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Workplace Romance


Part One

This all began in the mid sixties. I was in my late twenties and had just change careers. My new boss was a real first for me. Not only was she my first female boss she was also my first Black boss. Laura was smart, classy and beautiful. She was my age, about 5'10' with beautiful milk chocolate skin. Laura had large dark eyes, full lips, a well proportioned body and her 39 D tits were spectacular.

We hit it off from the very beginning. I was eager to learn my new job and she appreciated my hard work and desire to do good work. As a matter of fact she gave me an outstanding rating for my six month probationary period. Something that had never been done before in the organization. It got her into some trouble as she had to fight to keep her supervisor from lowering the evaluation score.

I'm not sure how it happened, but we began to recognize our mutual attraction. We eat lunch together and talking on the phone after work. Laura was divorced, I was married so it made things a little difficult.

We spent some time necking, feeling and playing with each other in the car (like a couple of teenagers). Finally there was an opportunity to get away together. We were to attend a business meeting held out of town. It began on a Monday so we left Friday after work giving us three nights to discover each other.

We arrived at the Holiday Inn, closed the door to our room and I took her in my arms. As we kissed our tongues probed each others' mouth. Our bodies melted together. I felt her nipples harden as her firm tits pressed against my chest. My cock stiffened as it nestled between her parted legs and up against her pussy. I grabbed the cheeks of her full ass and pulled her closer to me. Our bodies moved in rhythm with each oher. Her undulating hips pressed her pussy even harder against my cock.

I was sure I was going to cum right there fully clothed and all. I pushed her back saying," Oh baby... we got to get these clothes off."

"Yes... Oh yes...," she said as she tore at my shirt and I pulled her sweater over her head. The tops of Laura's brown breast were straining to burst out of the pink lace bra that held them captive. With a quick motion, her hands reached back unsnapping the bright pink confining halter. As it dropped to the floor her big, beautiful brown boobs fell free.

Her large round aureoles and erect nipples were several shades darker then her chocolate tits. I pulled at my belt dropping my pants as she peeled her skirt from her wiggling hips. I reached forward taking a tit in my mouth as my fingers hooked the waistband of her thin pink panties pulling them to the floor. Kneeling before her I grabbed her awesome ass cheeks and pulled her to me. I buried my face in her coal-black hairy pussy. Her smell, her taste... It was intoxicating.

My tongue slid through her curly mound and parted her outer lips. Her cunt was sopping wet and hot. She moaned as I inserted my tongue deeper, rapidly flicking her swollen clit. My lapping of her pussy was so furious she lost her balance and fell back on the bed. I spread her legs and for the first time viewed her creamy cunt. Her black outer lips opened the doorway to a bright pink pussy.

Laura pulled my head forward and I nestled my nose up against her clit as I proceeded to tongue fuck my brown beauty.

"Oh Adom... Yes... Oh... Sweet Jesus... Lick it baby... eat my pussy good and fast... Oh sweetheart... Oh... Oh I'm Cumming baby... Your Momma is Cumming."

With those words her legs wrapped around my head and her body jerked as she squeezed her legs tighter. I could hardly breath but then her legs relaxed and I raised my head.

She laughed as she said, "You look so cute with your big blue eyes looking at me with my pussy juices dripping from your lips and chin."

I raised myself to her. "Here, see what you taste like." Our lips met and my pussy soaked tongue danced in her mouth. "Wow... I didn't know how sweet my pussy tasted."

"Oh come on you must have finger fucked yourself and then licked you fingers..."

"Well yes.. I must admit I have used my fingers... and other items to make myself cum... But I was thinking of you." We both laughed as she pulled at my shorts.

"Now it's my turn. You know I have never seen a white dick before... Oh... my... you're so pink and hard and BIG."

Laura lowered her head and her full red lips kissed the head of my eight inch cock. Her pink tongue began to trace the underside of my prick as she cupped my balls in her long slender dark fingers and lightly grazed my ball sack with her bright red nails. When she reached the knob she wrapped her lips around my shaft and began a slow methodical motion up and down. As her mouth raised upward she would close her teeth on my rod ever so lightly, sending my body into a frenzy. faster and faster her lips rode up and down on my rigid rod.

"Oh honey... I'm gona cum baby... I'm... Cummmmm... OH Laura... You're the greatest."

"Mmmmm... You taste good... White boy... Momma want's more... Wana taste?" Her cum drenched tongue stabbed my mouth as we kissed.

"Hmmm didn't know I tasted that salty... Must have been something I ate." We laughed.

Part Two

This was a first for both of us. I was her first "white boy" and she was my first "black woman." From the beginning, race didn't seem to matter to us. We were both comfortable with each other and the fact that we were of different races only seemed to be a problem for the outside world.

