tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWorking on a Saturday

Working on a Saturday


To say I was pissed off would be an understatement. Saturday morning and there I was in work, rather than enjoying a nice lie in before taking my wife and kid out for the day. Fucking stupid new computer system crashing on Friday afternoon meant I had to be there first thing on Saturday to try and sort it all out. My boss already had plans that she wouldn't change; clearly my own plans were of no concern to her, the bitch.

I worked quickly and quietly, thinking that I would be the only one in. The quicker it was done, the quicker I could leave. I wasn't expecting anyone else to show up, which is why I was shocked when I heard footsteps entering the office.

'Oh, hey John,' came the greeting as I turned and saw my colleague Kathryn (Kat to her friends) as she entered; she was clearly as shocked to see me as I was her.

'Kat,' I replied, 'hey.' Just what I need, I thought as I took a quick glance at her clothes to check what she was wearing. Same as usual, ultra low-cut blouse to showcase those huge, straining tits of hers. She was voluptuous to say the very least; taking every opportunity to draw attention to the fact. She was a pretty girl with dyed red hair, which she wore in a straight bob; she was always made up, never without a deep, red lipstick to draw attention to her full lips. You would definitely describe her as chubby, but she carried it well and with confidence, always wiggling her full, round lips as she walked.

'Ashley got you too huh?' She asked me, referring to our boss.

'Yeah,' I replied, 'as if I had nothing better to do with my Saturday.'

'I know huh?' She said as she sat down in her usual desk, opposite to my own in the open-plan office which we shared with two others.

We made small talk for a few minutes and Kat made me a cup of tea, before we carried on with our business. Although I sat opposite to her, I tried not to talk to her too much through the week if I could avoid it; sure she was pretty, but she was also too loud, obnoxious and self-centred for my liking. I was grateful then, when she shut up and started working, allowing me to get on with my own business and steal the occasional glance across the office to ogle her gigantic tits. They really were mesmerising as they strained against the tight white material of her blouse, which must have been at least a size too small for her; the buttons strained all the way down as her flesh fought to be free.

I watched under her desk as she slipped her shoes off and wriggled her stockinged toes about in the air; she had nice, shapely feet for a big girl. I drifted off of my work for a few minutes and allowed myself to get lost in a few idle fantasies. I felt my cock swelling in my boxers as I stared across at her tits; she was leant forward, studying her computer screen, which allowed me a fantastic view right down her top; I thought about how nice it would be to grease them up and slide myself in between those huge jugs.

'Right, that's it!' I heard Kat declare angrily, 'I have not come here on my fucking weekend to be ogled all day.' I looked up guiltily and realised quickly that her anger was directed my way. 'All you've done for the past ten minutes is stare at my tits with a stupid look on your face. Have you ever even heard of sexual harassment?'

'Now Kat, I wouldn't go that far,' I said, defending myself against such preposterous claims.

'Oh wouldn't you? Well what would you call shamelessly staring at my tits then?'

'For fuck's sake Kat,' I replied, trying to get a word in edge ways.

'For fuck's sake what? Am I supposed to just sit here and allow you to think about god only knows what while you blatantly perve at me?'

'Shut the fuck up!' I replied, allowing my own anger and frustration to boil up now, 'who the fuck do you think you are? It's obvious that you like men to stare at your tits; why else would you wear such ridiculously revealing tops?'

'How dare you!' She shouted back at me, 'I'm in a happy, committed relationship; I dress however I want to dress for work, it's not for you to judge.'

'Oh come on, you love the attention.' I stood from my chair now, happy to have a target now to vent my frustrations towards.

'Right, that's it.' She stood too and grabbed for her handbag, 'I am not staying here to take this abuse;' she said as she pushed her chair under her desk. 'Believe me, Ashley will hear all about this, you can expect a full charge of sexual harassment coming your way.'

As she headed for the door I moved across the room and stood in front of her. 'Oh no you fucking don't' I said as I barred her way.

'What the fuck are you going to do about it?' She asked; her tone full of scorn and condescension. What exactly am I going to do here? I thought to myself; but found that I was already acting upon it.

'You are not going to tell anybody about anything,' I said as I pushed her back and stopped her from passing me; she looked about as shocked as I felt with my outburst.

'You bastard,' she spat at me, 'after I've called Ashley I'm going to get in touch with your wife and let her know what a pig she's married to.'

'You're going to do no such thing' I said as I closed the distance between us, forcing her up against a desk; without stopping once to think about what I was doing here I had grabbed hold of her blouse and began to roughly tear it away from her, forcing the buttons to burst and fly away and freeing her monstrous tits, which bobbed and wobbled in her black bra.

'What the fuck?' She yelled in shock as she raised her arms in an attempt to cover her modesty, 'what the hell do you think you're doing John?'

