tagLesbian SexWorking Holiday Pt. 03

Working Holiday Pt. 03



Kay has decided to take the investigation to the next level, which is a risk considering it's a cold case. It's not the only risk she takes however as Nickie takes matters into her own hands after work for a night of passion.

Aussie Lingo 101.

Back Door Merchant/man:
This sexual innuendo is very picturesque, it refers to an actual door as in the husband goes out the front door but his wife's lover comes in the actual back door so as to remain unseen. It also means someone who does things in an underhand way.

Bikie: A member of an outlaw bike club, a biker is just someone who rides a motorbike but is not a member of an outlaw club.

Bundy: Shortened version of Bundaberg rum, a classic Aussie rum usually consumed with Coke due to its harsh taste, you would ask for a bundy and Coke.

C.I.D: Criminal Investigation Division, responsible for crime investigation. Larger stations have their own C.I.D section.

Chippie: A carpenter.

Clag: A brand of glue used for gluing paper but because it looks like semen the name has been borrowed to refer to semen.

Bush: The countryside, the phrase, "goin' up the bush" causes much confusion amongst some tourists for its sexual connotations but it literally means going into the countryside.

Grouse: Means good as in "that's grouse, mate."

Fag: Like the British usage, it means a cigarette.

Fair Dinkum: The highest compliment you can get, it means you've made the grade, "he's all right, he's fair dinkum," means you're one of the team.

Pissed: To be drunk, a piss up is a drinking session but to be 'pissed off' is to be angry.

Spunk/Spunky: A sexy person, often used as a term of endearment, not always in an overt sexual context though.

The rich sweet smell of bundy and Coke was the first thing to greet Kay as she stepped into the front bar of the Grand hotel that night. A few men turned to look at her as she made her way through to the lounge where a few couples had found tables. Her attire was more feminine than usual, a black dress that had a pattern of red flowers and green leaves imprinted on it. The bodice was buttoned and the waist elasticised but she'd added a wide leather belt. She nodded at Nickie standing behind the bar chatting with a man leaning on the bar and threaded a path around tables as she made her way to the bar.

"G'day, spunky," Nickie greeted her with a smile, "what's your poison?"

"Bundy and Coke," she replied as the man gave her the once over, "thanks."

"On the strong stuff," the man remarked.

"Yeah," she nodded.

"This is Jason, he's been up the bush the last few weeks, my new best friend, Kay," she introduced them, "he's a biker."

"Jason's all right, he's fair dinkum," Nickie flicked the toggle on the bottle above the bar.

She wasn't wrong there, Kay mused to herself as she sat out in the beer garden a few hours later and while admittedly she was slightly pissed she'd gained some valuable insights into the case at hand. Jason hadn't known she was investigating the case on her own, she'd actually let that slip over a few drinks and it was at that point Jason suggested they retire to the beer garden.

"Because there's things you need to know before you go all out."

He was scathing of the local cops. The local sergeant was best mates with Mick's father and the two were nothing better than back door merchants. The constables working under him were as 'useless as tits on a bull,' but Roy was a force to be reckoned with because he wasn't above lifting his hands to persuade someone to toe the line. The locals were ambivalent towards him, some supported him but there were quite a few who thought him an embarrassment to the town.

"So, if Internal Affairs took a closer look at him?"

"He'd be up shit creek," Jason snorted, "he's had his fingers in too many pies. He's careful with his back door activities though, he always goes out of town for that kind of thing."

It helped sober her up as she sat there staring out at the bay. What the hell was she doing? A small town sergeant could basically set his own agenda and choose not to investigate certain crimes, and even if she managed to convince C.I.D what were the chances they'd do any better than her? It was as she was thinking through her options that Jason returned from the toilet.

"Sitting thinking about it won't do no good," he picked up his tobacco pouch, "you've either got to go for it or back off."

"I want to go for it," she stared at him, "but I'm just one cop."

"So what? Roy is just one man with a colourful past. He's got plenty of weak points, sure he's got mates here but that's only because he can do them favours but if the heat gets turned up no one's gonna throw him a lifeline, if I was you I'd take a run out to Pentridge and talk to Bobbie, he's probably got an arse like a bottle of clag."

"So, what's the go?" Nickie asked her as they exited the pub sometime later.

