Workout Girls


Synopsis: Four men take over a New Ladies Work Gym in a partially deserted part of town, holding four women hostage, Abusing, Humiliating and Tormenting them while they amuse themselves doing it. The story has been completed with more chapters to be posted pending feedback and reviews. It is a long story that gets much hotter and more intense as it goes on. This is my first story; hope you enjoy it.



This story is strictly a work of fiction. Any similarities between real place and names are coincidental.

However, if tales of non-consensual sex, rape, humiliation, gangbangs and other violent and extreme acts offends you then please do not read this story.

Special thanks to all who have offered either help or those who post stories here.

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This is the COMPLETE EDITED version of the story all 6 chapters together, the past parts posted by mistake were the unedited versions, my apologies

Special Thank to Subgraphics for her hard work on the editing.


"Everything is on as planned and all will do as you request," Jim said as he talked to the sponsor of his latest excursion. "Yes, no one knows of our involvement and I will deliver what we discussed... yes, then it's your turn to deliver my reward." Jim hung up the phone.

Thinking back going on his plan ...

His target just opened a health club in a small building without a lot of public traffic. It was completed a few months before and laid on the outskirts of a brand new community -- the perfect setting -- no traffic, no neighbors, no interruptions.

Jim thought of the sign in front of the building "Roxie's Gym" the second line made him smile. "A gym for woman, owned and operated by women" as he thought maybe that was too good an invitation to pass up and with his sponsor its not costing him anything upfront. Not only that, he gets the as much side pussy to do with as he wants.

See Jim was an engineer, not the mechanical, electrical or even civil type of engineer. Rather one who engineers situations that gives a person no way out. The plan was to give his sponsor (Kelly's husband) information and hard evidence to take down his wife. He had set-up and was ready to execute his plan to take the married woman along with her friend, placing both under his control. He enjoyed his work and considered himself a master with it. His goal was to turn Kelly, the Ice Princess, into a total slut, a fuck toy for any dick who would want to use her -- the last stop was to turn her into a whore. Jim guessed that Kelly must have treated her husband badly for him to want this done to her. Then again, maybe he wants her money and a fuck toy.

Kelly's was coming into a large sum of money inheritance but there were some conditions. She had to be married and couldn't be involved in any illegal activity. He guessed Kelly was using the future money like a weapon to get what she wants. Her husband had been getting the feeling that once she had the money, she would do what ever she wanted. If he didn't like it, then it was hit the road. Jim smiled to himself, it didn't matter to him what she had done, any plans she had made didn't concern him. Once his plan started, then Kelly's fate was sealed. The money that she used like a weapon, wouldn't be taken from her rather, she would give it willingly. Over time her dignity, self-respect, and self-esteem, would be taken from her.

Jim chucked to himself as he thought, "I guess the old saying holds true -- paybacks can be a bitch!!!" She treated others like shit. Little did she know what was in her future, a future to turn this woman into a submissive bimbo, with her only purpose in life was a bimbo looking for her next cock.

Jim enlisted some help from three other acquaintances. The first was Buck. This guy would do anything for money. Jim knew if the price was right, Buck would have sold his own mother to the whoremasters. Buck believed that he helped develop Jim's plan, but he was just the one the outside world would see in case things went badly, he would be the one holding the bag.

Frank was another of the acquaintance that Jim had contacted. He wasn't interested in the money, although money was ok and he could use it to pursue his life-long ambition of owning a whorehouse. Jim briefly thought "Maybe he could barter with Frank for a pussy instead of money."

Joe, the last guy, didn't worry about money at all -- his thing was pussy. The thought of pussy on call when ever his dick got hard was all the information that was needed in order to get him to agree to help pull off the plan.

The group of associates could get the job done, they were not soft, they knew what would be at risk. They had to remain firm and hard (pardon the pun) or else their new mailing address would be the local prison.

