tagFetishWorking Relationship Ch. 06

Working Relationship Ch. 06


Back at home, Sarah went into the kitchen and prepared a dinner for John to just put in the microwave oven. Not exactly what she would have put out if she had been going to cook an evening meal for them both, but something he could pop in the microwave for 10 minutes. There was an individual trifle in the fridge he could have for dessert, so she didn't feel too guilty about leaving him to get his own dinner. Looking at the clock she saw he would be home in about 30 minutes, so after turning on the computer in 'the office', she sat down in the lounge, taking a chair which faced the door. To give herself something to occupy her mind, she set about transferring her 'contact numbers' from her old phone to the new one. Her insides churned when she heard the car pull onto the drive. She took a deep breath to compose herself. The front door opened and closed, but for what seemed like ages the door to the lounge stayed closed.

Then it slowly opened and John came into the room. He very carefully closed the door behind himself, and then slowly walked towards where Sarah was sitting. As he hadn't yet spoken and his normal return from work was to call out a greeting as he came through the front door, Sarah knew he hadn't chosen Option 1.

He stopped a metre away from her and for a moment stood, looking down at the floor, with his hands by his sides. Then he slowly dropped to his knees. When he was kneeling, with his head lowered, he said, "Good Evening Mistress. Have you any particular requirements you wish me to fulfil, with regard to your date tonight?"

Sarah stared at John for quite some time before replying. She hadn't really expected him to choose Option 3, if she was honest. Then she spoke, "Good Evening John," she said, "So I was right. This was what all that rubbish last night was about. How long have you been harbouring this desire? Perhaps you would like me to guess, because I have thought back and can recall when you first began to buy me those dresses and tops that I thought a little too naughty to wear in public. No, I think it would be better if you tell me, then I will see if it conforms to my memories."

John had not moved from his position on the floor, "About three years Mistress." He said.

Sarah was a little shocked, she was going to guess at far less than that, maybe 18 months. It took a moment before she regained her composure, then she said, "I made it quite clear in my email what placing yourself in this position when you came home this evening would say to me about what you want. I must assume, therefore, that you have made this choice, deliberately, knowing the full implications of what you have chosen. I want you to think about this, John. If this is really what you want and if I agree to give this new, and to me, totally bizarre form of relationship a try, it will be at your request. If I agree to have a sexual relationship with another man, while still remaining married to you, this is because you have requested I do so. At no time in whatever future we may have together, will you ever, accuse me of being unfaithful. I will have only done this at your request, with your full knowledge, agreement and consent. Consent is probably the wrong word here, because if I am truly going to be your mistress, 'your consent', by definition, becomes meaningless.

Now! Do you understand this? Think carefully before you answer, John. Whatever you say at this point is going to change our relationship forever, although even suggesting what you have, you must realise has already done that. You have had all afternoon to decide on the choice you appear to have made, so now it really is 'crunch time'. Are you really choosing that you want us to follow this bizarre path, wherever it leads us?"

John remained on his knees, head down, looking at the carpet between Sarah's feet. He took a deep breath and then spoke. "If it pleases you Mistress, I have dreamed about this for such a long time. I have thought all of the implications through and fully understand what I am asking, and yes, this is really what I want."

"Very well," she said, "You may get up. Go and make us both a cup of tea, because we need to talk. I have to bring up something on our computer which I need to show you, so bring it in there. You will only address me as Mistress when you are in a submissive posture, like you are now, or when it is appropriate because of the situation. Other occasions when it is required, I will make it obvious, as and when they occur. At other times I am still your wife and I am still 'Sarah', is that understood?"

"Yes of course, thank you Mistress," said John. He got to his feet, "So may I now address you as Sarah, like before?"

