tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWorking the Cubicles Ch. 02

Working the Cubicles Ch. 02


There was a dead silence as Don, the representative of the human resources department and the person originally in charge of hiring Rachel, entered the conference room with a loud click of the door. Rachel was somewhere between mortified and horrified as she quickly tried to smooth her rumpled skirt. Her straight blond hair was long enough to serve as a shroud, keeping Don from directly seeing her and vice versa as she tried to gather herself in the few brief seconds she had.

The only person who could see Rachel's face clearly was Stu, the man who had just traded Rachel the questionable gift of corporate employment in exchange for the violation of her body and mind. He was sitting directly across from her and settling into a position of feigned boredom.

Tremors from the recent orgasm he had inflicted on her with his hands still skittered through Rachel's body. Her full lips trembled now and again as she tried to maintain a hold of herself. She could feel the moist heat between her legs and pinched herself very hard as Don casually strolled in to join them.

Rachel was sitting at the conference table in a hunched, awkward way that screamed 'guilty' to the discriminating eye. Stu had seen similar body language in a hundred court rooms and a thousand times outside of this room. Usually there was blood in the water that signalled him to strike. This situation was different. He had already struck. As a result, the young woman, whose professional mystique had been completely shattered by the ease and speed in which Stu had managed to bulldoze through her objections and into her panties, looked like she had been caught elbow-deep in the cookie jar with crumbs on her face.

Stu, as surprised as he was by the unexpected entrance of Don, reacted with a natural ease due to a deeply ingrained and internalized philosophy that had served him well throughout his life and career.

The best defense is a good offense.

"Nice of you to finally join us, Don" Stu said, with a hint of genuine annoyance.

For just a fraction of a moment, Don's eyebrows furrowed at the comment. Most people wouldn't have noticed it or understood what the flicker of expression represented, but Don genuinely did not like Stu or his comments. Don, in response, faked a good-natured smile and rolled with the punch.

"Sorry, sorry," Don apologized, "I had to grab the introductory package for Rachel and got side tracked." Don crossed the room and put down his stack of paperwork at the end of the table between Rachel and Stu after taking a moment to turn the still-running but completely ignored training video off in the background.

"Nobody ever really pays attention to these things anyways," he explained in an almost apologetic manner, as if Rachel or Stu cared in any way about the boring scenarios involving the bad attractive actors. The people that actually needed to heed the common sense espoused were usually those least likely to watch it.

"It's really more of a CYA training requirement", said Don, passingly, as he took a seat at the end of the table between Rachel and Stu and cleared his throat noisily.

"Sorry for my rude interruption. Where were you two?"

A pregnant pause.

Rachel and Stu met each other's eyes for a brief moment before she glanced downwards with a troubled, guilty look and Stu leapt into action.

"Well, Rachel-" said Stu, turning Don's attention towards her and forcing her into motion. She raised her crystal blue eyes briefly to meet his before lowering them towards the table once again. "-was just introducing herself," continued Stu conversationally. Stu tried not to swear out loud as he saw Rachel turtling up. Her odd behaviour was likely going to lead to some uncomfortable questions sooner rather than later.

Rachel's knuckles were white as her nails bit into the palm of her hand.

"Did you know she was a cheerleader back in her home town?" said Stu. His bold faced lie was delivered surprisingly smoothly.

Rachel raised her eyebrows slightly at both her, frankly, unwanted inclusion in this conversation as well as the surprisingly accurate guess Stu made. She glanced over to Don for a full moment to gauge his reaction to Stu's claim on her behalf.

"Is that right?" said Don, impressed and leaning towards her and somehow managing to not notice anything amiss thus far. "I should have guessed. Rachel, you definitely have a positive and outgoing personality. Why didn't you include this on your resume?"

Stu tensed a little despite his poker face -- either Rachel would play along or this would go bad very quickly.

