she saw stars from a hard backhand on the cheek from Jake. From then on, her protests were just a whimper. Randy's chair had been placed in a position where he had a good view of what was going on and he wondered if he was going to die. The table Sue had been put on was small, barely enough to support her from her ass to shoulders. Her legs hung down one side and her head was off the edge on the other side.

As all eyes watched what Jake was going to do, he locked a hand on either side of Sue's button down uniform. As he pulled the uniform apart with steady pressure, the buttons began to pop and the air was filled with sound of material ripping. In no time the front of Sue's uniform was ripped apart, exposing Sue's lacy pink bra and matching panties. This brought smiles to the faces of all the bikers.

What fear Sue was experiencing up to this point, was magnified when she saw Jake pull a large switchblade out of his pocket, pressing the button, extending the razor sharp blade. The only thing holding Sue's uniform on her body now was the material around her sleeves. In three quick motions, Jake sliced this material at the arms and yanked the uniform out from under her. Sue's eyes were wide with fear as Jake traced the point of the blade along the shoulder straps to her bra, and before she could even blink, they were cut in two. The only thing left holding her breasts in place was the material between her cleavage. Jake quickly sliced this in two as well and yanked the bra out from under her. While it seemed like Jake was in a hurry, as quickly as he had sliced through her uniform and bra, he was really taking his time. When Sue's firm breasts came into view, Jake stopped to admire the view.

Puffy areoles topped Sue's breasts with nipples that grew long when stimulated. Sue had always had sensitive nipples and most bras she wore rubbed them to the point that her nipples were almost always stiff. The rough treatment her breasts had received in the last few minutes didn't help matters. Her areoles were starting to puff up and her nipples were starting to harden. Jake traced his fingers around each nipple and gave each one a tug, causing Sue to cry out. Jake's knife went into action again, slicing the leg bands of Sue's panties, and like her bra, it was yanked from her. Sue was now totally naked, her shaved pussy exposed to Jake's lustful gaze.

Jake called for one of his buddies to toss the can of whipped cream to him and he quickly added a swirl of whipped cream to Sue's nipples. As his mouth sucked in the whipped cream and left nipple, Sue started to feel her body start to respond. Jake swirled his tongue around the nipple, then sucking it into his mouth until it started to engorge. He recoated her left nipple and slurped on her right nipple. He went back and forth 3 or 4 times, making sure each nipple had a generous topping of whipped cream before sucking it.

Jake's buddies pulled her legs apart and Jake coated Sue's slit with a ribbon of whipped cream. Jake had a thing for toppings and the taste of whipped cream and pussy juice was something he just couldn't pass up. At first taste, Jake knew he was in for a treat, licking the whipped cream from her slit, sucking her clit in the process. On the fifth time of having her pussy coated and licked, her body couldn't take it any longer. As soon as Jake's lips wrapped around her clit, Sue's body shook with an explosive orgasm. He body arched and her mouth opened wide to let out a scream. As soon as her mouth opened, her scream was muffled with a biker's cock being shoved in. Sue's brain barely had time to comprehend her mouth being filled with cock when she felt a new invasion of her body.

Jake had been getting hard as he lapped away at Sue's pussy. He had his fat 9 inch cock out stroking it for just the right moment when Sue climaxed. At the moment she hit her peak, Jake shoved his cock in to the hilt, in one swift motion. The intensity of slamming into her, shoved her whole body forward, shoving more of the cock in her mouth down her throat. Her virgin pussy and mouth were taken at the same time.

As Jake began to pound her pussy, the intense stimulation caused Sue to experience a non-stop orgasm. Sue's body was experiencing constant tremors and shakes as Jake continued to ride her. After 15 minutes of riding her, Jake's balls stiffened, his cock hardened, and a violent burst of cum shot into Sue's pussy, followed by 4 more lesser shots. Even though Sue was riding a wave of constant orgasm and mostly oblivious to what was going on around her, she felt Jake's cum coat her insides and her pussy clamped down tight, trying to squeeze every last drop of his cum. The cock in her mouth quickly followed, filling her mouth with a sticky load of cum that she was barely able to swallow fast enough to keep from choking. When her pussy finally let go of Jake's cock, it slid out with a squishy plop.

