tagAnalWorking For His Promotion Pt. 06

Working For His Promotion Pt. 06

byThe Big Bopper©

Warning: This story contains explicit sex activity. I have placed most of the parts in Loving Wives, but since more than 10% of Part 6 is anal, it has ended up in that category. The broad theme revolves around just how much a Loving Wife will do to assist her husband in his career.

You should read the earlier Parts to fully understand the relationships. But in summary: Adam is 28, married to Joanne, 26. He has a new job in management for a large company in a small town. The couple goes to a party at his boss' house and the boss, Robert is immediately attracted to Joanne. Robert blackmails the couple - by threatening the security of Adam's new job - into allowing Joanne to spend a night with him.

Robert then makes an incredible offer for Joanne to go on the company payroll too and for Adam & Joanne to try to sign up four new major clients, using a combination of Adam's sales abilities and his wife's natural seduction techniques. If they can sign all four, Robert will give the couple 20% ownership of his company. In Part 5, Joanne seduced their second prospect, Nick Marshall, who insisted on Adam being present while Joanne and Nick got down to some serious fucking, her first encounter with an oversized cock.

Copyright 2007 The Big Bopper. This story cannot be reproduced on any other website or reprinted in any form without the express written consent of the author.


Robert did not come by to visit Joanne that day, nor did he send a courier to collect the supposedly urgent contract. She had just over a week to prepare for her third attempted sexual conquest … this time, it would be Mark Morris, a business owner in his mid 40's, married with one college kid son.

Adam came home that first evening after Joanne's full night with Nick Marshall. Adam had not even seen his wife since leaving her in Nick's arms 18 hours ago … at about 1.30am that morning. She had not arrived home until about an hour after Adam went to work. Joanne found it painful to tell her husband that she could not have sex with him until about Friday … she explained how sore the inside of her cunt was, resulting from Nick's very large cock that had carved a thick and wide path through her. Joanne hoped that path would again be able to grip her husband tightly when they were next able to have sex.

They went to bed early, but without a full night of lovemaking on the agenda, their bed was a very tame scene with Joanne reading a book when her husband joined her in bed. She put the book down and turned to him. "Adam, what was it like for you last night to watch me having sex with Nick?"

"Jo, I had many emotions. I was a bit jealous that he was able to please you the way he did. But, I also felt a warm fuzzy feeling that this man, who we were trying to impress, was having such a good time with my woman. You know, you are special to me. It's weird, but it's like I was bestowing a special honour on this man. How about you, did you feel awkward doing it with another man in front of me?"

"Very awkward! It had been bad enough doing it with Robert in front of you … but then he knew you were my husband and Robert's a cruel man anyway. This was quite different because Nick didn't know of our relationship. I guess it was this man's size that made it awkward. I was embarrassed for you that this man's huge cock was getting to touch parts of me inside that you never have … and probably never will. Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't mean that as some type of criticism of you … just an observation that sex with him was quite different. Were you turned on Adam? You know what I mean … you know how you have wanted to do me the same way as others have. So did watching Nick make you want to copy it in anyway."

"I couldn't copy him, Jo … I just don't measure up."

Her husband's reflective comment made her quite sad and she quickly tried to change the subject. "Tell me, Adam … did you like getting off with young Yvette? Did she feel as hot and tight as I do?"

"It was strange, Jo … I never actually did it face to face with her … I was always in from behind her."

"That's not what I asked … was it good, Adam?"

"Yes it was. I didn't really want her, I was so preoccupied with making sure that Nick treated you okay … but when she came back from the ladies room and took her panties off … and I was the only one that could see her cunt beneath the table. Well, I think that's about the time I considered that I might really end up fucking her."

"What happened when you took her home? You knew I wouldn't be coming home for hours … surely you were tempted to go up to her place and bonk her silly."

"Tempted … maybe! But in reality, there was no way I could do it. It may sound stupid when you have been with three other men now … but I just thought that I would be unfaithful if I did it with her when you weren't around."

"Oh, that's so sweet! Hey Adam, speaking of taking panties off … my God, … I was so embarrassed to have to hand over my panties to Nick at the table in front of you and Yvette."

"How did he get you to do it? I saw him talking to you before you went to the ladies room … it looked like he was asking you then. But you kept telling him no, so why did you do it after all?"

"He used the ultimate one-liner on me."

"Which was?"

"How bad do you want this order from my company?"

"The minute he said that, I knew that I would be returning from the bathroom with my panties in my purse."

"Did you expect that he would get you off under the table in the restaurant?"

"No, I had no idea that was coming. My God, it was so embarrassing … do you think people at the other tables could hear me coming?"

"They sure could, people were looking around." Joanne's face flushed. "But Jo, I have to tell you what is the sexiest thing that has yet happened to me while you have been having sex with another man."

"Go on, what is it?"

"In the spa bath last night, when our faces were almost touching … and our hands were touching. And he had his big cock up inside you and I could see every thrust he made into you through your eyes. And what's more, I could also feel every thrust of him inside you, being relayed from your hands to mine. Now that was an unreal experience." Adam paused in telling her his reactions. "Shit, I'm getting horny right now, just talking about it."