"I guess I thought that nobody at an office like this would care about the fact that I shook pompoms and baked cookies", said Rachel as she finally raised her gaze and made eye contact for the first time since Don had entered the room. She even had enough sauce to include a little self-deprecating shrug. She pinned a few loose strands of hair behind her ear in a practised motion. Her cheeks were still noticeably blush and her breathing was still a little ragged, but that could be argued down to nervousness.

"On the contrary, Rachel" said Don, excited at the opportunity to compliment and stroke the ego of the beautiful new employee. "It shows that you were interested in extracurricular activities while in school. That shows initiative and dedication. You should definitely consider updating your resume with the information."

Rachel nodded in quiet acknowledgement and lowered her head again -- seemingly trying to disappear into her seat.

"So as I was telling you, Rachel," said Stu in feigned continuation of a previous conversation while giving her a very direct look. "Now that I've decided to take you under my wing, there are some pretty big perks that come with this position. I'm occasionally required to travel as required by the company and as my personal assistant; you may or may not need to accompany me".

Rachel swallowed noiselessly and looked directly at Stu for the first time since he had turned her body against her - searching his calm features with uncertainty.

"As well, the position comes with full benefits - which Don can tell you about after I'm gone".

Don nodded while the corners of Stu's twitched in a smile. Rachel perked up in her chair with a flicker of genuine interest as Stu continued selling her on the position.

"Most importantly, you will gain invaluable experiences working directly under me" said Stu with a straight face. It took everything Rachel had not to cringe and let her face catch fire with Don watching her so closely. She struggled to focus on calming her breathing and tried to focus on the bridge of Stu's nose as he continued, "While it may sometimes feel like you're getting bent over backwards by the requirements of the job on occasion; rest assured that those of us working with you are working long hours to keep a leg up on the competition"


Dead silence.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" Stu concluded with just the faintest hint of a smile.

Then he winked at her.

Rachel felt like dying, right then. If an airliner had smashed into the building at that moment, Rachel would have calmly lit a cigarette on the flaming corpses of these gentlemen and cheerfully embraced nonexistence.

As it was, after that last little bit, Rachel wasn't sure if there was any part of her pale lithe body that wasn't burning in embarrassment. Not knowing how else to vent her outrage and shame and anger at the entirely unfair situation, Rachel finally lashed out by kicking Stu solidly in the shin under the table. Stu did not react. There was only a slight tightening of his eyes.

"I... I think I'm ready for this," Rachel said, grimacing.

"Excellent," said Stu. "I'll leave you in Don's capable hands and get back to the important project I was working on."

"Rachel," said Stu, addressing her seriously for a moment as he stood up and extended his hand over the table towards her. "It's been a sincere pleasure. I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow and working with you."

With a surprisingly dazzling smile and what appeared to be a slight limp in his step, Stu shook Rachel's limp, sweaty hand and promptly left the room. He retreated back to his office and the movie that had undoubtedly finished streaming.

Some part of Rachel was still operating in a mechanical semblance of normality as she sat back down and turned towards Don.

"So," said Don after a moment. He then finished explaining what each of the documents indicated and required.

"Any questions?" Don asked.

_____ _____ _____

Rachel entered her car a little overwhelmed by the familiarity and the small comfort it gave her. She promptly dumped the stacked folder of papers she had been given in the back, cluttering her otherwise clean car. She turned the key in the ignition and blankly stared out across the parking lot for a short eternity as the car idled. Rachel had arrived in quite a rush this morning and was now leaving in a strange daze.

A lot can happen in two hours.

Her whole life had changed -- for better and for worse. She was giddy and euphoric about getting the job -- but she was also trembling with nervous dread at the prospect of simply returning here -- to this place. She hadn't even showed up for her first day yet and she already wanted to quit.

Ironically, now, the only thing worse than being unemployed is being employed.

Unfortunately, it wasn't really an option for the usual reasons -- no money, no other job, no other prospects. Rachel, staring numbly at her steering wheel, gulped noisily as the ugly realization hit her somewhere around her uterus at full force.

She was out of choices.

