tagAnalWorking For His Promotion Pt. 03

Working For His Promotion Pt. 03

byThe Big Bopper©

Warning: there was some cuckolding of Joanne's husband in part 2 of this story. If such activity offends, then don't read this part because it continues.

Adam has accepted a high powered executive job in a multi-national corporation based in a small mid-western town. Adam's wife Joanne is hit on by his boss, Robert at a party thrown by the boss to celebrate his wedding anniversary.

Chapter 4

The early light of dawn approaching stirred 45 year old Robert Johnson awake and for a few minutes, he was content to watch the beautiful naked red-haired woman who slept peacefully alongside him in his round bed. His cock stirred again as he studied her nude beauty before gently rolling her over onto her stomach. Her head was turned to the right away from him and the movement appeared to wake her, although he couldn't see her eyes from where he lay. Her entire back and legs were exposed to his gaze and he admired the natural curve of her body, narrowing to a tiny waist, then rising to her arse … they were two perfect globes, separated by a deep cleavage. Her arse was truly a work of art and his head moved closer to her exquisite bottom so he could better examine it.

His fingers lightly traced their way over each cheek, down to the top of her thighs, digging in softly at the junction of her legs to test for wetness at her cunt. There was some moisture, but it wasn't flowing. His fingers caressed her soft skin back up the crease of her arse and he pushed them in between her cheeks to gently fondle her anus.

"No … please don't!" Joanne mumbled as his finger intruded in an area that she had long considered forbidden territory.

'Her arse may be a no-go zone for her husband,' thought Robert, 'but I will not be denied!' So he kept his finger at her anus, gently rimming her.

"I don't like that, Robert!" Joanne tried to sound firm.

"Then you'll have to start liking it … the time has come to give it up to me."

"What do you mean?" Joanne asked, fearing that she knew his answer.

"I'm about to have your arse."

Her hand reached around behind her and tried to dislodge his finger from between her cheeks. "No, I don't like that. Please stop!"

"Not until I've had you in here," he said and he pushed the tip of his finger at her sphincter to emphasise the exact spot where he intended to take her, leaving her in no doubt.

She gasped and her hand again waved helplessly above her arse, trying to make contact with his arm to push his hand away … to stop his finger probing her.

Abruptly, his finger was gone from her anus and she uttered a sigh of relief. She felt some movement on the bed and was aware that Robert had gone. But only for a moment, then she felt the bed move again and he was back. His legs straddled her and she felt his hands at her hips, pulling her abdomen upward while her head and shoulders and lower legs remained flat on the bed.

"What are you doing?"

"I told you, it's time for you to enjoy a new experience."

"No, please don't? We've had a wonderful time … I seem to have been on a constant high all night. I really don't want you to do anything in my arse."

"I told you that the second fuck was for you and you came heaps of times … I didn't hear you complaining then. I'd say that I made you feel pretty good. Well babe, its payback time, this one is a special for me. I'm guessing that your beautiful arse is still virginal … so the pleasure of taking your arse cherry will be all mine."

Joanne realised that he was determined to have her this way and no amount of protesting by her was going to deny him. Resigned to her fate, she allowed him to bend her legs at the knees, tucking them under her body, leaving her arse raised high and incredibly vulnerable.

His hands left her for a moment, then she felt cold liquid splashed right between her spread cheeks, landing directly onto her anus, followed by his fingers swirling around to scoop up what would turn out to be KY Jelly. One of his fingers rimmed her anus several times before she was jolted by the pressure of that finger pushing firmly against her sphincter, attempting to open up her dark hole. The finger invaded her arse, sliding the slippery gel around the rectal walls.

Joanne was amazed at how incredibly full she felt just by one of his fingers entering her and she wondered how she would cope with having his whole thick cock in there. She knew that would be his next demand. She whimpered as the finger probed her insides.

When he was satisfied that she was sufficiently lubricated, Robert withdrew his finger and for a moment, Joanne felt nothing more because out of her sight, above her back, he concentrated on lathering the gel all over his cock. She tried to turn her head to see what he was doing, wondering why she had been left in this position with no contact.

