Working Late


Rebecca looked at the clock on her desk. Its red neon glow flashed 9:45pm. This had been the third week running that she was still at work long after the cleaners had swept through. She stretched back in her chair, turning to look out the window at the city far below and pondering the past few weeks. Her life had gradually become her work. She preferred work to home nowadays. After all, she was paid to control work. The last thing she wanted was to go home to a husband whom she felt required her constant guidance in order to function effectively. She wanted surprise, she wanted to let go. But it wasn't like that at home. So she stayed, and worked on the Macallister account.

Rebecca swivelled back in the chair, and rubbed her bleary eyes, looking at the screen. The words seemed to scramble themselves as she struggled to focus, signalling it was definitely time to head home. Slowly, she switched her computer off and gathered her files for the evening. She slumped into the corner of the elevator, lit only by the dim glow of the G button, and found herself thinking of some far off tropical oasis, somewhere far from her current situation.

The elevator came to a halt with a thud at the ground level, jolting Rebecca back to life. She moved towards the opening doors. Suddenly, a person dressed entirely in black ran into the elevator, grabbing Rebecca, twisting her arm behind her back, and covering her mouth with his hand. She let out a muffled scream and started to struggle, but the figure pressed his lips to her hear. It spoke in a deep, calculating tone.

"If I was you, I wouldn't struggle too much. Press the button to go back to your floor."

His words sent a shudder through her. As if possessed, she pressed the button to return to the 27th Floor.

As the doors closed, the figure pushed Rebecca up against the back wall of the elevator, and pressed his body against hers. He grabbed at her other hand and pulled it behind her back. Securing her arms between their bodies, he produced tape, and began to loop it around her wrists, ensuring they could not be moved. Rebecca let out a small cry, whispering, "please, let me go," as she struggled slightly. The figure pressed his lips to her ear again, and spoke calmly.

"You shall remain unharmed, as long as you do what I say."

The elevator opened at the 27th floor, and the man grabbed Rebecca, steering her towards the doors.

"Now, your office...take me there. And don't try anything."

Rebecca struggled again, but the figure pulled her head back sharply, exposing her neck to him. He bit lightly, then his lips found her ear once more.

"Silly, silly girl..." he stated in a very matter-of-fact manner, giving her a nudge out the door. Rebecca sighed and her head dropped, admitting defeat as she led the man to her office.

Once inside her office, the figure stood in front of the closed door. He looked at Rebecca, and for the first time she was able to make out an expression on his face. It was a wicked smile, as if he knew exactly what was to come. Rebecca felt powerless, wondering what this person wanted with her. Her thoughts were interrupted by his slow, calculating tone.

"This is a very different situation for someone like you, isn't it? For once in your life, you don't have the power. You're now at my mercy. How does that feel?"

Rebecca stood, silent, slightly shivering with fear...and yet, she also felt a strange calm coming over her. Before she could respond, the figure spoke again.

"Onto the desk. Now."

Rebecca looked at the man, who simply moved his head towards the desk. Without another thought, Rebecca moved to the desk, sitting down on it. The figure moved towards her.

"Lie down on your back."

Rebecca looked again. This time she caught a glimpse of his eyes. They were a mysterious blue and their intense expression seemed to call out to her, seemed to command her. She lay down, trapping her bound hands under her back. The figure moved over to Rebecca, and produced the tape from the elevator. He unwrapped it, and slowly began to bind her ankles together. As he wound, he surveyed the woman lying powerless before him. Her crisp white business shirt covered what appeared to be a quite bountiful bosom, and her shortish black business skirt had now slid half way up, barely covering her arse and presenting a slight glimpse of white panties. Her long brown hair was tied back in a ponytail, and her eyes were following his every move, seeming to cry out to him. He finished securing her ankles, then met her anxious gaze.

"Nice office...seems like a just reward for knowing how to run things...doesn't it?".

Rebecca looked back at the figure and again whispered, "what do you want with me?"

The man gave an evil smile.