'If you're going to fucking report me, I might as well make it at least worth my while.' I replied as I grabbed her wrists and forced them to her side, clearing my view so that I could stare at those huge knockers as they heaved up and down thanks to her quickened breathing.

'You fucking pervert,' she spat at me, 'go ahead then; stare at them. You're well and truly fucked now.'

'Oh am I?' I asked as I pressed myself closer in towards her, feeling her breasts and stomach bulge pressing into me and allowing my own throbbing cock to press up against her through my jeans.

'You haven't got the balls to do anything else,' she taunted me; 'you'll be out on your arse, fired from here and your wife will leave you too. Why don't you just let me fucking go so we can get it over with?'

'I don't think so,' I whispered, unable to prevent myself now from backing out of this situation; a situation which was all this slut's making in the first place. 'You think you're something special you don't you? Swanning around the office, showing your tits off to everyone, thinking that you're untouchable. You're nothing but a cheap slut.'

'How dare you?'

'Shut up,' I said as I forced her hands behind her back and easily gripped both her wrists with my left hand, allowing my right hand to caress her chubby belly. 'You're in no position to resist here,' I said as I mauled her right tit through the material of her bra, moaning my appreciation as I did. 'I've worked across from you for months, and have been subjected to your constant teasing; watching as you lean over and bend down to invite mine and others' eyes. Then you try to take the fucking high ground when you finally catch someone doing it? Well fuck you bitch, you're not going to ruin my life, I promise you that.'

I let go of her briefly, sensing her opportunity she tried to force her way past me and out of the office, but I was too quick for her and forcefully grabbed her and ripped the blouse from her back. I was easily stronger than here and, despite her attempted resistance, managed to tie her wrists securely behind her back, using the blouse to bind her.

'Now you'll find out about sexual harassment;' I said as I dragged her by her hands across the office to her desk. Wasting no time I set about stripping the rest of her clothes from her body, starting with her skirt, which I tugged down her chunky thighs and tossed aside, along with her shoes.

She resisted and fought, every step of the way, but it just made my cock throb harder in my boxers; this was such a great way to relieve frustration, I thought as I hooked my fingers under the elastic waistband of her black panties.

'Please don't John,' she said, her voice now losing its earlier aggression; 'I'll not say anything to anybody.'

'I know you won't' I replied, smiling up at her as I tugged the knickers down, over her stockings and off of her ankles, her futile kicks adding to my pleasure; I even took the time to grab her stockinged feet and begin to massage them, loving the feel of her smooth, curved arches in my hands. I looked between her thighs to see a well maintained, dark bush, which she fought to hide by pressing her chubby thighs together.

'I'm going to leave your stockings on,' I said as I stood up and gripped her shoulders, forcing her to look me in the eye. She was definitely scared, but there was another look in her eyes that I couldn't quite place; it looked almost like excitement, her cheeks were flushed bright red and her usually immaculate hair was stuck all over the place. 'You look fucking hot in just your stockings; but this bra has just got to go.' As I spoke I reached for a pair of scissors on the desk and unceremoniously sliced away the straps to her bra; before pulling the cups away and tossing the shredded clothing aside.

Finally I saw those huge, fat tits, freed from their restraints. Thanks to her hands being tied behind her back, she had to push her chest out, making it look like she were proudly displaying her mammaries to me; her areola were huge, covering almost a third of her giant tits and her nipples with thick and pink, standing erect in the middle. They drooped slightly without the bra, but were well supported by the bulge of her large, round stomach.

'Wow,' I whispered, as I began to massage her tits with my hands, 'fuck, you're a sexy slut.' She flushed deeper as she heard me talk about her naked body. Using my free hand I quickly unbuckled my jeans and let them fall to the floor, pushing my boxers down with them and freeing my thick, throbbing member.

'My god,' she whispered as she looked down and saw it's thickness as it throbbed in the open air. 'What are you going to do to me?'

'Only what you've been wanting,' I replied as I grabbed her by the hair and firmly forced her to her knees, her resistance weakened by my forcefulness. I looked down and smirked, seeing her degraded like this, hands bound behind her back, naked and on her knees, those full, red lips only inches from the head of my swollen member. Keeping one hand firmly gripping her hair and pulling her head back, I took my cock in my free hand and slapped it against her cheek.

'Ready to suck my cock slut?' I asked as I slapped her other cheek with my cock, smiling as I watched my pre-cum trailing across her cheek. She didn't reply, so I asked her again, this time rubbing the head of my cock across those full lips of hers.

'Open wide you sexy little whore' I said, causing her to whimper as I once again slapped both of her cheeks with my cock, 'don't pretend that you don't want it.' I began to work my fist up and down my length now, allowing my knuckles to roughly bump against her cheek with each pump. She was watching my cock as it throbbed in my grip, her lips parting slightly. I took my opportunity and pressed the tip of my cock into her mouth, feeling her resistance breaking as she opened her mouth to take my thick cock inside.

