byFantasy Kiss©

This story was inspired by the new gym in the physical fitness building at my college that I currently go to. As you enter the building, you see into the gym because in the wall is a glass window. This is my very first story, so be kind.

One evening, not too long ago, I was working out within the fitness center at my university. I'm the only one there, except for the guy closing up. He is cute. He has a nice coco brown, almost like chocolate skin tone and damn if it didn't make me want to lick and take a little bite of his tempting flesh. I decide I can get in one more set of weights before I have to leave. I stand up, preparing to sit and begin my exercise. He comes up and tells me I'm working that particular machine wrong. Puzzled, I watched as he sets the weights to 300 lbs, something I can't manage. I begin to protest when suddenly, he stands up and ties my hands on the side of each bar. I can't move. I can't, I can't pull away. I'm trapped.

He suddenly pulls out a pocketknife and cuts through my work outfit, leaving me naked and facing the window overlooking the street. With my legs straddled over the seat, I feel exposed and surprisingly, wet. He moves beneath me and slides face first between my legs and begins to eat me with slow, soft licks that I barely feel. He eats me, savoring the taste of my skin before the wetness overwhelms me.

I begin to flow. Using my own wetness and his tongue, he lubricates my clit, moving in circles and I feel my pussy contracting, trying to somehow grip that tongue and pull it inside me. Just as the wetness starts to slide down my legs and the cum begins to build, he stops. Sliding from under me, he licks his way up my body and I shiver. He whispers in my ear, "You see that man looking in from the street, watching you?"

Opening my eyes, I see him, a stranger in his 50s watching, breathing as hard as I am. He is touching himself. I nod. My captor continues, "You will not cum until there are five people at that window watching. If you cum before then I will leave you here, like this all night and let the girl who opens up in the morning find you."

I begin to cry. For those of you who know downtown Atlanta, there is NO ONE on the streets after 8:30 p.m. except with the restaurant area, which was blocks away.

He slides back beneath me and sucks on my clit. I scream as the sensation runs through me with more intensity then I've ever experienced. He sucks me, sucks me, sucks me, and sucks me some more. Hard and deep like he is somehow going to swallow me whole. Hard and soft, soft and hard and I'm trying so hard to hold it in, trying so hard not to cum but SHIT. Desperate, I look at the window and there stands a couple along side the old man. The old man has his dick out and he is stoking it slowly as he watches. The girl stands before her boyfriend facing us. He has her sweater pushed up around her throat. Her bra is pushed to the side and he is stroking her nipples, twisting and pulling them.

Oh god, it's coming. My pussy tries to grip his tongue again but then he stops. He stops and pulls away and I'm so close my body is fucking pulsing. I can hardly breath. My legs are tired. My arms are tired. My heart hurts from pounding. I look down and he is staring up at me from between my legs with a smirk. His face is soaked. I smile back. He looks at my pussy, contracting, trying to suck something in, anything in. My breathing slows but is still fast. He slides a finger in, slowly. Two fingers now. Three. Three fingers fucking me, fucking me deep. And then they are gone. I look up and one of the college's basketball players is lined up with the three people watching. One hand massages his dick through his shorts and the other is holding his basketball under his arm. The old man came against the window at least once, but he didn't stop stoking. One more finger slides inside of me. Four. His remaining hands rises up and soaks itself in pussy juice. Wet with my pussy juice, he slides a finger along the crack of my ass and then slides inside. I'm being finger fucked in both ends. It's too intense. I hear the sound of his hands pounding in and out of me. Every time he moves out of me and I tighten my muscles trying to suck him back in. I feel him inside both holes-shit!

Occasionally his thumb would rub my clit. If not his thumb then his tongue. He pulls his hand free and I hear slurping sounds as he drinks from me, licking the excess juice pooling in his hand. I'm close again and again here suddenly stops. He slides from underneath me and comes up and around to face me. He plays with my nipples, getting them wet. Then he leans in close for a kiss. I nearly bite his tongue off in my eagerness. He laughs and stops. Pulling out his dick he comes behind me and shoves it in, deep, hard. At last I'm being fucked right but he's moving too slowly.

I scream, "God damn, what is wrong with you. I can't take this!"

Laughing, he fucks me slow.

"Harder!" I scream. "Harder you son of a bitch. What's wrong? You don't know how to fuck? Is that why you have tie women down because you can't FUCK?"

I think that worked because he started fucking me harder. All in my shit. My body is jerking back and forth from lack of support. My arms and hands are numb. He grabs me by the hair, thrusting my head back and giving me the fuck of my life. I'm almost there.

Looking up I see the old man stuck to the window, his dick forgotten. The girl is now on her knees sucking her boyfriend off. And the basketball player is now pounding into a fat white chick. Is that Kari? Her body is slammed against the window holding the B player's ball as he fucks her to the rhythm that I'm being fucked. I hear my captor behind me.

"Take it. Come on you have it- my dick my dick, take it. You can cum now. There are five. Do it. I said now!" And I did. I come around him in pulsing waves, my body spiraling out of control and my mind losing all touch with reality.

Afterward, he unties me and lets me lay down onto the seat. He opens the door and tells the guy with the girl to come in and tells her to remain outside. He leads him to me and tells him to get on his knees and eat the cum out of my pussy. His girlfriend glares through the window, clearly jealous. The question is: is it because he is eating my pussy and she doesn't like that? Or perhaps she wishes it were her doing the feasting...

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