All eyes had been on Sue, watching the whole thing happen. Tammy knew she would be next, and knew she could not stop it from happening. Randy, the cook, couldn't believe his eyes. On one hand he was afraid the bikers would beat the crap out of him. On the other hand his view of Sue getting raped and fucked was too much and his cock stood at attention, forming a tent under the kitchen apron.

As Jake slipped his cock back into his jeans, he hollered, "Boys, I think it's time for you to have some desert too." The rest of them didn't need any more encouragement. As some of them pulled Tammy onto her back on another table, others replaced Jake and the first biker at Sue's pussy and mouth. Soon the air was filled with sounds of Tammy's clothes being ripped off and both girls being summarily fucked.

As the bikers were finishing up on both girls, one of them looked over to Randy and noticed the tent under the apron. "Hey boys, the cook is really getting off on this. He needs someone to take care of his problem." Pointing to Tammy, Jake told her to go over and take care of him. Tammy complained that her once virgin pussy was too sore for any more. As the other bikers laughed, Jake told her, "That's ok, you'll be using your other holes to get him off." Tammy was ordered to strip Randy's pants and shorts off, much to Randy's delight.

Randy's cock had been painfully confined for too long and it's hardness was evident as soon as Tammy freed it from his boxers. Tammy didn't really care for Randy in the first place but all the fucking she had received earlier had worn down her will to resist. Jake told her to suck his cock almost to the point of making him cum. As she set to her task, she didn't even look up to see that Randy was immensely enjoying having his cock sucked. His eyes were closed and he was beginning to pant.

Randy was about to cum when Jake told Tammy to get up. One minute Randy was about to fill Tammy's mouth with cum, and the next it was taken away from him. The look of disappointment on his face was obvious. "Don't worry mister, we won't leave you high and dry." Jake motioned to one of the other bikers to throw him the bottle of salad oil sitting on the counter. Handing it to Tammy, he ordered her to use it to coat Randy's cock. Too numb to care anymore, she quickly coated the entire length of it with a generous amount of the oil.

Barely having time to finished coating Randy's cock, she was spun around so her back was to him. "Now sit on his cock". As Tammy began to bend down and line up Randy's cock to go into her pussy, she was stopped. "No, put his cock into your ass." Tammy began to protest but was quickly silenced with a hard slap to the face. She grudgingly re-aimed Randy's cock to her rosebud and began to slowly sit down. As with the cocks in her pussy and mouth, she had never had one in her ass before. Her anal virginity was about to be taken as well.

At first, her hole was clenched too tight for Randy's cock to enter, but as Tammy began to relax, Randy's oiled cock began to slide in. Once the head of his cock had made it past her anal ring, the rest began to slide in easier. It wasn't long before his cock was fully in her and her ass was feeling the base of his cock and balls.

"Now fuck him until he cums", Jake said. Tammy's exhausted body began to comply, as her ass began to hump Randy's cock in her ass. Soon, Randy was getting into it again. One of the bikers cut his wrist bonds, allowing Randy to reach around and grab Tammy's breasts and pinch her nipples. Tammy closed her eyes and prayed that it wouldn't take Randy long to cum.

While Tammy was concentrating on making Randy cum in her ass, Sue was drug over to where Tammy was and told to start licking Tammy's pussy. Sue was also too numb from the whole experience to resist the biker's commands and bent down to her friend's crotch. Tammy was concentrating so hard on getting Randy off, that it was a little while before she realized there was a tongue lapping at her slit. Since this was Sue's first time with oral period, her first licks showed her inexperience. It didn't take long for her to get the hang of it and began to get the hand of it.

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