tagInterracial LoveWorking Saturday Ch. 02

Working Saturday Ch. 02


Well it was Tuesday before I got to know what really happened that last Saturday. The advantage to having a day off in the middle of the week was that I could search the apartment easily. What I found was very exciting, in her work bag which she never takes on Tuesday, because she goes to the gym after work. Then it's straight to a dart match. So she takes a bigger bag with lots of clothes in it.

I found something that gave me an instant hardon, my favorite green transparent panties all hard and crusty with cumm. Also a video tape with no markings at all. Well there was my answer right there, in that video was she still just trying to surprise me. Was it that she was doing something she didn't want me to know.

I went to the living room popped it in an sat back on the couch, remote in hand my cock was getting hard as stone. I rewound it, and then pushed play. I watched an empty conference room, then my hot little wife came into view.

She spoke .."This is for my hot horny hubby. I got so hot this morning that I didn't want to leave, you'll get to see this tonite. I know you love to see me play with my pussy, and I'm real hot so get ready for a good show." and then it faded away.

WOW ...!!! way too hot for me and I was hard as a rock and aching. As it faded back in she was sitting in a chair and her legs crossed.

"You wanna see this hot pussy don't you .." doing her best job to tease me she added. She spread her legs and pushed her dress into her crotch, rubbing her pussy through all that, and then lifting her legs towards the table next to her. Then she grabbed something, it was a remote for the camera.

"My panties aren't just wet from that quick lick from you before ..", and she rested a foot on the table and pulled up her dress. Those panties were dark green now, soaked right through, then she zoomed in on her crotch.

My god they were soaked and I never saw her so wet, she touched the outside of them lightly and moaned.

"MMMmm I wish you were here to give me some cock .." then her face lit up, "Ohhh I have a wicked idea ..". She grabbed the phone reciever on the table then swung around and started to dial.

"Hi Honey .." she said, I was on the other end, this was so erotic. Knowing I was talking to her and she was getting ready to tease me.

"The boss can't make it til 11:00 or so .. I'm just relaxing and getting real hot thinking of us before .." she said. Then she put her foot back up on the table, pulled her dress up, and started to rub herslf through her wet panties.

Only now I could see what I only imagined days before, "I'm gonna have a surprise for you .." as she paused to push past the band of her panties whimpering a little.

"Guess where I am .. and what I'm doing ..", she was moaning slightly now as she spoke.

"Ohh nothing bad hun .. your gonna love it .. let me explain .. first I'm in the video room .." then I got a long pause from her. As I watched her slid those panties aside and rub her finger along her pussy lips.

"I'm picturing what your up too .. what your cock is UP too .." , and she sighed loud.

"Let me tell you what I'm doing ... right in front of the camera .. I'm in a swivel chair .. and my feet are up on the edge of the table .. sound good hun ..?" as she breathed deep.

"MMMM my dress is up and I'm sliding my fingers all over the outside of my panties ... which are soaked all the way through now .. and I'm pinching my hard nipples through my dress ... I'm so hot .. I need cock so bad .." and I watched her rub her clit on the video.

Then she had a shocked look on her face, and she froze completely. Fingers under her panties, she grabbed the phone that was resting on her shoulder, but not moving her legs or other hand.

Then she said "I have to go I just heard something .." and I saw someone step into the cameras view.

There was a long pause, as she stared right at the mans bulging work pants that came into view.

Then she hung up, she reached over and grabbed for the remote but a large black hand reached over and stopped her.

"I'm gonna wanna see this later baby ..." with his huge bulge just inches from her face. He put her hand on that bulge and guided up towards his belt.

She took her other hand from under her panties to undo his work pants, then he started to stroke her inside thigh. Moving towards those wet panties he finally got there as she pulled his pants down to expose those shorts. His fingers pushed the panties into her pussy almost as I watched her crotch rise to meet those big fingers. His cock was tenting those shorts out, and the elastic band was away from his body it was out so far.

I watched her eyes pop out as his cock popped free, it was at least 10 inches and hard as a brick. Thats when I lost it, and I came for the first time that morning all over my stomach. As I saw her eyes looking amazed at that huge black cock. It was dripping pre-cum already, and she saw it licking her lips glaring up into his eyes.

"Yeah baby .. you did that too me .. making me drip looking at you rubbing that hot white cunt .." then he stuffed a finger in her pussy under the band of her panties.

"Go ahead taste that sweet juice .." she was moaning as her tongue reached out for his juices, then she licked a hot drop off tasting it.

"God yes that tastes so good .." as she closed her eyes and beared down on his finger deepin her wet pussy.

