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World of Ranicke 02


Welcome to my second story on literotica.com. This is going to be an unedited story since I can post the chapters faster than with an editor. I don't mind having an editor and actually appreciate the work she has been doing but I would like to kick out a chapter or two every couple of weeks. My World of the Silver Moon is edited which has led to slow posts. I don't mind what so ever but I would like to have a story that I can post in my time and when I want.

Having said all that any sexual relations are 18+ and though there are kids in the story there will not be any underage relationships that include sex. If you have a problem with kids in my stories then go find something else to read. I don't need any comments that go 'ick, you have kids getting nude to bathe' or anything like that since it is simply a normal part of the tribe or clan since the bathing area is communal. If you have a problem deal with it.

I have to say that I am sorry for the really slow second chapter. I have had a few family issues come up as well as some personal medical issues. I really did intend to have this chapter out several weeks ago. One thing I ran into was this chapter sort of felt like it went in fit and starts. I do hope you enjoy this chapter. For those who are reading my other story I got my next chapter back from the editor and am reviewing it. As usual I want any and all feed back as long as it is constructive. It can be positive or negative and I will accept it. Now if it is just 'you suck' I will ignore it. Enjoy.

Chapter 2

The last few days had been much the same for him as he finished healing. In the morning he would take a bath with Sorrel and then settle down with the boys who were learning music. Once that was done he would get something to eat and then as best possible he was working with some of the warriors to regain some of his strength. That was interesting since they were trained in such a different manner than he had been. To them their job was to protect the clan and that was how they were trained. His training had been to kill and then not worry about them coming back. He was doing his best to try and learn their style and not teach them his.

One thing he sort of felt bad about was how much he was enjoying sleeping next to Sorrel and yes that included making love to her. Each morning when they got up they strolled to the bathing area and took a good bath. "So how long are you going to be in this location? I can tell that you are nomadic and will probably be moving soon." That idea scared him since he only had this place as where he came through but would have to go with since he knew he couldn't survive on his own here.

Sorrel relaxed back in the water and leaned her head back against the side and was obviously enjoying the warm water. "Um, maybe in two or three weeks. We will move before the rainy season hits and go to higher grounds. The rainy season tends to last for about three months." She looked at him and gave him a gentle look. "I know what you are thinking but we are nomadic but will do what we can to get you back to your world." She moved closer to him and curled an arm around him. "We will do what we can Jim. Give us a chance. Right now you are healing and we are giving you time to heal."

He sighed and leaned into her hug. "It does scare me that I can't get home but to be honest I am enjoying here as well." Jim lightly rubbed his shoulder that was aching as they were talking. "Your world is so different than mine and I have been enjoying working with your warriors as well as learning music from the kids." There were several of the tribe there and they had to smile.

"We have heard of you sitting with some of the little ones and learning how to play the Gitturn with them. Any one that helps with the littles gets respect." The male moved over and settled next to them. "We have been watching you and see how you treat the kids as well as how you are in the warrior circle. You are a good human and it is showing. You are a good addition to the tribe."

Jim lowered his head and had to consider what the man was saying. It was rather nice but also in a way painful since the man didn't have any real clue as to what he had done back in his world. "Thank you Thomas. You have no idea how much that means to me. The kids are great and I am enjoying getting back into shape. My shoulder still aches a great deal but the exercise it is helping."

Sorrel leaned against him and sighed. "You are going to be fine Jim and most have noticed how you are spending time trying to do things for the tribe. You are earning credit for what you are doing." She gave him a light kiss. "You might start finding little gifts of thanks outside my tent for keeping the kids busy." She rested her head on his shoulder and smiled at the other male. "Thank you for what you said to Jim Thomas. He needed to hear it since he has been fretting over doing something to earn his keep."

Jim curled around her and tried not to cry since what was being said almost hit him close to his heart. He didn't have a great deal of family and having Thomas tell him that they appreciated what he had been doing. One thing he had been doing was to teach the kids some of the music he had grown up with. It wasn't hard rock or anything like that and was towards folk since that was much along the lines of what they played. "Thanks Thomas that means more than I can express."

