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Workout For Jennifer Ellison


Ever Tuesday morning Jennifer Ellison checked in to her usual local gym to do a quick one-hour work out in case any big movie deal ever appeared. So this particular Tuesday was no different to any other Tuesday she walked in got her locker key and a slightly leering look from the gym manager. The usual look of he wanted to see her naked Jen got it all the time so just brushed it off as frankly nothing. She walked into the changing room got changed put all her stuff in a locker and went out to start her workout. As usual she would send twenty minutes on the jogging machine to make sure that she was in good physical shape then a few sit ups as well as a go on the exercise ball and to finish off a few rounds with a punch bag. Not today however the gym manager had watched Jennifer work out for afar for the last 2 years and he had enough of it today he thought was the time to act.

So he hatched his cunning plan to fuck Jennifer Ellison then scraped it and went on the fly, as he knew raping her would ruin his life job even family. He watched Jennifer warm up then saw her get on the running machine she looked as hott as ever in a tight white running top which always drove him wild with lust and a pair of dark grey sweatpants. The pants always clung tight to her hips showing a clear outline of her ass he sat back and watched her run sweat dripped of her forehead as she pushed herself making those big tits of hers bounce up and down in her top. Enjoying this show the gym manager started to rub himself though his sweatpants as Jen continued to work out making his cock hard as she trained. Watching her roll around on the exercise ball looked so good he couldn't wait to get his dick inside of her making his cock stretch against his own sweatpants forcing him to watch the rest of Jennifer's session sitting down. He watched Jennifer work on the punching bag and knowing her routine quite well he knew she was nearing the end so he snuck away into the ladies changing rooms. Managing to fit himself into a rather large double locker he watched and waited for Jennifer.

She walked into the room towel round her neck panting heavily and then she gets her stuff out of her locker and kicks off her trainers. Wiping the sweat off her forehead she then grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Pulling her hair back the gym manager is able to great a great view of her breasts incased in a tiny little sports bra. The bra was so tight he could see a clear outline of her tits and see her nipples pushing into the material. Getting hold of his cock he slowly stroked it quietly as he watched Jennifer strip off her socks then untie the string to her sweat pants. Lowering them down her body the manager was barely able to hold in a gasp as he saw Jennifer's nice tanned ass in a tiny white thong. He was lucky not to cum right there in that locker as he watches Jen's ass sway and then took a breath as her hands reached behind her back and undid her bra. When suddenly a mobile phone went off in Jennifer's bag cursing under his breath he watched as she left the bra around her body and answered the phone.

"Yeah Tony... no I'm at the gym... yes I'll remember the meeting's next week... yeah I hope it's a good movie too... no nudity either... ok thanks Tony bye."

Jen puts the phone down and pulls off the rest of the bra the sight the manager saw was amazing. Her larger breasts 100% real untouched by surgery just hung there no sag no drooping just perfect young tits. Those big pink nipples stood to attention and her slightly white breast due to lack of sun exposure, as she no longer lay topless on beaches due to photographers. To the gym manager these looked like the most perfect breasts in the world and he wanted them badly as she pulled a large pink towel from her bag he knew she was going for a shower and now had found his chance to fuck her. Watching her as she pulled her tiny thong from her crack he rubbed his cock hard as he stared in awe at her bare ass and then his jaw dropped as she turned around to revel her naked pussy to him. A small landing strip of blonde hair hid in the gym manager's mind the most fuckable pussy on telly today and he could barley hold himself from cumming. Jen picked up her shower gel and soap and made her way to the showers while the gym manager quietly stripped down to his Speedo's inside the locker.

He waited until he cold hear water running before making his move and once out of the locker he sees the cubical at the far end is on that's where Jennifer is. Slowly walking across the tiles so as not to scare her he reaches the door and sees her long blonde hair above the door being sprayed with water. Carefully he slide the cubical door open Jen didn't hear the door at first as she was to busy washing off all her sweat until she hears panting behind her a man panting a dirty old man looking at her naked body. Jennifer wasn't like those girls from the movies who scream loudly when found in the shower no Jen is a scouser and Liverpool girls don't scream they kick and fight so turning around and coving herself up Jen looks to see the gym manager looking at her in his Speedo's and the typical reaction ensues.

