tagBDSMWorking for Miss Black Pt. 01

Working for Miss Black Pt. 01



Damn it...that was the third time during this meeting my phone notified me of a text. If I wasn't expecting such an important call from my fiancé, I'd shut the whole thing off. I can now feel the disgust from everyone as they glare at me.

"May we continue or would you like to answer that, Mr. Riggs?" the vice-president scowled at me.

"Yes," I meekly replied. "Please continue, I apologize for the interruption." I wanted to melt down into my chair and under the table.

"As I was saying, we have stayed stagnant largely due to misplaced priorities, loss of market strength, and a lack of commitment to excellence, which is why we brought in Miss Sarah Black. She has a history of turning underperforming companies into solid performers."

With that, everyone turned their heads to the young, attractive woman at the other end of the conference table. Her long black hair pulled back, the gray power suit, the emotionless, cold stare gave everyone the impression that this woman meant business. As she stone-facely surveyed the room, you couldn't help but feel smaller in her presence.

"Ding." Damn it! The room groaned in disbelief which actually lightened the tension in the air.

"With that, let's end this meeting early," Miss Black interjected. "I look forward to working with all of you. Mr. Riggs, please stay behind."

As the rest of the leadership team walked to the doorway, it felt more and more claustrophobic in the conference room. This was the room with no windows. Sound proof. The room were termination meetings were held so no one could see or hear what was going on. Today it was used to give us all an ass-chewing...now I felt I was about to be fired. The last person exited and closed the door behind him. An uneasy silence hung in the room as she stared at me, rubbing her perfectly blush-red manicured thumb and index fingernails.

"Would you like to see who texted you?" She dryly shot at me.

Sheepishly, I replied "No, ma'am."

"Let me be more direct, look at your phone, and tell me who interrupted our work time, and it's Miss Black, not Ma'am!"

I picked up my phone and glanced through my texts. "Yes, Miss Black...It was my fiancé, Staci. I'm sorry, she's meeting with places to hold our reception, and she's texting me where to stop after work and drop off the deposit."

"I see." Miss Black then stood up from her chair and walked over by me, sitting down on the table slightly off from in front of me, crossing her legs. "Stand up," she ordered, and I quizzically followed. She examined me a second. "Now, pull down your pants."

"Excuse me," I shot back.

"You obviously have no problem humiliating yourself in a room full of executives with your phone going off every five minutes from Staci texting, humiliating yourself in front of me should be a piece of cake."

I thought about it a second. The fear of being fired did fly through my head. I felt I couldn't say no. Better to obey then make waves at the moment. I thought of Miss Black. How often do you have a sexy woman, let alone boss, order you to take off your pants? I unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my pants and pulled them to the floor.

"Underwear, too," she commanded as she pulled her rubber hair band out, letting her long hair fall to her shoulders. She looked hot. I did as she told. I stood there, my cock starting the peek out from the bottom of my business shirt. She then took her hair band, wrapping it around my cock, twisting, and stretching it around my balls. Her hand touching my cock engorged it instantaneously. "Well, it's amazing what happens with the right motivation...hands on the table!" I did as told.

She then started looking at my texts. "Ten personal texts today during work hours...six from Staci alone..." She put the phone down, grabbed my balls and squeezed, sending a rush of pain through my body. "When you are at work, these belong to me!" With her other hand, she then snapped the already tight band around my cock. The pain was like a shock to my body. "Do you know the importance of discipline?" She shouted down to me as she snapped the band a second time. "Discipline brings stability and structure into a person's life...without it is like walking on ice with your legs going one way (another Snap), while your body goes another (another SNAP!)."

Each snap of the band was painful and arousing. My body was all tensed up, trying to fight shots of electricity flying around. I took deep breathes out my mouth. I then saw Miss Black pull the leather belt from my pants.

"How many personal text did you get again?" she playfully questioned.

Trying to focus on the question and not my aching cock, I blurted out, "Ten."

"Count them out for me love." With that I felt an unforgiving slap across my ass of the leather belt. "Count, or I will give ten more when we are done with this ten."

"One." Then came another. "Two." Then another. "Three." Each one seemed harder than the last, stinging my ass more and more. "Four." Another. "Five" My body tightening up more and more. Slap. "Six." Slap! "Seven." SLAP! "Eight." SLAP!! "Nine." SLAP!! "Ten." The words cracking out of my mouth as I try and take the pain. I felt the sensitive throbbing of my ass as she stood right behind me, reaching around and grabbing my cock. Miss Black began to trace her fingernail along my cock, arousing it more, as she pulled herself tighter into my backside.

I didn't know what to feel. My mind was empty, confused. I had ecstasy and agony flowing through me at once. I didn't know what to do. It was an emotional high I've never felt before.

Miss Black began stroking my cock with her hand before whispering in my ear. "I want you to fuck your fiancé tonight." Her stroking becoming faster. "I want you to fuck her, but be thinking only of me." Her hand clutching harder, rubbing faster. "If she is going to take from our work time, "she seductively whispered, "I want to dominate your play time." Her thumb, rubbing the tip of my cock. OH, god, I couldn't take it. I felt like I wanted to explode.

Then, she abruptly stopped.

She grabbed her hair band, giving me one last snap before stepping back, walking to the other side of the conference room table, and sitting back down in a professional manner as if to conduct another meeting. "You may pull up you pants now," she dryly said as she put her hair band back in. "Tomorrow at the end of the day, I expect you meet back in this very room, where I will go over the expectations moving forward."

Confused, I slowly pulled up my pants over my erect cock, panting, out of breath. "Yes, Miss Black." After being excused, I sheepishly exited the conference room, my files covering my erection as I left.

That night, I fucked Staci. As she strode cowgirl across my already sore cock, I shot back harder against her due to my overly sensitive, welted ass which I was concealing from her. With every sting, soreness, or ounce of pain, I couldn't help but think of Miss Black, the afternoon meeting, and why they were that way. When I finally came, it was like nothing I felt like before. Both Staci and I completely blissed out, exhausted, euphoric.

As we fell asleep naked in the afterglow, I started to dream. I dreamt of Miss Black. I dreamt of Miss Black watching me as I fucked Staci.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/05/18

Wonderfully fast paced, suspense built-up ... to a wicked erotic fantasy

... despite this genre / fetish definitely not being my cup of tea I could not refrain from reading this chapter to the end. The quality of writing was that addictive. A really fast paced intro into amore...

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by Emirus03/04/18

Keep it up

Enough of a good start to want to see how the story continues. It could really have done with being expanded into a couple of pages so the story could have been taken further along to really grab themore...

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by Anonymous03/03/18

Love the start

Really looking forward to seeing where this one will be going.

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