Working For His Promotion Pt. 06

byThe Big Bopper©

"Yes!" his voice broke as he answered, surprised at her gesture.

"You better sit on the side of the bed … I don't want to get my new dress wrinkled."

"Okay," responded Adam, shuffling over to the edge of the bed, unzipping his trousers as he went … pushing them down his legs as he swung them over the side and sat waiting expectantly, his erection standing at attention.

His wife knelt down in front of him, looking up deep into his eyes briefly before her lips closed over the head of his cock and he felt her tongue and the inside lining of her mouth sucking his hard cock deep into her mouth in one slow motion. So began one of the best blow jobs she had ever given him, but he couldn't help reflecting on how much her technique had improved recently, obviously perfected on men like Robert … and Wallace … and Nick. 'Who knows what enhancements she may bring back from tonight's encounter?' thought Adam as his testicles worked overtime producing a neat package of cum for their master to express deliver down Joanne's throat.

Her mouth was relentless, sucking his cock to full extension and then maintaining a continuous sucking, slurping motion that drove him to quickly expel his cum. It shot from him in spurts, like pellets from a gun and her throat swallowed one little pool of his cum after another until he was dry.

Her lips withdrew tightly along the length of his cock, taking with it any residual cum left lying around. She pulled back off his cock and looked up at her husband fondly, a tiny patch of white liquid splashed on her face just to the side of her parted lips. Adam brought his hand to the side of his own mouth and pointed to indicate to her that something was there on her face. Instead of bringing a hand up to wipe away whatever blemish was there, her tongue slipped out between her lips and, like a snake, it darted to the side and licked off the offending patch of cum and she swallowed it.

"You get better and better at that all the time," he told her.

"I don't think so … you're just enjoying it more," she told him modestly.

Joanne stood up and walked across the room to sit at the dresser and began to apply her make-up. Then, she worked on her hair, making a change to her normal appearance, pulling her long red locks back tightly behind her head and tying the remainder in a bun.

"You're not going to let your hair hang loose," he observed.

"No, I felt like a change tonight … trying something new. I hope Mark will like it."

Her words I hope Mark will like it were a sharp reminder to Adam that Joanne was preparing herself as a sacrifice to spend the night with the man that Adam had spent the day with.

"I hope so too," he mumbled as Joanne declared her preparation complete and got up from the mirror, picked up her purse and crossed to the bed. Her husband stood up and kissed her briefly on the lips, the taste of his own cum still lingering there. "Have a good time … remember to tell me everything when you get home."

"Will you be up," she asked innocently.

"You better believe it," was his double entendre response.

Chapter 15

Joanne arrived at the now familiar bar and scanned the room, wondering which man was Mark Morris. To her surprise, the barman called her over. "Are you supposed to be meeting a Mark Morris?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"He asked for a woman called Joanne, I'd heard you called by that name when you've been in here before."

"But there must be many women in here every night. I bet you don't know them all by name."

"There's not many that look as good as you."

"Thank you! So where is he?"

"He's just gone into the restaurant,"


"Yeah, said he's not much of a drinker."

"Okay, thanks," Joanne was concerned that the bartender was noticing her and she had been with different men on each occasion. 'I hope he doesn't think I'm a hooker,' she thought as she made her way into the restaurant.

The maitre d' showed her to a booth where two men sat and she guessed that the younger man was Mark's son, Chuck. She stood at the edge of the table as Mark shuffled out of the booth and stood to greet her.

"You must be Joanne, what a pleasure this is … the guys didn't tell me just how beautiful you are."

"Thank you, Mark, that's so nice of you to say that. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm sorry I'm just a touch late … something came up as I was preparing to leave." She smiled to herself at the momentary reminder of her husband. "But I'm here now and you have my full attention for the rest of the night."

"Well, that sounds promising. Oh, by the way, I must introduce my son … this is Chuck. He's not actually with my company yet, but I'm just grooming him to come into the business after he finishes college."

"Hello Chuck, pleased to meet you." She smiled and partly proffered her hand, but quickly withdrew it when Chuck never stood up nor looked like shaking her hand. He just picked up his glass and took a swig, acknowledging her presence with a nod.

