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Workplace Domination


If you had googled regularity, then a picture of Jess would have shown up. Roughly 5'6", brunette, she lived in a regular old village, near a regular old town in regular old England. The irregularity in Jess' life, therefore came from her appearance. She was simply stunning, long toned legs, round firm ass, small but perky tits and a gorgeous face, with soft hazlenut eyes, and a laugh that could melt you.

Jess had quickly learnt that a short skirt, and a tight top could get her most things, of course, only off of guys. Once more a staple of regularity, Jess was strictly hetero, and further building on that, incredibly vanilla. Nights of passion for her boiled down to minutes, at most, of missionary. This was a building factor of Jess singleness, as she very rarely clicked with someone, and they very rarely subscribed to her style of fun.

Nevertheless, Jess' beauty, hard work and determination had allowed her to build a very successful career as a business woman.

Now CEO of a major make-up brand, Jess was only an impressive 28, and very much had her whole life ahead to enjoy and relax. However, most life goals achieved, Jess was becoming seriously lonely, and it was seriously beginning to affect her work life. Recently though, she had read up on a new area of the private sector, a live-in PA. The whole concept first seemed ridiculous, but as the melancholy of her isolation set in, the more the idea appealed. It seemed, now, to complete her needs, a friend and roommate, for which she had definite room, and help with her organisation! What could be better for her? Coincidentally, Jess life was about to improve, from a certain point of view.

It was the morning of the job interviews and Jess was pleasantly surprised with the amount of people present. 4, while on the surface is a small number, was good to say the job involved living with someone you had never previously met. Two of the potentials did happen to be creepy men who only came to see her, one of whom spurted cum from his tiny cock walking into the room.

The third interview went fairly well, however the girl seemed dry, meek and overall lacklustre. She didn't seem the PA material, clumsy and somewhat scatterbrained.

The last girl however, was different. She stalked into the room, short, shorter than Jess, but she exuded confidence. Toned legs strode, leading upwards towards a scantily clad round ass, and short skirt combo, which combined with her more than ample breasts in a white shirt made quite the eyeful. Her face wasn't quite sneering at Jess, but as she made eye contact, Jess felt goosebumps rise all over her body. Jess stood and shook her hand. She introduced herself as Millie, with a warm, courteous smile. Describing herself as self confident and a good time manager, who was also strict and firm with organisation, Millie seemed like the perfect candidate.

However as jess stared intently into Millie's eyes, and more so the deep chasm of cleavage that was her D cups, Jess felt something inside her wake. As Millie spoke intently on her bossy nature, and how it could help Jess' timekeeping, Jess couldn't help but imagine Millie bossing her around, forcing her to do an ungodly number of things. These images cumulated in her brain, causing a burning sear of sensation rippling through her body, her pussy moistening, nipples now standing erect. Jess became flustered and hoped that Millie couldn't sense her arousal as she hurriedly finished the interview.

As soon as Millie was out the door, Jess closed it firmly and leant back against it, breathing hard. Her hand was quickly down her skirt, and to her partial surprise, found her panties sopping wet. She hurried back over to her chair and hiked up her skirt. Moving her panties aside, she groaned in pleasure, lightly circling her wet clit. It wasn't easy, but she quickly slipped her finger in, up to the knuckle and was slowly pumping it in and out of herself, her finger slowly massaging her clit. She also had her shirt open at this point, bra pulled down as she roughly massaged and pinched her way to pleasure.

In her bliss, Jess didn't hear her door open, and as Millie opened the door and crept in, she was shocked and pleased to see Jess writhing in pleasure in her chair immediately after their interview. After snapping a quick picture for blackmail later she began to film the entire thing. As Jess' breathing became ragged and shortened, Millie felt her pussy moisten, and as Jess screamed in pleasure Millie silently left the room shutting off the recording.