"Me? Well, just as this is a worthy reward for knowing how to run things, I too feel I should be rewarded." He looked around the office. "But it seems that the only way to get rewarded, is to take control, so if that's what it takes..." His voice trailed off as he slowly ran his finger down Rebecca's neck and across her chest, watching her reactions as her eyes closed and her body shivered slightly at his touch. He leaned over and very slowly undid the buttons on her shirt, exposing her breasts, unburdened by a bra. Her nipples were already hardening and seemed to be begging for his touch. He slowly ran his fingers down Rebecca's chest, lightly tracing circles around her nipples, before delicately flicking the tips. He heard Rebecca moan at this touch, and smiled to himself, breathing in a little deeper at her reaction.

Rebecca tilted her head back against the desk, subconsciously arching up to meet the touch. She still felt scared, but her whole body was beginning to tingle with more than fear... The man lowered his lips down and slowly engulfed her left nipple in his mouth, teasing it slightly with his tongue. Rebecca gasped at this touch, feeling her reluctant excitement growing. The figure slid his hand against her right breast, lightly pinching at the nipple and she began to writhe on the table, her breathing growing rapid. Just as a moan of pleasure escaped her, the man stopped. Rebecca looked up at him, her eyes seemingly pleading for his touch. He lowered his face to hers, and looked deep into her eyes.

"Now, m'dear, I did say this was to be my reward, didn't I?"

Rebecca nodded apprehensively.

"So it wouldn't be right to let you have all the fun...would it?"

With that, the figure grabbed Rebecca's hips, and turned her over face down onto the desk. He grabbed the tape and pulled the bindings to her feet up higher, looping the tape around them, before running the tape up her back, wrapping it back around the hands. Rebecca started to struggle, but it was merely for show. Deep down she knew it was useless. He had control, and she was trapped.

The figure then walked around to the edge of the desk, looking Rebecca in the eye. He slowly unzipped his pants, presenting her with his now throbbing erection. Rebecca's eyes opened wide, and she whimpered a little.

"Please....please..." was all she could manage.

The man moved forward and stroked her hair.

"Now now, don't worry. As I told you, do as I command, and all will be fine."

And with that, he moved his erection to her lips, pushing slightly, moving it past her lips and sliding the tip inside of her mouth. Rebecca's tongue immediately moved to the tip, lightly flicking and probing around, as more and more of his now hard cock filled her mouth. Her tongue began to dance up and down the shaft, as her lips pressed down. The man began to moan softly and grabbed the back of Rebecca's head, moving more of his cock inside of her. She felt herself now wanting to move with him, however, bound by his restraints, she was little more than his toy, unable to respond. She felt herself beginning to build up, wanting to shout out, wanting to react, and yet she was forced to lie helpless as he fucked her mouth.

The man began to rock Rebecca back and forth against his cock, feeling her lips pressing down on him. He reached around, and pulled the fabric up at the back of her skirt, sliding the panties to one side. Rebecca moaned into his cock...feeling more exposed than ever. The figure slowly crept his fingers along her inner thigh, teasing her moist pussy by moving closer, without ever giving the touch she was longing for. Rebecca whimpered and gasped around his cock, which moved deeper into her mouth with his every thrust. The man looked down, gazing deep into Rebecca's eyes. She looked up, pleading with him to touch her. He slowly slid his cock out of her mouth, and gave Rebecca a slight nudge. She tipped over onto her side, completely unable to move.

The figure walked around, and lightly probed her tender pussy lips with his fingers. Rebecca let out an audible gasp at his touch, and he could feel her straining at her restraints to move against him. The figure moved his fingers back, just out of reach of Rebecca's eager pussy. She squirmed and began to beg.

"Please....please...touch me".

The figure leaned over, lightly nibbling her earlobe, and whispered, "Good things come to those who wait, m'dear...lets see how you go."

His hand moved to her ankles and slowly crept along her calf and thigh, touching every inch of skin, making it seem like hours. She squirmed and writhed, testing her restraints but unable to break free.

Suddenly, his hands moved back to her feet and he began to loosen her ties. Rebecca began to move her legs around, tentatively kicking at the figure, until he grabbed hold of her ankles forcefully. He spoke in a sterner manner.

"Not wise, m'dear. I gave you your feet back due to your good behaviour, however, your hands will remain tied until I feel I can trust you."

Rebecca found herself responding "sorry sir".

