tagLesbian SexWorking Relations Ch. 02

Working Relations Ch. 02


Julie stood in her bedroom. She was naked, and looking at herself in a body length mirror. As her gaze drifted over her own full figure, she let her mind wander back over the past 24 hours. She still couldn't believe that she had found herself a lover at work, much less that it was a beautiful younger woman. She gently caressed her stomach and hips as she thought ahead to that evening. Here she was, getting dressed up to visit her new sexual partner. The thought set a slight warmth growing in her body. Julie checked that the red polish on her finger and toe nails was dry before opening the box on her bed. Inside was an expensive underwear set that she had bought specially for her meeting with Kat.

Unwrapping her new thong, she eased it on, feeling the black silk and red lace on her skin, and nestling between her buttocks. She fastened the matching bra around her before lifting the shoulder straps and cupping her full breasts with the soft silk, trimmed with red lace. Julie lifted out the suspender belt, placing it around her curving hips. Finally, she slowly drew silk stockings up her shapely legs before attaching the red ribbon trimmed suspenders to the black lace stocking tops. Julie admired herself in the mirror again, amazed at the change in her. She stepped into a long black dress that hugged the curves of her body. It's deep neckline displayed her ample cleavage, the low back letting Julie feel her deep red hair cascade over her smooth back. She slipped on a pair of black high heels, feeling the muscles in her shapely legs tighten, accentuating her curves.

With her husband out for the night, Julie locked her front door before getting in her car. As she drove, she could feel her excitement rising. She began to fantasize about what she would be doing with Kat, imagining the supple slender body writhing alongside her, sweat gleaming as they both orgasmed. Julie felt the heat growing in her crotch, and smiled as she remembered the surprise she had for Kat. As she stopped outside Kat's house, Julie could feel her heart hammering. When Kat answered the door, Julie's breath caught. The younger woman's black hair hung around her shoulders, her green eyes gleaming. A deep blue Chinese style silk dress closely fitted her slim body, slit from knee length hem to slender hip on one side. Julie could smell Kat's light perfume as the raven headed girl leant forwards to kiss Julie's cheek.

Once the door had closed, Kat gently drew Julie's face to hers and kissed the lightly glossed lips. Julie kissed Kat back, their tongues swirling and twisting slowly in each others mouths. Putting her arms around Kat, Julie gently pulled Kat to her, feeling the warmth of her body through their clothes. They stroked one another's hair as they kissed, Kat's fingers also trailing over the smooth skin of Julie's back. When Kat finally stepped away, Julie could feel the growing dampness in her new silk knickers. Kat brought Julie a glass of wine, then took her hand, and led her upstairs. Julie sat on Kat's large bed and sipped her wine, unsure of what to do next. Then Kat sat next to her, her long fingers softly tangling in Julie's red hair. Kat's pink tongue lapped at Julie's neck, sending shivers of arousal through her voluptuous body. Standing, Kat slowly unbuttoned her dress, dropping it to the floor. It had clearly been too tight a fit to allow Kat to wear underwear as Julie's eyes devoured the sight of the gorgeous young woman, naked except for her high shoes, and a hand hiding the sweet present she had for Julie.

Putting down her half full glass, Julie stood and unzipped her dress. She let it drop to her feet, and Kat looked admiringly at Julie's stunning silk and lace clad figure. Kat's thumb brushed Julie's hard nipple as she reached out her free hand to fondle the warm full breasts beneath the black silk. Julie's hands cupped and squeezed Kat's small breasts, her fingers pinching and pulling the hard pink buds of her nipples. The two gorgeous women kissed, their hands exploring. Julie felt Kat's hands unclasp her new bra, slipping the silky garment out from between them, leaving Julie's large breasts pressed against Kat's. Stepping back, Julie unclipped her suspenders long enough to slowly, teasingly draw her thong down her stockinged legs, revealing her neatly shaved crotch.

" Surprise." Julie said, smiling coquettishly.

" How beautiful." murmured an aroused Kat, playing with her breasts. Julie reclipped her suspenders to her stockings, leaving her hairless crotch framed by black and red.

Taking control, Julie pushed Kat's slender, naked form on the large bed. Picking up her wine glass, Julie trickled some of the sweet wine over Kat's flat stomach, letting it pool in her navel and gleam on the soft skin. Julie leant forward, her full breasts brushing Kat's slim thighs as her eager tongue lapped the toned belly. Kat giggled and wriggled as she felt the warm, moist tongue twirl in her wine filled navel. Julie drizzled more liquid over Kat's pert breasts, then licked and sucked the cool wine from soft skin and hard nipple. Kat moaned as Julie's mouth caressed her body. Julie felt her crotch growing wetter and wetter as she licked wine from the hollow of Kat's throat. She felt Kat's nails lightly drag along her sides until her hands reached Julie's shoulders. She gently pushed Julie up, smiling seductively.