Laura was truly a beauty. A fantastic body, beautiful face and a wonderful sense of humor. I poured a glass of wine for each of us and Laura stroked my cock as we talked. She pushed me back on the bed and dribbled wine on my stomach. She licked it up as it ran down to my cock and she continued to lick until I was rock hard again.

"Okay white boy... I want to feel this big red headed cock in my tight black pussy."

With those words she straddled me and lowered her labial lips on to my throbbing shaft. Her tits hung down in my face as she rubbed her clit back and forth on the tip of my cock.

I kissed her tits. Going from one to the other my tongue tracing the dark that circled her rock hard nipple and then I sucked and sucked.

"Oh baby that feels so good. Mommy likes you to nurse... You trying to get chocolate milk out of there?"

We laughed as she lowered her tight cunt onto my ridged rod. Oh god was she tight... It was wonderful. Laura began riding up and down on my shaft in a slow rhythm. Her tits bounced against my face as I tried to suck her dancing nipples.

As our pace increased I grabbed her butt cheeks feeling my hands glide over the soft skin of her ass.

"Oh Adom.... fuck me... Fuck me good... fuck your Momma... Fuck your Big Black Momma... Give me that dick... Fill my black pussy with your creamy cum... Oh Daddy fuck your Momma."

I was in heaven. My cock was in her hot, wet cunt. It felt wonderful, like that's where it belonged. I kissed any part of her I could as we fucked and fucked. It was different... The best fuck of my life. Laura sure knew how to please a man.

"Oh sweet baby... I'm gona cum..." I cried.

" Yes honey cum to Momma...Momma is cumming too... Oh baby fuck me fast and fuck me hard."

Our bodies were slamming together. The bed was creaking as we pounded up and down. We were one.

"I'm Cumming Adom... I'M CUMMING..."

"Oh Momma... Daddy's Cumming with you." Our bodies exploded into each other. It was beautiful... It was sweet... It was fantastic.

We lay in each other's arms. Looking down I saw the lovely contrast of her beautiful black body against my pink-white skin. Laura saw the same as she said,

"You know we are good together we contrast and compliment... And you fuck petty good for a white boy." She laughed.

"Well there is something I've been wondering about... I hear Black guys have much bigger cocks... Is that true?"

Laura smiled. "Don't worry honey you do just fine. Black guys got big and little ones. It's what you do with what you got that counts. And I love what you do baby."

Part Three

That night we showered together. Washing and rubbing each other we couldn't get out of the bathroom with out fucking. Laura sat on the edge of the sink with her legs wrapped around me while I fucked her.

The next morning I was wakened by a pair of soft lips locked on my cock. "Good morning baby... I just had to suck some cock this morning."

I responded, "Swing your leg over me and let me eat a little pussy for breakfast."

Laura lowered her beautiful black cunt down on my face. As I licked her hot juicy pussy my nose rode up to her asshole. Hmmm it smelled sweet she must have showered and perfumed it just for me. I raised my head and began rimming her little black rosebud. Getting the idea she licked past my balls and began licking my butt.

I lubricated her anus with my saliva and slid one finger into her tight ass hole. The aperture opened to a pink channel into which I slid two more fingers.

"Oh baby... I love it... finger fuck my butt... Can I do you?" Before I could respond she had her fingers up my ass and we enjoyed a mutual ass finger fuck.

"Have you ever been butt-fucked?" I asked.

"No but I always wanted to try it. Will you fuck my Big Black Butt?" Laura knelt on the bed as I grabbed some lubricant from the dresser. "I hear it hurts the first time... Please be gentle."

I assured her I would as I oiled up her butt hole and my cock. I placed the head of my throbbing shaft at her anal doorway gently pressing in. "Ohhh that feels... Uha... Oh yes more give me more... But slowly."

I eased my rod in inch by inch keeping a slow rhythm. "You okay baby?"

"Yes, I feel stuffed... But it feels good."

Laura began to rock back and forth increasing the pace I had set. As I watched my white cock slide between her chocolate cheeks I became even more turned on. My hard-on grew at the erotic sight before me.

"Oh yes Daddy fuck your Momma's ass... Fuck my ass... Yes baby butt-fuck me good and hard."

I held her hips as the pace quickened. Then with one hand reached out to her pussy and rubbed her clit as I fucked her in the ass. "Oh that's great!" she cried as I increased her clit massage to match our anal action. " I'm cumming baby... I'm cumming in your ass."

"Oh yes... Adom fill my butt hole with your hot cum... Fill me up!"

I shot my wad and Laura climaxed as well. Moving back from her beautiful butt I watched my white cum cream running down her black butt crack. A wonderful sight to see.

We spent the next two days fucking and sucking. It was a great beginning to two wonderful years of passionate love making.

Eventually we moved to different jobs and cities. We got together a couple of times over the years and the sex was just a fantastic. Unfortuunitly, over time, we lost touch with each other. I'd love to see her again. So Laura (you know your real name) if you read this, contact me.

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