"I'm thinking of going into the nick to see Bob."

"So, you reckon he'll crack?"

"Stands to reason," she smiled slyly, "got to be hard taking it up the arse, assuming he hasn't fallen in with one of the old timers but even then, if he gets offered a transfer to a minimum security prison he might just jump at it."

"So, he'd get off?"

"That's police work in a nutshell," she replied, "you play one off against the other for a conviction, it's divide and conquer out there."

"So, when are you thinking of going?"

"Tomorrow would be a good time," she frowned, "although it's a decent hike back to Melbourne but I could make a day of it and go and see someone in C.I.D."

"Can I come too?" Nickie asked, "I promise not to get under your feet."

"You?" Kay nudged her gently, "sure, why not? But don't you have to work?"

"The boss said I don't have to come in tomorrow, fuck all happening Wednesday night," she slipped a hand into the crook of Kay's arm, "be nice to see the big smoke, the last time I was there I was in form three, we went up for my auntie's second marriage."

"So you've got family there as well?"

"Yeah, auntie Sue is in Alphington and I've got an uncle in Eltham and one down in Sorrento. My mum fucked off to Sydney years ago, where I was born but I've got no family up there apart from her, so my grandpa and grandma drove all the way to Sydney to pick me up when mum was locked up for drugs."

"Well, if we're gonna make a go of it tomorrow, we'll have lunch in the city as well."

"Grouse," Nickie squeezed her arm, "can we go to Sportsgirl?"

"Whatever, I'll show you my joint too, in case you ever need a place to crash."

Little more was said as they walked back to the house but at the front door she let go of Kay's arm and looked over her shoulder.

"Well I'll love you and leave you," she smiled.

"You wanna come in for a drink?"

The invitation was out there and Nickie merely shrugged.

"Sweet, I'll call my grandpa from your joint though."

"No worries," she stepped into the front yard, "you can crash here if you want, I'm too pissed to care where you sleep."

While Nickie was calling her grandfather, Kay got a couple of beers from the fridge and on a whim, took out a packet of Tim Tams. The chocolate biscuits were something she'd been saving for some special occasion but tonight seemed as good as any.

"Yum," Nickie plonked down beside her on the couch, "grandpa says g'day, and the shells are still in the drawer when you want them."

"We might drop them off at C.I.D tomorrow."

"So, what time are we leaving?"

"No later than eight, I want to be out at Pentridge before ten and then it's back to Russell Street to see some people and we'll try to grab some lunch," Kay closed her eyes as she went through the rough plan she'd formulated.

"At least by this time tomorrow I can see if someone up there is going to pay attention," she opened her eyes as Nickie leaned across her to grab a Tim Tam.

"No promises, okay?"

"Of course," Nickie shifted position slightly and moved closer, "but you're the first cop to actually take a look at what happened."

"Even if we do find a connection, convincing the prosecution to take up the case isn't guaranteed, they might just decide that it's not worth their time."

"Will you stop being so fucking negative," Nickie nudged her gently, "think positive. Look at me, I work part time in a fucking pub, I can't seem to find a decent bloke and Kevin doesn't count, he's got a chick up the bush he's rooting. But I wake up most mornings and think okay, what can I get up to today? Now I'm sitting on the couch with a lesbian drinking beer and eating Tim Tams, how lucky am I?"

"I like your attitude," she took a sip from the can, "so, Kevin is rooting someone else?"

"Has been for yonks," she shrugged, "not that I care. He tried to make a big deal out of it but I can't ask him to tie a knot in it while he's away, it's not like he's gonna get down on one knee for me."

"Where's he work?"

"He's a chippie, works for a builder who builds houses up the bush. His boss lives up in Colac and the other chick is the boss's daughter."

"And you don't care?"

"Why should I care? If he cared about me he wouldn't be dipping his wick into her. He comes back here every three months to see his parents and if he's lucky he gets a fuck out of me but if I'm not in the mood I'm not in the mood."

"Sounds like you're flogging a dead horse."

"What about you?" Nickie turned to look at her, "do you have women you just fuck?"

"I've been through periods like that in between relationships, right now I'm just chilling out and watching the world go by."

