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I would never have thought she would get pregnant – she had assured me that it was close enough to her period that the risk was minimal. - Clearly not minimal enough! Still, she was a damn good fuck and had continued to be throughout most of the pregnancy. In lots of ways I felt that she had got sexier as the pregnancy had proceeded. This was partly due the the blush of pregnancy which Laura had gained but also her enthusiasm for having my hands massage her body at every possible opportunity.

She insisted, that I massage her abdomen on an almost daily basis to avoid stretch marks and also her perineum, the area of skin between her ever ready vagina and her anus in order to prevent tears during the birth. needless to say this inevitably led massaging the vagina itself and ..... well as the area of her smooth abdomen increased, (without stretch marks) we learned to try several new positions in order to accommodate, "Lump" as we affectionately called him/her.

The last couple of weeks saw an end to fucking but Laura still loved me going down on her and she honed her own sucking skills to a fine art. I also enjoyed the subtle changes in her taste as the pregnancy progressed and even when I was unable to fuck her in the last two weeks I would rub the head of my erect cock up and down her slit and across her engorged clitoris until she came with a shuddering climax.

Which takes us to the day of the birth. Laura had decided she wanted a water birth and we had the inflatable pool set up in her front room which looked out onto the garden with no neighbours to look in so it being a hot sunny day we opened the French windows and to hell with the neighbours who might hear her screams.

Laura had planned well for the birth with a midwife from the Association of Radical Midwives who thought the plan for a pool was a good one and held no truck with the recent trend to try and get all first time mothers to give birth in hospital.

Everything was going exactly according to plan. About eight in the morning Laura's waters broke while she was in the shower so no mess there. I got the pool out and filled with water hotter than we would want it so that in an hour or two Laura would be able to get in and out without my having to do too much topping up and syphoning out of the cooler water to the lawn.

Laura's contractions had started but were not too uncomfortable yet. I massaged her back and abdomen more because we both enjoyed it than because it was really needed as pain relief. As instructed we called Elaine, the midwife when the contractions were ten minutes apart. An hour later Elaine called saying she was stuck in traffic with no way out due to accidents both in front and behind where she was.

Well I was trained in general nursing as well as psychiatric and Laura just took it in her stride. "Well you started this. It looks as if you will have to finish it off." She told me with that grin that had got me hooked in the first place.

"Now why don't you massage me down below my puss? I wouldn't want a tear down there, would I?"

Before I could reply Laura added, "and take those clothes off. I feel embarrassed being naked while you are all dressed up." Dressed up, consisted of swimming trunks, jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. However there are situations like weddings and giving birth where the woman is boss so, even though it felt strange in this circumstance I quickly got naked before oiling my hands in order to do the requested massage.

Laura giggled as my hands started to stray from their nominated target but she didn't complain and after a while suggested, "You should go into business, the side effects of your pain relief are a lot better than that of drugs."

"How much do you think I should charge?" I countered as I moved in on her clitoris.

"Ask me again when it is all over." Laura gasped as her pussy started to spasm.

And so the day continued, and as the contractions got stronger and more frequent Laura spent more time in the pool and my hands continued to oil her body, not forgetting her tits which had started to leak a bit so of course I felt obligated to clean them up with my tongue.

The birth when it came was quick and easy. Jules, named after her mother popped out, all wrinkly as newborns are into the blood temperature water. I picked her up after a couple of moments and she was breathing within seconds. I Then placed her on Laura's belly so she could suck, knowing that this would aid the delivery of the placenta which was still attached by it's pulsing cord.

I had just finished cleaning the baby after it finished feeding when Laura started having contractions again and the placenta was delivered. I tied it off and then using a pair of scissors that I had sterilised with boiling water cut the cord.

Laura looked between myself and our child with a soft look that I had not seen before. "Why don't you check to make sure you did a good job and I don't have a tear?" She asked with a smile.

Well I looked in the rather bloody waters but couldn't see enough so I used my fingers and on finding no tears told Laura who suggested I might find another use for my fingers. So I started playing with her clitoris as the baby though finished sucking was still attached to her left tit as it slept.

I could tell by her breathing that she was getting close. It was then that I was really shocked because Laura asked me to put my fist inside her as despite having heard of fisting this was the only time she was going to let anyone do it when she had just expanded to let something even bigger through her juicy love tunnel.

I did so and seconds later with my other hand still working her clitoris I felt her muscles clamping round my fist and lower arm. I wouldn't have believed how strong those muscles could be if I hadn't experienced it. When Laura's orgasm finally subsided I withdrew my arm and when Laura said that she could do with something to eat, I helped her up from the pool, dried her off with the towels we had ready and then when she was settled asked her what she wanted to eat.

"Why don't you do that liver and bacon thing you do with whole shallots and the mashed potato with mustard?" Laura asked. I pointed out that we didn't have any liver.

"Well you will just have to cook the placenta instead then won't you." She smiled. "Oh and why don't you phone Elaine Just to let her know everything is all right?"

I assured Elaine that everything was OK and the baby had fed and a number of other questions she had that I forget now. Elaine said she should be with us in about half an hour.

It was actually closer to an hour and we were just starting to eat when she arrived and, totally unphased by my nudity, (I had just gotten so used to being naked in Laura's place that I forgot that everyone might not be the same.

Elaine commented on how good the food smelled and with a grin to me Laura asked that I get Elaine some as well. While I did that Elaine did all the weighing and measuring bits that she had to do and then joined us to eat. It was only afterwards when she asked to see the placenta to check it had come out whole that Laura laughed. "That might be a bit difficult as we have just eaten most of it."

Elaine's first reaction was to shout, "You bastards!" but she then joined in the laughter. At that point I wondered if we would get to know her better..........

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