tagLesbian SexWorking Holiday Pt. 04

Working Holiday Pt. 04



The investigation takes on a whole new perspective when Kay and Nickie spot the police sergeant from Lorne in a café with two career criminals leading to them to wonder just what they have uncovered and how does this relate to the original crime?

Aussie Lingo 101.

Op Shop:
Shortened version of Opportunity shop, the Australian equivalent of a British Charity shop or second hand store, sells mainly second hand clothes and old books/videos.

Pom/Pommie: Slang for anyone of English descent. No one knows where the name came from but two theories are the acronym P.O.M.E (prisoner of mother England) that was stitched onto the back of convicts' shirts. A more likely theory is that it is short for pomegranate, referring to Englishmen turning the colour of a pomegranate under the Australian sun.

Pro: Shortened version of prostitute, although it can also be short for professional as in "he's a good mechanic, a real pro." Context is everything in Australia.

Royal Commission: During the 80s and '90s, state police forces were rocked by a series of royal commissions set up to investigate police corruption. The commissions had sweeping powers to compel witnesses to talk or risk prison.

S.P Bookie: Short for Starting Price bookmaker, an S.P Bookie worked out of a pub or club and was in contact with state licensed bookmakers at race tracks via phone. S.P Bookmaking was illegal because they didn't pay tax from what I can work out. Organised crime figures used them to launder cash from armed robberies and drug deals. With the full legalisation of betting and online betting consortiums the S.P Bookie has gone the way of the dodo.

Shacked Up: To be living with your partner in a defacto arrangement.

St Kilda: The old red light district of Melbourne although with the legalisation of prostitution red light districts are fast becoming gentrified.

TAB: Acronym for Totaliser Accredited Betting, the government approved betting shops found throughout Australia up until state franchises were bought out, only Victoria retains the name TAB today. Fun fact: the TAB was also a favourite soft target for armed robbers for many years.

U.D.L: Brand name for United Distillers Limited, but the acronym refers to its product, mixed drinks such as whiskey and cola and others in a can. Arguably it is more expensive to drink spirits this way but the UDL can is a popular Aussie product. You'll often hear "get me a UDL from the fridge," in Australian homes.

Kay's house in Brunswick East was located in a street off Lygon Street. The house was one of many thrown up in a hurry to accommodate the flood of immigrants coming into the country after World War II. Brunswick had a strong Mediterranean identity and it was normal to hear Italian and Greek spoken in the shops and pubs. The generational divide however was clearly evident in the accents. The younger generation spoke Australian English fluently while their parents spoke with a definite accent, Kay shared the house with a woman called Maria and her partner Anthony. Maria was heavily pregnant and confined to the couch watching a video when Kay walked in with Nickie, the two women greeted each other and then Kay introduced her as a 'friend.'

"I'd get up to say g'day," Maria managed a tired smile, "but as you can see," she patted her large belly, "Tony," her voice rose a couple of decibels, "get your puttana arse out here and say hello to Kay's friend."

The guy who came out looked younger than Maria. His long black hair was cut mullet style and his shirt was open to show chest hair, he gave Nickie the once over as he ran a hand through his hair and smiled.

"G'day," he greeted her, "so, you're Kay's friend."

"They're good people," Kay remarked later on as she flicked through her wardrobe, "he works at a restaurant in Carlton and she's a legal secretary. I went out with her sister for a couple of months but we broke up after Maria moved in," she took out a couple of dresses.

"So where's her sister now?"

"Templestowe," she shrugged, "she's shacked up with some woman from Carlton, Carla still drops by to see her sister but only when I'm on duty."

"Too much tension?"

"You could say that," she frowned, "I've been thinking seriously about moving somewhere else, I mean Maria insists it's okay because what happened between Carla and I is our business but it does put a strain on the living situation. I have to get out when she turns up because I'm the bitch."

"So, how come you broke up with her?"

"Ah, that is a silly story. She got jealous when I dropped into see an old girlfriend who'd been assaulted, I was just making sure she knew her rights and was going to turn up at court but Carla got insanely jealous and kept picking away at me and like a scab it started to bleed."

"Sounds like a bitch."

"Hah," she snorted, "I should pit you against her, fighting with Carla was like banging my head against a brick wall. She's very vocal."

"So am I," Nickie shot back, "but where would you move to?"