As Jess recovered from her post orgasmic bliss, she felt dirt for what she had done. Never having even fantasised over a girl before, she had pleasured herself to orgasm over one! Her hands felt dirty as she pulled up her skirt and buttoned her shirt. The prepared herself to write out Millie's contract.

Following the finalisation of the contract and an e-mail to Millie offering her the position, Jess heard a knock, to have her finance director ask if she was going out for a drink. The clock read 8:30, she couldn't believe the time. She kindly declined the offer and decided instead to go home and have a hot bath.

However, Jess plans did not last long, as half way home Millie e-mailed her back informing her she would be right over to her place to sign the contract and move in. She quickly sent Millie the details and low and behold, 5 minutes after Jess sat down, Millie wrapped on the door. Millie stood at the door, beaming, before sauntering into the living room like she owned the place. Jess handed her the paper and she carefully read it.

"So this is legally binding for two years?" Millie asked.


"So you cant get rid of me for two years?"

"I suppose not," Jess laughed

"Perfect!" Millie grinned to herself. Quickly she signed the contract and smiled at her new employer. Jess showed her to her room, and Millie began to unpack her suitcase, until she came across a special bag for tonight. Peering inside she decided it would be all she would need and sauntered back to the living room.

To Millie's dismay, Jess had put a bath on and was now relaxing under the hot water. In the meanwhile, Millie explored the TV, discovering it was an Apple TV. She had just found and booted up her MacBook when Jess came back from the bathroom in a dressing gown, hair somewhat dripping.

"Watcha looking at?" She asked sweetly, making Millie enjoy this moment even more.

"Here i'll show you." Millie said, displaying her MacBook on the TV. Suddenly displaying in 70 inch glory, was the video of Jess masturbating in her office that morning.

"Where di..." Jess began, bewildered

Millie smiled, "This morning you little slut, right after we spoke,"

"Oh my..."

"You were thinking of me weren't you?"

"What n..."

"The perfect and straight as a board Jess rubbing her cunt over a fiery redhead!"


"Please what?" Millie retorted, "please don't tell anyone?"

"Please don't," Jess whispered, her lust for this girl overshadowing the humiliation of the endeavour, moistening her pussy.

"Oh i wont, but i need some convincing," she stood up, her confidence overpowering Jess, making her feels small. "Your mouth will be very busy tonight." with that she pushed Jess down onto the sofa and straddled her.

Jess' pussy almost gushed there and then as she felt Millie's damp panties rest against her stomach. Jess had never, ever been this aroused, not even when her largest, 7" John, had fucked her. She never dreamed of pleasure this strong, and couldn't believe she felt it at the hands if another woman. Millie pinned Jess hands as she kissed her deeply, and Jess flailed her hips, try to find any purchase of her clit to send her over the edge.

"Want to cum?" Millie asked.

Jess nodded frantically, and quickly Millie slapped hard on Jess' pussy. The contact was enough to send Jess over the edge, but the searing pain ruined her orgasm. Her body convulsed erratically, trying to decipher whether this was pleasure or pain. The whole feeling left her wholly unsatisfied.

"Whoops!" Millie grinned "forgot to mention, tonight only I cum,"

With that, Jess spent the rest of the night being used in various ways to pleasure Millie's, not orgasming once.

By the morning, Jess mind was a haze of sexual frustration, lust and the feel of her inescapable bondage, in which she had slept. However one thing remained clear, she had fallen deeply for Millie.

Meanwhile Millie had been deeply impressed with Jess' performance, never once cumming. And so, by mid morning, Millie decided that Jess, amateur as she is, deserved the chance at what she hoped she wanted. Released from her binds, Jess sat up hazily, smiling, before recognising Millie's stern face, and quickly averting her eyes.

Millie sat Jess down and explained the entirety of the contract to Jess, ensuring she wanted what was about to happen. Despite the lecture, Jess knew her answer immediately, and once Millie stopped badgering her, signed the contact, signing over her life to Millie.

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