"I think that would be best," said Sarah, "This is all very new to me and my main concern is that this new relationship must remain strictly between us. If I do take a lover, which I now assume is what you want me to do, obviously he will be aware of your new position in our home, but as I put in that email, he will have to be discreet. Unless I am certain of his discretion there will be no relationship. To anyone outside this group of three, we are the same as we have always been, John and Sarah Saunders, a happily married couple. We may have found a new friend who we see quite a lot of, but to everyone else he is just a friend. I will tell you now that there is a possible candidate I have in mind, but more of that later."

John looked shocked. "You mean you have already been ........."

Sarah stood and glared at him. She pointed at the floor. "KNEEL" She said in her most imperious tone. John hesitated for a moment then knelt down again. "Because all of this is very new to both of us, and to make sure you understand where I think I find myself, I will answer the question that I am shocked that you would even dare to ask. I have NEVER had sexual intercourse with anyone but you. Ever since we first started going out together, that is in over 12 years John, there has only been you and as you know, you were my first. Last night you were the one who brought all this to a head with the confession I had to drag out of you, about the events in your 'club'. You may or may not have noticed that I too was a bit preoccupied last night, and I did say I had something I needed to sort out at work. Things there took a most unexpected turn, which is why I took time off and came home early. I am going out to dinner with David tonight, to discuss what has happened, my future as his P.A, and possibly my future at the firm. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sarah," said John.

"I beg your pardon!" Said Sarah.

John looked puzzled for a moment, then he realised he was on his knees and said, "I am sorry Mistress. Yes that is clear."

"That's better" said Sarah, "I will explain more about the reasons for tonight in a moment, when you have made that tea. Now get up and go and do as you have been told. There are other tasks you have to complete, before I will be ready to be picked up, which will be at around 7 O'clock, so we do not have a lot of time."

Sarah sat at the computer and brought up the file with the pictures from David's camera. Selecting the one of her, she clicked on 'preview', then minimised it. Then she closed the file again. John came in with the tea and placed the cups on the small table. She told him to sit down on the only other chair in the room.

She quickly went through the events of the previous evening. Finding the camera and bringing it home for safekeeping. Then she came to her looking at the pictures on it. Turning the screen so that John could see it, she opened the picture she had minimised. She told him that this was one of the pictures from the camera. She continued while he looked at the picture on the screen, saying how she had decided that she would return the camera, with the pictures intact, because there were other pictures on it that David probably wanted, but ask for an explanation of why he had taken that picture. This was the only one of her and so the only one they needed to be concerned with. She said she had no intention of causing David to be sacked over this, but it was obvious that they had to talk about why he had taken it and whether Sarah could continue to work with him after this. Then she came to the part she was dreading. She told him that David had confessed he had taken, and kept the picture, because he had 'certain feelings' for her.

When John didn't react, she went on. "He actually told me he was in love with me, but because I am married, he had been careful to never give me the slightest indication of how he felt about me. This is the reason for tonight's dinner date, so we could try to work out a 'code of conduct' so that I could continue to be his personal assistant."

John looked at her. "So he is the 'possible candidate' you spoke of?"

Sarah nodded, "Yes he is" she said, "he says he is in love with me, but is honourable enough to have kept away because I am married. I know he would be discreet, it could cost him his career if he wasn't, but more than that, he has kept his feelings secret from me for over a year. I have been struggling all day with what I feel for him, and I know really do like him, I like him a lot. I need to know what you think about him possibly becoming my lover. You are still my husband John, but in the light of your confession about the new relationship you want us to have, I am NOT asking your permission to see if David wishes to be my lover, I am just asking your opinion of him as a possible choice."

John was silent for a few moments, and then he said. "In your email, you made it plain that the choice of your lover would have to be yours, not mine. If you like him enough to want to go to bed with him, it is not my place to say yes or no. I either accept your choice or drop this whole thing. I have dreamed about this for so long, I don't want to drop it. The thought of you with another man is the most erotic thought I can visualise, and the thought of you being not only my wife but my Mistress too, and the possibility of you taking a lover, has had me quivering all afternoon. I know you are not any of those things you said; you are a good, decent, moral lady. I know you won't just 'fuck' someone you didn't have feelings for. If you think he could be the one for you, and you want to 'sound him out', I think you should do it."