"Uh huh," Nickie slung one leg across Kay's legs, "well you'll certainly do that down here now that the silly season is over. The last time anyone rattled my pipes was the second week of January, this bible basher tried to convert me but he was really checking me out, so I got him to take me up to Teddy's Lookout to get close to God," she flapped her hand to fan herself.

"For a bible basher he was pretty hot, it was the first time I rooted a guy who still had his cherry, he rang me every week for about a month but then he told me we could only be together if I became a born again Christian and gave my life to Jesus."

Nickie stared at her.

"I said, 'so does that mean I can't blow a few joints or get shitfaced?' He kind of mumbled yes and then said we couldn't have sex before we got married and asked if he could come down to Lorne to see me again."

"What happened?"

"Well what do you think," she took another mouthful of beer, "if I walked into a church the fucking walls would fall down."

"I'm much the same," Kay put her hand on Nickie's leg, "I've had Jehovah's Witnesses at my door trying to get me to take their magazine and one time this Christian cop tried to talk me out of being gay, but there's not much chance of that."

"Do tell," Nickie looked down at Kay's hand and a moment later the older woman slid it up under her skirt, "you're like a rat up a drainpipe."

"You can always stop me."

"I want to see how far you go," Nickie smirked, "be a while since anyone fingered me."

Kay went further up her leg and Nickie looked down with undisguised amusement as Kay finally reached her panties. For a few moments Kay did nothing and then she slid her finger down between her lips and was rewarded with a flinch and an intake of breath.

"Now that got your attention," she kept flicking her finger back and forth.

Nickie's eyes shifted and then she swung back to dump her can on the coffee table. She moved her other leg around and arranged herself so that she was straddling Kay. The older woman had her other hand up under her skirt. Nickie seemed a little hesitant at first and then she leaned over and kissed Kay on the lips. It was similar to the kiss she'd given her earlier in the night but this time she had no excuse for a quick get away. Kay responded by opening her mouth slightly, letting the other woman press harder. The kiss ended a moment later and Nickie broke free and looked to one side as she considered her options.

Kay kept rubbing her inner thighs but stayed clear of her panties for now, she could sense the subtle change in atmosphere as she tickled her gently. Nickie fixed her with a steady gaze and Kay knew she'd made up her mind. A moment or two later the younger woman kissed her again, this time she opened her mouth and tilted her head to one side to get better access. It was a slow, lingering kiss that left both women short of breath and then Nickie kissed her several times in a row, each kiss more arousing than the last.

Kay moved her hands from Nickie's legs to her stomach and eased up to her small, firm breasts. Nickie arched her back, forcing herself into into Kay's expert hands and moved from her mouth to her throat. Kay moaned as Nickie's lips savoured her throat. She felt soft fingers plucking at the top button of her dress, it fell free a moment later and Nickie brought her hands down to Kay's breasts and the older woman groaned as Nickie squeezed them.

"This coach isn't very comfortable," Kay finally managed.

"The bed?" Nickie shifted back slightly.

"Yeah," Kay replied, "but I have to go for a piss first."

While she was emptying her bladder, Kay considered her options. Under normal circumstances a fuck was a fuck, and she was on holiday but how would this impact on the case she was looking into now? She still didn't have an answer as she washed her hands a few minutes later but she knew it was going to complicate things or was she reading too much into it?

You're on holiday, she stared at herself in the mirror, lighten up.

Nickie was lying on her back when she stepped into the bedroom. Her left leg was bent upwards and she was smoking a cigarette. Kay undid the belt and let it fall the floor with a clunk, Nickie's eyes shifted as she butted the cigarette out and moved so that she was propped against the wall, a hand moved down to her leg as she studied Kay.

"Most blokes would be naked by now."

"I'm a woman," she undid the three buttons on her bodice to expose her bra.

"So I see," Nickie smiled crookedly and patted the bedspread, "you going to join me?"

Kay knelt on the bed and began to crawl towards her. Nickie almost seemed worried by her slow approach and that was a turn on as she straddled her. The younger woman eased her hands up inside her dress to her bra and then further up to her shoulders. Kay looked down as Nickie moved her hands along her shoulders and she hooked her thumbs behind the bra straps.