"YOU DIRTY PERVERT," she shouts out.

"No Miss Ellison wait please wait you gotta just," he stutters as Jennifer moves towards him.

"GET OUT OF HERE YOU SICK BASTARD," Jennifer yells at the top of her voice.

"No stop please," he begs then as she goes to get out of the shower he grabs her wrist. For some reason this stops Jen from leaving and the manager looks deep into her eye.

"Please Miss Ellison I'm one of your biggest fans I... I don't wanna rape you take advantage of you I just wanna have sex with you," He says looking in her eyes taking a deep breath then continuing.

"You're my idol and you come to my gym every week looking so beautiful that I just can't help myself so please have sex with me."

Jen looked at him and realized this was not some dirty old man looking for a quick fuck this is a guy who found her very attractive. After her spilt from her fiancé Jen hadn't had sex in over 9 months and the truth was she didn't feel attractive enough for anyone to think about having sex with her. Now a guy was standing here in her shower begging to sleep with her Jen tried to think of an answer but instead moved forward and kissed him. The manager was more than shocked when Jen shoved her tongue down his throat but was able to grab hold of her back and push her back into the shower. The water ram down both of them as their hot embrace felt so good Jen broke the kiss then slowly sank to her knees. This is the gym manager's heaven Jennifer Ellison on her knee's taking off his trunks letting his 9-inch dick spring out and it smacks her on the forehead. Any doubts about doing this were flushed away from Jennifer's mind when she saw the size of his dick she had never had one that big in her before.

Jen gives the cock a few rubs but then realizes that it is fully erect. She wraps her lips around the head and lowers her mouth down onto his cock pushing it inch by inch into her mouth. The manager watches as his dick disappear down Jen's mouth and see her sexy face struggle with his dick down her throat until like a true slut she breathes though her nose. Jen started to bob her head on his shaft making him moan as he strokes her blonde hair as he feels her tongue lick up and down his shaft. Starting to increase the pace Jennifer's mouth moves faster and faster sucking the biggest dick she had ever had making the guy moan and groan out loud. The sucking now feels so good on the gym manager's cock he is focused to hold onto the top of the shower stall digging his fingers keeping him upright. Jennifer hears him shout and groan and she adds to the noise by slurping and sucking loudly on his cock but she feels his dick tenses knowing he is on the edge.

Screaming out the blonde's name the manager blows his load down Jennifer's throat but the ex soap star swallows all of his cum. She gets up with some un-swallowed jizz still left on her lips making her look so slutty and sexy. The manager has left nail marks in the shower stall after his massive orgasm and is trying to catch his breath while Jen licks the cum off her lips. Watching the manager try to regain feeling in his legs Jen's hand slips down to her wet pussy and slowly starts rubbing her clit thinking about that massive dick in her mouth. Jen feels some pre cum trickle down her hand as she starts to rub herself harder getting rib off all those pent up thoughts of sex built up over the last few months. However her hand just doesn't feel as good as a nice hard cock and after a long time jen really needed to feel a cock inside of her but she wonders how much her blowjob had taken out of the guy. Jennifer moves her hand from her very wet snatch and walks across the shower making the water hitting her breasts as the gym manager watches.

"Look I really need a good hard fucking want me to get you hard again?" Jen sexily asks the guy who a stare at her like it's the dumbest question ever spoken.

Instead of speaking the manager just put his hand on her head pushing her back down to her knees in front of his dick. Thinking that Jen will use her hands the guy leans back against the wall for a hand job from this little cockteasing but he is wrong. First Jen gives his cock head a little kiss making his hold dick twitch then she gets hold of her tits and slowly wraps them around his cock making him groan as the wet tit flesh rubbed against his dick. Wanking his dick using her tits makes the gym manager cry out ecstasy, as her tits feel so good next to his dick stroking him back to full hardness. Jennifer smiles as she feels his cock grow hard in her cleavage that was her special trick for getting guys hard. She gives his dick a few more rubs the stands up grabs onto the back of his head and pulls him in for another kiss. The manager kisses Jen back and as he is taller than Jen he pulls his neck back lifting the blonde up making it easier to line his cock up next to her cunt.

