tagLoving WivesWorking On Cum-Mission Ch. 02

Working On Cum-Mission Ch. 02


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Of the hundreds of people that Sandy knows, not one would have bet that she would relinquish her marital fidelity as she moaned "Oh, Godddd! He's in me...he's in me!" to a man she had just met a few days earlier. A man whose lust filled intentions were unrestrained as he took his pleasure from Sandy's stripped naked, aroused and willing body.

This unimagined event was the result of a rare confluence of events. Motivated by the powerful emotions of competitive spirit, revenge and greed; enabled by my instigation and encouragement, buoyed by alcohol and then fueled by the physical pleasure of sex, the fateful night of sexual abandon is detailed in "Working on Cum-Mission".

One might speculate that the aftermath of such an event where prior moral standards and behaviors came crashing down like an old building battered by a wrecking ball, might go one of two ways. In the sober light of day the guilty party or parties experience crippling remorse as blame, jealousy, distrust or revenge undermine the relationship and it crumbles. The other extreme, the broken boundaries on sexual behavior open the floodgates to unconstrained promiscuity in an effort to sate the awakened sexual desires. This too often leads to the destruction of a marriage. In the case of Sandy and myself these risks were considered and I was confident we could avoid those fates, yet I realized the risks. The desire and excitement had won the day in Dallas, yet Dallas served as a good reminder of how one cannot expect to control sexual behaviors of horny alcohol numbed adults once the hormones are flowing.

With vivid memories of the night of abandon, and a video, we couldn't pretend nothing happened. And I didn't want to forget it and I suspect Sandy felt the same way. The generous rewards from Sandy's real estate commissions helped our financial situation and my summer work experience resulted in a promotion a few months later. Our busy schedules helped us to return to close to normal. But on many weekends the memories of that night flashed thru my mind. On many occasions it energized a hot session with Sandy. Sometimes we would talk about it, mostly with me telling Sandy how hot she was and how excited it made me. Occasionally, I would stop fucking her when she was on the verge of an orgasm and ask her to tell me how much she enjoyed her Hotwife romp. Her body would quiver and shake, a sly grin would appear on her face and she would proceed to beg me to finish or she would need to visit her friends in Dallas. That was guaranteed to push us both over the edge to climax.

Sandy was 31 at the time. A highly regarded school librarian and cheerleading coach by winter and a realtor in the summer, my wife of six years was the epitome of the perfect wife. Very attractive but with a friendly non-intimidating presence and a to-die-for sweet innocent look. A near perfect figure well maintained through cheerleader coaching. Bright, always pleasant and quick to smile but with a sometimes shy manner in groups. She is disciplined, hardworking and sensitive but competitive and persistent. Her almost black shoulder length hair is shiny and full of soft waves. In bare feet she stands 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her shapely cheerleader body has a 34 B bust in perfect proportion to her 23 inch waist and 35 inch hips. Her breasts are perfectly shaped and stand proudly without support yet dance seductively under her blouse if she is braless. She wears glasses or contacts depending on context and can dress up or down as the occasion demands. And she enjoys romance and sex, and in the right mood after a few drinks her body responds to sexual stimulus like a starving dog responds to being teased with a steak.

I work in IT in the banking industry and have been working my way up the ranks to a vice president level after my most recent promotion. I'm 6-2, 185 and was considered pretty quick when I played guard in high school. I'm not big and intimidating but I do carry. We both keep in shape. Sandy and I live in Cincinnati.

For my birthday in November Sandy wore the outfit she had on the night she became a Hotwife and after a romantic dinner we watched some of the infamous video until we were overcome with our own live action. For both Christmas and again at Valentines I shopped for sexy lingerie for Sandy and found myself thinking more about what other men would find attractive and irresistible. The accompanying semi-sheer blouses, short tight skirts, garter belts and seamed stockings certainly telegraphed my desire to have Sandy's sexuality on display.