"Dunno," she shrugged, "I work in Collingwood and I like being close to the station, it saves on petrol, my parents are in Thomastown but I'm not moving back there. I spent my life wanting to get out of Thomastown, I like Brunswick because it's got that ethnic flavour. I'm just down the road from Carlton, I love eating out down there."

"I'll move out soon," Nickie sat on the bed and leaned back on her palms, "I want to do a social work course at TAFE."

"Why not just go to uni? You've got Melbourne uni just down the road."

"Accommodation," she replied, "it's bloody expensive even if got a job in a restaurant. Besides, I want to be close enough to grandpa, I'm all he's got now."

It was an all too familiar story for Kay. Every time she found the right woman, she wanted to live somewhere else and failing that there was always something that got in the way. It was as if the fates had conspired to keep her single. One woman she'd met last year had been perfect but she owned her own home out in Ringwood and wasn't going to move. Kay couldn't stomach the daily commute into Melbourne and so they'd agreed that it was best they part, but there was still a part of her that missed Shauna.

"So, what's the go now?" Nickie laid back on her bed, "we going back into the city?"

"If you want," Kay perched on the edge of the bed, "I'm at a loose end but we want to be out of the city before rush hour, I don't feel like getting caught up in that."

"What about Prahran?" Kay suggested, "we could check out the op shops."

"Now that's an idea," Nickie locked her hands behind her head, "I was gonna spend some of my money in Melbourne but everything's so fucking expensive."

"Okay," Kay laid down beside her and propped on her elbow, "the op shops it is then."

She put a hand on Nickie's belly and was rewarded with a cheeky grin.

"Don't you go further south or we'll never get there."

"Damn," Kay slid her hand down over her crotch, "and here was me thinking I could have a quickie."

"There's always time for that later," she pushed her hand away and sat up slowly, "but right now I'm so horny even the crack of dawn isn't safe."

Kay winced at that as she too sat up and not for the sexual innuendo. Prahran was uncomfortably close to Collingwood. There was always the danger she'd run into someone she might have arrested at some point in the past.

Nevertheless, it seemed as if her luck would hold as they wandered down Chapel Street, Nickie was clearly soaking up the eclectic mix of culture and alternative lifestyles. You could be whatever you wanted in Prahran, from upper middle class fashionista to down and out punk rocker with safety pins in every part of their body. Because it was a trendy area, the op shops here tended to be a bit more upmarket but Nickie still managed to score a few good bargains. One of those was a leather mini skirt with a press stud opening. She actually changed into it after paying for it at the counter and sauntered out into Chapel Street as if she was on a catwalk, much to Kay's amusement.

"You look like a model."

"Yeah," Nickie's eyes shifted as she turned towards a café, "well, fuck me, will you look at that? In the café. What're the odds?"


"Roy is meeting someone in that café."

Kay spotted him then, the sergeant was obviously off duty and sitting with two men in fancy suits that definitely didn't come out of an op shop.

"I think it's time you took a picture of me in my new outfit," Nickie took the camera out of her handbag and handed it to Kay.

"And while you're at it, take a picture of Roy. I didn't know he came up to Melbourne."

The pictures proved easy to take because Nickie was a natural in front of the camera and Kay was able to move the camera slightly to get a couple of shots of the café but she found herself drawn to the seductive poses all the same.

"We could ask the owner who the guy is," Nickie mused a few minutes later.

"I've got a better idea," Kay replied, "how many pictures are left?"

"Six or maybe nine."

"So why not take a few more over there," she pointed, "then take them to a photo shop."

Which was precisely what they did and this time Kay took a little more time with the shots she took of Nickie, who seemed to enjoy the exercise as much as she did and then it was off to one of the one hour photo shops in the main street to get double prints made up.

"We'll drop the ones we took of Roy and his mates off at Russell Street on the way back."

"And the doubles of me?"

"Hmm," she frowned, "maybe I should keep a couple?"

"Pictures of me?" Nickie stared over the rim of her cup, "so, I'll just be a memory?"

"What do you want to be?" Kay sipped her cappuccino.

"Well that's the million dollar question," Nickie propped on her palms, "I've got a guy up in Colac who's rooting some other chick and now I'm rooting a chick from Melbourne. If you had to write a novel about my love life no one would believe it."

