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Workplace Fantasy

byThe Mutt©

He was only halfway through the workday and he was already exhausted. He was starting to feel punchy. When Tim came up and asked if he needed a break, he breathed a sigh and said, "Thanks. I could use a smoke."

As he gathered his things and started towards the back room, a hand fell on his shoulder. He turned and was surprised to find himself face to face with a gorgeous woman. He must have been punchy, or he would not have failed to notice a woman so tall. She was just an inch or two shorter than he was. She was slender as a greyhound, wearing blue jeans and a pink, cashmere sweater that seemed to be painted on. Her breasts were very large and round for a woman so thin. Her eyes were deep brown and her hair was a waterfall of black curls, spilling over her broad shoulders. Her hairline was low on her forehead and she had thick black eyebrows. The fact that her brows were unplucked and she had wispy sideburns told him that she was a natural, furry wench. She spoke with an accent he could not place.

"Excuse? You go to smoke? I join you?"

"I'm sorry. I'm going to the employee's area."

"Please. I am wanting badly."

She had a pleading look in her eye that impossible to resist. If he had been sharper, he might have talked her out of it. But instead he agreed. After a quick glance around to see that they were not observed, he led her back to the loading dock. Despite the cold, the solitude was sweet relief from the mobs inside. And the cold had a wonderful effect on the woman. Her nipples rose to poke out through her sweater. They were the size of maraschino cherries. She shivered and scrunched her shoulders, pushing her big breasts together.

He drew out a cigarette and offered her one. He tried to light hers in the light breeze. She took his hands in hers and guided them to her mouth. When her cigarette was lit she rolled her body into his, her back against his chest, her ass against his crotch. She pulled his arm across her breasts and shivered.

"It is warm, your body," she said in her exotic accent.

He held her close as they smoked, both his arms encircling her. When she would take a drag, she would lean her head back onto his shoulder and blow the smoke out past his face. He could feel her hot breath on his cheek. She wriggled her body as if to burrow herself into the warmth of his chest. Her firm ass ground into his rapidly growing cock. She must have felt his hardness against her ass. She rose up on her toes and thrust her breasts into his arms and her ass into his crotch. She took a deep drag and flicked the cigarette away. She reached up and turned his face to hers. She kissed him, her mouth open and wet. Smoke eased from her throat into his. He felt himself swoon. His arms slipped down and he cupped her heavy jugs in his hands. She moaned as her hot tongue explored his mouth.

She grabbed one of his hands and slid it up under her sweater. She wore no bra, and he could feel her hard nipple in his palm. He stroked and pinched it as he thrust his cock into her denim covered ass.

She tugged his hand out from under her sweater and turned to him. She pressed her breasts into his chest. She kissed his neck as she began to tug down his zipper. His cock sprang free, hard and ready. She let out an appreciative coo when her hand gripped its thickness. She began to milk him. He grabbed her taut ass, squeezing and caressing.

She slid down to her knees and gazed at his eager cock. She had just began to wrap her full lips around it when he caught her by the shoulders and lifted her until they were face to face. Determination and just a trace of regret showed in his face.

"Forgive me, darling. But my cock belongs to my Mistress. I want very much for you to suck me, but she must be present and must give her permission."

The woman showed a trace of disappointment, then she smiled.

"This Mistress. She must be a very sexy woman."

"You have no idea."

"And she would give her permission?"

"Yes, I think she would."

"And you will see her when?"

"She is coming to wake me in the morning."

The tall woman thought a moment. She warmed his cock between her two hands.

"Your Mistress. She would not mind if I was there when she came to wake you?"

"No, she trusts me."

"Even if I were sleeping naked beside you?"

"Even then."

"Then I will sleep with you tonight. I will try to be good."

He kissed her hard. His hand slid down to the front of her jeans. He could feel her wetness, even through the denim. He told her when and where to meet him. That night they slept naked beside each other. He kissed her neck and played with her big breasts as she diddled herself to several strong orgasms. Then they fell asleep.

He awoke when he heard his Mistress' key in the door. He pulled the blanket down so the woman's magnificent breasts were exposed. Her hair splayed out on the pillow. He looked up to see his Mistress, Miss Oatlash, standing in the door of his room. She smiled.

"Oh you little Mutt. You brought me a present."

He reached up and pulled his Mistress to him. Her body fell across the woman's chest. He kissed her with the kind of passion only lovers know.

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