tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWorking the Frathouse

Working the Frathouse


Judy awoke thirsty, like always. She sat up on the sofa and looked out over the front yard of Butch's house, "The Flophouse" as they called it. She'd been sleeping on the screened porch since summer started.

She found her water bottle and walked through the dewy grass to the spigot. After filling the bottle, she felt a need to empty her bladder. Lifting her dress, she squatted behind the holly bushes and relieved herself. Taking a drink of water, she said out loud to the morning, "Drinking and pissing at the same time -- I can multi-task with the best of them," and giggled to herself.

She went back to the sofa and covered up. She felt fortunate not to wake up with a hangover. It didn't happen often. The book she'd been reading was open on the little table, and she drank her water and read while the earth woke up. Bird noises got louder as the daylight grew brighter. The newspaper arrived late again, the delivery guy leering through the passenger side window at her like he had done every morning for the past three months. A flushing toilet inside the house indicated Butch was awake. He appeared naked at the screen door.

"Good morning, J." he said cordially, "Can you come in and pay the rent?"

"Sure," she said, rolling her eyes as she put the book down and followed him inside.

She went to the kitchen and opened the fridge and poured herself a cup of wine from a box on the shelf. Going into his bedroom, she saw he'd flopped down on his back, his erect penis extending almost to his belly button.

She started to get in bed beside him, but he said, "Take your dress off, honey. I like you naked."

She obliged, and took her bra off, too. She never wore panties.

She eased into the bed beside him, then rolled over on top of him, her breasts rubbing across his chest, and down toward his erection. He moaned, and she pressed harder. Taking the tip of his penis in her mouth, she began to pay the rent -- sucking off the morning hard-on. It had been that way since she'd "moved in" with Butch. They kept a weird space between themselves -- he was a rich pre-law major from the suburbs and she was a former student turned alcoholic and prostitute. Hence the sleeping arrangements. But in exchange for at least one blowjob (or something sexual) a day, she got to sleep on the sofa on the porch and use the bathroom, computer and phone. For three months this had been how she started her day. She'd drink a half litre of water -- "rehydrating," she called it -- and not start on wine until it was time for a chaser to rinse the cum out of her mouth. And could Butch cum -- a lot and often -- though probably not more than the average spoiled rich kid at 19.

At first, she'd done these rental payment blowjobs right -- sucking on the balls, light teeth on the head, etc. -- but soon she realized he just wanted to cum and it wasn't going to take long no matter what she did. So this morning, like most, she concentrated on taking the shaft as far into her mouth as she could and letting the head hit her throat. She put her hand in front of her lips and made an "O" around his shaft and squeezed up and down. That was all that was required, and he'd come and be happy. Sometimes he asked her to catch it in her mouth and show it to him before she swallowed it.

He began to push and breathe more excitedly. She squeezed tighter with her hand and continued sucking up and down. Suddenly he thrust high into her mouth and she felt his cock pump and the first string of cum squirt into her mouth. He jerked again and squirted another string and another, five in all. She swallowed it, and with an "Aaaaah," opened her mouth to show him she'd done so. She felt salty strings in her teeth and reached for the wine. The blush wine (Chateua de Cardboard, she called it) cut those strings and made her mouth feel clean again. She hated cum, really. Not so much the taste, as it tasted sort of like the mushroom soup her mother used to make. But the consistency was awful. It felt like it left a trail of sticky slime everywhere it went.

"Thanks, J," he said as he wiped his cock off with the sheet. "Will you make some coffee?"

He showered and got ready for school while she checked her phone messages. Her friend Rita had called, asking if she wanted to work a fraternity party. The frat was offering $600 for girls, and they wanted at least four young, pretty ones. She'd make $150 if she took the job.

She poured another glass of wine and called Rita back, agreeing to work the frat party. "How many dicks and how long?" she asked.

"Two hours -- from ten 'til midnight. Probably 40 altogether. Some will be two-timers, some drunk," Rita said.

They made further arrangements and Judy felt good, knowing she would have money for the next few days. When she had money, she didn't just drink wine from a cardboard box. She went to some of the nicest bars in town, at least the ones that would still let her in. As soon as Butch left, she poured another glass of wine to take to the shower. Cold wine in the warm shower was one of the pleasures of her day. Sometimes she brought a bottle with her and laid back and read while the shower slowly filled the tub, only getting out when the hot water or wine ran out.

