tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWorking Hard or Hardly... Ch. 02

Working Hard or Hardly... Ch. 02


Working Hard or Hardly Working? Chapter 2

Allen said he knew I would get the job. It made me feel like he may have got the job for me. Or maybe he pulled a few favors? I wasn't sure but I was glad to get out of the building and head home to get into something more comfortable and sexy.

Allen and I had been seeing each other for about two years now. He was my first boyfriend I ever had sex with. He complained a little now and then about having to wait on me to say yes to have sex with him. But he reassured me that he wasn't going anywhere and I was worth his wait. He has had to explain a lot of things to me, as I was pretty naive before meeting him. I guess I still am in some ways. I am pretty old fashioned and don't like to rush things. Our sex life is very good but it does seem to be in a small rut lately. I often feel like I am letting him down from his previous, more experienced girlfriends he had before me.

We have talked about living together, but again, I don't like to rush into things. I really don't want to live with him now that we have had sex before we getting married. I want something to be new for our wedding, something to look forward to. Allen doesn't always agree to my wanting to wait, but he never argues them with me. He is a good guy and I am lucky to have him.

As I drove home, the vibration of the road in my car seem to be more sensual than normal. I could feel I was very wet and very aroused. I wasn't sure where this was coming from as after our hug, Allen only gave me a quick peck on the lips and told me he had to finish up a few things inside. As I concentrated on trying to figure out where my stimulation started from thoughts of Michelle and her actions flooded my mind.

Michelle had long dark flowing curly locks. Her eyes were bright green but ... Oh! How they were smoldering by the end of our interview. I squirmed in my car's seat at the thought of her eyes consumed me. As I shifted the gears down to come to a stop, my legs rubbed together while working the clutch and break, I could feel more wetness building between my pussy's lips.

Michelle was probably five six at the most. She wore a subdued suit but couldn't hide her shape. Her bust line was very well endowed. Her waist was small. Her hips where round but smaller than her bust. Her skirt was uncommonly short and had a very high slit in it for a business suit. The suit was light blue and seemed to enhance her eyes. OH! Her eyes again! Why can I not get her out of my mind?

Her voice seemed to be ringing non-stop in my head. Thoughts of her touches and suggestive comments rerun in my mind over and over again. She made me feel edgy and uncomfortable. I couldn't explain to myself why though. Why should a woman be making me feel this way? A woman can't force herself on me like a man could. A woman can't sexually attack another woman. I must be just in some silly mood caused by the excitement of a new job.

I pulled into my parking spot to my apartment. Got to my feet and shifted and adjusted my skirt. My panties felt soaked.

"Mmmm, I can't wait until Allen gets here to take care of me. I know it won't be a rut night tonight for us." I thought to myself as I walked up to my door.

I climbed the stairs and opened my door. The scent of potpourri, flowers and candles that had been burned the night before greeted me as I entered my home. I inhaled deeply and sighed. I love the smell of my home. I walked passed my answering machine and hit the play button as I got undressed.

"Hi Honey," It was Allen's voice, "I'm really sorry, but I won't be able to come over tonight. There was an emergency waiting for me when I got back in the building after you left. I had to dispatch and now make reports of the incident. It would be really late before I could get there."

He paused for a moment and then said with mischief in his voice, "You know, it wouldn't be too late for me to come over if you would just let us live together."

He finished the message with,

"I miss and love you Babe. See you tomorrow for lunch." And he hung up.

"Damn!" I thought to myself.

I was looking forward seeing him and having him help me take care of this problem I had going on down here.

I decided a hot shower is just what I needed to calm me down and help me relax. I needed something to get my mind on other things so I could be fresh for the morning. It turned out that the shower didn't help much. I held my hand held shower massager a little too long on my pussy... I leaned against the shower wall and thoughts of Allen's touch washed over me. I let out a moan and braced myself as I felt a wave peaking inside of me.

"Mmm, Yes, Allen... yesssssssss" I muttered as the shower lapped my ready lips.

Closer and closer I could feel the orgasm cumming and then something was uttered from my lips that startled even me...

"Oh...Yes... Michelle!"

My trance was broke. My pussy still ached from needing to release the built up orgasm.

"WHY IS SHE IN MY HEAD?!" I yelled to myself. Angry at myself for ruining my own orgasm I dried off, put a towel on my head and stormed to my bedroom.

"This is Allen's fault!" I grumbled to myself. "If he would have come over tonight, I would have him on my mind not her!"

"What am I saying?" I continued to rant to myself, "Why is she on my mind anyway? I am not gay."

I got into bed and reached for my phone. I called my mother to tell her the news of my new job. Mom updated me on the family news and reminded me that we were going to have a family get together soon and to be sure to invite Allen to come. She really liked him. I was glad, he was one of the very few of my boyfriends she approved of.

After reading until I could read no more. I feel into a restless sleep. I woke up with a start and hurried to get ready for my new job. I wanted to get there at seven thirty to give myself plenty of time to be there waiting for my training to begin at seven forty five.

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