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Working Overtime


Copyright (C) 2003-Flurazepam

Finally, the words "project saved" flashed across the computer screen.

Sydney sighed. She switched the monitor off and rubbed her neck, craning her head back to release some of the tension that had built there throughout the evening. She didn't particularly enjoy her job, but working overnight at the office without any company or distraction was hell.

She carefully pulled the ribbon out that held her long, dark tresses in a functional ponytail, shaking the thick locks out in a fan across the back of her white blouse. Sydney was exceptionally pretty; her creamy skin was accented by her naturally ruby lips and her deep brown eyes. Her figure was just as alluring, with her large, full breasts straining the thin white fabric of her blouse, her flaring hips and shapely ass cutting a nice shape through the short khaki skirt, and her long, muscular legs caressed in white stockings.

She stood and stretched. She rubbed her hands up and down her trim waist, thinking that 23 was too young for a woman to start feeling so tired. As she walked over to the door to gather up her purse, a slight draft made her grin unexpectedly. Twenty-three was definitely young enough to come to work with no bra or panties on, she thought.

Sydney locked the door of the office on the eleventh floor, and walked across the well-lit hallway to the elevators, debating whether she should head straight home or drive her 'Vette around for a bit and let the boys ogle her. Shaking her head slightly, she pressed the button beside the double doors and waited.

The doors opened, but the elevator wasn't empty.

A huge man seemed to fill the entire back of the elevator. Sydney thought he must be at least six and a half feet tall. He was dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt, which fit his form and made his wide, muscular physique stand out. As her gaze traveled to his face, she saw that his blue eyes were cold above his trimmed beard. She immediately lowered her eyes and stepped inside, pressing the lobby button, and made the decision not to eye the man anymore. She didn't think that anyone else would be in the building at this hour.

Right when the display showed that the elevator had reached the sixth floor, the man behind her stepped forward and pressed the emergency stop button.

Sydney managed to turn around about halfway before he grabbed both her wrists in one of his huge hands and pressed them against the wall above her head. Her generous breasts pushed against her blouse as the man pushed her body against the wall of the elevator. She closed her eyes and whimpered.

Sydney felt the man's other hand slide up her hip and waist, pausing briefly to squeeze a breast before caressing her face roughly. She felt his heavy, warm breath on her neck. She felt the strength he possessed through the grip on her wrists. She felt the sheer size of him from the shadow that covered her. She heard his deep, rough voice.

"You look good enough to eat, you sexy little bitch. I might have to make you my own."

Sydney gasped as his hand grasped the top of her blouse and pulled downward suddenly. Buttons flew as the blouse ripped. Her exposed nipples were painfully hard as her big tits swayed in the open air. She stifled a cry and opened her eyes to look at him. His grin was knowing, but it didn't touch his eyes. His eyes were ice-blue and purposeful. The tendons in his arm stood out in stark relief as he kept her hands pinned above her. Sydney thought that he could break her in half, if he wanted to.

He pressed his weight against her. His head dropped down to nuzzle at her neck. His t-shirt rubbed her breasts as he licked and bit at her skin. She felt him against her stomach, through his jeans. His cock was rock hard; it felt as if it were going to rip his jeans open. Underneath her skirt...above the lacy tops of her stockings...her pussy was dripping wet. She cried out in fear, she cried out in desire. He grabbed her throat and squeezed once.

"You keep quiet, or I...will...end...you. Do you understand?"

Under her long lashes, her brown eyes gazed fearfully up at him as she nodded.

"Good. Just let me give you what you need."

He roughly yanked her around and pressed her hands to the wall of the elevator. Releasing her hands, his palms slid down her arms and across her breasts. He rubbed them and pinched the nipples, alternatively caressing and then using force. Sydney could feel his cock again, this time pressed against her ass. She tried to dig her long, red fingernails into the metal wall of the elevator as her breathing got rough from his hands on her.

She could almost feel his smile. "You like this, don't you? I knew you were just a whore when I laid eyes on you."

His hands moved from her breasts, down her waist, her hips, her thighs...and they traveled back up again, pushing her skirt up. It caught on the curve of her buttocks and he angrily shoved it up, exposing her ass and pussy to him. His feet moved between her own and he nudged them apart. He roughly ran a finger long her opening, feeling the hard little clit and her swollen and wet lips. Sydney cocked her hips up to allow him more access to her cunt; she was bucking slightly at his touch and her breathing came out raspy and harsh. The man began to unzip his jeans.

Sydney started to turn her head, but like a flash the man grabbed a fistful of her lovely hair and tugged viciously. "You keep your fucking eyes pasted to that wall, sweetheart, or I'll break your fucking neck." Tears slowly traced their way down her cheeks as she tried to nod.

He freed his cock from his jeans and took her waist with his powerful grip. Sydney could feel the heat from his huge cock as he guided it to her pussy. Half of her wanted to scream out, "no," and half of her wanted to scream out "please," but she didn't have time to do anything before he roughly slid his cock inside her.

He caught his breath as he tried to push himself all the way in her tight, wet pussy. Sydney bit her bottom lip and pushed back out against the man as his hips started to pump behind her. She cried out almost in spite of herself as her ass slapped against his hard stomach. He pistoned his cock inside her. She thought she might die from the pleasure or the pain of his big, hard dick slamming in her hot, drenched cunt...over and over, as if he couldn't get deep enough, as if he couldn't fuck her hard enough. She came like a firecracker....once, twice, three times...a deep flush spread from her neck down to her tits as they flew back and forth from the force of his manic thrusting. She screamed when his hands tightened on her hips...the orgasm was rolling back through her; she came again and thought she might die from overload or that he might crack her hipbones as he put all of his weight into his straining efforts.

His right hand hooked around her waist to rub at her clit as he grunted and shot his jism into her sore, throbbing pussy. Two of her fingernails cracked against the cold wall as he thrust again, hard, his breath hoarse and echoing in the small space.

He yanked her head back and kissed her neck as she caught her breath, the magnitude of her orgasm making her almost too lightheaded to stand. "You gave it to me very sweetly, you little slut. I might fuck you in your tight little tramp ass next time." She felt him pull his jeans up. He shoved her negligently into a corner of the elevator as he pressed the button to open the door. He stepped out and put his hand in the doorway. The man stared at her, his muscular chest still hitching, sweat dripping off his taut arms and his brow. His gaze was just as hard as when she first saw him.

"I'll see you soon, bitch. When you think about me, rub your clit real hard, just like I did. Think about my cock deep, deep in that fine little pussy."

He turned and walked off.

Sydney sniffed a little and slowly picked herself up off the floor. Straightening her torn clothes up the best she could, she shuffled over to the buttons of the elevator and pressed lobby.

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