Working For His Promotion Pt. 06

byThe Big Bopper©

Robert was seated alone behind his desk … there was paperwork on his desk, but it was untouched. The man was sitting in his executive chair … staring straight ahead. Adam strode toward the desk, putting himself into Robert's line of vision … but as Adam got closer, he saw that Robert's eyes appeared glassy and didn't focus on him.

"Robert…" yelled Adam at his boss and Robert's eyes suddenly concentrated on the image of his young Marketing Manager standing in front of him … actually shouting at him.

"Don't stop!" said Robert loudly. Adam was unsure to whom the shout was intended.

With Robert's eyes appearing to focus on Adam, the young manager launched into his prepared tirade at his boss. "Robert, Jo told me last night about you coming around to our house a few weeks ago, and having sex with her again, She said you were also there yesterday morning … thankfully, she didn't let you in."

Robert held up his hand for Adam to stop, but without saying anything. Adam saw that the man's eyes were glassy again. Then, suddenly, Robert's breathing took on a rapid increase and he grunted several times before slumping back in his chair.

By now, Helen had followed Adam into the large office … Adam turned and looked at her curiously, but she showed no sign of knowing what was going on. Then Adam looked back at Robert, who sat still in his comfortable chair, breathing deeply, a contented smile on his face.

Adam suddenly clicked what was going on … Robert had the appearance of a man who had just cum. Either Robert had been wanking or there was somebody under the desk … Adam strode around the desk to Robert's side. "You prick, you are insatiable … who have you got under there?"

Boldly, Adam shoved Robert and the chair back away from the desk, noting as he did that Robert's cock lay semi-hard in his lap. Looking down under the desk, Adam saw Yvette, on her knees looking back up at him, traces of cum on her lips and chin. Yvette was the young 20-year-old from the typing pool that Robert had arranged to go on the double date with Adam, Joanne and the client, Nick Marshall.

"Yvette, what on earth are you doing with him? You can do a lot better than this … you don't have to do this, you know."

"Stay out of my life, Adam. You could have had me, but you rejected me. I only wanted you to come up that night and stay with me a bit longer … but you wouldn't. Robert has been looking after me."

She scarmbled to her feet and Adam handed her his handkerchief, telling her with contempt in his voice, "Wipe his cum off your face before you go back downstairs."

Yvette licked her lips and then wiped off the residue cum and handed the handkerchief back to Adam, who promptly threw it in the bin. She straightened her dress down from where it had ridden up her thighs while she had been on her knees under Robert's desk. Adam thought that she looked close to tears as she slowly began to walk to the door, passing Helen, who still stood motionless in the middle of the room.

When Yvette was almost at the door, she turned to Adam. "What were you just saying about Jo telling you that Robert had come to the house? And you called it our house … wasn't Jo the woman we went out with to that hotel with Nick? What are you doing with her?"

Adam froze … this could be trouble. Despite Yvette concentrating on blowing Robert under his desk, she had still been alert enough to overhear Adam's furious verbal blast at his boss. From beside him, Adam heard Robert laughing. "Let's see you get out of this, pretty boy."

Adam looked up at Yvette. "Can you come back and sit down please Yvette."

She did, cheekily pushing past Helen rather than walking around her. "This better be good," said Yvette, now with confidence in her voice, her eyes dry again.

Adam's mind was whirring at a frightening pace, trying to conjure up some sort of tale that would satisfy Yvette's curiosity without having to admit to being Joanne's husband. From his chair beside Adam, Robert interjected, "The young lady seems to be waiting for your answer to her questions, Adam."

Adam gave Robert a contemptuous glare and addressed Yvette, who was now seated across the desk from him. He had assumed Robert's normal place behind the large executive desk, although he had no chair to sit in … Robert still occupied that, pushed back toward the window.

"Yvette, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to tell you the truth, you certainly deserved it after our recent night out. However, I have to admit to you that Joanne and I are having an affair." Adam stared straight into Yvette's eyes, he couldn't look to his side to see Robert's reaction, he was fearful that his boss might still give him up, expose the lie that he was unravelling to Yvette.

"You and Joanne … an affair?"