Joanne reached out for him, pulling him toward her … one hand dropping to the opening in his pyjama pants. "Perhaps I better do something about that, darling … you did go through a lot last night. Hopefully, this might make you feel a bit better."

She bent over and took his erect cock into her mouth and gave him a superb blow job, but I am afraid that you – the reader – are going to have to picture in your own mind what she then did for her husband. Because, with all that he had witnessed his wife do in that hotel suite last night, this blow job from Joanne to Adam was beyond my capacity of description.

* * * * * * * * * * *

On Friday morning, Joanne was sitting in the kitchen shortly after Adam had left for work … still in her nightie, sipping on her morning heart-starter cup of coffee. There was a sudden loud knocking on the front door. Joanne was not expecting anybody and her immediate fear was that it was Robert seeking to make a conjugal visit on her. In view of the pain she felt that she had inflicted on her husband by his having to watch her episode with Nick, she certainly didn't want to complicate matters by having Robert fucking her behind her husband's back. She snuck over to the window and peeped through the curtains … sure enough, it was Robert, looking to be very impatient. She decided not to answer the door … 'Let him think that I've gone out shopping early,' she thought.

Robert continued to pound his fist on the door. "I know you're in there, babe … come on, open up … I've come for my free fuck. Come on and get your arse out here … I'm entitled. I pay big money for you to put out and you're not doing it enough … Joanne, I'm not getting value for money."

Joanne was concerned what the neighbours might think … he was raising his voice quite loudly and she suspected that he could be heard across the street. She debated going out to see him … just to stop him from hammering on the door and shouting out his obscenities. But she knew that if she opened the door, he would insist on coming in. She also knew that once he was there with her inside her home, she would not have the willpower to deny him.

Her feelings about Adam's boss were mixed and she experienced a love/hate feeling about him. She hated his supreme arrogance, the fact that he knew he could have her whenever he wanted … in some ways she regretted encouraging Adam to stay at the company on Robert's terms. On the other hand, she was strangely attracted to the man who was almost 20 years older than she was. He had shown himself to be a masterful lover and, while she could only concede it to herself, better than her husband at satisfying a woman. She also experienced that uniquely female thing about being attracted to power … and Robert certainly had that. He lived in a beautiful mansion overlooking the bay and through the success of his company, he was worth millions of dollars. The size of his successful company based in such a small community made him a dominant personality in this town and, through his behind-the-scenes manipulations, he virtually controlled this city.

Joanne began to waiver and she tiptoed toward the front door, prepared to let him into the house, just to stop his noisy tirade. But with her hand on the doorknob, the hammering and the expletive-riddled verbal outburst suddenly ceased and all was quiet again in her neighbourhood. She heard his car drive away before opening the door to check.

Joanne was anxious for Adam to arrive home that evening to find out if Robert had said anything to him about coming to the house. Robert had sounded so angry that she wouldn't open the door to him, that she suspected that he would have vented his anger at Adam during the day.

She had decided through the day to come clean and tell him about Robert's attempted visit to the house. After his wife had told him about the banging on the door and the shouting of obscenities, Adam wondered aloud, "Why would he come here though? He's never been to our house before … I wouldn't have thought that he knew where we lived."

"Couldn't he have got our address from staff records?"

"Yes, I guess he could have."

"Adam, you better sit down … I think that I need to tell you something."

"This doesn't sound good, Jo!"

"I should have told you when it happened … now it's going to sound worse. Adam, I need to bring back that painful memory of me spending that night with Robert in his house – and how he made you stay for a while to watch. Remember that next day, we both worried about whether it would end with just one night?"

"Yes, of course I remember."

"At the time, we both thought that he would not be content with just one night, that he may want to see me some more."

"Yes, we were worried … but then we struck the deal for you to try to seduce the four client prospects, we even got a contract with him to that effect. So, since there was no mention of him having you in that deal, I figured that he was satisfied … and that would be the end of you having to have sex with him."

"The deal on paper never mentions him and me, yes! But don't be naive, Adam … think about it … he gets nothing sexually out of me going with the potential clients, and he stands to having to give up some of his company – and his profits – if we are successful. Plus I'm on his payroll and I don't have to do anything for it except fuck four likely clients. I'm not surprised – and I don't know why you can't see it too – it makes sense that he wouldn't be content just to sit back and let others have me. It seems obvious that Robert being such a serial sexual predator would want to see me again."

"So what are you saying? Are you trying to tell me that you've been with Robert since that first night … and you didn't even tell me?"

"Yes, damn it, Adam. Oh my God, I wanted to tell you, I really did, but I just didn't know how to say the words. He has had me since that night at his place. But it was weeks ago!"

"When Jo … and why have you kept it from me. Why has it taken until now? I thought we were a team trying to get through this together."

"We are, Adam, we are! I don't know … I just … I thought it would hurt you if you discovered that I had been with him a second time, I couldn't bring myself to say anything. But then I was worried that Robert would tell you … he's such a cruel man, he likes to rub it in … to hurt you. But then you came home that night after he had been here … and it was obvious to me that you didn't know … that Robert hadn't said anything to you. You seemed so happy … I just didn't want to spoil your night … or your weekend for that matter. It happened on a Friday and by the end of the weekend, I still didn't have the nerve to tell you … I figured that by then it was too late to tell you. If I had said anything to you on Sunday, you would have been angry that it had taken me two days to tell you."

