tagBDSMWorking for Miss Black Pt. 04

Working for Miss Black Pt. 04


Staci was running around the downtown sidewalk, trying to take care of the wedding preparations as she scanned her smartphone. "I have to run to the caterer, stop by the dress designer for alterations, run to the chur..."

"Watch where you're going!" she heard as she ran right into the woman.

"I'm so sorry....I didn't mean to bump into you like that.

"It's alright," the tall woman said as she looked down at Staci in in her tank top and shorts. "Don't I know you?

"I don't think so?" Staci politely replied.

"Yes.....you're Riggs' fiancé, Staci. I remember you from all the pictures he's shared with me on his phone at work. I'm Sarah, his boss," she said holding out her hand.

Staci stood a little confused, but reached out to be cordial. "Miss Black?"

"That's me," she humorously said as she clasped Staci's hand.

Staci immediately felt intimidated by her. "He's told me a lot about you but he never told me he had such a beautiful boss." Miss Black let go to throw a little wave back at Staci.

"Thank you but that's too much. How have you been with him gone at the retreat the last few days?"


Miss Black jumped at the opportunity. "I have a great idea....why don't we meet up for dinner and drinks, on me...after all, it's the least I can do for loaning him out all week."

"I....I don't know..."

Staci's indecisiveness irritated Miss Black, but she concealed it well. "I won't take no for an answer. C'mon, how many more times do you have where you can flirt with hard-bodied men wearing that tight, little black dress I know you must have." Truth was, Miss Black already knew Staci had the black dress from all the pictures she scanned through her sub's phone. And she had Staci pegged as you're typical fun-girl who settles once she gets married.

Staci thought a minute...it did sound fun. And it would take her mind off of her fiancé being gone. "Alright, why not?"

"Great...why don't we meet at Senora Rose's at 7 then."

"Sounds good," Staci nodded in agreement, like she couldn't believe she was doing this.

"Adios until then," Miss Black playfully replied as she turned and walked away smiling. She was so surprised her plan worked to a "T." Staci had no idea what she was in for.

Staci and Miss Black fell out of the bar laughing. Both wore tight black dresses and leather jackets. Staci had on six-inch stiletto high heels while Miss Black had on knee high leather boots. Both looked slutted up to get as much attention from every man in the place.

"I can't believe I just did that." Staci laughed as Miss Black grabbed her arm to steady herself. "I haven't made out with a muscle head like that since my college days."

"Well, perhaps we should go out more often then," Miss Black mused before opening her jacket and pulling out a freshly rolled cigarette and lighter from her interior pocket. "Would you like one, love?"

Staci stood a little shocked at what to say. "No, I don't smoke."

"Nonsense. Rigg's told us all how you met, how you came up to bum a smoke off of him." Miss Black lit it, blowing the smoke out in Staci's direction.

Staci thought a second. "I only smoke when I'm drunk."

"Well that's what we're aiming for." She held out the rolled cig to Staci as an offer.

"Why not." Staci took a toke off of the cig as Miss Black held it in her fingers. It immediately wasn't like anything she had before. It filled her entire body with tingles, stimulating her body. "What was that?" as she looked up at Miss Black.

"Oh, something a company I helped out makes personally for me." Miss Black knew the pheromones were starting to do their job. The first company she had taken over was a perfume manufacturer. A devoted chemist there helped make a scent totally unique to Miss Black, inspiring lust. The effects were found to be even stronger if they were consumed, like through smoking, or eating (like in a protein shake).

"I know just the place."

Techno beats willed the club as Staci and Miss Black entered. The bouncer at the door helped escort them through the crowd of men all around to their table. He pulled out the seat for Miss Black while Staci just sat down herself. Every man stared at Miss Black as she took off her leather jacket. "Can I get any drinks for you?"

"Two Martinis....and charge it to that guy right there." Miss Black waved and gentleman bowed his head in acknowledgement.

"I didn't know you were going to take me to a strip club. I've never been to a strip club before." Staci looked around like the first time someone entered school.

"Well perhaps you should have Riggs bring you more often," Miss Black shot back. Just then a stripper brought over the drinks, set them down, and very sexily sat down on Miss Black's lap. Miss Black looked up as the stripped began to tongue her mouth, making Staci very uncomfortable and slightly jealous. "I'm sorry, where are my manners.....Staci, this is Luna.....Luna, this is Staci's first time here....perhaps we should take her someplace special."

Luna's face smiled as she stood up and took Staci's hand, and walked her over to the entrance of the Champagne room. The bouncer again bowed his head and let them enter.

As they walked into the room, Luna placed Staci on a large oval sofa. Miss Black whipped her leg over Staci's head and sat behind her, and Luna took off all of her clothes and climbed on top of both of them.

"This is the Champagne Room, Staci," Miss Black whispered in her ear. "This is where almost anything is allowed." Miss Black than grabbed the back of each of Staci's hands as she guided them to cup Luna's breasts. Luna leaned back, thrusting her crotch forward. Miss Black brought Staci's hand down, pressing her thumb toward Luna's pussy, as Luna moaned in excitement.

"MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Luna purrrrrred.

The techno beat kept thumping, louder and louder, as Luna grinded at Staci faster and faster. Miss Black pulled Staci's hair to the side as she began kissing her neck, and letting go of her hands, bringing her own to Staci's waist and slightly grinding into her backside. Luna came down and started tonguing Staci as she pushed her fingers further in her.

"I've never done this before." Staci spat out.

Miss Black lifted her mouth off of Staci's neck. "There's no time like the present." Staci looked up at her and began kissing Miss Black. Luna hovered over, moaning and grinding while Staci continued to finger her. The beat picking up...faster....Luna moaning..........faster.......grinding more......and more ..........faster.........

Miss Black helped Staci into her house and down into her patio room. The room had a pool table in it, several cabinets, and with the reflection from the outside pool made the whole room shimmer blue. Miss Black set Staci on the couch as she pulled out another cigarette. As she lit it, she again blew the smoke towards Staci.

"Can I have one of those?"

"I thought you only smoke when you're drunk. Are you drunk?" Miss Black pulled another out and handed it to Staci. She held her lit cig down by her crotch for Staci to light hers. Staci pulled forward and looked up at Miss Black like she eyes Riggs when she's blew him. She took a couple of puffs and pulled her cig down. Miss Black took another drag, blowing it down at Staci before sitting down.

"I've never done anything like this. Thank you. I can't tell you how much I need this." The smoke feeding Staci's lust. Turning her on more and more. Like every nerve in her body was starving for Miss Black.

"Would you like to do more?"

The question was all she needed to hear. She stood up and set her cig on the ashtray sitting on the end table, and pulled off her leather jacket. The cigarette continued to breathe like incense as Staci pulled up her skirt, and slid off her black panties, watching for her response. Miss Black sat back in the couch and watched. Staci unzipped her dress, then pulled her little black dress down, and stepped out of it. She crawled over to Miss Black. "I want more."

Miss Black smiled in amusement. "Start with kissing my boot."

Staci started with a little, wet, peck at her ankle before sticking out her tongue and licking up to Miss Black's knee, never taking her eyes off of Miss Black's face. Miss Black took one more long drag, blowing one last smoke in Staci's face before crushing it out. Staci inhaled it all, letting it fill her. She wanted everything of Miss Black in her.

Miss Black leaned over to the end table and opened the drawer. She then pulled out a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. "Tell me, does Rigg's let you play with toys?"

Staci very slowly shook her head 'no' in a playful manner.

"We will have to change that then. Stand up and put your hands on the wall." Staci jumped up and obeyed exactly as she was ordered. "Spread your legs apart." Staci obeyed.

Staci then heard the hum of the vibrator, but Miss Black took her time walking over. Her heart was pounding faster in excitement. "Stick your ass out farther." Staci further wiggled her ass back. Miss Black reached down to feel how wet Staci was becoming, before throwing her own black dress at Staci's feet.

Staci panted, "Yes," just as she felt the deep vibrations shock through her pussy. "Ahhhhhhhhh.......yeah, yeah, yeah," she cried, biting her lip and closing her eyes to take in the pleasure.

"Do you want more?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah....."

"Say my name..."


"Call me Miss Black."

Staci couldn't take it. She was being flooded with arousal.

"Yes, Miss Black."

"Tell me you want more."

"I want more Miss Black......please Miss Black."

Staci then felt the tip of Miss Black's thumb start rubbing her ass as her other hand held the wand to her pussy. "More?"

Staci pushed back her ass. "More Miss Black." The thumb became a knuckle. Staci could barely hold herself upright as she took it.


"More, Miss Black."

"Say please."

Panting, "Please.....Pleeeeaaassssee Miss Black."

Miss Black stopped everything and walked over to her cabinet. Staci caught her breath as she leaned against the wall, not looking...trusting that whatever Miss Black was going to do, it'd be unbelievable.

Miss Black came back, turning the wand on again, holding it against Staci's pussy which she could barely feel anymore. Staci felt Miss Black's long legs, skin on skin, behind her, just as she felt her strap-on enter her ass. Staci clenched her ass together. "Oh my god, oh my god.......Oh god!" as the orgasm took over her.


The next day, many miles away, #28 (Rigg's) was watching the video of Miss Black fucking his fiance'. Sasha, Miss Black's assistant turned off the video as #28 laid there, beaten. His torso on a bench as his arms just dangled there with handcuffed wrists just hanging on. His leather hood covered face showing no more thought or resistance. A leather clad Sasha smiling, enjoying the training she was administering to #28.

"Oh.....did you think there was anything that mattered to you out there, anymore?" Sasha stepped into a strap and buckled the harness around her waist. "What do you work for?" Sasha mused.

"Miss Black," #28 mumbled.

She smiled as she buckled the other strap. "Who?"

"Miss Black," #28 said louder, but still beaten.

"Who is your life?"

"Miss Black."

Sasha then walked behind him, hooking in the same strap-on used on Staci a few nights ago. "Oh, look at you, this is going to be so much better without you resisting now.....now, let me enjoy the sweet surrender your giving to me."

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