Sarah breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you John." She said, "I must admit, that was what I hoped you would say. David.... Well you have met him, he is a smart, clean, intelligent man, as well as being, I think, very good looking. I really do like him a lot. I know all this seems to have come together in a rush, but it really is a coincidence, David losing his camera and me finding it, all happening on the same day that you had that awful confrontation with Mick in the club, which, by the way, Lorraine and I have sorted out for you this afternoon. I don't think he will be bothering you or anyone else in the near future, he will certainly not be returning to the 'club', but I will tell you about that later. If David is agreeable, I will ask him to come in with me, when we come back from the restaurant, so we can talk, and all of us can then be completely sure this is what we want to happen. Is that ok with you?"

John nodded, "Yes that would be ok. I leave you to tell him as much or as little about me and the position I wish to have within this relationship as you think fit."

Sarah smiled at him, "I don't see how I can explain this, without telling him about your desires, but I will try not to make you sound too bad. One other thing I need to sort out, our sleeping arrangements. You may bring your pyjamas back into our bedroom, although there may be times you will return to the spare room. That will probably be only when David is staying overnight. I am making the assumption now that David will wish to become my lover. No matter what happens at our meeting, as I feel at this moment, he will not be staying tonight. There may be some contact between us, but I do not expect it to not go as far as the bedroom, although obviously, it is possible that I could change my mind over this. I need to approach this slowly, I am still coming to terms with everything. There is one other thing which I need to get out of the way. You have caused me a lot of anguish and heartache over this, and I am not pleased that you refused to tell me what had really gone on, last night.

Tonight I am going to have dinner with a very nice man, who, because of this fetish you have confessed to having, could potentially become my lover. My wardrobe is more or less divided into three. My work clothes, my everyday clothes and my going out clothes, some of which you have bought for me and are rather too revealing for most occasions.

You will go into my wardrobe and drawers, and you are going to select what I am going to wear tonight. Choose carefully because what you put out is all I will be wearing. If you select a see through blouse but no bra, I will wear that blouse without a bra and my breasts will be on display to everyone who cares to look. Remember I will be eating in a public place, and as yet we do not know what David will say when I put this to him. If you want me to wear tights or stockings, put your choice out on the bed. I repeat, I will wear what you put out, and nothing else, so you must think carefully about this.

Also, on the bed there is a package. After you have laid out my clothes, you will take out the contents, and place them alongside what you have selected. Then you will strip and assume a kneeling position at the foot of our bed. When I come in from my shower, I will deal with whatever residual amount of displeasure is still remaining, from your disobedience of last night. Then we can start afresh with a clean slate."

John glanced at the screen, "Can I see the other pictures from his camera," he asked.

"No you cannot!" said Sarah, "They are David's and they are personal. I have already apologised to David for invading his privacy by looking at them. If he says you can see them that will be different, but only he can give that permission. Now I am going to the bathroom to have a shower and make myself ready to go out. You have your tasks, so I will expect my things to be ready for me when I enter the bedroom."

Sarah closed the picture and shut down the computer before going upstairs to the bathroom. She could hear John in their bedroom, but did not go in. Once in the bathroom, she stripped and turned on the shower. While it warmed up she inspected her bottom in the mirror. Although there were pink marks across her buttocks from her earlier paddling, they were not really noticeable unless you looked for them. 'That mark is probably from the one really hard stroke she gave me on my bare bottom' she thought. She stepped into the shower and began to get ready for what could be a really momentous evening.

When she had finished her shower she attended to her make-up. Wanting to look her best for David tonight, she resisted the urge to hurry because she wanted to know what John had put out for her to wear. She hoped he wasn't going to make her expose too much of herself to the restaurant clientele, although she didn't really mind if David got something of an eyeful. She was as excited as a teenager on her first date. When she was ready, she wrapped a fresh towel around herself, picked up the toothbrush glass, and walked across the landing into the bedroom.

