tagMatureWorking Late at the Office

Working Late at the Office


Working on the Client's Quarterly Financial Statements was not exactly how I planned to spend my evening but in the office working away is where I was at 7:32 p.m. I was totally lost in my work and I didn't notice when Jack tapped on the long, slender glass window that allows us to see who was knocking on the Finance office door.

In a few minutes I begin to get the strangest feeling that I am being watched so I glance around and nearly fall out of my chair at the sight of Jack leaning on the door. His laughter all-be-it at my expense was a nice sound after hours of endless concentration on work.

Jack is the ultimate nice guy around, always being polite and doing as asked which can be a really good thing in this line of work. That wicked smile he gives me when hands in his 10 time sheets for 2 weeks and I jokingly say, "Jack, when are you ever just going to use the time clock?"

At this moment I am wondering if he knows that I secretly love his visits if only because he is so darn funny and makes me smile for no good reason. His dark hair and sexy eyes doesn't hurt either.

I must have licked my lips subconsciously just now because when I unlocked the door and let Jack in he had a sly grin playing around on his lips when he whispered real low in my ear, "Are your lips chapped? I believe I have a little something for that."

I admit this had taken me aback a bit since he had never out rightly flirted with me and this was borderline dangerous flirting. He clearly had no idea how much I love to feel a nice firm cock throbbing under the pressure of my tongue as I lick the pre-cum off its massive cock head.

"Starr? Hello?" Jack questions, but what catches my attention is his hand in front of my face so close I could swear he was about to swat my little pink nose.

"Yes" is about all I can think to mumble as my mind is still dabbling with thoughts of his enlarged cock pressing on my soft moist lips while I lightly trace the smooth slit being exposed on the tip of the huge head of his cock.

I decided I had better have a seat and try to focus on my work as he was talking to me so that he wouldn't notice my occasional glances at his crotch. I just couldn't help myself I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth now and feeling him standing so near was making my inner thighs tingle with sudden anticipation of my hands exploring my body while I dream about Jack, again, tonight.

"Starr, would you like me to go? You seem so preoccupied and I don't want to disturb you."

"Hmmm, what was that Jack?"

This time Jack's hands rest on my shoulders as he is leaning over to look into my face when he asks, "Are you ok?"

"Oh, yes I am fine, Jack. I am just lost in some deep thought right now. It is not you, well it is about you but it is nothing to worry about I am fine."

"Just tell me what's bothering you, ok?" He presses on while he slowly begins to rub my extremely tense shoulders placing his thumbs just below my neck making soft lazy circles causing me to let out a small moan.

"Jack, please stop and we can talk about this another day when I can focus and put my words and thoughts together so that you can understand me."

"You are very tense and I am a LPN so you should allow me to help."

Feeling a bit uneasy with the situation I shrug his hands off and tell him that right now that really isn't the best idea. He squats down placing his right hand on my right leg about midway up my thigh his fingers splayed so that his index finger is less than 2 inches away from grazing the now wet area of my thankfully black jeans.

"What are you doing, Jack?"

"I'm not leaving until you tell me what is on your mind. And that is final, ok?"

My face is becoming a nice shade of red while I turn away and softly whisper, "I think I have a small crush on you."

Remaining fixed on North America wallpaper that covers the wall to avoid eye contact I try to reassure him it will not be a problem by saying, "But please don't worry I will always keep it very professional and you will never know the difference. I am so sorry for making you uncomfortable." His hand moving slowly over my stomach brushing lightly over my left arm as he reaches to turn my face to him when he says, "Starr, I have a confession to make myself. I miss clocking in just so I can stop in your office. You are so very sexy in your tight jeans and it drives me crazy to see your bra strap exposed when your swamped and in a disarray. Then you just reach over and tug until its neatly covered once again and never think twice about me standing there as if I have known you all your life."

Embarrassed at the revelation of my exposing myself at times and never realizing it and at how silly my having a crush on him had sounded I try once more to turn away to no avail. His eyes filled with a sparkle as he turns to kiss my lips just lightly and slow at first until he feels me begin to return the kiss.

My mind is in a whirl and my heart is racing as his tongue moves across my bottom lip gently tugging into his mouth for a short but sensual session of sucking and licking. I am making one last weak effort to push Jack away but he is very persuasive with his kisses and then I feel his cock is hard pressing against his jeans begging to be released as he pushes against my leg.

A soft moan escapes my mouth between long soft drawn out kisses each one outperforming the other. I am trying to squirm away because I know this is wrong here at work but the more I feel his hands caressing my back and trailing my spine I just can't pull away.

"Take my hand Starr" he whispered holding his hand out for me to take and pulling me to my feet. My face comes barely to his chest so he is leaning in to kiss me while I tiptoe stretching to take every last kiss I can steal. Our tongues softly touching between his slightly parted lips when I trace his lower lip with my tongue so slow I can feel his cock beginning to throb with a strong need and urgency.