"Not as angry as I am now, weeks later. So what actually happened? Did he call you up and say I want you, let me come over … or did he just barge in without calling first?"

"No, he didn't call up first. I don't know if you remember the day … but it was in the week before I went with Wallace, you know, our first client. You and I had become very romantic with each other … I guess it was because we were both anticipating the start of me going with the four prospects and we were each nervous about how our lives might change. You were very amorous when you woke up that Friday morning…"

"Amorous? I was fuckin' horny as hell … I do recall it. We had really good slow and intense sex, and I remember thinking that night how lucky I was, because by the time I got home, you had your period."

"That's right … that was the day. Anyway, we had great sex together and you went off to work and I was just lying around still feeling really good, not wanting to get up. Well, you'd only been gone a few minutes and the doorbell rang … I didn't want to answer it, I was feeling too good just lying there in bed, soaking up the after-glow. Anyway, the person kept ringing the doorbell, I couldn't ignore it any longer, so I went to answer it … and it was Robert, said he'd come to tell me about our first client prospect. And he had, but that was only a ploy to get in the door. Once inside, he told me that he knew you'd just left … he must have been waiting in his car around the corner, watching for you to go…"

"Did he force you to have sex?"

"He would have, I could see how determined he was. I tried to talk him out of it … I really did. But he reminded me that by putting me on the company payroll, he had paid me five thousand so far and I hadn't had to do anything for it. I suppose the money thing made me feel a bit guilty…"

"So it wasn't anything to do with you wanting to be with him again … after all, it had been some time since that long night you had with him. I know that you liked that night a lot more than you let on at the time."

"Adam, don't be stupid … I love you – and only you. The sex with Robert that night at his house … and on this particular Friday morning … it was just sex … it wasn't love. Yes, I won't deny that I came, both times…"

"It was a few more times than both … at least on that night. So are you telling me you came again with him on that morning … here in our house?"

"Yes I did, he's quite a powerful lover … well no, not lover, that's the wrong word because I don't love him. What do I call him? It's just the sex, Adam … and the fact that he has this control over us."

"So go on, he tells you that he's paid you lots of money and you haven't put out for anyone … so he wants a piece."

"It sounds awful the way you say it, but I guess that was it. Anyway, I only had my nightie on, so he pushed me face down onto the kitchen table and he had me there and then from behind … we never made it to bed."

"And you both came?"

"Yes!" she answered softly.

"Was he lying on top of you or standing up pumping? It wasn't up the arse again, was it?"

"What is it with you? Why do you always have to know the details?" She caught her husband by surprise, reaching out quickly to feel his groin through his trousers, her hands grasping his solid hard-on. "You are sick … I'm telling you my confession and here I am, expecting its going to hurt you … and I'm feeling such compassion for you. And instead, you're getting horny from my story … what is it with you?"

"I don't know honey … I honestly don't know. It's just that when you tell me about being with another man, it turns me on so much."

"My God, I suppose that you want us to do it now, is that it?"

"Not just do it, Jo … I want us to do it on the bench in the kitchen … just the way you did it with him. Will you do that for me please?"

Joanne didn't answer immediately, she stared into his eyes, pondering her decision. At last, she spoke. "Okay, come on … I don't want to do this, mind you … I don't like you wanting me to do it the same way. I am only going to do this because I feel guilty that I did it with Robert … and didn't tell you."

She took him by the hand and led him to the kitchen. "Adam, you better clear the table, I'll go and put a silk wrap on … that was all that I was wearing when Robert had me that day. If you want a re-creation, I better be dressed right."

Adam's face lit up, "Thanks Jo, I really appreciate it."

For the next twenty minutes, Adam took Joanne on the kitchen table, using it in exactly the same way that Robert had used it to seriously fuck Joanne that Friday morning … even to the point that when he had come, Joanne told her husband to wipe his wet cock on her silk wrap.

"Happy now?" she asked when they turned off the lights and went to bed.

"Yes, I am … thanks Jo … I'm sorry to get you to do that, but somehow, doing it the same way that another man has you, makes it better for me to cope with him having you. Listen, tomorrow night, can we try that thing you did with Wallace in the bathroom, you know, sucking my cock while I watch your back in the mirror."

Chapter 13

Adam stewed all weekend over the news that Joanne had given him on Friday night that Robert had been with her a second time. He had got his rocks off on the revelation … but in the clear light of day, he wasn't happy, particularly on learning that he had tried unsuccessfully yet again last Friday.

By Monday morning, Adam had reached a monumental decision. As hard as it was for him to aggressively confront someone - most especially someone like Robert - Adam decided for the sake of his marriage, he must make a stand. He went upstairs to the top floor to have it out with his boss.

At exactly 9am, Adam stormed past Helen, the PA.

"You can't go in, Adam, he's got someone with him."

"Too bad," fired back Adam as he turned the doorknob and shoved the door open wide.

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