Rachel had to pick up groceries before she returned home -- Dogdog was waiting for her to bring home the (artificially flavoured) bacon. She also had to fill up her car since the tank was getting pretty low. After picking up groceries for the week her bank account would start drooping dangerously low. If she avoided any unnecessary purchases -- she should get her first paycheque just in time to-

Rachel, finally, burst out in tears and buried her face in her hands.

_____ _____ _____

I did what I had to.

The thought kept echoing inside Rachel as she soaked in her tub. She was trying to make sense of the clutter in her mind. Namely everything that had brought her to this point.

Her toes wiggled joyfully and Rachel was more than happy to simply sink into the luxurious heat of the clean bath water, surrounded by candles in the darkened bathroom. The comfort made her feel almost human again.

Ahhh, her brain sighed as she relaxed her head on the folded towel at the end of the tub.

The young blonde's mind wandered as her body tried its best to keep from cooking. Her pale body had turned a scarlet red a long time ago but she shivered despite the heat as memories of the day's events bubbled to the surface.

She lazily brushed her thin, muscular arm with a bar of soap before sinking it into the hot water again and closed her eyes.

It had been a big day of firsts.

Rachel's hands glided slowly over her body -- over her breasts -- cupping and sizing them up with her hands as she looked down at them in an almost thoughtful manner. Was Stu really attracted to her? Rachel had always felt scrawny compared to other women. Occasionally she had even fantasized about what it would be like to get implants -- to accentuate her womanly curves. She had always had more a lean swimmer's body and it bugged her, a little.

Rachel's mind wandered back to the conference room. Frozen by Stu's offer and overpowered. She remembered the first smell she had gotten of him -- the first delicious whiff when he had initially introduced himself. First impressions were important, after all. Rachel remembered how Stu had buried his nose in the nape of her hair after he had ensnared her and his skilled fingers played between her legs. She tried to imagine what it would have been like to fight him off and she could feel her heartbeat increasing and her muscles tensing as she pictured it. How she could have hit and kicked and yelled and screamed like a banshee until Don or somebody else came running in through the door - restraining Stu with ease before police somehow magically appeared afterwards -- taking her side and immediately imprisoning the sick bastard.

That's not what had happened, though.

Not even close.

She had frozen -- again.

Stu hadn't been particularly violent with her -- he hadn't actually hit her or explicitly threatened her, after all -- but there had been a slightly wild look in his eyes when he had moved towards her. The look a big dumb animal might have moving in for an easy meal. It's hard to think clearly when a person is looking at you like that. There had been a sense of barely contained restraint in his grasp when the fingers of his hand had dug into her fleshly bottom - something primal transferred through his touch that had cowed something deep inside of her.

That she was the source of this lust -- the realization that she could even be a source of such crazed passion.

The tips of Rachel's fingers drifted over her nipples and idly played with them.

Despite herself, Rachel started imagining what might have happened if Don hadn't entered the room when he had -- if he hadn't saved her from Stu. How her boss might have roughly tangled his hand in her hair after he had bent her over the conference table and arching her painfully back towards him. She remembered the dread she had felt in the pit of her stomach when she had heard him unbuckling his belt and the ominous rasp of his zipper being pulled down. Rachel remembered how she had laid panting, her heartbeat thundering in her ears, overwhelmed.

In the tub Rachel's hand slowly traced down over her toned abdomen and idly she began teasing and pinching the inside of her thighs where she was especially sensitive. Her palm nudged against the cleft between her legs and her pelvis rolled in an almost imperceptible fashion. She played with her nipple as dark fantasies rolled over her. Candle light flickered around her.

"What are you doing?" gasped Rachel as she glanced over her shoulder. Her body was still humming with the energy of her recent orgasm as Stu stepped out his pants behind her and kicked them out of the way. He roughly pulled her skirt up over her hips and exposed her from the waist down. She tried to stand up, outraged, but he easily kept her pinned to the table. His erection bobbed menacingly.

"Stop it! Stop this right now!" she ordered in a panicked whisper.

"Or what?" he replied, quietly.

Before she could respond he pulled off her black panties and flung them behind him.