Eventually they got out of the hot spring and he quickly dressed and once she was done getting dried off and dressed headed towards breakfast. He was silent as they walked and ended up with a simple 'thank you' at the food table since he was still trying to come to terms with what both she and Thomas had to say. When they arrived at her tent he settled in a chair and slowly ate it. "Sorry but I need to think right now Sorrel."

She gave him a light hug before she settled down and started eating. "Relax Jim and you will be fine." Sorrel started nibbling on some veggies as she watched him eat his food. She was sort of worried about how he was reacting to the total change of worlds. Yes there had been a few nightmares he had that she had held him through and wished there was something she could do for him. "You are such a good man Jim. You will be a blessing to the tribe if you can't go back." No she didn't expect him to stay in her tent long term but she really did like what she was coming to care for him.

Jim lowered his head slightly. "Maybe not as good as you think but that is my past. I don't want to talk about it." He poked a fork into a piece of meat and sighed. "I don't know if I want to go back or not. Your world is so much nicer than mine." He kept his head down and kept working on the food. "We will see about what I might be able to do for the tribe." One thing that he was proud of was that being with the kids allowed her to take care of what she needed to do during the day.

She leaned across the table and stroked his cheek. "One of these days we will talk but I do understand James." Sorrel turned back to her breakfast and kept munching on the food. "Jim you are you doing more than you can imagine. Some of your songs have started making the rounds." She sort of dimpled at him. "One or two of the song smiths are feeling sort of cranky and really do want to talk to you about them."

He snorted as he leaned into her hand. "God that is so silly that a simple thing as teaching a few songs is adding to the tribe." He closed his eyes and pressed his hand against hers and sighed. "Your society is so different than mine and it is taking me time to really understand how you do things." No he didn't love her but did feel attraction to her and had to admit that their bed play was more than a bit fun. She was a good looking woman and talking to her was enjoyable. "Well time to go and spend the morning with the littles and keep teaching them."

She laughed at him and gave him a kiss. "You will learn and you are doing good things for the tribe. Let's go and find the kids and give you your morning session of music." Sorrel was finished with her food and noticed he was as well. Once he finished they gathered up their plates and took them to where the dishes were done before she dropped him off. "Go have fun Jim and I will see you later."

He returned the kiss and tried to imagine how he was doing good things for the tribe but didn't bother asking her since he was sure he wouldn't understand. "Yes ma'am and thank you." He gave her a hug before heading off towards where they kids would be. He had been there enough that he knew where they would be. "I will see you this evening." Sorrel would be busy for most of the day doing her own thing searching for food and whatever else she did.

Eventually he made it to the group of kids that were learning how to play the instruments. Over the last few days he had noticed that the group had started getting larger. "Morning all and I think I have figured out your chords and have a song for you." He gathered up the Gitturn that he had been using and lightly strummed it. "This is called Sweet Child of Mine by a group known as Guns and Roses."

Over the last few days he had learned the chords and he started strumming the cords and softly started to sing. By the time he was done he opened his eyes. "That is a song from my world that I greatly cherish. The tune is not something you are familiar with." He kept strumming the Gitturn and looked down at it. "Here is another song for you." He started the lyrics for Carry on my Wayward son by Kansas.

The two inu kids moved over and leaned against him as he was singing. "Those are wonderful songs Jim. They loved what he was showing them as he learned how they sang and played. "You have such lovely songs and stories that you tell." Both looked at each other and sort of nodded since they knew what they were going to do that evening. They knew that he wasn't in an exclusive relationship with Sorrel and they wanted to introduce him to one of the ladies that took care of them.

Jim gave both boys a hug and then went back to what they had been teaching him. "I am glad you enjoyed them and have been enjoying what all of you have been teaching me." Eventually they finished the lessons and he headed to lunch before heading to his training with the warriors.