Rolling Julie onto her back, Kat crawled off the bed, constantly gazing into Julie's dark eyes. Reaching under the bed, she pulled out a black leather harness with a long, pink dildo sticking from it. She closed it around her slim waist, tightening the straps around the tops of her trim thighs.

"What do you think?" Kat said, turning side on to Julie.

" Mmmm, absolutely mouth watering, you dirty girl." Julie purred, her dark eyes taking in Kat's new profile: pretty face, smooth neck, pert breasts tipped with hard nipples, flat stomach, tight rounded ass, and now a long, thick cock jutting from her crotch. Julie felt her juice on her stockinged thighs as Kat gripped Julie's ankles and slowly spread her legs. Julie watched in awe as the raven haired temptress crawled between her spread thighs, fingers lightly tugging Julie's suspenders, letting them snap against her skin.

Kat lowered her mouth to Julie's, pressing her lips to hers. Julie felt Kat's tongue slowly penetrate her mouth even as her rubber erection slowly penetrated her pussy. Julie's hands teased down Kat's back to fondle her tight bum as Kat began to slowly grind and thrust. Julie sighed and panted as she savoured every feeling. The feeling off having a large dildo inside her while she felt breasts pressed against her own, and her hands full of firm, smooth skinned buttocks. Julie could feel her muscles clenching around the fake cock as if it were her husbands. Her drooling pussy squelched as the thick toy drove deep inside her. She kissed and nipped Kat's neck and shoulder as the younger woman lay on top, lapping at Julie's neck and ear. Julie could feel the heat growing and spreading from her pussy as her panting rolled into long, throaty groans. She folded her stockinged legs around Kat's, and dug her long red nails into the firm buttocks as the younger woman rammed her toy into Julie harder and faster. Julie moaned loudly, feeling her muscles starting to spasm. Her back arched, thrusting her breasts against Kat's chest. She gazed deep into Kat's gleaming green eyes as she orgasmed. Heat washed through her curvaceous body as she writhed, impaled on the pink dildo buried inside her. Kat wriggled her waist, grinding her hip against Julie's sensitive clitoris. Julie felt her juices flood out of her, soaking the sheets. Her tensed thighs relaxed, and she lay back, kissing Kat contentedly.

Suddenly, she rolled Kat over and straddled her chest, facing Kat's feet. She loosened the leather harness and stood, fastening it around her own waist over her suspender belt, and strapping it around her stockinged thighs. She marvelled at the growing feeling of power she had as held the thick, shining dildo to Kat's mouth. The black haired beauty hungrily licked Julie's juices from the pink rubber. Reaching down, Julie twisted Kat's nipples, making her squirm and smile. She held the cock in her fist, feeding it between Kat's slick labia. She let her fingers brush over Kat's budding clitoris, eliciting a groan of appreciation. Julie held Kat's arms down, her fingers tangled in Kat's. Julie dropped her head to nuzzle Kat's small breasts, her rocking hips pressing her strap on into her lesbian lover. Julie felt her end of the toy press against her slick, shaven pussy as it drove deep into Kat.

As she got used to the long rubber cock jutting from her crotch, Julie thrust rhythmically, grinding her leather covered pussy against Kat's clit as she did. The thought of what she was doing to Kat, as well as the sounds the green eyed girl was making, turned Julie on even more. She felt her suspenders tighten across her rounded buttocks as she rammed the dildo into Kat, making her lover whimper and groan. Julie felt Kat's long, toned legs close around her waist, one of the heels of Kat's shoes nestling between her buttocks, trapped by the clenching muscles every time Julie thrust. Julie could taste sweat on the smooth skin as Kat writhed ecstatically under her. She released Kat's hands, letting the raven headed woman rake her long green painted nails down Julie's smooth back. Kat's fingers tangled in Julie's deep red hair, pushing her face to her chest, a hard nipple between Julie's full red lips. Julie sucked and nibbled frantically as she pounded, feeling of the slippery leather rubbing over her pussy turning her into a panting, frenzied wildcat.

The change rushed over her, and Kat seemed to sense it, pulling Julie's face to hers, biting her lips and tongue as they kissed passionately. Kat shook and trembled, crying out as her orgasm roared through her body. Julie thrust fiercely, fucking her new lover to more, furious orgasms. Kat moaned and writhed, Julie feeling every move of the sweat sheened, toned body under her own full figure. Pulling out the dildo, Julie took it off and lay alongside Kat's heaving, panting form. Kat opened her green eyes and smiled weakly as Julie softly kissed her body. She stroked Julie's red hair as the quivering inside her subsided. Julie saw her own contented look mirrored in Kat's pretty face as they lay nestled close, feeling the warmth of one another's beautiful bodies. As Julie lay there, feeling the light touch of Kat's soft lips on her skin, feeling her own brushing across Kat's body, Julie knew that this would not be the last time she would share a bed with her stunning secretary.

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