Kelly's husband informed Jim of a period that he would be out of town in order to make it easier to get to Kelly. This way, he could deny any implication of helping, in case something did go wrong. Jim told him that he wouldn't discuss any of the plans with him for his protection. Anyway, Jim didn't like backseat drivers, and the less the husband knew, the better.

The Target, Kelly Witherspoon, a.k.a. 'The Ice Princess' as she is called by her husband. This stunning blonde just turned 24, with a body to die for. Back in her college days, she always hung out with other hot looking gals. She knew having a couple of hot looking friends made the guys flock and she could have her pick. Even now, as a married woman, she was still doing the same as college. Her friends, Tracy, Terri, and Beth, were all knockouts and made it easy to get some cock on the side. Kelly's plans were quite simple, she was coming into a large inheritance, she had to be married to get it, but once she had it, she would be able to do as she pleased. If her dear hubby didn't like it, she would throw him out on his ass.

Tracy Conners ... 22, and a piece of work. Tracy worked her way thought college as a librarian. She is very introverted but a tease -- the typical bitch. She hated porn but acted as if she was into it, while keeping her hobby of watching classics and reading love stories, a secret from her friends. She has a great job working as a consultant for a local school district. Tracy also uses people to her advantage. Her work contract had a morals' clause, so she could evaluate potential studs without being out front. She rarely went out.

Beth Henner ... 22, another shy one in the group. This junior high school teacher was a virgin until last year. She finally gave up her cherry, to seal a deal of getting a ring on her finger. Now, Beth is engaged to one of those most eligible bachelors, Henry Blake. Henry was local businessman whose wealth was in the millions. Beth knew she had it made once she is married to a millionaire.

Terri "Red" Tanner ... 23, an outgoing redhead who has bedded her share of the local studs. Terri was like Kelly, like to hang around with hot-looking woman, in order to be able to take her pick of potential studs. Terri spends most of her time trying to get Beth's boyfriend, Henry to notice her. Terri's plan was to bed this millionaire.

All these women had something in common; they were all stuck up cunts, had great bodies, and all had a view that sex was a tool and weapon -- something given to receive. Jim's take on this ... they're all cunts and deserve the fucking they'll be getting. Little did these ladies know that being a friend of Kelly's was the worst mistake they have ever made in their life. That friendship would take them all down a road of wild non-consensual sex, rape, blackmail and humiliation. It will ruin their lives, as they knew it.

Jim had indeed done his homework, thanks to one of Buck's friend at the phone company, who was bribed to keep tap on the targets phone. The time was now. Tracy just ended a two-year relationship because the guy didn't make enough money. Beth's boyfriend was out of town on business as was Kelly's husband. Terri didn't have a relationship; Jim guessed it would mean that she would have to give up her secret hobby. No one would miss these babes while they got their lives turned upside down.

Jim reviewed some of the details of his plan, he had to make sure that the telephone line into the gym and the payphone was severed. He also knew that tonight the new gym had only one class, which would be ending at 6 p.m. The owner, Roxie, was out of town for the week on business which left just her friend Kelly and the three other women to lock up. He knew since there was only one class tonight, that the front door would not be used, rather the rear door would be by all the ladies since they parked out back. That would mean they kept the backdoor unlocked, he could have not planned it any better, no phones, no way out except the back.

Jim just smiled knowing that all was planned and now confirmed. If something went wrong, the implication would be lead back to Buck. He was the one who talked to the private investigator, the one who bribed the phone guy for information and the one who recruited the other men ... for all intent and purposes, all thought he was the leader. Even Buck thought 'his mastermind' was perfect.

The plan included keeping them over the weekend taking photos, videos and written evidence of the weekend. Even the weekend itself would prove helpful since the women would be kept busy, others in their life would wonder where they were. They will form they own way of covering up the shameful weekend. After all, it was either that or telling what they did.

Jim figured they would take the shame to their graves before revealing what happened as none of these woman would want it made public. The bitches had too much to lose, if everything went as planned. They would do what ever they were told to do, they had too much to lose. Jim knew well that he needed to break then down and as a group it would be easier. If they saw the other cunts used and abused, then they would be more likely to cooperate. Jim often used group dynamics to control and dominate his victims. Once the blackmail starts, these women would do his accomplices and his bidding until they tire of the women.