One Saturday morning in April I was putting my gold cuff links in the jewelry box when I noticed Sandy's Hotwife anklet hanging in the back of the Jewelry box. As Sandy was still sleeping I thought it would be fun to put it on her while she slept. She wore it around the house all morning, the only time she had worn it since Dallas, but removed it before leaving the house as any hint of that secrete behavior was prohibited in our hometown. That evening over dinner Sandy mentioned that it was interesting that I put the Hotwife anklet on her as it motivated her to check her anonymous email account where she found a month old email from Travis, from Dallas mentioning he would like to spend some time with her if she was going to be working in Dallas for the summer again. Of course, even Sandy knew spend some time with her really meant get in her panties again and have his way with her.

"That is interesting, we haven't heard from him since last September. Did you tell him you named your favorite vibrator Travis, in his honor, and you enjoy it regularly?" I whispered with a chuckle "Forward his email and I will invite him to visit next time he is in the neighborhood. Tonight when we get home I'll strip you down to your new lingerie and take a picture of you to email him with your Hotwife anklet on and holding the vibrator. He'll probably be on the next flight." I teased. "I can crop your head off to insure anonymity in cyberspace then we can do a whole series. Perhaps some clips from the video as well."

Sandy couldn't help but smile as I teased her until our waiter arrived with our diner. Her aroused nipples were clearly visible in spite of a rather modest blouse and bra - clearly signaling the discussion and memories still turned her on.

As we drove home that night I turned to Sandy and said, "Do forward his email. I'll let him know we won't be in Dallas this summer but leave the door open to crossing paths in the future."

"That possibility excites you doesn't it?" Sandy said as she placed her hand on my slacks and groped my very substantial erection.

No further response was necessary.

While I kept fanaticizing about a next Hotwife outing reality continued to intervene. In May Sandy and I were slammed with activities as we bought a 5 acre piece of property on the edge of town we had been eyeing for a couple of years. I did reply to Travis regarding our plans to remain in Cincinnati for the summer. It turns out he was pleased as he wanted Sandy to help him with a market evaluation of a development proposal in a nearby suburb for a client. Sandy ended up with her first consulting assignment and a lucrative learning experience that leveraged her local real estate knowledge and contacts. For a dozen days of effort Sandy picked up a nice check and some good experience. Travis was a perfect gentleman with his only reference to their prior relationship being a thank you note compliment on how multitalented Sandy was.

In June Sandy's folks stayed with us as her father had hip replacement surgery and recovery. We felt like naughty teenagers as Sandy snuck a sexy skirt and blouse out of the house in a shopping bag so she could dress sexy for me one night when we went out to dinner. Even that was pretty disciplined as we had strict bound on any behaviors in our hometown that would even hint at promiscuity.

In the meantime I continued to fantasize about new adventures and Sandy did nothing to quell my interest as she would tease and arouse me by whispering about which sexy lingerie she was wearing or speculating on what a romp in the sack or backseat encounter would be like with various men we noticed when we were out.

In late July Sandy's parents left and I took advantage by bringing Sandy to screaming orgasms reclaiming virtually every room in the house and made a habit of stripping her down to various states of undress as she tried to go about her regular routines at home.

I knew any new adventures wouldn't happen in town so I looked at my calendar to see what opportunities there might be for Sandy and me getting out of town. We found a weekend in August and planned a trip to Cleveland where we wanted to visit the rock and roll hall of fame and visit a few bars or clubs and see what attention Sandy might attract.

We were both anxious and excited. Months of anticipation focused on the prospect of a second sexual adventure for Sandy. The plan included me being there to both provide assurances of her safety and to experience the unique and powerful emotions involved in having another man being attracted to Sandy and ultimately pleasuring himself and Sandy while I watched. Of course the reality of finding a suitable, mutually agreeable, willing person and having the other details work out was no small issue.

Given the suitcase full of sexy clothes and Sandy's stated willingness to wear them in public I was confident I would have an enjoyable weekend regardless of our luck in finding Mr. Right-for-the-night. After the three hour drive we checked in to our downtown suite and decided to take a walk to reacquaint ourselves with the downtown area before freshening up for diner later. Sandy came out of the bathroom in a pair of short tight shorts of the type you would expect to see on a college sorority girl on the prowl. The tight fit revealed the lines from her equally tiny panties. The halter top exposed her fit midriff and left zero uncertainty as to the size and shape of her breasts. The stretchy halter fabric stood alone to cradle her breasts as her bras remained out-of-service in her suitcase. I had visions of Sandy being the pied piper of Cleveland with a parade of men following us around Cleveland admiring Sandy's ass and bust. That exhibitionist streak that is part of being a cheerleader seemed to showing as Sandy grinned at my response to her outfit before grabbing my hand and heading toward the door.