"Yes Yvette … so I think that should explain a lot to you about my behaviour when we were out double-dating with Joanne and Nick last week."

"But if you're having an affair with her, then you must be in love with her, right?"

"Yes I am, very much, Yvette."

"Then how could you let her go with Nick … she's the woman you love?"

"You're quite right, Yvette, how indeed. I have to admit that she and I both agreed to do it for the sake of Robert's business. It was very hard for us both to do that, so you should be able to see now that I didn't intentionally reject you when I took you home. I just found it hard to go up to your room and make love to you when the woman I love was back in that hotel room with Nick … and his big cock."

Yvette's disbelieving stare had softened … Adam became confident that she was buying his story. "Adam, that's awful, I feel so sorry for you. But what about your wife, aren't you married?"

The story just got bigger. "Yes I am, Yvette … that's just a further complication. My wife doesn't know about Joanne and me. So naturally, I would appreciate it if you could keep all this to yourself. I am going to have to come clean with my wife soon, and tell her all about Joanne, because that's the woman I want to be with."

"You don't want to be with her if she's going to go with clients like some kind of slut." Yvette paused to reflect on all that she had just been told and there was silence while Adam, Robert and even Helen all waited to see that Yvette had accepted the tale that Adam had spun. "Adam, maybe I can help," she eventually said.

"In what way, Yvette?"

"Perhaps I could be the woman that entertains the clients for you … now that I have seen how it's done. I'm not married and I'm not in a relationship … I think I'd be very good at that."

At last, Robert had something to say. "Yvette, I think you're right, you could very good at that. I tell you what, come up here to my office on Friday afternoon, about five, I can give you an audition."

"I was hoping that I might audition for Adam, Mr. Johnson," responded Yvette to Robert, giving Adam a cheeky wink at the same time.

"Yvette, I think that young Adam has enough on his plate for the time being. Now, how about you get back downstairs, I'm sure you have some work to do."

"Yvette stood, smiled at the two men and turned to walk to the door. As she reached it, her hand on the doorknob, she turned around. "Mr. Johnson, is all of that true? What Adam just said, I mean."

Adam spun around to look at Robert, hoping that his boss would support him in spite of the verbal tirade he had launched when he entered this office not 15 minutes ago.

Robert looked back at Adam before turning to Yvette. "Yes my dear, it's all true … Adam and Joanne have been having an affair and Adam came here to confront me this morning because I have had Joanne a couple of times too."

"Shish," said Yvette, "What a slut she is!" She turned to open the door and left the room.

Robert could see Adam bristle at Yvette calling his wife a slut and quickly intervened before Adam said anything severe to the departing Yvette. "Leave it, Adam … leave it! You just got yourself out of a jam. Now young man, what was it you came to talk to me about?"

Adam was disappointed … he was fired up to have it out with Robert when he arrived in this office, but the incident with Yvette had taken the venom from his verbal assault. Nevertheless, he tried again, "Robert, I came here to tell you to stay away from Jo … she has enough happening with trying to win these new clients without the complication of you banging on our front door."

"Banging Adam, pretty appropriate word, I'd say! So you want me to stop banging your wife, is that right, Adam?"

"Yes I do!"

Robert wheeled his chair back over to his desk, pushing Adam out of the way in the process, taking back control of his own office. He picked up his diary, opened it to the current month. "Adam, Tuesday 15th, can you see that Joanne is free on that day?"

Adam's temperature hit boiling point. "Robert, have you not heard a word I've said … stay away from Joanne … on the 15th and any other day!"

Robert smiled a supercilious grin. "Adam you dickhead … Tuesday 15th is not for me, that's the date that the fourth and last client prospect is due to come here. Make sure that she's free that night."

Adam felt stupid for misinterpreting Robert's comment about the date. He was left to mumble, "Okay!" as he turned to depart.

Before Adam reached the door to leave the office, behind him he heard Robert addressing his PA. "Helen, you better get your pen and pad and come back into my office … oh, and close the door. I think that I owe you an explanation about that young Yvette girl."

Chapter 14

Wednesday morning was the day of the third potential client visit. The receptionist buzzed Adam to tell him that his guest had arrived. "Adam, didn't you say that you were waiting on a Mr Morris?"