"Here, please have a seat," offered Mark.

Joanne's fingers hiked her dress hemline up to a high thigh point, revealing the black tops of her stockings as she manoeuvred herself into the booth. She moved around on the seat to allow Mark to follow her in, placing her on the curve of the U in the U-shaped booth, sitting between the two males.

She found Mark to be an easy conversationalist, and she was able to converse on a number of topics, but Chuck barely said a word, just sipping on his drink while his eyes scanned the room, watching keenly whenever a woman crossed his vision.

Joanne noticed that Mark drank very little, nursing one glass of wine most of the night. She put a few glasses away, wanting to reach a certain comfort level where she could allow whatever Mark would want to do to her body without any fear or panic. She noted that Chuck drank at about the same pace as she, but Joanne deduced this was because he was an alcoholic … or well on the way to being one.

The presence of the son made flirting with Mark very difficult so she confined her moves to beneath the table. Joanne had dropped one shoe on the floor, so at appropriate times when Chuck's attention was elsewhere, she slid her stockinged foot up Mark's leg, slipping the toes up the inside of his trouser leg … her nylon hose rubbing on his bare skin. Whenever she did this, she watched his eyes reacting and they told her that he was interested.

When they had finished all three courses and just when Joanne was beginning to worry about how she was going to get upstairs into Mark's bed, the rare sound of Chuck's voice was heard. "Hey dad, I'm gonna cut out, this is pretty boring. You two want to talk business and all … I'm just gonna split. I'll see you in the morning, dad." Despite his aloof attitude to her all evening, Chuck turned to Joanne and surprised her by holding out his hand politely. "Nice to meet you, I hope I see you again sometime … you're a very pretty lady."

Chuck slid out of the booth and was gone. "Wow, thank God for that," said Mark. "I was afraid I was going to have to tell my own son to piss off. I thought he'd never go. Now young lady, I suspect that we have some serious business to discuss about me buying off your company. To me, at this time of the night, it seems that the best place to discuss this might be up in my suite. Would you not agree?"

"Oh really?" her eyebrows raised as if she wasn't so sure, playing hard to get with him. "Will I be safe if I go up to your suite to discuss business? A bedroom at ten o'clock at night sounds like an odd place to hold a business meeting."

"How safe do you want to be, Joanne? I have felt your foot up my trouser leg all night … I thought that you might be an adventurous type who would just follow a path and see where it leads. Perhaps it all depends on how much you want my business?"

Her hand slipped under the table and ran along his thigh toward his groin, stopping only when it reached a bulge in his trousers. "I want your business very, very much … and I think I can offer you a lot more fringe benefits than our opposition." With that, she squeezed his hardening cock within his trousers and his eyes widened.

Mark took his room key from his pocket and waved it at her, "Let's go!"

She signed for the restaurant bill, grabbed her purse, hiked her dress high and slid out of the booth on the side that Chuck had been sitting. Mark stayed seated while she did, enjoying the long expanse of stockinged thighs that she revealed to his gaze. When she looked down to see what he was doing, she paused and seductively tugged the dress a notch higher, exposing a patch of pastel blue panties to him. His eyes focussed hard on the patch of blue that barely concealed the lips of her cunt.

"That should do it," he said as he slid out of the booth and followed, slipping his arm around her waist and hugging her warm body to his as they walked to the elevators.

"Do what?" she questioned naively.

"I'd say that's confirmed what sort of business meeting this will be."

When the doors closed on them for the ride up to his floor, Mark turned and took Joanne into his arms, his mouth closing on hers and delivering a passionate kiss that quickly developed into tongues and grinding lips. Both of his hands slipped down her back and each grasped a handful of her shapely arse cheeks, massaging her bottom through the short dress.

She was surprised by how eager he had suddenly become, not wanting to wait until they were in his room before kissing her passionately. She didn't know what to do with her hands with their bodies pressed so tightly together, so she just draped one around the back of his neck and the other around his butt.