As we enjoyed the warm August late afternoon everyone from the homeless filling park benches to business executives in expensive suits did double takes of Sandy. The attention fueled our expectations for the rest of the weekend. Early that evening we freshened up and dressed to go to dinner and then a few clubs we had found online.

Sandy dressed in a skimpy pink bra and panty outfit whose semi shear stretch fabric hugged her curves but failed to fully conceal the dark color of her pubic landing strip or the dark color of her areoles. She wore a flirty mid-thigh length white pleated skirt and a slightly sheer white button front blouse. Nude colored silky thigh-high stay-up stockings completed the outfit. Striking and sexy but classy. My suggestion about wearing the Hotwife anklet was quickly dismissed as Sandy was afraid it was too strong a signal and could create expectations for anyone that noticed it. She also decided to leave here wedding ring on as she wanted any prospects to know she was married and while she might be interested in company for the evening she was not looking for a relationship. Sandy looked classy enough to attract gentlemen and hot enough to attract some not so gentle men.

In the outdoor light the shine of Sandy's stockings was attention getting and her blouse was sheer enough that the pink bra beneath was no secret to anyone paying attention and the push up bra and undone buttons would make sure that the male half of the population would be paying attention.

The plan was to eat a light diner then separate and see what happened. I had butterflies that seemed more like eagles churning in my stomach. Sandy had an air of confidence but her nervousness was evident as her hands trembled and she downed two glasses of wine in short order to, relax. A piano player provided nice background and the ambience was comfortable. The crowd was mixed with several couples but several singles, both men and women. Most folks were young to middle aged and well groomed. The menu prices seemed to sort out the clientele to a pretty classy group. A small band was setting up to replace the piano player. We had a nice dinner and pleasant visit discussing plans for the home we were planning for our new property. We shared a desert that we nibbled on but as the time ticked away we both realized that if we were going to test the waters it was time for me to leave Sandy alone. The plan was for me to disappear for a while. The crowd was turning over and there would be numerous men to notice the pretty dark haired woman in the hot white blouse and skirt sitting alone listening to the music. I closed out our tab, kissed Sandy gently on her forehead and wished her good hunting as I planned to disappear for thirty minutes or so before returning to observe from a distance.

After I walked two miles to burn off anxious energy I returned to the club. It was now crowded and considerably louder. I searched for Sandy and found her sitting at a different table near the back where it was both a little quieter and a little darker. An older gentleman was just leaving and they appeared to share a pleasant goodbye. Sandy was nursing a drink and seemed comfortable in the roll as an expanse of leg including the lace top of her stockings was visible as her skirt had worked its way up. Her blouse appeared to have an additional button undone as her cleavage was nicely visible. Even as he was leaving it was clear he was enjoying the view.

By the time I found a seat and ordered a drink another man had approached Sandy. The limited empty seats gave guys an easy excuse to approach and offer a drink. This guy was young and handsome. I could see him unabashedly checking Sandy out even as he took the open seat. Those eagles in my stomach started up again as he rather blatantly eyed Sandy's legs and cleavage. His grin confirmed his interest and he was quickly signaling the wait staff for a drink order. For the next thirty minutes they drank and visited and drank and drank. I begin thinking about the logistics of Sandy getting him to our room and was getting a little worried that she may have had enough drinks that she might stray from the plan to only go to our room and let him know I would be returning. He appeared to be quite an operator as he was quite animated and soon had his hands on her legs and seemed to be laying it on pretty thick. From my vantage point I had a good view of him but Sandy was turned so she couldn't see me directly though she was aware I had returned.

At one point he took her hand in his and examined her wedding ring. It certainly hadn't turned him off as he moved his chair even closer with his legs intertwined with Sandy's. Then a few minutes later he rose, said something and walked away and out of the club. Sandy rose as well and headed to the restroom. I expected her to signal me in some way as I wondered if they were planning to meet in our room. As I anxiously awaited, Sandy returned to her table and within minutes two different men joined her. The flirting ritual began anew. With two choices Sandy's unique proposition of bringing a man to her room so her husband could watch her get laid by a strange man, would seemingly have better odds of happening. The flirting moved fast. The late hour and night of drinking had no doubt played a part. Giggling then touching some whispering, some more whispering then the men rose, lingered a few moments and left.

