tagLoving WivesWorking For His Promotion Pt. 01

Working For His Promotion Pt. 01

byThe Big Bopper©

Chapter 1

Adam Hamilton was the new up-and-coming hotshot Marketing Manager for a multi-national corporation based in a mid-western city of only 80,000 population, employing 10% of the town's workforce. He had been head-hunted just three months ago to take on a position that many in the company thought he was too young and inexperienced to handle.

Only 28 years old, Adam was an only child brought up in a small rural community. He had moved to one of the major cities in order to further his education, going to one of the country's leading universities. That was where he met his stunningly attractive wife, Joanne. Two years younger at 26, she was a striking redhead whose silky and shiny locks flowed down over her shoulders when let loose. However, most of the time, she wore her hair up, using a variety of methods such as a bun and sometimes a ponytail.

Not just a beautiful face, Joanne was equally proud of her pert and shapely breasts that stood up firm and proud at around 38". The top side of each breast resembled the slope of a ski jump ending in nipples that stood out nearly an inch when she was fully aroused. Fortunately for Adam, that was very often, they were a highly sexual couple and with no children as yet, they were able to devote full attention to each other ... and they did, most nights.

Joanne was so proud of Adam's career achievements, having worked his way into this $100,000 a year job at such a young age. She had told him regularly that she would support him in anything that he wanted to do work-wise. She was working too, but only part-time, from 10 to 3 four days a week as a bank teller. She enjoyed the work and it kept her reasonably busy, but still allowed her time to shop and get home in time to be ready to greet Adam when he came in from work every night.

Some of the other executive wives had formed a welcome wagon for Adam and Joanne when they moved into town just ten weeks ago. So there were at least some familiar faces when Adam and Joanne attended their first company social gathering at the home of the founder of the business, Robert Johnson.

Johnson was quite a big man, stood 6'2" and weighed around 95 kilos, but not a lot of fat. He obviously took care of himself, working out in a gym several days a week. He had just recently enjoyed his 45th birthday. The occasion for tonight's party was his 20th wedding anniversary. He wore his dark hair slicked back and most women would consider him to be a handsome man, but he knew it. There was a confident arrogance about him as he chatted to the ladies at the party.

Joanne had met Robert Johnson for the first time here tonight. She had always been somewhat shy about meeting new people so she had confined her greeting to an offered hand, preferring not to indulge in kissy-kissy with her husband's boss. But she had observed that nearly every other executive wife had allowed him to kiss her hello and Joanne saw that his hand fondled each woman while they were in close for a kiss. Nothing too serious, just a hand roaming over an arse or cupping the side of a breast.

Joanne and Adam were yet to make new friends in this small town, so their outings away from their home had been only to try the various restaurants that lined the main street, offering quite an interesting and varied assortment of cuisines for such a small town. Tonight's party was their first such night out in the ten weeks they had been in town, in that they were actually interacting with other couples.

Adam was a bit nervous, wary about what he said and how he presented himself, since he was quite aware of the criticism that had been levelled at him by some within the company. He held on to his first drink for nearly an hour, being afraid to loosen up for fear he might speak out of turn to someone important in the company structure.

On the other hand, Joanne was relishing being out socially and mixing with other people and she put away glass after glass of wine without caution or fear. By 10pm, she was feeling very tipsy and realised suddenly that she needed fresh air on her face and quickly, so she politely begged out of a group that she had been vaguely conversing with, and headed for the open back doors. They opened out onto a magnificent patio with views over a bay that was bathed in moonlight.

Five or six people were in a group conversing on the patio. Joanne needed to clear her head quickly, not congest it getting into further conversations with strangers uttering meaningless chatter. She saw that at one side of the patio, four steps led down to the garden and she made her way to the steps.

The night air revealed to her just how affected she had become from the alcohol, so she was careful in negotiating the steps. Now on level ground and walking on grass, she slipped quietly off into the shadows, away from the lit areas nearer to the house. In the moonlight, she could make out a rotunda complete with what appeared to be a swing seat and she headed for it.