"Afternoon and how are you doing?" He asked them and started stretching before they started working out. His shoulder was still aching somewhat and they knew that but didn't give him much slack as they were training. "Try not to abuse me to much today please. Sorrel was complaining last night that I had too many bruises." He grinned at them when he said that.

Several of the warriors snickered. "'Are we cutting into your nooky at night? We have heard her chittering since you moved into her tent." Sex was sort of an open topic since the tents didn't conceal much.

Jim almost choked and then snickered. "I will plead a fifth and not give any details. She is a lovely lady and I have to admit that we have been having a bit of fun." They were snickering at his comment and he settled for a grin. "Not saying anything else."

By the end of the day he was feeling both used and in better shape than when he had been hurt. "Talk to you later boyo's and I have been enjoying the exercise." Jim headed back to the tent and was somewhat startled when he found the two boys at the entrance to her tent. "What are you to doing here?" He asked them.

Right about then Sorrel walked up and grinned at them. "Let me guess you two are going to invite Jim over this evening." She knelt down and gave both of the boys a good hug. "Well you are going to get a tickling tomorrow."

Jim looked at her and had to blink. "Um, why would they want to invite me over for dinner? It is communal and all that good stuff." When Sorrel gave him an amused look he was more than a bit confused. He didn't realize that it was an invitation for maybe a bit more than just food.

Sorrel snickered at him. "It is an invitation to share some time with her." She gave him a kiss and stroked the ears on the boy. "Go and take him to her tent and then relax. If you want come and I will share a meal with you." She knew that they would go to their parents since she knew the Inu that was in charge of some of the children.

The two boys pulled at his hands and pulled him to his feet. "Come, Nasha is waiting and we are going to introduce you." They knew she wasn't really waiting but it might get Jim moving faster than he was. They knew he was from a different world but to them it didn't really compute. "Nana is waiting and we are hungry as well." One of the boys said.

Damn it he was starting to blush again with what Sorrel said and the boys as well. "I suppose but only for dinner." He let them pull him up and he looked at Sorrel and sort of shrugged at her. "Well let's go and keep you from being too hungry." When Sorrel snickered he glowered at her but followed the boys out of the tent.

When they reached the tent of Nasha he glanced around and it wasn't quite as nice as Sorrels but was still in good shape. "Nana we brought Jim over since he has been so good to us." Both boys gave her a good hug and then scampered away from the tent to go and be with their parents.

He glanced at her and blushed again. "Not really sure why they drug me over here but apparently they decided you needed to have dinner with me." He settled down in a chair and smiled at her. "I have been learning music with them in the morning."

She snickered. "I know and they have been telling me about it. I babysit them during the day as well as other littles." Nasha settled in a chair as well and smiled when someone brought food to them.

"I heard you had a companion for the evening and figured you might like to have food brought to you." It was another female though she was a neko. "I hope you have a good evening." She slightly bowed at the two of them and left the tent.

Jim blushed again and sighed. The idea he was a companion was almost absurd but he wasn't going to say anything about it at the moment. Once he sat down he gave the woman a good look and she sort of looked like a Doberman to him. She had dark hair and ears. Her face was a sort of tan and traced down to her neck and chest. He wasn't really sure why many of the species had fur but she had short thick fur sort of like Sorrel. "Man I feel like I am being passed around."

Nasha lauhed lightly at his comment. "You really aren't Yim. I am not really sure why the boys drug you to my tent but I don't mind having some company." She took the plates from the woman and set them on the table. "You can stay long enough for dinner right?" She moved over to the table and waved at the table. "Come eat Yim the food is good."

He moved over to the small table and settled down. "Thank god my shoulder isn't bothering much anymore." The food looked good and he was more than content to sit and eat with her. "So you are sort of a nanny I take it? Baby sit the children I guess?"