Stu then picked her up and turned her around so that she faced him, making her painfully aware of just how much larger he was then her and lifted her, without any apparent effort, onto the waist-high conference table before crouching between her legs which was where he hungrily buried his face. Rachel's body shuddered as she felt him trace his mouth hungrily over the throbbing, pulsing lips of her wet sex. At first she tried to push his head away but as his tongue roughly circled in a maddening rhythm over her engorged clitoris, her resolve and strength both withered and failed.

Rachel's abdomen was clenching and twitching in rhythm to Stu's assault on her netheregions and her legs gave a feeble little kick. He suddenly penetrated her with his index finger and followed it with another before curling them inside of her, causing a wicked jolt of ecstasy to rush through her. Rachel's nimble hands tangled and pulled at his hair, roughly, as pleasure pulsed through her. Rachel tried to force Stu's hungry mouth away from her, trying desperately to push him away and actually tearing a few hairs out in what must have been a painful manner. Stu's only response was to increase the speed at which he was fucking her with his fingers while his mouth sucked on her as his tongue lapped against her lips.

Her resolve died indignantly and her grip on his thick head of hair weakened as she was introduced to a new plateau of pleasure.

Rachel had had orgasms before but had rarely enjoyed them consecutively and never with this sheer intensity.

She would have had more luck trying to stop a volcanic eruption with a bottle of water.

Rachel gave a strangled cry as her pelvis desperately tried to decide whether to move her away from Stu or towards him. It felt like every muscle in her body was both contracting and relaxing as Stu withdrew his fingers and replaced them by thrusting his tongue deep inside of her. Rachel tried to move away from this new intrusion but Stu's fingers dug into her thighs and locked her into position. She was worried she wasn't getting enough oxygen as she felt incredibly light-headed and realized she was hyperventilating had been for several minutes. Stu's tongue tirelessly worked inside of her. The muscles in her body were beginning to painfully cramp as the unrelenting orgasm continued.

His ministrations were actually beginning to hurt a little but it was like she couldn't get enough.

Ecstasy had never been so addictive.

Rachel's spirit broke and she cried and begged and screamed again and again to no effect.

Black stars were starting to creep into the peripheral of her vision before Stu finally, thankfully, stopped.

She collapsed onto the table -- completely drained and exhausted and generally resembling a quivering ball of what used to be a person as Stu dragged her to the edge of the table and his thick, bobbing erection dripped against her leg. Rachel was filled with exhausted resignation as Stu's hands pinned her into position and he worked himself between her legs. She made eye contact with him for a moment and tried pleading with him with her eyes to stop before he went too far.

Silence filled the conference room as Stu pushed the head of his erection between Rachel's quivering entrance and then paused -- looking her in the eye for a moment. Rachel dared to hope before Stu, watching her face the whole time, roughly thrust inside of her.

Rachel gasped and whimpered as she was completely and utterly stuffed. It felt like she had just fisted herself. Fortunately she was incredibly lubricated but there was still quite a noticeable difference between the two fingers she had been introduced to and... this. Rachel, with gritted teeth, tried to slow or stop Stu by putting her hands on his thighs but was completely ignored. Stu's placed her feet against her shoulders and painfully folded her over on the edge of the conference table as he arched his pelvis against hers.

Rachel clenched her eyes to escape the heated look of animalistic lust on Stu's face and tried to adjust. Each time the stretched feeling between her legs began to feel tolerable, Stu found a way to arch a little further inside of her or thrust at a slightly different angle. He tried to kiss her but she roughly turned her face away from him.

Rachel had never been treated her so roughly before. In her previous (albeit limited) experiences, the boys had always treated her tenderly -- they were respectful and cautiously afraid of hurting her (and so was she -- for that matter). Inevitably, after a few minutes of awkward thrusting that resulted in a slight tingling pressure building in her netheregions -- they pulled out and finished. After making a sticky mess on her stomach that was more than a little nasty -- they rolled over.

For a time, she had thought the slight build-up she had experienced had been an orgasm and had excitedly shared the experience with her girlfriends.

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