"Well, take your time," Kay checked her watch, "and speaking of time, we're out of time. We'll go get those pictures and see how good I am behind a camera."

As it turned out, Kay's shots of the café were actually quite clear, Roy was in plain view sitting side on to the window and the guy to his left was facing the camera, the man opposite him was also side on and there was a briefcase by the window.

"I wonder who he's talking to?" Kay wondered out loud as she slid behind the wheel some fifteen minutes later.

"The guy on the left of Roy is Pommie Tom, an SP bookmaker," Jack told her, "and the other guy is Tony the Wog, he's not actually Italian, his stepfather is Italian but Tony comes from an Irish family. He coined the name Tony the Wog to make a name for himself as being a Mafia bigwig but he's small fry in Melbourne. He did time for car theft and he's got a few assault charges. He's been trying to get a slice of the action but the bigwigs won't touch him with a barge pole because he can't keep his mouth shut, especially after a couple of beers. If he's hanging out with Pommie Tom then I'd say he's the bag man, that briefcase will be loaded with money."

His eyes shifted to Nickie.

"Do you mind if we hang onto the negatives for a week or so?"

"Sure," she smiled, "anything to help."

"Thanks," he nodded, "we'll be in touch, but going on this latest information I'd suggest you keep a low profile and just take notes. I'm going upstairs to the commissioner's office to see what we can put into place, the last thing we need is another bloody royal commission.

"So, what will happen now?" Nickie asked as Kay drove over the Westgate Bridge.

"If he's going upstairs then they'll start looking into Roy and his extra curricular activities. He means what he says about keeping a low profile though, Tony the Wog might be small fry but he always carries a gun."

"And here was me just thinking Roy was an old fart."

"They're the ones you have to watch out for," Kay remarked, "nothing more dangerous than an old snake."

"So, will I get my negatives back?"

"Of course, I'll bring them down personally."

"Ah, so the negatives will bring you back," Nickie slapped her leg playfully, "that's my kind of negative."

"Mine too," Kay looked down at her leg. Nickie still had a hand on her leg and it stayed there until they got through Geelong and onto the Great Ocean Road. Nickie reclined her seat back a little and closing her eyes, drifted off to sleep.

Kay felt a swell of emotion as she drove, in some ways she was like a child but in other ways she was very mature. Granted she wasn't streetwise enough for Melbourne but that could change easily enough but she didn't feel the need to entice her into the city. She was obviously very protective of her grandfather, it would be wrong to let lust and desire come between them.

So, what do I do with you now?

The question was still churning in her brain as she came into Lorne and Nickie's eyes flickered open almost as if she sensed where she was now.

"Sorry, fell asleep," she mumbled.

"No worries," Kay chuckled, "lucky for us, I stayed awake."

"Imagine doing this every day."

Kay couldn't but didn't admit that one as she turned into Nickie's street a few minutes later. Even getting a place here would mean transferring out of Melbourne and down to Geelong.

"That's funny," Nickie stared at a car in the driveway, "Betty is here."

"Who's Betty?"

"An old friend of grandma, she played the organ at the funeral and then a year later grandpa carried her husband's coffin."

"Does she visit him?"

"No, she drops in about Christmas time and the anniversary of grandma's death but she lives out at Wye River, she runs the hotel."

Les and Betty were engrossed in a game of Scrabble when Kay and Nickie walked in. She looked to be a good fifteen years younger than him and Kay smiled at her as she perched on the edge of a sofa chair.

"How'd you get on?" Les asked.

Kay gave him a brief rundown in the kitchen while Nickie talked to Betty. He perked up a little when she mentioned the meeting with an SP bookmaker and a career criminal.

"It doesn't surprise me to be honest, if I was ten years younger I would have applied for a transfer down here and booted his arse down the steps," he lifted a newspaper on the table and picked up a manilla folder.

"Um, some shrink dropped by while you girls were in Melbourne. He did stop by your joint but there was no one home and you must have given this address as well."

"I did, you didn't mind I hope?"

"Of course not," he handed the folder over, "pleasant young man, we chatted for half an hour or so and he left when Betty arrived," he glanced over his shoulder.

"Thanks," she opened the folder and glanced at the summary, "this could break the case wide open, I'll have to get a photocopy from the library and send it onto Russell Street."

"Why not fax it?" Les glanced over his shoulder, "Betty has a fax machine at the hotel."