"That's right, Julie."

"Well, there are two Mr. Morris' here, a senior and a junior."

"Oh … okay Julie, thank you! Tell them I'll be there in a minute." Adam hit the intercom buttons to connect him to the boss' office. "Might be trouble, Robert. Julie says that there are two Mr Morris' waiting in the foyer, sounds as if he may have brought his son. That could throw a spanner in the works for Joanne's pitch at the hotel tonight."

"Yeah, well sometimes life's a bitch. I handled the last drama with Nick Marshall, it's your turn this time. I'm sure you'll think of something, you've got all day." Adam was surprised that Robert sounded disinterested … even quite bitter toward him and he wondered if it was a reaction to Joanne's rejection of him last Friday and their heated exchange in his office on Monday.

Adam went to the building foyer to welcome the two Mr. Morris'. "You must be Mark, I'm Adam Hamilton, I want to welcome you here."

The senior of the two men shook Adam's hand and turned to the young man

standing alongside him. "I'd like you to meet my son, Chuck, he's in college now. Still has a way to go, but I want him to come into my business when he graduates, so I decided to bring him along. He can see how companies try to win our business, it will be good experience for him learning how to say no." Mark laughed at his own joke and the other two men smiled, but for different reasons.

Adam shook the young man's hand too, "Welcome Chuck, it's good to have you along."

"My friends all call me Chuck … I was christened Charles."

Adam was a bit taken aback, he wasn't sure whether the kid was chastising him for addressing him as Chuck. "Okay … then can I call you Chuck?"

"Sure, doesn't worry me."

Adam turned back to Mark, adding, "I will need to call the hotel and book a second room for Chuck. Actually, we've got you booked in a suite, Mark."

"That sounds good, I'll enjoy a suite … I suppose it comes with a spa, most hotel suites do these days. Just a simple single room will do for Chuck, he has to learn about working his way up from the bottom."

Chuck raised his eyes at his father's comment and Adam wondered if there was tension between them this morning. Adam asked his PA to book an extra room at the hotel, then began his tour of the plant, one that he had designed specifically for prospective clients. He was becoming accustomed to it now, having successfully completed it to win over Wallace and Nick in the past two weeks, although he knew that Joanne might dispute who actually pulled the business in.

As the day wore on, Adam came around to liking Mark Morris … he was very mild mannered and appeared to be a decent sort of man, not as arrogant and cocksure of himself like Nick was, and not as insipid and straight-laced as Wallace. Adam wasn't so sure about his son … despite his being only 21, he was quite self-opinionated. Adam thought that his youth was probably holding him back at this stage, but he could see that in a few years, this young man could be an irritating prick to have as a client.

When Adam could get away from his guests for a few minutes, he called his wife. "Hi Jo, looks like we might have a problem again, it's never smooth sailing."

"Oh Adam, not again, don't tell me this guy wants you to come along too?"

"No, no, calm down, I'm not coming along. But it does look like you're not going to have him to yourself."

"Why, what do you mean? Don't tell me he brought his wife?"

"No … he brought his son to town with him, he's in college, but Mark wants him to learn the business."

"Oh shit, how old is he?"

"I'd say a bit too young for you, my sweet. He looks about 20 or 21, I don't think he's been in college long … although he has a swagger that tells you he thinks he's King Shit."

"Oh hell, that's going to make it difficult. If I flirt with the old man, his son could run home to mummy and tell on dad, so its unlikely the dad is going to want to play. What will we do?"

"Well honey, at this stage, I'd suggest that we stay with the dinner plans. You're going to have to assess the situation as it unfolds. I might try to suggest that the kid go out partying and not come to dinner with you and Mark."

"Okay, thanks. I'll leave it to you, Adam."

Adam hung up and went back to his guests to resume his tour of the plant and his sales presentation to Mark and his son. Around 4pm, they adjourned to Robert's office and they all enjoyed a friendly drinks and chat session, reviewing the day.

At 5pm, Adam drove Mark and his son to the hotel, offering to come inside while they checked in and to join them for drinks in the bar while waiting for Joanne to arrive at 7pm. To Adam's surprise, Mark declined the offer. "Thanks Adam, but I'm not a big drinker, I might save myself so I don't get too drunk to enjoy dinner with this woman you've saddled us with tonight. More sales pitch, is it?"