Today would probably follow the course of most of her days. She'd drink, including several glasses of wine with lunch, then take a nap. Later she'd wake up and go earn some money. She'd come to this little university town as a student, her parents hoping she'd calm down. After she lost her job, vomited at her brother's wedding, wrecked two cars and failed out of college, her parents wanted to put her in a treatment center. Instead, she'd moved in with Butch, an ex-classmate whose wealthy family had bought him a little house near campus.

For lunch she went to the generic Tex-Mex place and had a pitcher of Sangria while reading her book. Sangria wasn't her favorite, as margaritas hit quicker, but today, she decided to try something different. Stuffed with lunch, she ordered a margarita to go (they put them in plastic cups for customers to carry out) and sipped it on the way back to Butch's house. She fell into his bed and into a boozy sleep.

Butch came home from the law library and roused her at 6. Sometimes he seemed angry she was in his bed. One time, she'd been asleep on her side and he'd stretched on a condom and not woken her up until he was bumping the head of his cock against her labia, trying to find her opening. God, she'd hated that, but she lifted her leg and opened her pussy for him anyway.

Today he just shook her hip and said, "Wake up, honey." Butch seemed to really like Judy, once telling her that "if things were different," he might want to be in a real relationship with her. "If things were different ... " She thought about that phrase every day. It meant the same thing no matter who said it -- she'd have to stop drinking.

She rinsed her mouth with water and poured a glass of wine to sip while she got ready for the frat party. She really didn't like frat boys at all anymore. Any one of them alone could be a decent guy -- someone you could talk to in class about things that mattered. Two of them together lowered each one's IQ tremendously. And the more frat boys to gather in one place, the louder their voices and lower their IQs got. Forty of them mixing booze and drugs and sex ... tonight would be worrisome, but probably safe. Most of them had sisters, and usually there were other women there. One good thing about them was that it took longer for them to get in and out of their clothes than it did for her to make them cum.

She poured some wine into a pair of plastic drink bottles -- a half-litre for the walk and a litre for the frathouse -- and put them in her big purse. Checking to make sure the 36 condoms, cell phone, book, and bottle of lube were in the purse also, she set off to meet Rita, sipping the wine from the bottle. The casual observer -- and the cops, who loved busting people for open containers -- would think she was drinking lemonade.

Rita was waiting at the corner of University and Ballard streets. Judy finished the smaller bottle of wine right before Rita saw her and tossed the bottle into the church lot. They'd meet the other two girls at the frathouse.

They found them on a street corner near the Sigma Chi Delta house and walked on. The other two girls were pretty, and young. One was black and tall with big earrings, the other a short white girl with a slight overbite. Both had clear skin, which was Judy's measure for girls "in the business," as they referred to prostitution. She took good care of her skin so she wouldn't look like just another homeless tramp, too, even though she reckoned she was just another homeless tramp if you got right down to it.

They were greeted at the door by a frat brother with a drink in each hand. Behind him, music thumped loudly, girls laughed. Lights flashed and guys yelled.

"Come in," he said with a big bow, offering one of the drinks to them. "Have some of our Crunchpunch," he said, as Judy took the cup from him. She smelled it and it brought back a memory. While still a student, once she'd drank a good bit of this grain alcohol and cheap sugary punch mix at a frat party and woken up in bed with two guys she didn't remember meeting. She later fainted while running to class to take a Calculus exam and some security guard had insisted she go to the infirmary.

Other guys brought some punch over, calling for Robert to come to the front of the crowd. An older student appeared and introduced himself as Robert, the one who had made the arrangements.

"Let's go in here," he said, pointing down a hallway. "We'll get you girls set up in these four first-floor rooms, and the guys will come in one at a time. Hang the 'Do not Disturb' signs on the doorknob while you're busy with a guy and then take it off when you are free." He reached into his pocket and took out a wad of bills. "Rita?" he asked quizzically.

"That's me," said Rita, holding out her hand. Rita was a good businesswoman and took the lead in all negotiations she was involved in.