Kay moved her hands up to the front of her blouse and tugged playfully at the top button. Nickie's eyes shifted as the material pulled outwards. Kay undid the button a moment later and the material fell away as the vee deepened. She eased her hands up under the blouse and for a split second she thought Nickie was going to pull away but then the younger woman leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips, her mouth parted at the same time and Kay felt her head swimming from the potent combination of alcohol and desire. She felt the dress sliding over her shoulders as the kiss continued and then Nickie moaned and breaking free briefly, kissed her again and this one was more passionate.

She undid another button to expose her white bra and placing her hands under her small, firm breasts, pushed upwards, feeling them move under her hands. Another whimper escaped Nickie's throat and she pulled the dress further down her arms and moved forward at the same time, her lips broke contact for a moment. Her breathing was becoming ragged, she could smell alcohol and tobacco on her breath and then Nickie was rising higher, bringing her legs around until she was kneeling. Kay was pressed tightly against her knees and Nickie brought her hands down between Kay's legs, she felt her pussy and rubbed it slowly at first. She had a curious look on her face as she manipulated her lips.

Kay undid another button and brought her hands up over Nickie's breasts to her shoulders, her head went down as she bit her shoulders gently and Nickie grunted with pleasure as she pushed herself into her mouth.

"Don't stop."

Kay had no intention of stopping now as the pace picked up. Nickie pulled the blouse out of her skirt and undid the last couple of buttons, the garment slid down her back and she wrapped her arms around Kay's back as the biting and kissing intensified. Nickie moved further forward, forcing Kay back around until she was against the wall. She straddled the older woman and undoing the cuff buttons on her blouse, let the garment fall away. She was now clad in her skirt and bra. An impish smile nudged her lips as she reached over and pulled Kay's dress all the way down to her waist and then she was leaning forward to kiss her lips again and again with soft, teasing kisses.

The kissing session lasted for some considerable time and Kay was losing control of herself, her nipples hardened under Nickie's massage. The younger woman sensed it and reaching back, undid the button at the back of her skirt and unzipped it. She moved back slightly to pull the skirt over her hips and then moved off Kay as she removed the skirt and tossed it to one side. Her white panties had a damp patch and Kay pulled the dress over her hips and Nickie tossed the dress to the floor and regarded her for a few moments.

Kay finally moved into a kneeling position and kissed her, while she was working her mouth she undid Nickie's bra and moved her around until she was lying on the bed. The younger woman stared at her with a longing gaze, she too was aroused. Her pert nipples were hard enough but Kay still went down on them, drawing them up into her mouth in turn and feeling the tremor moving through Nickie's body.

She went further down to her belly and dragged a tongue over her belly button while she tickled her thighs with sweeping movements and then she pushed her nose against Nickie's genitals, taking in her scent. Nickie moaned as Kay kept kissing and licking her belly and inner thighs.

"Fuck me, fuck me."

Kay pulled the panties over her hips and Nickie kicked them free as Kay removed her own bra and panties. Nickie smiled as she spread her legs.

"This will be something to talk about," she spread her lips, "no one has gone down on me."

"Until now," Kay lay on the bed with her mouth inches from Nickie's pussy.

She started slowly, dragging her tongue up and down with broad strokes of her tongue then she alternated that with flickering from side to side on the way from clitoris to perineum and then back up again. Nickie began rising and falling, her sighs became deeper and Kay picked up the pace, her finger slid inside and she was rewarded with a loud. "Oh, fuck, deeper."

Kay responded with a slight wiggle and Nickie's eyes opened wide as the wiggle intensified and then she was opening wider as the finger went deeper. Kay descended on her moist lips, moving her tongue up to her clitoral hood. Judging by the load groan, it was probably the first time any tongue had touched that part of her anatomy.

Kay kept working her clitoris and labia as she slid her finger in and out, one finger became two fingers as she brought her higher and higher. At one point she thought Nickie had climaxed because she did tighten but then she was pushing her head down again. Her breathing became ragged and more intense, she rose and fell in time with Kay's movements.

A sharp cry suddenly erupted from her lips as the orgasm began and the spasms moved through her body, Kay eased off and let the orgasm flow through her until finally she lay still and Kay eased her fingers out of her and studied her face. She had a delirious expression on her face.

"That was fucking awesome," she exhaled, "fuck me, I didn't know if I was coming or going."

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