Four women was more than enough pussy for Joe, Frank, Buck and himself. That would be one fuck toy for each -- it was perfect, each man would get one woman to himself.

The plan was to storm the place dressed as a swat team. The group of four got into a black van with tinted windows. After they put their swat garb on, they waited to make their move. Listening to the beat of the music through the door, they knew the class was underway; only it would not end as the women thought. Jim made a casual walk around the place to look for anything out of the ordinary. Checking the front door, it was locked, as he knew it would be. He did, however, put a small cable and lock through it to insure no one could come out. As he walked around the building, he cut the lines to telephone. Jim found nothing out of place.

He gave the signal to the others waiting in the van. They began storming through the building, Buck shouted for every one get down. The woman didn't know that they were not real cops, so they dropped to the floor startled and frightened. Frank and Joe went to each of the women, quickly cuffed them and placed a special collar around each of the women's necks.

These collars looked like a choker except there was a battery and electronic package located in the rear hidden by their hair. They were specially built with electronic controls that would deliver a shock to the neck similar to those used on dog collars. It also made it so the wearer had to stay within 20 feet of the remote or get severely shocked, making it impossible for the wearer to run away. These electronics could be programmed to monitor heart rate, as well as breathing, along with movement and can deliver a shock to the wearer if there was a change either up or down. They even had an accessory package that could be plugged in a battery pack. These added accessories ranged from shocking nipples and clit clamps to headphones to drown out noise. By adding a blindfold or a bondage helmet, you could render the wearer unable to see or hear, emphasizing that total helplessness, all-alone feeling.

"Good evening cunts" Joe shouted. All the women were frozen, on their knees. "Don't move and nobody gets hurt," he continued. "I brought my friends with me for some fun tonight and all of us carry assault rifles."

While Joe spoke, Frank and Buck were taking off their swat costumes. It was then when the women realized they were not a real swat team. The women knelt in shear terror.

Joe continued with a smirk on his face, "As long as you do as your told, and obey us, we will all get along just fine. The first thing we want is for you form a line right here, stand side by side." The women were shaking as they knelt. "NOW" he commanded loudly, and they slowly started moving. "Come on ladies, stand up straight, tits out and big smiles on your faces"

Putting down his gun, Buck stepped in front of the women with what looked like a TV remote in his hand. "Just so you know, the collar that was placed on your neck is a special. It has lots' of features. First, is that if you go out of range it will shock you so bad you will pass out and probably cook parts of your brain, so I wouldn't get any ideas of running if I were you. Second, if you try to remove it without de-activating it, the same results as if you run out the door -- zapped until one of use decides to shut it off. Third, these are shock collars built like the ones that are use to train dogs with.

Each of us has a controller and can cause you pain at any time if you don't cooperated with us. Forth, they have medically and motion monitoring in them. So, if you run away, you will get hurt. If you attempt to take it off, you will get hurt. If you are told to keep moving and you slow down, you will get hurt or if don't follow orders -- guess what, you will be hurt." Now that all the women were in line and understood the situation, Buck started again "We are going to split this group of four into boy-girl, boy-girl you know the routine.

"Now to ensure your complete co-operation at all times, I will be handing out cards and pens to all four of you, on the cards you are to write, your first and last name, your address, your home and cell phone number, your email address and email password, your age, measurements, height weight and all information we need about you. I brought a cell phone with me so we can verify all the information you gave us is correct, as well as a laptop computer to verify all email information," Buck said.