"Just lathering up my cock, babe. Gotta make sure it will slide very easily right up your arse. You've been a good girl tonight, so I don't want to hurt you more than I have to, to get it in. I'm going to have you like this and then I want you to do it for Adam when you get home. Give him a real treat. We men love it, it's so tight in there … gives great friction."

Joanne gasped at the sudden touch of something big and hard right on her stretched anal ring. She knew it was obviously his stiff cock, but the feel of its size on this tiny entry hole frightened her. Her body instinctively pulled away from the intruder and her anus tensed shut.

Robert's hand grasped her hips and pulled her body back onto his hard-on and it stabbed at her clenched arsehole. She screamed out, "Uunnnhhhhh! No!"

"Relax babe, you're gonna have to relax or I'm going to hurt you."

"It's going to hurt anyway … I just know it!" she whimpered.

"Don't be stupid, Joanne. I am going to do this, so just be grown up about it. Take a deep breath, relax all the muscles around your arse and it will slide in."

She had begun to hyperventilate when she felt his cock stabbing at her anus. Now she tried to comply. She slowed her breathing down, taking long deep breaths and relaxed her whole lower body.

"That's better babe. Now this is just the head of my cock, that's all. So just stay relaxed."

Joanne felt the hard knob of his cock nudge her anal ring again, putting intense pressure on her sphincter and she urged herself to stay calm. Robert had a great view, looking down from above her split arse. He could watch as his shaft had buckled when the cock head met her initial tight resistance. But now he could see his second attempt succeeding as her wrinkled ring began to open up under renewed pressure and the knob of his cock disappeared from his view, the anal ring snapping shut over the ridge behind his cock head.

She let out another scream, shorter, but her body didn't try to pull away.

"Hey babe, that's great! I'm in, can you feel it? Are you okay?"

"Uummmm!" was all she could manage as her body adjusted to her anus being stretched by this large object, something entering her instead of coming out. He held her firmly by the hips, allowing her time to adjust to this new experience.

"Hey babe, you know what we should do? We should share this moment with Adam. What about you call him up and tell him where my cock is now."

Joanne froze. Who was this man, why did he have such a cruel streak about him. He had already humiliated his new marketing manager last night, having stolen his wife for the night and having made him sit and watch their first fuck together. Now he was suggesting waking him at 6am to have him listen over the phone to his wife being fucked up the arse for the first time.

"You are a sicko!" Joanne snarled at Robert. That's cruel! No, I won't do that to my husband."

Robert took a firmer grip on her hips and shoved, his cock injecting about three inches into her arse. Joanne screamed out, in some pain, caught by the surprise of his aggressive entry.

"You will do as I say, babe. The phone is right there beside you, on the bed. Now call him! Tell him that my cock's up your arse … and describe how it feels." He shoved again without warning and another inch went deep up her rectum.

Joanne screamed again, then managed to twist her head to see that he had indeed left the portable handset on the bed beside her head. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she muttered as she pushed her upper body up onto her elbows and grasped the phone, dialling her home number. It rang for a bit, then the bleary voice of her husband answered.


She paused, not wanting to go through with this, but Robert must have heard Adam's hello come from the phone that was not pressed tightly to Joanne's ear.

"Talk to him! Tell him now!" Robert shoved another inch of his cock up her arse, it was nearly all inside her. She gasped at the sudden push, her arse now felt so full, it was like the biggest shit she had ever taken. Joanne didn't want to startle her husband, but the sudden thrust caused her to emit a painful shriek.

"Joanne … honey … is that you? Are you okay?" His bleary voice came alive, sensing that his wife was in trouble. "Jo honey, is that you?"

She steadied her breathing, trying to shut out the pain. "Yes Adam, it's me."

"What's wrong? Are you still there? Do you need help? Do you want me to come for you now?"

"No Adam, I'm okay, don't come here!" Her voice steadied as her stuffed rectum adjusted around the thick intruder. "I'm sorry if I woke you up."

"Honey, it's okay. I was only dozing. I haven't been able to sleep much."

"I know, I understand."

"Why did you call me?"

"Err … Robert wanted me to. I didn't want to, but he told me to call you. He insisted."

"Why, what's up?"

"He … he … said that I should call and tell you…"

"What … what is it?"