I had to fight the urge to cum as I felt my cock slide to the back of her warm, wet throat, watching her red lips stretch to accommodate my girth. 'Holy fuck Kat,' I moaned as I grabbed her head with both hands and held myself deep inside of her until she coughed and gagged for air.

When I withdrew, my cock was coated with thick, gloopy saliva. I pulled myself all the way out before forcing it all the way in again, watching as her eyes bulged in surprise. I held it in again until she gagged on it, saliva dripping off now onto those big fat tits of hers as I pulled it out. She looked up at me as she gasped for breath, the fear disappearing from her eyes and now being replaced by lust.

'You fucking love this don't you?' I asked as I thrust myself in again. My wife had never been able to deepthroat my cock like this before and I just loved the way I felt her throat stretching out to accommodate my invasion. 'You love to deepthroat my cock, you fat titted slut.' I began to force myself in and out, using her hair as handles for my thrusts and loving how much saliva and spit she coughed up with every thrust. Her face was flushed bright red now and spittle coated her pretty little face.

I lost myself in the blow-job, roughly fucking her face until I was near orgasm, time and time again; but knew that I wasn't ready to blow my load just yet. I had crossed so many bridges so far today, that I thought it pointless to stop just there. By the time I had finished, her tits were coated in her spit and saliva. I stood her to her feet and began to massage and rub it into her chest and her belly, finding that I met no resistance anymore I decided to untie her from her binds. Instantly her hands went to her tits where she joined mine in rubbing the spit into her body.

'Get over that desk' I commanded as I pushed her roughly over the edge of her desk; she reached behind and grabbed her arse cheeks, pulling them wide apart and revealing her pink, wet looking pussy to me. I took the head of my cock and guided myself into her, moaning at how tight her entrance felt.

'Ohh, fuck,' she moaned as I grabbed her round hips and began to furiously thrust myself into her. She pushed back against my every thrust, taking every inch of my cock; I felt my head bang hard up against her cervix, causing her to moan louder and louder each time.

'That's it slut, take it all.' I berated her as I fucked her, 'I bet you wish your boyfriend was here now don't you?'

'Mmmm,' she moaned.

'I bet you wish he could see you, bent over your desk at work and getting fucked like the big fucking teasing slut you are.'

'Oh god yes.' She moaned as she reached a hand between her legs to stimulate her clit while I fucked her. I leant forward and wrapped my hands around her, grabbing her tits and pulling hard as I thrust myself deep inside, time and time again.

'Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!' She begged, 'make me cum!' I pumped into her harder now, using one hand to grip her firmly by the throat. She pressed her neck harder into my hand, encouraging me to grip harder and prevent the flow of oxygen to her brain.

'Ohhhhhh,' she moaned as she rocked harder against my cock, her fingers furiously working her clit as I bottomed out inside of her time and time again. 'I'm going to cum,' she moaned, 'I'm going to fucking... uuunnnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhh cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!' She moaned as I felt her pussy convulse around my throbbing member. I pulled out, allowing her pussy to squirt hard all over the desk, the floor and both of us as she rode her orgasm hard, sliding fingers deep inside of her pussy to stimulate her g-spot and prolong her pleasure.

'Jesus,' she moaned as she spun around and dropped to her knees in front of me before taking my cock and wrapping her big fat tits around it. Taking the hint I began to furiously fuck her jugs, feeling my cum bubbling to the surface.

'Ohhhh, fuck yes!' I wailed as I shot my bolt, spraying my load over those magnificent tits, splashing her face and hair in the process; watching as she fingered herself quickly to another orgasm while I came all over her.

'Wow!' I gasped, all of my anger and frustration gone now as I stumbled back and sat in the first available chair. We both had a few moments to gather our breath, reflecting on what had just happened. Finally I stood and quickly dressed again, maintaining control in the situation and standing over Kat as she lay naked and exhausted, in a pool of mine and her own juices on the office floor.

'Expect the same treatment the next time you come into the office dressed like such a slut.' I said as I turned and left her on the floor, deciding that I would go and spend the day with my family after all; fuck what Ashley wanted.

I heard nothing over the weekend, but was still wary turning up to work on Monday morning. What had happened was completely out of control and I knew that despite how much we had both clearly enjoyed it, there was still potentially a whole lot of trouble waiting for me at the office. Those fears were quickly allayed however as I saw Kat walking towards me in the lift, those huge tits swaying heavily in what seemed to be the lowest cut top she could have possibly found. I held the lift door open for her to join me.

'Morning Kat,' I smiled, 'going up?'

'Maybe down more like,' she said with a wink as she joined me in the lift.

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