"Oh god I want you Starr!"

"Mmmm I want you too!" I manage between soft drawn out moans.

Suddenly he drops to his knees never looking away from my eyes as he unfastens the button on my jeans and slowly unzips. He starts kissing every place now exposed by the V shaped opening of my tight black jeans. Slowly he begins working his way back up my soft tummy as he stands up to slide his hands under my blouse pulling it swiftly over my head.

Realities sinking in again I begin to worry as I stand there in my open jeans and leopard print under-wire bra wondering what I would do if someone came to the door. He brushes his fingers over my right cheek while he pulls me close again with his left hand.

His lips tracing my ear and then blowing slowly driving me crazy as the wetness begins to build between my thighs just before he moves on to my neck using the same pattern of kissing, licking and blowing trying to bring me over the edge already with his touch.

I tug his shirt over his head as fast as I can and admire that hard chest I have admired for weeks now from a distance. That allows me to caress his chest making sure to take my time circling each nipple extra slow and lean down to take a fast light lick on each one.

His hands reach for my shoulders and pull me closer for our first deep passionate kiss that must have lasted 4 minutes without breathing or so it seemed. His cock was jumping and throbbing beneath his jeans and against my stomach.

I have to reach out and touch it drawing him closer as my hand rubs his jeans and my mouth draws him in closer to my body. He unfastens my bra and pushes me away just enough to let it fall to land barely on the arm of my office chair dangling in the air it would appear. I am slow as I undress him the rest of the way kissing his fantastic body while I am uncovering every inch. I take just a second to stop and lick the pre-cum from the slit in the head of the cock I want to feel slide deep in my mouth making him rock slightly unsteady on his feet for a split second.

My right hand slowly begins to rub his cock while my left hand is tracing his inner right thigh and my tongue is making a trail from the place where his balls meet his cock all the way to the head of his cock tasting more pre-cum, "mmmm" I moan.

Giving me a light slap on my ass that is up in the air while I am bending over to lick his cock before he starts to shove my jeans back and down forcing me to stand and remove them while he watches me expose my smooth shaven pussy.

Kissing him one more time as his finger slips in between my wet pussy lips exploring and discovering my pulsing clit peeking out of them. I grab his hand and pulled it away and to my mouth looking in his dark brown eyes as he slid his wet finger in my mouth so I could taste my juices while I lick it clean.

I pull away and drop to my knees returning to my work of licking that awesome thick hard cock. Looking up into those beautiful sexy dark eyes and run my tongue really slowly over the tip of the head then circle it just before I slip it in my mouth. I am taking it in slowly one lingering inch at a time until all eight inches were buried deep in my mouth.

His panting is increasing as I place my hands on his hips and take his cock in and out of my mouth gradually picking up the pace. I start moving a bit faster and sucking harder while my right hand is stroking the bottom of his bulging shaft bringing him close to pumping my mouth full of his hot cum.

I slowed down before I let his now pulsing rock hard cock drop from my mouth and lightly lick the head again. I start to tease it again licking gently the full length of his cock until he could take no more and shoved his hands in my long brown hair moaning, "suck my cock."

"Oh god, yes, right there, don't stop!" He slams his cock into my mouth fucking it hard and fast over and over while he holds it still and just demands I take every inch he is slamming deep in my throat. I want more so I grab his ass and shove his cock as far as it will go pounding my mouth with it.

I only needed to give him one more hard sucking while I stroked his cock hard and fast to get what I was craving. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth one last time exploding filling my mouth and watching his cum seep out and drip from the corner of my mouth. I swallowed every last drop I could suck out of his now softening cock and then licked him clean then slipped it slowly back in my mouth for one last long drawn out suck teasing with my tongue.

Without a word he pulled me up to stand to kiss him. Then he took his hand and swiped everything off the center of my desk sending papers flying and commanded me to sit on my desk and spread my legs for him to taste my sweet juices.

I did as I was told and got myself in position with one foot on my desk and the other on filing cabinet beside my desk giving him perfect access to my already soaked pussy. He slowly began to trace my puffy swollen pink pussy lips with his fingers.

He was so close to my pussy I could feel him breathing on my hot pussy as he continued to torture me with his fingers slowly slipping one inside then quickly removing it before tracing the lips again just barely brushing over my clit.

I begin to moan low as he slides two fingers deep into my pussy and this time he leaves them there not moving just holding them still. He asked if I want him to lick my pussy yet. I moaned, "yes!" in an almost purr like manner drawn from deep in the back of my throat where he longed to thrust his cock.

"Too bad you must wait," he said matter-of-factly and without any show of affection towards my newfound plight of being so horny from his sweet lips and sensual tongue being so close to my pussy I could close my eyes and almost feel it as if he were there lapping up all of my pussy juices. I briefly imagined throwing myself at the first hot guy that walks by and begging him to fuck me right then and there if Jack stopped right now.

