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Workout Surprise


**** If you do not like stories of a man watching his wife with another, move on...


My wife, Bridget, and I had always discussed her sleeping with someone else, or a menage a trois with another man, but the opportunity never presented itself. I had always made it clear it would be okay if she ever did have the opportunity. Because I am taking care of them, my parents live with us, so that further hampers any chances we might have. My wife is a beautiful woman: 37, although she can pass for 22, she is 5'7" tall and 121 pounds, she has beautiful legs which curve beautifully into her full ass. A flat stomach gives way to large, full breasts which are adorned by huge brown nipples which become hard quite quickly. She has long blonde curly hair and a beautiful, exotic face dominated by rich, full lips, just made for sex.

Well, my parents had taken our daughter to Disney World for two weeks, and it was the Sunday of the first weekend. My wife was about an hour late from church, and I was in the basement working out. I just had a pair of shorts and deck shoes on, when I heard her pull into the driveway. She called out to me as she came into the house. "Down here", I responded.

"Are you working out?" She asked as she came downstairs. She was wearing a short, pale orange cotton dress and white heels. Her nipples were quite hard, and it was apparent she had no bra on. She came over and kissed me hard on the lips, probing deeply with her tongue. As she did, her hand slid down my chest to my now semi-erect member, which she grabbed playfully. As she moved, I could catch glimpses of her breasts as the dress bubbled in between the buttons which ran the its full length. She broke the kiss, "Why don't you take a nice long hot shower and meet me in the bedroom in fifteen minutes."

"But I haven't finished my workout."

"I have a surprise for you", she said, then kissed me again.

I ran my hands up her firm thighs and was surprised to find out she wasn't wearing any panties. I massaged her ass for a moment, then slid my hand between her legs. "You are so wet".

She moved away from me. "I know," she said as she headed back up the stairs, her one cheek peeking out from under her dress where my hands had roamed.

After setting my weights back in place, I headed up to the second floor bathroom, peeled down and hopped in the steaming shower. I took my time. She had said 15 minutes, and I thought she might need the time to prepare her surprise for me. As I got out of the shower and started to dry off I thought I heard something. I didn't think anything of it, but as I finished toweling off, I heard it again. I quietly opened the bathroom door.

Our bedroom was the room directly to the right of the bathroom. As I opened the door, the noise immediately got louder: it was my wife moaning. I silently moved toward our open door, and at the angle I was, I could see the bed through the mirror over her dresser. Bridget was naked on the bed, her legs spread apart, and hanging over the edge. Kneeling in front of her was this young, well muscled young man, wearing nothing but his briefs. His mouth was working its way up and down the inside of my wife's thighs, lingering on her now extremely wet pussy. My wife bucked and moaned with each tongue stroke. I stood there watching as finally my wife's hands went to the back of his head and pushed his mouth hard into her hot mound, her back arching and nipples getting rock hard. "Oh god. Oh yes. That's it, baby. Oh god. Oh god." Then she screamed and began writhing on the bed. The guy did all her could to keep licking her, but she got so wild, she twisted away from him. My wife finally resting on her side, her back to both the guy and where I was.

He stood and dropped his briefs, I could see him in the mirror, he was long, hard and thick, at least nine inches. Bridget rolled over on her back, and when she saw his size, her eyes widened. She slowly licked her lips. "Your turn", she said, and guided him down onto the bed, as she caressed his stiff shaft. She laid his feet near the top of the bed, then knelt next to him. She kissed the tip of his shaft, then gently flicked her tongue over it. She had put her hair up in a bun, so I could see clearly. Her right hand slowly stroked his member as she ran her lips up and down the underside, slowly kissing his balls. He was groaning softly now. She licked him from base to head, then poised her lips on his head as she quickly tickled his cockhead with the tip of her tongue. His hands clenched at the sheets.

Then, she looked up and saw me in the mirror and winked, just as she opened her lips and took his full length in her mouth. She worked her mouth up and down, her breasts bouncing, nipples fully erect. His pelvis pumping into her mouth in time with her motion. Finally, with one final pump, his back arched. Bridget took him fully in her mouth. Come trickled out of the sides of her mouth and over his shaft and balls. Bridget swallowed as much as she could, then gently licked his cock and balls clean of all come. This got him semi-hard again.

Slowly, erotically, she worked her mouth up his body, covering almost every inch of his stomach and chest with her lips and tongue. She licked her way up his neck, finally reaching his face, where she buried her tongue in his mouth. While they were kissing, she delicately used her hands to get him fully erect. Once that was accomplished, she straddled his member and sat up, guiding him inside her until she was riding him. His hips thrust up and down in time to her downward thrusts, her thighs gripping his hips. Faster and faster they went, finally she threw her head back. Every muscle in her body contracted, "Fuck me. Harder. I want you all the way inside me. Deeper. Yes. Yes. Oh baby, yes". Then her words were lost as she just screamed. His hands massaged her breasts, playing with her nipples, as he thrust deep inside her, coming. They both collapsed.

He caressed her gently for about fifteen minutes, then said, "I have to go now. This has been a hell of a long lunch."

She got off of him, his once again semi-erect cock slowly coming out of her dripping pussy. She put on a pair of panties, while he quickly dressed. As he was putting on his shirt, Bridget went up behind him, resting her breasts on is back, and massaged his crotch through his jeans. He closed his eyes and turned towards her and they kissed deeply, his hands roaming over Bridget's back and ass, sliding under her sheer panties. As they turned towards the door, I stepped back into the bathroom, out of sight. But my wife's "surprise" for me is one I won't shortly forget.

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