Once there, Joanne sat down carefully in the swing seat, kicking with her feet to start the seat swinging. She turned to look back at the house over her left shoulder and saw that small trees and bushes had nearly obscured the house. She could just make out the lights in the house some 30 metres away. Joanne turned back to look toward the bay and the beautiful moonlight shining across the water, breathing in deeply in an attempt to sober up. She didn't want to embarrass her husband at his first work social gathering.

A male voice coming from just outside the rotunda startled her and her feet touched the floor, stopping the seat from swinging. "I never tire of sitting here in the dark to admire the beauty of this location, but I see that tonight someone has beaten me to it."

The man stepped into the rotunda and made to sit down beside Joanne on the swing seat, causing her to slide up toward one end. "I'm sorry," she told him. "I didn't mean to intrude, I just needed some fresh air and I found myself drawn to this wonderful spot."

As his face came closer in the dim light, she realised that it was the host for the evening ... the debonair 45 year old Robert Johnson. Joanne had met him very briefly at the front door when she and Adam had arrived. She had not noticed him again until this moment, but unknown at this time to Joanne, Robert had barely taken his eyes off her all evening. He had watched her from across the room, taken by her natural beauty. When he observed her heading outside, he seized the moment to follow her to engage her in one-on-one conversation.

"My dear, such a beautiful woman as yourself could never be intruding. Please stay and take full advantage of the seat and the night and the moon and the wonderful view."

"I love this swing seat!" she told him, her feet pushing on the floor to start it swinging again.

"Actually, my dear, it is a love seat, made to fit just two people."

"Well, two is what we've got right now." As soon as the words had left her lips, Joanne wondered just what had possessed her to say that, then realised that she was past tipsy. She was really well on the way to being drunk ... and drunks often speak before they think. 'God, I'm going to hate myself in the morning,' she thought.

"Quite right, two of us in a love seat," Robert said as his arm slid around Joanne's bare shoulders, his hand grasping her on the upper arm and she felt a gentle pressure as he pulled her body toward his. Somehow, her head just flopped onto his left shoulder before any reality set in.

Joanne felt his warm mouth on the top of her head, pressing lightly, placing soft kisses on her red hair, which she had worn down tonight, flowing to her bare shoulders.

"You are a beautiful woman, Joanne, but I am sure that you are well aware of your beauty and what it does to older men like me."

A small alarm bell went off in Joanne's head. What was happening, how did this suddenly become a man and a woman embracing on a love seat, out of sight of any of the other party guests and out of contact with her loving husband? She tried to rise, but he had made the seat now swing quite quickly and her head spun. She had to close her eyes, fearful she might throw up.

Robert's mouth and the lips that had been pressing soft kisses on Joanne's head now moved across her forehead. He kissed her closed eyes and she was surprised to feel his hot breath and his warm lips now kissing her cheek. Then his lips lightly touched hers and she realised that it was high time to protest. The situation was getting out of hand.

"Please, don't!"

"You are the most beautiful woman this town has ever seen. I can't believe that Adam has been hiding you away since he joined us."

The mention of her husband's name instilled a sudden sense of reality to Joanne and she again tried to rise from the swinging love seat.

"I must go back to the house, I don't feel very well."

"My dear Joanne, you've obviously just had a bit too much wine. I suggest you just relax here for a moment or two and you'll gradually recover."

"I'll only stay if you don't try to kiss me. I don't like that."

"I'm sure you really do like kissing. Joanne, you appear to me to be a very sexy, seductive woman. I would bet that kissing is a very big part of your life, isn't it?"

"Ummmm!" was all she could manage before she felt his lips touching hers, which were sensuously pressed together, but not clamped tightly shut. Then his tongue slipped out of his mouth to lick across her lips.

She opened her mouth to protest. "No, don't!" She lifted one hand and placed it at his chest, trying to push him away. She didn't apply a lot of pressure and the gesture was futile.

But the "No, don't!" was all that she could say before his tongue pressed in between her parted lips and slipped across her teeth to make bold contact with her tongue. She whimpered quite loudly from behind the kiss, but didn't withdraw her tongue. His tongue painted the surface of her tongue, across the tip, along the top, even swirling around to the underside. Joanne whimpered again and the hand that had pushed at his chest voluntarily lifted and draped across the back of his neck, holding his head to hers while his lips and tongue assaulted the inside of her mouth.