I wanted to plead with him to lick my pussy clean but I couldn't focus when he brought his other hand up to rub my clit. I was just getting into the rhythm of his fingers sliding in and out of my wetness and rubbing my throbbing clit when he suddenly stopped.

I raised up to look but he told me lay back and give him my hand which I did right away. He slid a finger in my pussy with his left hand and took my right hand in his and placed it on my clit to help him rub my clit.

My fingers cross over my clit like an expert traces and caressing in all the right places while he watched as we brought me so close to going over the edge when he stopped my hand and pushed it away.

Once again I can feel the breathing on my clit making me arch my back and then raise my hips trying to reach his mouth with my pussy. But he gently placed his hand on my stomach and pushed me down.

One at a time he took my legs and placed them over his shoulders as he inched his mouth closer kissing my thighs. Just as sensually he ran his tongue over my pulsing pussy lips driving me up off of the desk and shoving my wet pussy right into his mouth.

Slowly at first he is licking and teasing my clit with small circles and gently sucking it before slamming my pussy with his fingers so deep I am panting and moaning needing more now.

He is torturing me with his tongue letting it dance over my pussy close but not too close. He is working his two fingers in and out drawing me closer and closer to the edge of the desk rocking to meet his thrusts. I let out a loud moan as he dives into my pussy sliding his tongue into my pussy with his fingers and then back to my clit sucking and licking harder and faster. I run my fingers through his hair and pull him to my pussy fucking his face harder and harder needing my release that I can feel building up in waves like a row of 10-foot waves in the Indian Ocean.

Pounding my pussy with his fingers in and out he buries his face into my pussy licking and sucking my clit until I reach my limits and squirt my hot juicy cum all over his fingers and into his mouth.

As soon as he was done lapping up all my juices out of my pussy he brought his fingers to me and shared the yummy juices I had soaked them with seconds before. One at a time I help him lick his fingers clean before pulling him down to kiss me.

He helps me up never stopping kissing me deeply enjoying the taste of my kiss mixed with cum but suddenly he turns me around and bends me over the desk. His hand finding my pussy from behind exploring for only a minute before I feel the head of his hard cock pressing against my pussy lips.

I open up just a bit only enough for the head to make its way into my pussy. I feel him working his cock in and out until he buries the full length of his shaft inside me. He grabs my hips and begins to fuck me fast and hard making me moan louder and louder.

"Oh God! Yes! Oh yes baby harder!"

He slows for a second while he grabs my shoulders and uses his foot to guide me to close my legs close together making an extremely tight fit for his throbbing cock in my still dripping pussy. Then he obeys my command and fucks me harder and faster sliding his cock out and slamming it hard deep into my pussy.

"Jack! Oh my God! Don't stop!" I plead for more as he starts to dig his nails into my back; he is fucking me so hard. He is rocking his cock in and out faster and harder when I can't take anymore.

Screaming, "Oh God baby I'm cumming!" I feel my pussy pulsing and throbbing hard around his cock driving him over the edge with me as he pumped his hot steamy cum deep in my pussy until our cum mixed was drizzling down our legs.

He caresses my thighs rubbing our juices all over me as if it were a sensual lotion as we got lost in the moment of ecstasy until we caught our breath and our bodies relaxed.

After what seemed like a moment stopped in time we both realized it was time to part ways even though we weren't ready.



"Hold me, just a little longer?" I whispered.

"Of course," Jack assures me and pulls me closer if that is possible. An endless number of thoughts begin to parade through my mind. Dangerous thoughts of tomorrow and what will come of this night.

"What happened the next day?" My thoughts of that passionate night still danced in my head but for a second after I told the story that was slightly interrupted by Sara Beth's curious question.

"Nothing. A week before I was offered another job and I took it so I have seen or spoken to Jack since."

"Do you ever wonder about him?"

"Not really. I haven't thought of another man that way since I married."

"Cassandra and I are very lucky you still invite us to visit since you stopped being a slut," Sara Beth whispered as she jumped away expecting me to slap her arm or something childish. But I couldn't because the truth is I was a slut back then.

"Indeed. You are," spoken with true Vulcan seriousness as though I was Spock himself in a scene straight out of Star Trek.

Although we both laughed hysterically I needed to add, "But I would be lying to myself if I didn't admit I still wish I knew if that was all a dream or if Jack and I had enjoyed our last visit so passionately."

*Last Edited on January 30, 2011 Previously Edited on October 20, 2008.

I will not be writing a day two or similar sequence(s) at this time however I will be submitting a new series soon with Starr as one of the main "characters".

Please take the time to vote and let me know how I am doing. I try to always respond to feedback mail so feel free to contact me with any ideas, advice or just to express how you feel about my writing or this story.

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