He dragged Rebecca to the edge of the desk by the ankles, her exposed breasts dragging on the desk. Crouching behind her, he slowly lowered his lips and lightly flicked at her dripping pussy with his tongue. Rebecca let out a soft moan, voluntarily opening her legs a little wider. He smiled, and lowered his tongue down onto her pussy, delicately probing inside, tasting her excitement. Rebecca felt her whole body shudder, and she completely let herself fall under his control, wiggling her arse slightly, pushing her pussy back against his tongue.

The figure responded by grabbing her hips, driving Rebecca back into his lips, his tongue dancing and flicking around her clit, enjoying feeling her moving on his tongue. His hands began to slide over her body, giving her arse a squeeze. Rebecca gave a little yelp and tried to cry out, but all that she managed was "oh yes...god yes".

That was the cue the man wanted, and in one move he forced his tongue rigid, and began to very slowly tongue fuck the helplessly aroused woman. He inched his tongue inside of her, pressing it deep, before slowly sliding it out.

Rebecca gave a very audible moan, shuddering and pushing back as much as she could. The figure continued to probe and tongue fuck, giving his own slight moans, as he tasted all of Rebecca's wetness, her pussy engulfing his tongue. He worked his tongue inside of her deeper and deeper with every thrust, moving his hand down towards his hard cock, giving it a long, slow stroke, preparing it for what was to come. He withdrew his tongue, and teasingly kissed his way along her back and slowly up her neck, before biting and nibbling at her earlobe. Rebecca pressed against his lips, longing for more of his touch.

He whispered, "very good so far, m'dear, but this is your biggest test..." and with that, he kissed his way back down towards her pussy, before standing up, and placing the tip of his cock on her moist pussy lips. Rebecca struggled, and tried to push against him. The figure gave her arse a slap, bringing a yelp from her lips. He spoke calmly.

"What did I tell you, m'dear? You don't have any control".

"Sorry sir".

The man crept his hands along her back, making Rebecca shiver. He grabbed her bound hands, and slowly pulled back, forcing her head and shoulders up off the table and sliding her back onto his cock. Rebecca gasped, as the figure began to slowly work his cock inside of her, using her own hands to pull her against him. Rebecca moaned and cried out as her back arched, her breasts now thrust out in front of her, feeling herself being driven back against his cock.

The figure was now thrusting his cock deeper with every stroke, controlling Rebecca with her own bound hands, forcing her against him. His cock was slamming deep inside of her wetness and he felt her surrounding him totally. Rebecca gave a cry with every stroke, part pleasure, and part surrender. She heard herself crying out "fuck me harder, make me cum. I'm whatever you want with me." With this, the figure leant down slightly and pulled harder, arching Rebecca right up, changing his angle, and penetrating her deeper still. Rebecca gave a scream of delight, squeezing down on his cock, grinding her pussy against him, feeling herself building up.

The man could feel her pussy milking his cock, and he began to breathe harder and harder, struggling to maintain his own control for the first time. He began to thrust slowly, but very roughly, pulling her back against him, before pushing her nearly completely off his cock, then pulling her back. Rebecca screamed with every stroke.

"I'm close...I'm close," she moaned.

The figure rapidly increased the tempo, holding both her hands in one of his and moving the other around to her exposed breasts, playing with her nipples, lightly squeezing and massaging with every stroke. He felt himself building and building, ready to shoot deep inside her slick and willing pussy.

Rebecca began to tingle all over, enjoying this amazing stimulation of every part of her body and mind. She began to pant heavily, feeling him building inside of her. They now began moving together, slamming against each other in perfect sync, feeling each other building and building. Suddenly, they both let out a cry and his whole body began to shudder, as he unloaded wave after wave of his warm cum deep inside of her, feeling her juices flooding around his cock. Rebecca felt her body explode as his cock exploded inside of her. He slowly lowered her back to the table, pressing himself against her back, and kissing her neck.

Both lay there for a few minutes, before the man slowly began to untie her hands. He walked over and flicked on the light, then walked back, sitting in her chair. Rebecca turned her head, and smiled.

"Thank you dear, that was a lovely anniversary present."

He moved over, and kissed his wife's forehead.

"It was my pleasure. You are the sexiest creature I've ever laid eyes on, and I'm glad I got to show you."

They both stood, and composed themselves, before heading back to the elevator. Rebecca looked at her husband and smiled. She thought to herself: "perhaps I need to work late a little more. Who knows who I might bump into...?"

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