Working My Way Through College Ch. 01


"Fuck my ass-pussy", I said. By now I really wanted it.

With that, he removed his fingers, and slid his cock in. My ass resisted it at first, but all of a sudden, half his dick was in me. He held it there for a minute, to let me get used to it. As he did that, I looked in the mirror again, and I was shocked to see this brunette on her knees, with her panties pulled aside, and a man behind her, fucking her. An incredibly horney rush ran from my groin outward when I realized it was me!

I started to push back, trying to get all of him in me as I could. I watched in the mirror as he started to grind and pump my ass. It was so hot!

Soon he was fucking me like a bitch, and I loved it. Not just the stimulation of my prostrate, but also the fact that I was looking and acting like a feminine little bitch.

"Fuck me! Yes", I kept saying. I was getting close when Dale slapped my ass again. It caused me to tighten up on his cock, but he didn't stop. All of a sudden, I started cumming in my panties. He didn't stop, and every time he pushed into me, I came a little more.

Soon, he announced, "I'm gonna cum, bitch". With that I squeezed harder, and I could feel him throbbing, and shooting his cum in my ass. It felt so good. Suddenly there was a squishy feeling in my ass, as he continued to fuck me.

Soon we both collapsed on the bed. We lay there for a few minutes catching our breath.

I noticed the clock on the nightstand said it was 12:30am. Three hours ago, I had never been with a guy, and now I had been sucking and fucking one for over 2 hours, while dressed in lingerie.

"You better get cleaned up for bed, and I better get home. Go on, hit the shower now.” Dale told me.

I did just that, and when I got out, he was gone. On the bed were a pair of pink satin panties, and a pink nylon baby doll. I guessed I was supposed to wear them to bed, so I put them on. It felt great to get under the covers like that.

I was exhausted, but as I was getting comfortable in the bed, I noticed a $100 bill on the night stand. A note with it read:

"Thanks for the fuck and suck. There's more to cum."

I wondered about that while I fell into a very deep sleep.

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