Robert called out to her, loud enough for Adam to hear down the phone line. "For God's sake Joanne, just tell him."

"I can't … it's hard to…"

Robert angrily moved both hands to her shoulders, one on either side of her head, gripping her hard, holding her body steady. Joanne wondered why, then she found out with a start. Robert was steadying her body for his final hard thrust … he shoved his cock in to its limit, his balls wedging hard against the mound of her cunt.

"Oh God, no!" she screamed as his cock speared through her rectum.

"Jo, what is it … what's he doing to you? I'm coming over!"

She teared up and Robert grabbed the phone from her hand as she began to sob, a combination of the pain in her arse and her embarrassment at telling her husband what she was allowing to happen to her body.

"Adam, calm down, she's okay. Just stay where you are. She's … err … trying something new and its just taking her some time to adjust. Just hold on to the phone and I'll put her back on."

Robert threw the handset down on the bed alongside Joanne's head. "Calm down and talk to him, you've got to tell him what I'm doing to you! He needs to hear it from you!"

She continued to sob, releasing the emotion of the moment. Robert was losing patience with her, so he pulled his cock back partway out of her clutching rectal passage, until only the knob and perhaps an inch more remained, then his hands grabbed her hips again, holding her steady as he plunged his cock back deep into her. She cried out again.

Not waiting for her to recover, Robert began a rhythm, withdrawing then thrusting hard, using the slippery KY Jelly that now lined her opening and her inner walls. He passed easily up and down through her normally constricting rectal walls. "You'll get used to it babe. You'll be wanting more in a minute."

It was a painful moment for Adam, woken from his sleep, in bed alone at home, listening to his loving wife moaning and whimpering, occasionally crying out in pain. He wondered what could be happening to her and wanted to help her, but his boss had just told him not to come over … so had Joanne before the tears started. He waited anxiously, holding the phone, hoping that Joanne could soon speak to him.

"Jo, are you there? Are you okay?" He shouted into the phone. The headset lay on the bed beside Joanne's head and, as her sobbing abated and her body slowly adjusted - even accepted - the pounding of Robert's cock in her arse, she could hear her husband's voice, calling to her.

She picked up the phone, put it to her mouth and ear and spoke between her heavy gasps for air as Robert's cock pummelled into her. "Adam … it's okay … I'm here … I'm all right … I just … it's feeling a bit better, Adam. It was just … a bit painful for a while."

"Jo, what's he doing to you? Why did you cry out like that?"

"He … he … oh, it's so hard for me to say it … hard for me to tell you, Adam. He's … he's in my arse … he's got his damn cock all the way up my arse. God, it was horrible when it started … but I think I'm okay now. Please don't worry about me."

While Joanne talked to her husband between the stabbing thrusts of Robert's cock into her arse, Robert had licked his fingers and brought just one hand around under her body. His fingers went straight to her mound and began teasing her clitoral bud out of its protective hood. Joanne hadn't noticed at first, she was concentrating on talking to Adam on the phone and managing the pain in her arse … pain that was now abating as her rectum adjusted to the size of Robert's cock and the power of his thrusts.

As the pain eased, she became conscious of Robert's fingers expertly working her clit and she panicked. Knowing how responsive her body had become to this man, she feared that she might explode into orgasm while still talking on the phone to her husband. She now needed to finish the call quickly.

"Look Adam … I've gotta go. I'm okay, just stay there and I'll be home later."

"No Jo, please don't go. It's great to hear your voice. I missed you so all night. Please don't get to like being with him."

Joanne realised from his words that Adam was feeling insecure, having witnessed her early enjoyment with Robert. She was torn; on the one hand, should she stay on the phone to counsel Adam, to reassure him that she loved him and would never leave him for Robert. Or should she get off the phone quickly because she knew that her body was about to give her away, responding to Adam's boss and that may send the wrong message to her husband.

Her pain was nearly totally gone, she was left with just a very full feeling as Robert's cock plundered up and down through her anus and into her rectum. Beneath her, Robert's fingers had restored the magical feelings she had experienced through her lower body so many times already this night. Her clit was erect and willing again, the throbbing had already started and she knew another orgasm was pulsing toward the surface.