The elevator bell dinged to indicate stopping at a floor and they broke the kiss to check if it was his. It wasn't and the doors opened and a young male hotel employee came in and pressed for a floor. The doors closed again and the car moved upward once more. Their kiss interrupted, they each stood with an arm around the other's waist. Joanne felt one of his hands drop back to her arse … she felt it pulling the hem of her short dress up further at the back. Then, she felt his fingers touching the bare skin at the top of the back of her thigh, above the stocking top.

The fingers were lightly stroking and she nonchalantly stepped one leg to the side, spreading her thighs just a little and his fingers took advantage, touching the silk of her panties and tracing the crease of her arse cheeks from bottom to top, then back again. It wasn't a thong, but the panties were not very wide in back and his fingers tucked all of the silky material deep into the cleavage of her arse, baring her cheeks.

She giggled and turned to look into his eyes. "Having fun?" she whispered as the fellow passenger turned to see what amused her. Mark pushed his finger firmly against the bunched material that was all that separated his digit from her puckered anal ring.

"You've got a great arse … has anyone ever told you that?"

"They might have … once or twice."

"Oh fuck, this elevator is slow."

At last, the bell dinged and the doors opened at Mark's floor. With one of his fingers still insinuated in between her arse cheeks, her dress bunched up at the back so that it ended just above her arse, the two departed the elevator, giving the hotel employee a great view as they walked off together down the hall.

"Do you think that made his night?" she asked, laughing.

"Yeah, he's probably stopped it between floors to have a quick wank … poor bastard. See what you do to men."

They reached his suite and Mark had to retrieve his finger from her arse to open the door … he stepped back to allow her to enter. It was the same suite in which she had seduced Wallace two weeks ago. As she reached the middle of the first room, the lounge area, she dropped her purse onto a table and turned to face him. "So we'll cut straight to the key question … are you going to buy off my company from now on?"

"Well, I heard the full sales pitch from your colleague Adam today … so I don't need any more facts and figures. Oh, hold on … I am actually seeing a new set of figures … one actually that just might sway my decision. I would like to see a lot more of that figure … do you think that would be possible?"

"Of course it would … anything to oblige." She turned so that her back was to him. "Can you get the zip for me, Mark?"

His hand reached up to her back and his fingers took a firm hold of her zipper and slid it down, the dress parting to reveal her bare back and no bra strap. The zipper didn't stop until just above her arse, Mark could now see the top of the back of her pastel blue silk panties, sitting high on her waist. Joanne raised her hands and pulled the dress off her shoulders and clear of her breasts … it fell to the floor in a pool at her feet.

Mark could now see the entire length of Joanne from the back … the pastel blue panties with the material still wedged into her arse where he had pushed it, her dark stockings – stay-ups that stopped near the top of her thighs, leaving about two inches of bare skin. Her long legs looked sensational, the muscles taut as he stood in her stiletto high heels. Joanne raised her hands to the back of her head, fiddled for a moment and then her long shoulder-length red hair cascaded down and she shook her head for a very positive effect on Mark's libido.

"You look sensational from the back … can I see the front too?"

"Of course … anything for my new client," she answered as she slowly spun around, bringing more of her beautiful body under Mark's gaze. Her hands were still up behind her head and it had the effect of lifting her firm breasts even higher.

"Fuck … what a gorgeous body! Can you stay long? There's so much I want to do with you."

"I can stay as long as we have things to do and business to discuss … what exactly did you have in mind?" This part of these liaisons always worried Joanne, she was concerned that she could end up with somebody weird who may want to do things with her body that she wouldn't like. She had bought some sex manuals recently, just to try to learn about some of the stranger things that men may want. She was well aware that so far she had been very lucky. Robert had introduced her to anal fucking and that was the only thing that she hadn't done with Adam.

By now, she had turned fully around and his eyes travelled slowly down from her beautiful face to her shapely breasts that stood firm and proud. His gaze took in her thin waist, then her flat belly still contained within the pastel blue high cut silk panties, pulled up tight so that the material stretched across her mound. At last, his eyes lifted back to hers and he answered her.