"Not necessarily, Mark. Joanne knows that you've been with me all day and that I've talked your head off. I'm sure that she'll go easy on you, it's really just another face to the company, to make you feel comfortable with the prospect of dealing with us."

"Okay, well thanks Adam, I have appreciated all you've done today. I have to say that you all appear to be very professional here and you really do know your products. But, and it is a big but, I have been with my current supplier for a lot of years, it would be a huge wrench to leave them to bring my business to you. I can't guarantee a quick decision."

"All right Mark, I'm certain that you'll make the right decision when you're ready."

The two shook hands and Mark picked up his bag to go into the hotel. Adam looked around to say goodbye to Chuck, but the rude young man had walked off ahead of his father, not even bothering to thank his host for the day.

Adam drove home, he was much earlier than he expected to be. Joanne was

surprised to see him, she was still in her bath and her husband sat down on the closed toilet seat to chat with her. Adam explained what had transpired, his mood was down. "I don't have a good feeling this time, Jo. I think Mark's just along for the ride, take our hospitality, but stay with his present supplier. As for his prick of a son, arrogant little upstart, he wouldn't be much older than 20."

Joanne rose from the bath, water sliding over her smooth tanned skin. Adam admired his beautiful wife with the superb figure, curves in all the right places. 'How could any man not be attracted to her?' pondered Adam.

"Calm down, Adam … we can only do our best. I guess getting all four was always going to be tough." She rubbed the towel across her back, a move that pushed her flat belly and prominent pubic mound forward … it was not lost on Adam. Then when she brought the towel to her front, she preferred to just dab it over her breasts and between her legs, leaving the skin damp. "But let's not be defeatist. I say never give up and don't underestimate my capacity to turn him around. I'll give it everything I've got…" She dropped the towel and used her hands to push her breasts up and out. "…and then some."

Adam followed her into their bedroom and lay down on the bed, his hands folded under his head, watching his wife as she dressed for another night of seduction, a peculiar feeling coming over him, knowing that she was dressing to encourage Mark to be infatuated with her. No, more than just infatuated … she was dressing with a mission to have him fuck her.

Joanne walked naked to the dressing table … she picked up the perfume bottle and dabbed just a touch in all the possible places that Mark's face could end up. Behind her ears, in the cleavage between her breasts, on the little strip of skin either side of her cunt at the tops of each thigh and even in her other cleavage at the top of the crack of her arse. Adam watched it all, his penis stiffening … no matter how many times he saw his wife nude, he still marvelled at how beautiful she is.

She went to her top drawer and selected a pair of high-cut pastel blue silk panties, pulling the sides up high to her waist. There wasn't a lot of them, and most of the back tucked in between her arse cheeks, although it was wider than a thong. Adam admired the way her 38" breasts held firm when she bent over to pull the panties up her legs, there was no sag at all because she had regularly worn a good bra since her early A cup days … tonight she would not.

Going to the closet, she took out another new dress and began to pull it on up over her legs, having to wriggle it past her hips. When Adam saw the deep V cut in front, he realised why there was no room for a bra, her breasts fitting into the moulded cups of the dress … just! She revealed a deep cleavage that dipped below the line of the bottom of her breasts and the inside mounds of each showed prominently. The material of the frock covered her nipples by just over an inch on each side. The dress was a darkish colour, hard to describe, it was speckled with bits of black, brown and silver, some of it glittery. It was very different and very figure-hugging … no man could fail to be impressed that this was a real woman.

She next sat to pull on her dark stockings … they were stay-ups with a tight elasticised black band at the top that kept her hose up to near the tops of her thighs. She revealed only an inch or two of bare flesh above the stockings before Joanne pushed her dress back down to cover the upper parts of her thighs, but only just. The hemline was about 6 inches above her knees.

Joanne walked across to the bed and her hand wandered up Adam's clothed thigh, stopping when it reached the stiff bulge in his trousers. "Would you like me to look after this … before I do my hair and put my make-up on?"

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