She grimaced, trying to stall her body's reaction. "I'd never do that," she eventually replied to her husband's plea. "I love you darling, I always will!" she answered genuinely even as this other man pounded his cock into her arse.

"Jo, why did you let him stick it up your arse?"

Her breathing was heavy and laboured again, she and Robert both knew that her body would be reacting to another orgasm at any time. Adam could not know, after hearing her shrieks of pain, he would never believe that she could be turned on to so much pleasure so quickly.

"I had to, Adam … he said I must do it … he said it was part of the deal."

"Is he still in there … in your arse, I mean?"

"Yes … he is, honey! It's better now … I'm okay! Oh God!" Her voice rose in panic, knowing her latest orgasm was close. "I'm sorry I can't talk! Hold on! Just wait … please wait!" In fact, she had to stop talking, her moment of climax was now, and the throbbing in her cunt was intense. She dropped the phone, "Unnhh … unnhh … unnhh … oh God … yes … yes … oh Christ … I'm coming again!"

Her body spasmed, Robert's fingers were unrelenting, not just sending her over the brink to another orgasm, but maintaining the pressure on her clitoris. Joanne wriggled her body, trying to get away from her lover's probing fingers, but to no avail. She was pinned beneath him as his cock pummelled her arse.

She had dropped the phone on the bed as she came. At the other end, Adam could still clearly hear the familiar sound of Joanne enjoying an orgasm, then as her voice and breathing subsided, he could hear Robert's voice shouting.

"Shit, I'm with you babe. I'm there too! Your arse is so fuckin' tight, I can't hold back! Here it comes, I'm gonna fill that gorgeous arse of yours." Then Adam could hear Robert moaning and in his mind, he could picture the bedroom he had sat in only a few hours ago … and the round bed. In the middle of that bed, he could picture his wife on her hands and knees and his boss hunched over Joanne's back, her butt raised up with Robert's cock jammed up inside it, unleashing a torrent of cum into her rectum.

Adam could take no more, he hung up the phone at his end. 'Was enduring all of this worth his highly paid job in this company … in this town?'

Minutes went by, Joanne's knees still shook, not just from holding up her own body, but also the body of the man intimately joined to her. At last, she felt his now deflating cock being pulled out of her rectum, the knob clinging for a moment to her anus before pulling free from her body with a plop.

Robert looked down, watching his cock withdrawing from her arse, then saw a thin strand of his ejaculate hanging between her arse and the tip of his cock as her tight anus released him. But soon, his cum began to leak from out of her wrinkled hole, which was still stretched wide open. Released from his grip, Joanne fell forward, straightening her legs and flopping face first onto the bed. Robert dropped down beside her, on his side, facing her supine body.

Suddenly, Joanne's head lifted and she reached for the handset still lying on the bed. She put it to her ear, "Adam … Adam … are you still there?" But she heard only dial tone, the call to her husband had long been disconnected – by him.

Her arse felt very sore, but not painful now – at least not the stabbing pain that she felt when Robert first shoved his cock up her arse. She was relieved that the incredible feeling of fullness had passed. Joanne drifted off to sleep. Robert watched her sleeping peacefully for a while, then he moved his body closer to her, draping one arm across her back, and eventually he too slept again.

Joanne woke about 11am, busting to piss. She untangled herself gently from Robert's arm, thrown carelessly over her body. She made her way to the en suite bathroom, perched on the toilet and peed. Feeling sweaty from the several gruelling bouts of sex with her new lover, she decided to take a shower. Surely Robert would not demand any more of her body and would probably take her home when he woke.

She turned the water on and stepped into the shower stall, enjoying the warm water cascading over her before picking up the soap and starting to scrub. Beginning at the top with shoulders and arms, she moved on to lather up her breasts, then dipped her hand with the soap down to clean all around her vagina and arse. Her fingers touched at both openings and withdrew as she felt the soreness there from the hard fucking she had experienced.

Suddenly, Robert's hand on her back startled Joanne and she spun around to see the naked man stepping in to join her, his hands and arms wrapping around her, pulling her to him. 'Thankfully, he's not erect,' was the first thought she had as her body was pressed up against his.

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