"We will be videotaping tonight's fun and games, as well as taking still pictures with both digital and conventional film cameras. If you don't co-operate now or in the future, and yes I did said in the future, all pictures, videos and information about you will be sent to your bosses, husbands, if any of you cunts are married, churches, local newspapers and we may also post them on the internet with all the information. You will not change your cell phone number, your home phone number, your email address or anything, if any of you do, all that goes on this weekend will be made public, which I am sure you do not want to happen. Just to make it interesting, since you cunts are a tight group, if any of you break the rules, then all of you pay the price. That should be clear enough for you bimbo's to understand -- don't cooperate in the future then all the pictures, video tapes, everything will be send out. So, if you value no only your privacy but, that of your friends then all you have to do is cooperate."

"Since we don't want our bitches dehydrated after we finish with questions, each of you will get one bottle of water. Drink as you want, but you may not go to the restroom without permission, so drink accordingly. You will retain what you drink until permission to use the restroom is given, if there are any accidents, it will be cleaned up by the group using you the tool that nature gave you, your TONGUE! You are also going to change into different outfits. Enough for now," he stated as he walked away.

Frank now stepped forward and began "Ok, the blonde on the end, what is your name?"

"Beth Henner," she replied.

"Beth, how old are you and are you married?" Frank asked.

"I am 22 and no, I am not married." She stuttered.

Frank continue the questions asking, "You a dike?

"No I am no dike, I am engaged."

"So you like cock, that's good. Do you swallow?

Beth blushing answered, "Normally, I don't."

Frank laughed, "Well by Monday morning, that will definitely change."

"Ok" he asked looking at the women. "Next lady, the one in the middle, what is your name?"

"My name is Terri Tanner, but everyone normally calls me 'Red,'" Terri chokingly said.

"Tell us Red, how old are you and are you married?" Frank asked again.

"I am 23 and no, I am not married," was the fast reply.

"Red is an interesting nickname. Is it that your carpet matches the drapes?" Franks said as a smirk crossed his face.

A puzzled Red said, "I don't understand the question."

Frank impatiently said, "Let me spelled it out. Does you cunt hair match you hair color on your head or you do get you color from a bottle?"

Terri responded quickly, "I am a natural red head so my carpet and drapes match."

Frank continued with questions "Red, what did you wear here?"

"I wore a top and pants," she replied.

"Now Terri, I need you to be more specific then that!"

Red responded, "I wore a button down blouse with jeans."

"That is better" Frank said

"Ladies, before we go on, I need to set up some rules, when you are asked what you wore here, you are to be very specific, no more I wore pants and a top. We want to know, what type of top, what type of pants or dress or skirt, YOU WILL BE SPECIFIC." Is that understood? We are not playing games, further more, when we asked ANY question, you will answer it the exact way it was asked, it is not a matter of whether or not you want to answer it in a detail descriptive way, you have NO choice in doing so. You do not have to like our rules tonight, ladies, but you have NO choice to obey. All answers will be very detailed and very graphic, you get no second warning on this" Frank said as he looked around. He knew the women were starting to get very nervous, "I asked if that was understood ladies?"

"Yyyess," the group replied.

"Very good"

Frank looked at the last woman, "You, in the middle, what is your name?"

"My names is Tracy Conners, I'm 23 and not married."

"Tracy, what did you wear here and remember what I said before about being specific,"

Tracy said, "I wore a beige colored silk blouse and my leather pants."

"And, when you wore it, did you have a bra on?" Frank asked. There was no reply.

"Tracy, I asked you a question, did you wear a bra?"

"No," Tracey mumbled.

"I am sorry Tracy, we did not hear you and I am sure you do want all of us to hear you."

"No, I did not wear a bra, and yes, I want everyone to be able to hear my reply."

"Very good Tracy. See ladies, she learns fast about answering questions, take a lesson from her. So how many buttons did you leave open on your blouse Tracy, and I better not have to prompt you for an answer," Frank snarled.

"I only left two, the top one and the second one," was the fast reply.

"Why only two buttons Tracy," Frank asked. She thought about pausing, but decided to answer when she saw his finger on the collar remote.

"I only left two buttons undone because that is how I always wear my blouses, with just two undone" she replied as tears starting to form in her eyes.

"What size tits do you have Tracy?" Frank asked.

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