tagBDSMWorking for Miss Black Pt. 07

Working for Miss Black Pt. 07


Sasha just arrived back at Miss Black's apartment building. She was feeling sore from her surprised tryst with Rodger at the sex toy store, but otherwise relaxed and confident. She went and picked up the other items Miss Black told her to get...banana, whipped cream, yogurt, honey, some new lingerie, and the vibrator Rodger used on her. She got to the outside door, but before she could buzz Miss Black to let her in, the door buzzed open. Sasha went upstairs, and when she got to Miss Black's door, a simple note saying to "come in" was posted. She let herself in, set the items on the counter and walked into the living area.

"You're late!" There stood Miss Black. A scowl on her dark red lips. Her long black hair back in a bun, with two sticks poking out. Her white silk blouse stood in contrast to the shiny, long black leather skirt, and knee high boots with six inch stiletto. She patted in her hand a military styled crop, like a general would have tucked under her arm. Before Sasha could even let out a sorry, Miss Black interjected, "It's time we go over what I expect out of you."

"I'm sorry Miss Black. I was inexcusably detained," Sasha said meekly, her eyes looking at the ground. Her mood had completely changed.

"I didn't ask," Miss Black shot back, as she walked closer...and around Sasha. As she stopped behind Sasha, Miss Black directed, "Pull down your pants." Sasha, afraid of denying Miss Black, slowly and reluctantly unbuckled her belt, and pulled her pants down to her ankles.

"Underwear too." Sasha slowly pulled her panties down. Sasha put her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down, sticking out her butt. Before they even made it to her thighs....


The sting of the crop on her right ass-cheek shot through Sasha. Before she could even process it....


...right on the left ass-cheek. Twice as hard as the first. Her eyes welt up in tears, like she wanted to cry, but she was afraid it would just spur Miss Black to continue. She did her best to keep it inside.

"I expect people to do exactly as they are told," Miss Black yelled. "Now take off the rest of your clothes!"

Sasha, shaking, started to take off her top and kicked off her shoes, and pulled off her panties and pants. Bending over again made her feel like Miss Black was about to get her with the crop again, but she was too busy going through the bags Sasha brought in.

"Are you kidding me?" Miss Black heckled. "A fucking nightie? I tell you to get some lingerie and you bring a fucking nightie?"

"I'm sorry Miss Black. It's what I like to wear for lingerie," Sasha quietly mumbled.

"Well, I hate to be the barer of the obvious, but you don't wear lingerie because it's comfortable. And you sure as hell don't wear it because you like to. You wear it to put dirty thoughts in the minds of others....understand?" With that, Miss Black gave another slap of her crop to Sasha's reddening ass.

"Yes, Miss Black," was all that Sasha could muster in retort.

"What you wear is an expression, what you want others to think of you.....not what you think of yourself. What you wear, you present to me like your weak....are you weak?

"No, Miss Black."
"Then why do you want others to think you're weak?" Another slap to her ass, as tears begin welling up again.

"I'm not weak."


"I'm not weak, what?"

Tears started rolling down Sasha's cheek as she hunched over from the shocking pain of the crop. "I'm not weak, Miss Black."

"Really?!? Should we test that theory?"

Sasha didn't know how to respond. If she said yes, would Miss Black hit her with the crop again, only harder? Or if she said no, would Miss Black punish her some other way. Sasha did the only think she could do...she stood straight up and opened her eyes all the way to try and stop crying. A scowl on her face that reflected that of Miss Black.

Miss Black knew exactly what she was doing and couldn't be more pleased. It was like she had already broken her. She didn't need to her the answer. "Excellent. Follow me." Miss Black started walking down the hallway to a back bedroom. She opened the door and Sasha and Miss Black walked in. Sasha couldn't believe her eyes.

The room was nothing but mirrors covering every wall. It was like being in another dimension that went on forever. In the center of the room was Rodger, naked, and strapped to a spreader bar above that attached to the ceiling and another attached his ankles. His tan, muscular body glistening in the single spot light above him.

"Ahhhh....Miss Black.....I had thought you forgot about me."

"Rodger....Rodrigo.......how could I possibly forget about you?" Miss Black mused as she gave a soft kiss to Rodger's cheek, leaving a lipstick print. "Especially with that monstrous cock of yours....." Miss Black gave a quick grab and stroke before letting go and walking around him. "Sasha dear.....I understand you met Rodger this afternoon. Is that right?"

Timidly, Sasha responded, "Yes, Miss Black," before looking down to the ground.

"Well don't be shy dear. It's rude to fuck someone and then act like they don't exist....don't you think so Rodger?"

"Yes.....absolutely, Miss Black." As Rodger nodded his head up and down like a parrot, Sasha came over and gave Rodger another kiss on his cheek, exactly where Miss Black did.

"Now, isn't that better?" Miss Black smiled as she continued to walk around Rodger, tracing the crop around his body, while never taking her eyes off of Sasha. "Did you know Rodger taught me everything I know?"