The first time his dick brushes her pussy both moan as a shock rushes thought their bodies Jen breaks the kiss and holds on tight around his neck as he thrusts in. The manager groans as his dick slides up her wet pussy it still feels very tight which only increases his pleasure and once he has all 9 inches into her pussy he looks Jen right in the eyes and he can't believe he is about to fuck Jennifer Ellison. Jen moans and starts to thrust herself on his big dick making both of them moan and groan and Jen has to grab onto the shower stall to keep them both up. The gym manager is now able to move his hips as well and starts fucking Jen's pussy at a very fast pace making juices just leak out of her cunt and down his leg. Jennifer closes her eyes and she can't believe she hadn't done this for a few months having this big hard cock fucking the hell out her pussy is one of the best feeling she had ever had. Holding onto her asscheeks the manager goes for broke pounding her pussy he feels her start to shake in his arms meaning she must be close to her orgasm so she keeps thrusting away trying to make Jen cum.

Jen screams and cries as her first orgasm since her fiancé left was the best she had ever had as she collapses in the arms of the gym manager as cum runs all over his cock and down across his lap. The manager is still rock hard inside of her. Her cries were very sexy but he was just able to hold onto his cum and wait until Jen had stopped shaking before carrying her out of the shower and laying her down on a bench trying to stop the urge to jerk over her then cumming on her chest. So he left her there and went back into the shower and washed all her cum off his cock and hips and picking up her shower gel and soap he turned the shower off and walked away.

"Hey wait your still hard," Jen says sitting up on the bench.

"Can I help you with that please," she sweetly asks.

The manager does a full 180 turn and walks back towards Jen who spins round on the bench and sticks her ass up in the air. Dropping the soap and gel the guy just stands there and stares at Jen bent over a bench sticking her ass up.

"C'mon are you going to fuck my ass or not," Jen shouts as she looks round to see the guy wide eyed.

"You need to get off and I want cum in my ass do it but use the shower gel as lube," She says while preparing her self to get her ass fucked.

Walking forward he gives her ass a few strokes then squirts a load of gel over her big ass and on his cock. Rubbing the gel over his dick he then uses three fingers to lube up Jen's ass making the young scouser moan as she feels those fingers in her ass. With his dick still hard there is no more time wasting as he pushes his cock into Jennifer's asshole making the blonde shout out loud at her anal invasion. Jen's ass is tight but not virginal tight so the slut had a few cocks in her ass over time that just made the gym manager very excited. After pushing over 7 inches of cock into her ass he stops and takes a deep breath, as he is about to screw Jennifer Ellison's tight ass. The remaining three inches are pushing into Jen's ass making the TV star scream out as she feels all 9 inches in her ass then feels him start to push his cock slowly in and out of her tight ass. Jennifer lets the manager do all the work as she just stays bent over while her big round as gets fucked and she moans and screams as he picks up the pace. Finding his rhythm he starts to slam Jen's ass hard his balls smack the bottom of her ass cheeks and the force of the fucking is pushing jen back and forth along the bench.

"OH FUCK YEAH HARDER OHHH HARDER," Jen screams out in encoragrement as she feels her ass getting the fucking of her life and loving every second.

Sweat pours down the guy's forehead as he puts all his effort into fucking her ass then cumming inside of it and unknown to him he is also getting Jennifer off. As Jennifer is pushed along the bench her pussy is rubbing against the wodden rung of the bench and that combined with her ass being broken in is making her pussy drip juice over the bentch. The gym manager keeps up this fat pace until he feels that his dick is starting to tense up ready to cum so he slows down as he really wants to cum deep into her ass. He didn't know Jen was close to her second orgasm but as she screams out again he feels her body shake as cum gushes out of her pussy all over the bench she is lying on. Now Jen's second round of post orgasm screams have really got into his head and he slows to a stop and pumps his second wave of jizz into jen's asshole. Jen's ass fills with cum as the gym manager staggers back and watches a small trickle of cum run down Jennifer's ass to the floor. Slowly getting up Jen sees some of her own cum is over her stomach so wiping it on her fingers then licking them clean she takes a seat on a un cummed part of the bench and looks over to him

"Thank you that was fantastic I really needed that," she says as he just nods his head in acknowledgement.

"So I'll see you next week then," Jen says in a sexy little voice winking at the guy who just fucked her brains out.

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