"Here's the cash," he said as he handed it over.

Rita took the wad and counted it. "Okay, this is the cash for showing up and offering the basics for two hours -- in the mouth, in the pussy with a condom, no rough stuff -- just like we talked about. Anything extra costs extra -- just like we talked about. Right?"

"Right," agreed Robert.

"Do you have any towels?"

"Yeah, we washed a whole stack of hand towels. There are some in each room." He opened a door and showed Rita a stack, then opened the doors of the other three rooms.

"OK, give us a few minutes to get ready and we'll start the show," said Rita.

Judy went into the last room and closed the door behind her. Inside was a mattress on the floor covered in a sheet with a muss of covers on top and a chair in the corner. Posters of girls-leaning-over-sports-cars adorned the wall, a computer hummed, a candle burned on the desk. Judy put down her bag and sat down. She pulled her dress over her head and removed her bra. Reaching into her bag for the lube, she put some on her hand and rubbed it into her genitals, including deep in her vagina. She rubbed the excess off with one of the hand towels and tossed it in a corner and took a box of a dozen condoms out and put them on the desk near the candle.

She heard guys giggling down the hallway. Fuck them. She hated them. For the next two hours, she'd be their meat -- a nicely-shaped hunk of flesh for them to bend and fold and hump on, a masturbatory aid. Just last year, she was in the same school as these pricks, and while her grades didn't reflect it, she knew she was smarter than 90 percent of them.

Judy took a quick slug on the wine bottle. Doors closed. More voices floated down the hall. Judy put the wine away and opened the door.

A guy was already waiting at her doorway.

"Come in," she said, disappointed when she realized he hadn't brought her a drink. Maybe the next guy would.

He came in and closed the door. He walked to the edge of the mattress and stood there, not quite knowing what to do next. She got up on her knees and scooted across the mattress right in front of him. She undid his pants and pulled down his zipper. He placed his drink on the desk. She pulled his pants and Y-fronts down and a half-erect cock sprung out. She took it in her mouth and sucked. He smelled clean, which she always appreciated. His cock got harder and harder and when it was fully erect, she said, "Why don't you take those pants off?"

He slipped out of his shoes while she took a condom out of the box. He stood back up and pulled his pants and underwear off and pulled his shirt over his head. She sat back up in front of him and began unrolling the condom on his cock. She'd gotten pretty good at this. When it was all the way down his shaft, she laid back down on the mattress and said, "Come on." He knelt down between her legs and she reached for his latex-coated cock, guiding it to her slippery opening as he leaned forward.

She got the head close to her pussy opening. He thrust forward and it went in. He kept pushing until he was all the way in and held still, quivering a little bit.

"What's your name?" Judy asked.

"Steve," he said.

"Well come on, Steve, give me a good hard fuck. You're my first of the night."

She wrapped her legs around him as he began thrusting back and forth into her. She put her arms around his back and felt his breath on her neck. At one point, he pulled back and looked at her face. She gave him the best smile she could, then took a nail and scratched it down the center of his back. That put him over the edge. He started thrusting harder and harder. Judy scratched harder. Finally he pushed as far into her pussy as he could and made an "aaaaaah" sound.

She could feel the little pumps in the bottom of her pussy as he filled the condom with his cum. When he was done ejaculating, he pulled out and knelt between her legs, his condom-covered cock bouncing up and down.

"There's a trash can right there," she said, pointing under the desk as she stood up.

"Thanks," he said as he tugged the condom off.

"You're welcome," she replied. "Would you ask the next fellow to come my way to bring me a drink?"

"You can have mine and I'll get a new one," he said as he handed her the cup and began dressing.

"OK, thanks."

She waved the cup of punch at him as he left, as if to toast the good time she'd just had, then emptied it. If all of them were that easy and nice, this wouldn't be so bad.

"Looks like I'm next," said a voice from the doorway.

"Come in," Judy said to the a tanned guy in shorts closing the door. He wasn't holding a drink, Judy noted with disappointment. She reached for his crotch. "What ya got in there?" she asked.

"Take it on out and see, baby," he said.