Exactly as instructed, John was kneeling, naked at the foot of the bed. Her clothes were carefully laid out ready for her to wear, with two jewellery boxes beside them. The paddle she had bought this morning, and the small bottle, placed beside the jewellery boxes. Checking the boxes, she saw he had selected one of her favourite necklaces, and an anklet he had bought her, that she had only ever worn once. She nodded in approval, then picking up the paddle she spoke.

"Over the bed please John." She said. "Arms outstretched above your head. Good! You will not bring your arms down until your punishment is concluded. This will not take long, I think three strokes should be enough for this first time. You will count each stroke and thank me for delivering it. Any strokes you do not count will not be counted, so if you forget to count one, or to thank me for my effort in delivering the stroke, you will end up having four. Is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress," said John as he lay across the end of the bed.

Sarah could see he had an erection, and she smiled that it looked as if her purchase, and her sore bottom, were going to be appreciated. "If you need me to stop, you will not move your hands or arms down to cover your bottom, you must say 'JOSHUA' and I will stop for you to compose yourself. Do not forget that, I have never done anything like this before, so if it is too hard for you to bear, what must you say?"

"Joshua, Mistress," John responded.

"That's a good boy" said Sarah, copying the way Sandra had coached her in the back room of the shop. She raised the paddle, and brought it down on his bare bottom with a satisfying 'smack'. It didn't seem to her as loud as hers had.

John jumped, "Oh! One .. Thank you Mistress."

The second one Sarah made a little harder and the 'Smack' sounded more like the ones she had endured.

"Ahh! Two .. Thank you Mistress" said John.

She decided for his last one she would make it a little bit stronger. 'Swish -- Smack!' came the third and last one.

"Ahh! ... Three .... Thank you Mistress." He said.

Sarah stroked his bottom and slipped her hand between his legs to see if he was still hard. She was pleased to find that he was, it seemed to her, to be harder than he normally was when they had sex. "Knees on the floor and your chest on the bed," she ordered, tapping the inside of his thighs to get him to spread his knees apart. Kneeling behind him with the glass in her left hand, she began to masturbate him with her right. Within a few seconds John groaned and began to push with his hips. She knew he was about to cum, and she intensified her strokes, making sure the glass was under his cock. With another groan he began to cum. Five strong jets of sperm squirted into the glass. Sarah continued to milk him until the last dribbles had joined them. She told him to stand up and, still kneeling, she took his rapidly deflating cock into her mouth and sucked the residue from him. "There," she said, echoing Sandra again, "That wasn't too bad was it? Now the past is forgotten and we have a clean sheet. Wasn't that better than two weeks in the spare room?"

"Yes Mistress," he replied, "I will try not to cause you displeasure ever again."

"That's a good boy," she said, "Now let me see what you have decided I am wearing tonight. You will hand them to me in order please, and anything which requires fastening, you will fasten for me. Remember, you are dressing me to go out on an initial date with a potential lover." She removed the towel and stood before him naked.

Picking up a semi transparent, white lace bra, he held it up for her arms to go into it. She adjusted it over her breasts and he fastened it at the back. Then he picked up a matching suspender belt which he put around her waist and fastened as well. Opening a fresh pair of Tan, seamed stockings, he carefully prepared them and smoothed them up her legs, clipping them to the suspenders. Next came the white blouse, which Sarah had rightly guessed he would choose, it was the almost transparent one he had bought her, and she had only ever worn once, in the house. With the white bra underneath it, it was just about respectable. Then he held out the skirt, which was a plain, light blue one, slightly flared which came down to her knees. Seeing herself in the mirror, Sarah approved of his choices. Smart, a little sexy but nothing to really shock anyone too much.

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