His tongue was unrelenting, never giving her a chance to protest further. 'Why do I like this, why am I participating, this is madness,' she thought, but she didn't make any effort to stop him, the hand draped around his neck actually encouraging him. 'I should never have allowed myself to get into such a compromising position, but it all happened so quickly. I can't stop him now, he's Adam's boss and I don't want to offend him. Who knows what that could do to Adam's career?'

Through her alcoholic haze, she felt a hand on her breast, moulding and massaging it, arousing the nipple that was at least for the moment, still covered by her dress. She heard herself whimper again as their tongues wrestled inside her mouth. 'I wish I could just stop participating, I am making it worse, I am encouraging him. He must think I am such a slut.'

The hand on her breast was gone, but her mind was now clear enough to realise that it would reappear some place else, to touch another part of her soon, possibly somewhere more intimate, a more exposed part. She clamped her thighs together in anticipation of where his hand would land, only to feel his hand on the outside of her leg, pushing her tight dress upward, exposing her upper left leg. Joanne tried to push her bottom down harder onto the still gently swinging seat, attempting to stop him from lifting her dress.

The bottom hem was now at an angle, still modestly covering her right thigh to just above her knee, the one closest to his body, but angling up so that it barely covered her hip on her left side. She felt his hand rummaging under the front of her dress, tugging it upward. "Please don't rip it," she pleaded, managing to tear her mouth away from his, dropping the hand that was holding his head to hers.

"If I do, I'll buy you two to replace it."

"Why are you doing this to me, It's not right."

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

"But I am not available to you, I have a husband who loves me."

"Adam will have to learn to share you. One man alone cannot keep such a gorgeous woman to himself."

His hand had managed to forage underneath the front of her dress, pulling at it enough to create an area for his fingers to work in. She felt them touching the soft sensitive skin of her upper thigh, just before the point where her thighs met at her mound.

Joanne jumped with shock at the first touch of his fingers on her pantie-covered mound. "No, don't ... please," she begged.

His fingers touched the damp crotch of her panties. "You are so wet, don't tell me you don't want this."

"I don't ... I really don't!" But her body was already betraying Joanne, her juices now soaking her panties as his fingers pulled the flimsy material aside.

She gasped aloud as she felt two fingers touch her skin under the crotch of her panties, tracing up the now very wet slit formed by her outer labia lips, then back down again. Despite her verbal protest, she let out a moan and the leg muscles unclamped, her thighs parting slightly in the tight confines of her sleek black party dress.

Without a moment's hesitation, Robert took advantage of the improved access that her unwitting move afforded him and his fingers came back to the top of her now opening slit and they teased out the little bud of her clitoris, causing her to cry out. "Unnnnhhhh!"

His lips claimed her moist lips again and he didn't have to force her lips to part this time. Her tongue greeted his wetly and warmly, locking together in sweet combat while his fingers swirled around her rapidly stiffening clit. He stroked and stroked it and they could both hear her breathing labouring above the party sounds in the distance. Each breath was longer and she combined it with whimpers that would have been full blooded moans had her lips not been covered by his.

'This is madness,' she thought through the hazy effect of the wine she had consumed this night. 'I'm going to come any minute, not by my husband's fingers, but in the arms of a man that I've only just met. This has never happened to me before, and should not be happening. But I can't stop it now, I could ruin Adam's career.'

Having justified her predicament to herself, Joanne relaxed against his body, seeking and accepting the sexual release she knew this man could and would give her any minute now. As a signal to him of her acceptance of his actions, she slipped her arm up around his back again and her fingers stroked through his hair, forcing his head to push his lips tighter to hers.

The throbbing began so deeply inside her body, somewhere behind her cunt and gradually it rose to the surface as the pulsing in her body erupted under his expert fingers. Her lower body began jerking spasmodically, trying to draw every ounce of ultimate pleasure from his probing fingers. He withdrew his mouth and that allowed her to cry out her release in the still night air, barely disturbed here by the party sounds coming from the house.