She nodded. "That is what I do as well as a wet nurse. Not all mothers can spend the time to take care of their pups. I do that for them for a good portion of the day." She looked at her plate of food and smiled. "Oh yay, lots of meat. Not sure how some of the others can do veggies but I can do some but give me some lightly roasted meat any day of the week." She nibbled a good piece of the food and grinned when he snickered.

"Give me a good slice of meat as well. Yes I do veggies as well but right now I need lots of protein to help me finish healing." When she mentioned being a wet nurse he tilted his head and nodded. "Not something my world has much of anymore." Beyond that he didn't really think about it since it just wasn't in his world view. "Go day care. I won't keep you up very late so you can get plenty of sleep."

"So do you have any children of your own?" He asked since he really didn't have any idea of when or how they got pregnant. Yes he had talked to Sorrel about it but that was with her race but not the others. Jim did want some kids but his life didn't really do much for that. Well that and he didn't have any girl friends so that didn't help either.

She shook her head. "Nope, haven't found anyone that I want as a mate as of yet. I did have one pup but that was many years ago. He is with a different tribe and has a mate of his own." Nasha leaned against him and sighed. "He is a lovely young man though he would object to the term." That was said with a slight giggle. "It was a one off sort of relationship but since I have been a wet nurse and have enjoyed helping to raise the pups and kits I have."

Jim smiled as she leaned against him and stroked her ears as he listened to what she was saying. "I am glad for you. Never had a child of my own. Never had the time to have one." She was warm and again he was enjoying the fur on her. In a way it sort of bothered him that he was being drawn to the women with fur. It wasn't something he had ever considered before. "Being a babysitter is a good job and means a great deal. They help raise the next generation." He forked a bit of good food off his plate and offered it to her.

She couldn't help but lower her ears when he offered her a bit off of his plate and took it and ate it. "Thanks Yim, that was really good." It appeared to be the butt end of a rump roast. She leaned against him and sighed. "Thank you for that bit. It was really good." She returned the favor and offered him something from her plate. "Food play is part of foreplay you know. I don't know if you know that but it is part of being an inu."

Jim looked more than startled when she said that. "Um, no I didn't know that but I am glad you enjoyed that bit. It looked really good and figured you would enjoy it." Damn it he was blushing again. "I am not an inu and have only been here for a few weeks. I am still learning my way around this place." He looked down at the table. "I am not from here if you haven't heard. Something in my world placed me here and I am slowly coming to accept it."

She nodded at his comments. "I didn't know but thank you for telling me." Nasha curled her arms around him and simply held him. "Well I am going to help you as best possible. Let me help you as much as Sorrel is." She moved the plate next to his and kept close contact with him as they ate.

He couldn't help but lean against her when she moved over and wrapped an arm around him. "I will try but it is hard. I like to be active and that is why I am working with the boys in the morning and the warriors in the afternoon." Jim sort of pushed the food around before eating it. "I am enjoying the food and environment we are in. Well other that the heat and humidity that is."

Eventually they were done with the meal and they settled at the opening of the tent and watched the sun go down. "Do you want to spend the night here Yim? Not talking anything sexual but comfort." She kept her arms around him and leaned against his body as they watched the fires burn out.

Jim sighed as he leaned against her. "I have to admit that it feels sort of odd knowing that normally I sleep in Sorrel's bed. There isn't anything between us other than a bit of fun." He moved with her to the door of the tent and settled down and watched the fires burn down. "Thank you for even having me over." He leaned against her and closed his eyes and relaxed. "You much as her are a good looking woman. I feel sort of odd saying that since I am a human and came from a human world."

She smiled at him and relaxed against him much as he was her. "Till mated bed swapping is fairly normal once you reach your majority. Since most of us only go into heat twice a year we just don't need to worry about pregnancy and if someone knows they have a disease they go to the healers. They also ensure anyone they have been with goes as well." Nasha smiled at him and nuzzled his neck. "Well I would blame it on two little stinkers but I have been enjoying getting to know you."

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