"Well that's different then," she moved away from the bench, "but I'll look over them first before taking them over."

"No worries," Les nodded at the door.

They returned to the living room to find Betty looking through Nickie's op shop purchases.

"I should bag up some of my daughter's things," she was saying, "she won't wear them again and she's always on at me to just take them down the op shop, she was about your size but you're a bit longer in the legs."

"Talking clothes are we now?" Les winked at his granddaughter, "she'll have you looking like a lady in no time."

"Hah, fat chance there," she looked at Kay, "um, I might crash at your joint tonight."

"Sure," Kay shrugged.

"Well, nice talking to you again," she rose and gathered up her things, "don't stay up too late," she wagged her finger at Les.

"What was all that about?" Kay asked her a few minutes later as they stepped into the house, "not that I mind," she closed the door.

"It's called sitting by the river," she replied, "sooner or later it all goes past you. Did you see the way she was all dressed up tonight? A woman dressing like that has got her flags out, I thought it was probably best I just let nature take its course."

"You reckon he likes her too?"

"Hard to say, grandpa pretty much likes everybody, he thinks you're a good influence."

"Would he say that if he knew we were sleeping together?"

"Grandpa isn't prejudiced, his old beat was Saint Kilda so he's seen it all before."

"I never asked him that question," Kay followed her into the living room.

Nickie turned and dumped her handbag onto the couch as she took a step back and bumped into Kay, a moment later she slipped her hands back and around to grab her legs. Kay closed her eyes and slipped her arms around Nickie's waist, feeling the slight tremor as she pulled her close.

"You fancy a beer, bundy, coffee?"

"How about a fuck?"

"A fuck can be arranged."

Nickie turned around slowly as Kay moved her hands down to her arse and stared into her eyes, a wistful smile nudged her lips.

"I had a great time today."

"Me too," Kay remarked, "even though I had to work for part of it."

"Yeah that sucks but at least you've managed to convince the C.I.D to look into it," she locked a hand around Kay's neck and pulled her head down to give her a teasing kiss.

The journey from living room to bedroom was a slow measured dance with frequent kisses and at one point, Nickie pinned Kay to a wall just outside the bedroom where she savoured her throat with soft, sucking kisses.

Kay pulled back when Nickie pushed the door open.

"What's wrong?" Nickie asked.

"Dildo," Kay gasped, "it's in my handbag."

"Well maybe you should invite it to join the party," Nickie kissed her again.

Nickie was lying on the bed when Kay returned with the dildo and two UDL cans of whiskey and cola. The younger woman propped on her elbow and held out her hand for a can.

"Come to mama," she purred, "I'm fanging for this."

She popped the can and took a swig as she worked herself to a sitting position.

"It's big," she looked at the dildo, "I meant to remind you at your joint but I forgot."

"They come in all sizes and colours, I keep meaning to buy a vibrating dildo as well but my love life has been a little dull lately," she opened her can and took a swig.

"I can't imagine why," she took another swig, "you're a good fuck," she giggled.

"When was your first?"

"Eighteen," she replied, "I was a late bloomer but when your mum's a pro it kind of makes you think twice before spreading your legs. I had heaps of offers though, but it took a lot to get me to go all the way with a guy."

Kay took another mouthful of whiskey and cola as Nickie regarded herself.

"So, here we are with UDLs and a dildo," she picked it up and licked it, "one of my ex boyfriends showed me a porno he nicked from some video store in Geelong. It had a few short movies on it, some were lesbian ones and they licked the dildo. Johnno' wanted me to get into a threesome with his ex girlfriend," she rolled her eyes.

"What is it with guys and lesbian sex? They're fine with it as long as they can join in too? But I'm glad he asked me though because it gave me a good reason to dump him."

"It's the ultimate male fantasy," she smiled crookedly, "I've had a few of those offers too but I don't share my girlfriend with another woman let alone a man."

"I'm kinda sharing my boyfriend with another woman but just not in the same bed," she flopped back on the bed and stared at the ceiling, "you think I should just dump him?"

"It's up to you," she replied.

"Don't say that," Nickie slapped her with the dildo, "have an opinion, fuck I've got an opinion and I'm not afraid to air my opinion. My mum's a prostitute, you kind of get used to dealing with the looks and smartarse comments."

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