"Aaahhhh! Aaahhhh!" She tried to still her body's movements, now embarrassed by coming so rapidly and easily at the hands of a stranger, but she couldn't stop the spasms emanating from within her cunt. She opened her eyes, looking up to see his eyes watching her carnal enjoyment with lust.

As the pulsing eased, she said to him "What?" as he continued to stare into her eyes.

"Not only are you a very beautiful woman, but obviously a highly sexual one. We will have some lovely times together."

"No we won't!" She was instantly defiant. "This will never happen again. I just had too much wine. You caught me in a very weak moment."

"The next time will be better. We will be in bed ... yours or mine, it doesn't matter."

"No, I told you. It won't ever happen again," she continued to protest.

He was ignoring her protests. "Would you like Adam to watch our first time together? I could arrange it, you know. That would be very sensual. A man giving his beautiful wife to his boss to further his career."

The man's words frightened Joanne, they seemed threatening. "What are you? No, I don't want him there watching." She was flustered and hadn't chosen her words carefully.

"Okay, so you would rather it be just the two of us – in bed together."

"No, I didn't mean that. It won't happen, I don't want it to."

"Your body told me something else, Joanne. I'll call you!"

"No ... no ... don't! I won't answer!"

"You better, Joanne. I'm used to getting what I want ... and I want you! And very soon!"

From not far away, a female voice spoke, startling the couple in the rotunda. "Robert, are you coming inside? We're due to cut the cake now."

Joanne felt his fingers withdraw from her clitoris and the swinging stopped as Robert planted his feet firmly on the ground. Joanne's hand dropped from behind Robert's head and moved to straighten her dress down at the side and front, expecting that the woman was about to enter the rotunda.

"Shit, is that your wife?" whispered Joanne, flushing in embarrassment.

"Just coming in now, darling," shouted Robert to the woman standing not far from them. Then, turning back to Joanne, he whispered, "It's okay, she won't come any closer. She has learnt to be discreet in our twenty years together."

"So this has happened to you before?"

"She knows how much I love beautiful women. She probably knows me better than I know myself. She probably knew when she met you at the front door tonight that I would be out hunting you, looking for a chance to be alone with you."

"Is that what you did ... hunted me?' Joanne was bristling with anger now, realising that he had pursued her and then seduced her. 'I suppose I should be relieved he didn't fuck me,' she thought. 'At least, I got to come, he didn't.' She smiled in self-satisfaction, about the only contentment she could draw from this incident, other than getting some sexual relief, a glow that was now diminishing rapidly after being caught by Robert's wife.

Robert had stood, turned and bent down to give her an affectionate chaste kiss on her now tightly closed lips. "Thanks, it was great. You were great. Until our next time, my dear."

Joanne was fuming. "I told you there is no next time..." Her voice faded out because he had wheeled around and was gone, leaving her to smooth her dress down, trying to check herself in the semi-darkness to make sure that her hair and lipstick were tidy.

By the time she found her way back inside the house, all of the guests had moved into the living room and Joanne was able to quietly make her way through to a bathroom without anyone seeing her. She was so glad that she did. Her lips were quite puffy from the enthusiastic kissing, so she bathed water on them. Then reapplied her lipstick. She did what she could with her hair, which certainly didn't look as coiffured as when she had arrived at the party.

Looking natural and beautiful again, but bearing a huge amount of guilt, Joanne slipped quietly into the living room and rejoined her husband, coming up behind him and wrapping her arms around his waist. Adam half-turned to her, "Where have you been?"

"I've had a bit too much to drink. I didn't want to embarrass you in front of all your new work colleagues so I went out back to get some fresh air."

"That was thoughtful, darling. Thank you! Did it work?"

"Yes thanks, I'm feeling a bit clearer now."


They both diverted their attention back to Robert and his wife, hugging each other after cutting their anniversary cake. Robert was rambling a bit with a speech that was now urging the wives of the executives to fully support their husbands' jobs in whatever ways they can. Joanne wondered if the comments were directed at her and she wished she had heard the beginning of his speech.

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