"Look at me when you suck my cock .. baby .. I wanna see that sweet face with my big cock in your mouth .." as he grabbed her hair and shoved her face into his crotch. His cock was resting across her face as she groaned loudly.

"YEssssss ..." she hissed. "Ohh you like that .. don't you .. like to be forced .." she looked up at him with his one of his balls in her mouth closing her eyes again, pushed hard down on his hand.

"I said look at me bitch .." and he pulled her hair and yanked her head back. He stuffed another finger in her pussy, she yelped out and started twitching a little. She was having her first orgasm as he dominated her. Her eyes went wide as I watched his cock bob in front of her face.

"Now finish me off baby .. before I cum all over you .. and don't waste a drop .." as I saw her take his huge cockhead into her mouth. He held her head and pushed into her mouth as his fingers left her pussy. He grabbed her with both hands on the sides of her head as she slid out of the chair onto her kneeswith the chair slidding behind her. Now she was fully clothed, nothing good showing, and he was standing there pants down at his ankles shorts around his knees cock standing straight out into my wifes hot mouth.

She had her hands on his hips trying to not let him gag her with that huge weapon. As he was pushing his cock into her, holding her head there it happened. I watched his head fly back, and could actually see that big black pulsing in her mouth. He was pumping cum into her mouth, so much it started to drip out as she tried to swallow it all.

She used her hand to catch it before it hit the floor then gulped as much as she could. He sounded like he was growling as he just kept firing wads of cumm into her mouth. So much I watched her swallow at least three times. Then he pulled out she was licking him clean, and he saw the cum she caught.

"Go ahead baby .. don't you dare waste any of that .." and he guided her hands to her mouth.

"Lick it all up .. or you won't get this big cock in your hot white pussy .." then with that she licked it all up in a frenzy.

Savoring it as she looked him in the eyes.

"Please put that big cock in my pussy now .." as she got up pulling herself up onto the table.

"Don't make me beg .." her dress went up and she slid her panties off. His cock was still hard as he moved towards her.

"Look how wet I am for your big black cock .." as she grabbed her ankles spreading herlegs as far as she could.

Those beautiful glistening pussy lips parted invitingly to his view, as well as mine. My own cock was pumping out dry heaves at this point. This big black janitor was holding his cock, and then slapped it against my wifes clit. She reached over with her face licking his ear as he teased her pussy with that big cockhead.

She said something I couldn't hear, and then he said .. "Yeah baby I'm gonna tear your tight white pussy up ... and leave a load of cum in you for sure .." then I watched his cock disappear inside my wifes hot wet pussy.

"YeESsssssss ... " she moaned out as he stared to fill that tight pussy. " .. Fuck my hot cunt .." never before had she said cunt in front of me.

She was hotter than I ever saw her as she bucked up at his cock.

"Give me it all .." she groaned.

"Hold on bitch .." as he grabbed her hair pulling her hair back.

"I dont wanna cumm that quick again .." , but it was way too late as she grinded into his cock.

She had all his cock in her and was trying to milk him with her tight pussy. I could see that look of determination on her face.

"Yeesssss ... fill my pussy with cum .." as her legs wrapped around him.

She grabbed him behind the back and pulled him down onto her. She loves the weight of a man on her as he comes in that hot pussy of hers. I watched his ass tighten and he groaned out a loud.

"Nooo .." as he pumped all the way in holding his huge meat deep inside her.

She screamed out a hot ..."Yessss ... fill me with cummmmm ..." almost crying as she writhed under him cumming all over his black cock.

"I'm cumming so hard ... so good ... from you cumming so deep .. don't stop .." as he couldn't move he came so hard. He looked frozen, and she was grinding into him like a sex crazed animal. As he pulled back she was still trying to make contact with that big black cock.

Then I saw an amazing site, as my wifes pussy was wide open. Thick black man's cum was pouring out of her all over the table.

She layed all the way back saying .. " MMMmmm I need that .. that was so good .." and closed her eyes rubbing her creamy pussy.

"Good isn't the word for it .." he exclaimed .." .. amazing is more like it .. anytime you want more .. just say so ..!! "

With that my wife reached over and grabbed the remote, then looked straight into the camera smiling and she faded away.

WOW ..!!!! My cock was sore from jacking off.

I replayed it four times on that day off. Even went out and bought a 2nd VCR to retape it without her knowing, but she came home early after the gym while I was out. She took the tape, and I had put it back not knowing if I should confront her. Then while out decide not to tape it over until I would tell her I saw it. Too late to tape it .. Oh well .. but what a memory!!!

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