Judy unbuckled his belt and pants and pulled the zipper down. He wasn't wearing any underwear and an uncircumcised cock emerged between the teeth of his zipper. Judy pulled his shorts down while rubbing his cock on her face. When he'd stepped out of his pants, she cupped his balls with one hand and pulled his foreskin back with the other. As the head of his cock emerged, she took it in her mouth and felt him get harder and longer. When he was all the way hard, she reached for a condom and handed it to him.

He put it on in a way that said he had pulled a lot of condoms over his cock and said, "Let's do it dogstyle." Judy got on her knees and one elbow and reached between her legs for his cock. When she didn't find it, she looked back to see what had happened and he was kneeling behind her, leering into the crack between her legs. "Cute pussy."

"Thanks," Judy replied. "Now come on and fuck it."

He brought his cock to her pussy and Judy guided it between her lips and pushed back. He pushed forward and slid all the way inside her, hitting a part of her cervix that only got touched when she was on her knees. He withdrew and pushed in again and again, each time pushing his condom-covered cock as far as he could into her. He hunched his body over hers and reached around for her breasts. He squeezed them until it almost hurt. He straightened up again to be perpendicular to the mattress and put his thumb on Judy's asshole and pushed down so that it squeezed his cock even tighter. Judy rested her forehead on the pillow and tried to think of other things while he hammered away at her. She thought again about quitting drinking. Other people did. But she liked to drink. A lot. She couldn't imagine life without wine ... or any other alcoholic beverage. She didn't know how anyone could live without booze. She wasn't ready to. Her thoughts came back to the present as her customer gripped her hips and jerked her body against his, his cock driving deep into her each time. Finally, he pulled her close and groaned. Judy collapsed down on the mattress as she felt his cock pulsing in her pussy.

He withdrew and leered into her crack again. Judy turned and sat down and watched him as he took the condom off and threw it away. He took a towel and wiped the cum off his cock and threw it on the floor. "Thanks," he said just before he opened the door to leave.

As soon as he left, she closed the door, leaving the "Do not Disturb" sign on the outside and locked the door. Another guy was coming down the hall. She quickly reached in her purse and grabbed the wine. Unscrewing the top, she heard a knock on the door as a voice said, "Hey, you ain't got nobody in there. I just saw Stevie leaving."

"Just a minute," she replied to the voice as she took a long slug of wine.

She put the bottle back in her purse and unlocked the door.

"Hi," she said, "Come in."

He closed the door behind him and tugged down his shorts. Holding his cock in his hand, he yelled out, "Come and get it, sweetheart" loudly enough that guys in the hall laughed. Someone yelled back, "Ride 'em, cowboy."

She knelt in front of him and put his fully erect cock in her mouth. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head forward. His curly pubic hairs tickled the inside of her nose as his cockhead hit her throat. He pulled her head back, then all the way down again.

"Fuck yeah," he said. "Can I cum on your face?"

She took his wrist and pulled, indicating she wanted him to release her hair. He did.

"How about my tits?"

"OK," he said

She kept sucking him all the way down the shaft like he wanted. Placing her hand on the shaft in front of the her lips, she moved up and down on it as fast as she could, squeezing tighter and tighter. He put a hand on the back of her head, but didn't exert any force on her with it. Suddenly, he bent at the knees and thrust forward into her mouth and held her head in tightly against his body. Judy felt his cock surging bigger and harder and tried to pull away, but he held her face tightly against into his pelvis, pubic hairs tickling her nose. A massive wad of cum shot directly down Judy's throat, then another. She pushed back hard against him and pulled her mouth off his cock. He grabbed it and squeezed it as another string of cum landed on her chest.

"Goddamn you," Judy said, spitting his cum into a towel. He laughed and squirted another few dribbles onto the mattress. "Jerk!" Judy said as she wiped his cum off her lips,

When he was done he smiled at her, and pulled his shorts back up.

"You ought to pay me extra for that shit, you prick," Judy said.

"Fuck you, whore," was all he said as he opened the door and left.

"Goddamn him," Judy thought. If she ever could, she'd repay that son of a bitch.

Another guy was waiting outside. She wiped down with a towel and asked the new guy as he walked in, "Do you know where there's a ladies room?"

He pointed down the hall, "There's a showerroom down there."

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