"No, Miss Black." Sasha stood at attention, curious of where this was going.

"Mmmmmm......he was an excellent teacher, and I was his devoted student." Miss Black began stroking Rodger's long cock, pumping it back-and-forth. Rodgers eyes closed as he sighed from the pleasure. "Until the student became the teacher.....Do you remember how I used to do this for you Rodger?"

"Ohhhh......yes, Miss Black."

Sasha didn't know what to think. She had just fucked Rodger that afternoon, and now Miss Black was stroking him right in front of her. But as she watched, she couldn't help but be further aroused at the scene. The stroking being multiplied in all the mirrors was almost disorientating.

"Sasha dear......is this what you did to him this afternoon?"

"No, Miss Black."

"Then what did you do?"

"I gave him a blow job to start."

"Is that right Rodger," She whispered.

"Yes, Miss Black."

Miss Black immediately stopped and walked towards Sasha. "You mean to tell me you swallowed that huge cock?"

"Yes, Miss Black."

She walked back towards Rodger, actually impressed with her new student. "Rodger....tell me something....were you going to call Sasha again?"

"No, of course not" Rodger scoffed. "I'm like a boomerang....I only come back to you, Miss Black."

Sasha stood there embarrassed, like she should have known better. Her eyes started to welt up a little again, but she fought from crying.

"Sasha dear, come here," Miss Black commanded. Sasha walked over to Miss Black who was now standing just behind Rodger. She handed her crop to Sasha. "What would you like to do to Rodger, right now?"

Sasha took the crop, aimed at Rodgers ass, and gave a limp-wristed slap. Rodger started laughing. "This is your new protégé?"

Miss Black walked behind Sasha, holding her crop hand with one hand, and her waist with the other.

"First, the fingers." She moved her fingers so the crop handle went from being loose in the hand to being tight. "Then the wrist." She then waved the crop back and forth only using her wrist. "Then the elbow." She bought her elbow down, almost like a stabbing motion. "And finally, the waist." She twisted her waist. "Keep the end of the crop on the target, don't pull it back right away." Miss Black stepped back.

Rodger laughed again, "Is she going to kiss my bum to make it feel better now?"

Sasha listened to him mocking her. She thought about all the men in her life who treated her like crap...who used her...who kept her from succeeding....she took all that emotion....Miss Black telling her what to do.......and in one instant moment....


Rodger's muscles froze as that sting rang through his body. He didn't say a word. It was like the sound of that crop echoed through the empty vastness of the never-ending room.

A few seconds passed as Rodger and Sasha processed what happened. "Again," Miss Black plainly said.

With that Sasha came back down delivering another shock to Rodger. WHACK!!!! Rodger pulled up against the bar above him. His muscular frame fighting to pull himself out of the restraint.

Miss Black stood in front of Rodger, not smiling, staring right at the look of agony on his face. "Again."

Another crack as came down from Sasha, Rodger let out a whimper, and continued squirming.

Miss Black grabbed his chin, and stared at him while fought through the pain. "My protégé needs clothes and a new style. You will take her shopping and buy her some new business attire, just as you did for me.....Again!"

Sasha stood there a second before bringing the crop down to Rodgers welted ass. Rodger, starting to breath heavy, still squirming.

"You will take her to the spa....have her hair and makeup done.......and a message while you're at it........and you will pay for the whole thing.....AGAIN!"

Sasha came down with another ungodly WHACK!!! She was now starting to feel guilty.

"The next time I see her, I want everyone in the room to want to fuck her....men, women, transsexuals....everyone.....understand?"

Rodger was wincing from the pain...."Yes, Miss Black," were the only things he could muster.

"Good. Sasha, you are excused.....Rodger will text you with your appointments...please be prompt this time...and Rodger, please do not take advantage of my protégé again."
"Yes, Miss Black."

Sasha nodded her head and handed the crop back to Miss Black. She then exited the room as Rodger panted out, "Oh, god I miss you Miss Black."

Over the next few weeks, the staff at Vampyre Tech started to see subtle changes in the intern, Sasha. She no longer wore baggy, grungey clothing, but tight fitting business attire. And she no longer hid behind her long hair or knitted caps, but flaunted the color tints streaking in her hair. And she no longer wore comfortable flats, but fashionable high heels. All the men started flirting with her more and more, but she knew something changed when the CEO, Lewis Dew started flirting.

Miss Black's plan was working.

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by Anonymous03/03/19

I'm in love

Read the whole series this morning. I am completely in love with Miss Black ♥️♥️♥️

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by Subtle2804/02/18

response to Emirus

Thank you.....I have the sequel to My Heart's Desire already pending (the end of that trilogy is already being written), and then back to Miss Black/Sasha.....I have a couple really hot ideas for themmore...

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by Emirus04/02/18


I think I’m more in love with Miss Black than ever before. You couldn’t have written a better chapter to make the reader want more. Immediately!! It’s a 5 plus. I liked the addition of Rodgermore...

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