"I have to fuck you in every way possible, I can't believe that I've got someone this beautiful in my room. And I love that arse of yours … I think I'd like to do some exploring in there."

Joanne felt her arse clench nervously at his comment, realising that she may have to give it up again tonight, just as she had done for Robert. Her mind flashed back to that night quickly, trying to recall how much pain there had been before she became accepting of a man's cock inside her arse.

"We'll see … I'm not promising anything, why don't we just get together and see what happens. I'm feeling very much on display here … can you give me a kiss?"

Joanne's hands dropped from behind her head and she held them out in a gesture of welcome to Mark. He quickly stepped forward and took her in his arms. They hugged and their lips met for the second time … their kiss was no less passionate as they threw themselves into it with abandon. Two sets of hands exploring, massaging and touching over backs and arses. He had the advantage of touching a near nude woman, but he was still fully clothed, so her touching of him was less sensual.

This kiss was much longer and deeper and when they came up for air, both were panting and short of breath. "Let's get you out of these clothes," she said as she began unbuttoning his shirt. "I want to see what you've got to give me."

"That's putting pressure on me."

"I wouldn't worry about it if I were you … it felt pretty healthy when I held it downstairs in the restaurant." She pushed the shirt down his arms and it fell discarded to the floor. "Ummm," she mumbled approvingly as her eyes admired his muscular body. "Nice … real nice!"

Her hands went to his belt and she unbuckled it, standing back to let the trousers drop, leaving Mark in only a pair of boxers, the front tented by his erection. "Well, what do we have here," she said, grasping it through the material of his boxers and giving it a gentle tug. "Come on, let's find a bed."

She held on to his cock through his boxers and led him by it through the doorway into the bedroom and right up to the side of the king-size double bed. She let go of him and put one knee on the bed, looking back at him over her shoulder. She flicked her head seductively and the red hair whipped across her face from side to side. Mark nearly came in his boxers.

She looked away from him again to see where she was going, bringing her other leg up onto the bed and crawling on her hands and knees toward the centre of the huge bed. Her silky panties were still caught up in her arse cheeks from where he had put them while riding up in the elevator. She moved so slowly and each cheek rose and fell with each movement.

Halfway to the centre of the huge bed, she paused to look back and one of her hands slid around to her arse and the finger delved in and plucked the wad of silk panties out from her crease. Holding the strand of silk daintily between two fingers, she pulled them to one side, revealing to his gaze her tiny anus and her pubes, the runway shaved into her pubic hair showing him the way. She used her anus to tease him, it appeared to wink at him as she clenched the muscles in her arse. "Did you say you liked my arse?"

"Yes I like it … but I said I wanted your arse."

Mark dropped his boxers in reaction and she saw his cock for the first time. It was average size, but very smooth … circumcised, brownish in colouring … it looked sleek to her, like a racing machine. She let her panties snap back into her arse crease and crawled on two more steps to the centre of the bed. Still on her hands and knees, she looked back to him again over her shoulder. "Are you coming?" she asked seductively.

"Thank God, not yet … but I am getting on the bed!" Mark said as he pulled his shoes off and his boxers that had fallen around his ankles. He quickly got onto the bed and moved up behind her, leaning forward to start planting kisses all over her arse cheeks. "I am going to worship your arse tonight."

Joanne shivered with a touch of fear … she realised that by committing to have sex with several different men, the odds were that at least one was bound to want to take her there. She wasn't very experienced at it yet and she didn't want to embarrass herself by panicking when it began to hurt.

Mark's kisses had found their way into the cleavage between her rounded cheeks and she was suddenly stunned to feel his tongue swipe up and over her little anal ring. Involuntarily, her body committed to an appreciative sigh as she felt the stab of pleasure run through her loins. He did it again … drawing the same reaction from her body. Her body was reacting positively to this man's tongue right in her arse, but her mind wanted to reject it because Joanne's upbringing had taught her that her arse was just somewhere that a man's lips and tongue shouldn't be. Robert hadn't used his tongue on her when he took her arse.

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