Sandy found me and walked over to my table, she leaned over, her cleavage practically spilling out, and she whispered in my ear, "Take me to our room and fuck me. I'm incredibly horny and need some cock now."

Her bra was gone, evidently during her restroom visit, no wonder she had attracted the two men so fast. My cock that had been in various states of arousal all night, quickly bulged my slacks and required adjustment before I could stand. Not one to keep a beautiful woman waiting, I quickly settled up and took Sandy's hand for the three block walk to our room. As we walked Sandy explained that she just couldn't go through with it. She was under the influence but still rationale and mobile. The first guy was single and a perfect gentleman but turned off by Sandy's married status and suspicious of her motives. The second guy was interested but Sandy got nervous as to his safety since he seemed to be such a player plus he was so arrogant it was a turn-off. The next two guys were possibilities but by now Sandy had gotten nervous about hopping in the sack with someone she had just met as she needed some confirmation that he would be respectful and discrete.

I don't know who was more disappointed, Sandy or me. But I understood and my attention was on getting Sandy back to our room and satisfying our immediate needs. It was in the elevator that I realized Sandy had removed her panties as well. We giggled leaving the elevator as a rather stunned couple was treated to the sight of one of Sandy's breasts almost completely exposed as her now mostly unbuttoned blouse gaped open.

Sandy was so hot I contemplated sending her back to the club as I was sure her discretion would surrender to her desires and she would grab the first available male and probably get laid in his car. I was foolish but not that foolish. Rather than a heated passionate romp I instead chose to work Sandy over slowly. Her blouse and skirt were quickly dispensed with but I explored her body with my hands and lips gently enjoying all her pleasures. She was moaning and purring and returning kisses when I let her but was otherwise patient as I suckled her rock hard nipples and gently teased her pussy lips with soft caresses. I nuzzled into the soft flesh of her neck while fondling her breasts then palmed her beautiful ass with both hands as I smothered my face in her cleavage. As my focus moved to Sandy's pussy she was panting and fidgety, clearly ready to be fucked. As I moved between her legs I whispered to her, "Imagine I was the hot young man from the club."

She closed her eyes as I rubbed my stiff cock over her pussy lips for several strokes then, as she begged, I pushed into her. She was wet and hot and welcomed me with whimpers and her own thrusts. Her nipples stood at attention and she had goose bumps on her chest. Her eyes stayed closed and there was the look of anxious anticipation on her beautiful face as I filled her with cock. Needless to say neither of us lasted long as I slammed into her no more than a few dozen times before we both exploded in orgasms. The hour was late and the evening's sexual tension tiring. Sandy and I quickly fell asleep knowing we had one more day and night to enjoy Cleveland and each other.

Saturday started with a late wake up. I resisted the temptation for morning sex, wanting to keep both myself and Sandy with that horny edge. I decided on a morning swim to burn off some of those beer carbs from the night before while Sandy primped in the room. A brunch followed then we dressed for our Saturday's outing, a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sandy wore a matching vest cut top and short snug skirt I had found for her by mail order. They were both emerald green, a perfect complement to her skin and hair color. They both had those oversized stylized zippers. The top zipped down the front starting in her cleavage and going to her waist. The skirt had an off-center zipper that ran from her waist down the front of her right leg to the bottom of the skirt with a zipper tab at the waist and bottom. They had silver two inch diameter rings on the zipper tab, silver zipper teeth and an eye catching white fabric contrasting vividly with the skirt. Any heterosexual post puberty male looking at her would immediately have visions of pulling down those zippers in anticipation of what was underneath. Even an afternoon outing in a public venue would likely attract attention to Sandy in that outfit. I pulled the top zipper down a couple inches exposing some more cleavage and pulled the bottom zipper up about six inches showing more of Sandy's leg with a slit in the 18 inch skirt. I patted Sandy on her cute ass and we were off.

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