tagGroup SexWorld Tour Ch. 03

World Tour Ch. 03


When I was in highschool, our senior trip was to Spain, we landed in Madrid, spent two days, then toured the country for the next ten days, stopping at all the big landmarks, even going over to Morocco for the better part of one day, and spent the last four days in Barcelona. In Barcelona there is a club that is on a retired cruise liner. It's got a singles bar on top, a couple dance clubs under that, some trancey-rave places under that, and below deck is the goth club, Rio Styx. While all the other typical American teenagers were getting wasted due to the much lower legal drinking age, and rubbing all over each other in the dance clubs. I was sitting in the black-light illuminated River Styx listening to Peruvian Thrash Metal and watching the mosh-pit get dangerously close to the bar.

Just when I thought I should move out of the way, the song stopped. Before the pit calmed down though, a girl around my age was thrust out of it and onto the floor. "Chinga-Madre!" She shouted and then saw me looking down at her surprised. I offered a hand and she accepted the help off the ground. "Graci." she mumbled as she sat on the barstool next to me.

"Are you ok?" I asked, noticing a small trickle of blood at the corner of her mouth. She looked at me like I was speaking Martian. It took a second for me to figure out that I might as well be, and repeated myself in Spanish. (I went to American highschool in the beginning of the 21st century, Spanish is required to graduate.)

"Fine." She answered (for the sake of the reader, I'll translate to English) and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smeared her dark lipstick. "Where're you from?" She was blunt, but I liked blunt. She was also extremely cute with a pointy little nose, narrow chin, pouty bottom lip, and wide light green eyes that offset her darkly tanned skin nicely. She couldn't have been much more than 5'6 but the knee-high platform boots with the metal plugs all over them added a few more inches to her tight little frame. She was wearing a short dress with a top comprised of a leather corset that pressed her small tits together and a bottom slit up to her bronzed ass on one side. I considered lying, saying I was an intern for a huge company and I was in Barcelona on business and flying out the next morning (Hey it worked in Malaga).

But I told the truth. "America, I'm here with my school." She nodded and looked slightly confused. "It's like a vacation because it's our last year." she nodded again, and then spun around to face the large tattooed bartender. "I'm Jeremy." I said offering my hand.

She looked at my hand with something between disgust and intrigue. "Buy me a drink." she spat. I thought about being a smart-ass then, asking why her parents would name her something like Buymeadrink, but I didn't, and I told the bartender to give her a double grasshopper and handed him 2000 pesetas (the equivalent of about 12 bucks in 2001) She smiled and took a sip. "Lisa" she finally told me and shook my hand gently. "You know, this is my favorite drink."

I smiled "I ordered it because it matches it your eyes" I told her and she cracked a small grin. As she took another swallow, I blurted out, "I'm sorry if this is too forward, Lisa, but you're probably the most beautiful thing I've seen since I got to this country."

She nearly choked on her drink, but came out laughing. "That's the best you got?" she asked me. "Seriously, Jeremy, you're cute, but you need some work on your lines." We sat there then, listening to the next band tune up, and staring at each other when we thought the other wasn't looking. A drink later and we were listening to some weird industrial stuff with the sound of women getting spanked or fucked or both in the background. Eventually I stopped pretending I wasn't staring at her and caught her eye. She smiled and I still think I saw her blush. Lisa grabbed a napkin and pulled a pen hidden in her dress and wrote something. She passed it to me and gulped down the double she'd been sipping for nearly five minutes. "You really want me bad?" was the message she scrawled. I just looked at her and nodded as slowly and plainly as possible. She smirked and curled her index finger. The message was clear, "Follow me." We stood up and made our way around the encroaching mosh-pit and Lisa disappeared into the ladies room.

I stood there for a second, thinking she ditched me, before the door swung open again and she yanked me in by the shirt. Our lips immediately locked, I pulled her off her feet by the straps on her corset and pushed her up against the pale green tiled wall. I held her there by forcing my body up against hers and ran one hand down her side to lift her leg to wrap around my side, and the other hand up her neck to get a handful of her hair, causing her to moan into the kiss and she started to flutter her tongue inside my mouth. I slid my hand up her dark thigh to her ass, holding it and lifting her higher before realizing she wore no panties. As she hoisted her other leg up and locked her boots together behind me, I started tracing her moist lips with my middle finger. From the bottom of her slit, dipping into her slightly, I rubbed her gash slowly back and forth until I hit the tiny barbell that pierced her clit.

That's when she groaned and clenched her teeth, nearly biting a hole in my lip before I was jerked away by her hand pulling my hair. "You got to be careful with that!" she panted, and licked her lips before lowering her mouth to my neck to kiss, suck, then bite on a scar I already had from an ex-girlfriend doing the same thing.

"Ohhh... Lisa..." I groaned, and dug my fingers into her pussy, which only made her bite down harder as she moaned. I removed my hand from her hand and wrenched my arm around her leg to get at my belt and zipper. Miraculously, they gave me little trouble, and soon my cock was waving free through the gap in my boxers. I kept fingering her, occasionally quickly thrumming on her pierced clit just to see how hard she would bite me, and how loud she would moan at the miniature orgasms it caused.

Lisa removed her mouth from my neck, and I noticed a faint smearing of red on her lips. I wondered if it was from her moshing earlier or she'd broken the skin on my neck. The thoughts were interrupted when she asked "Are you just going to finger me all night, or did you want to fuck me?" she said and reached under her own legs to grab my dick and pull it towards her crotch. "Bigger than I expected." she giggled.

I smirked at her and let her drop slightly before pushing my hips towards her. My dick glanced across her piercing, making her nearly scream, and sunk into her tiny lubed up hole until her hand stopped it from going fully inside. "Big enough?" I asked, breathless. Her hand moved away to hold onto my shoulder, and I pushed the rest of my shaft into her, then kept pushing until Lisa's ass was pressed against the wall and my dick was pressed against her cervix. I pulled out slowly, trying to tease her, and slammed back in as soon as the crown of my dick started to leave her wetness.

"Mmmmhmmm." She moaned and bit her lip as her greedy cunt shook around me. Lisa pulled my head down to hers as I started to slowly pull away again. "Fuck me, HARD." She growled and gasped as I slammed back into her again. I grinned at her, with her mouth hanging open and her eyes starting to glaze over, her face was the image of an orgasm. I moved my hands to under her ass and held her in place as I plunged into her hot tight box over and over, each time pushing her against the wall and rocking against the steel barb in her clit. Each time her pussy would seize up and shudder around my rod as I manipulated her body into orgasms.

I wasn't long before she started to scream, so I offered my shoulder for her to bite and try to muffle the screams -not that I was afraid anyone would hear with the crazy S&M music going on outside the bathroom. She bit down and I knew immediately Lisa had tasted my blood and enjoyed it as she lapped at the broken skin with her fluttery tongue. I kept plowing away at her cunt until I knew the constant gripping and pulling on my dick, not to mention the teeth in my shoulder was going to make me cum. "Lisa..." I groaned out a warning.

She broke her jaws away from my skin and swallowed before panting. "I know, I know!" Lisa unhooked her feet from behind me and released my hair and shoulder from her hands. "Let me down!" She moaned out and I immediately stepped back from the wall, dropping her to her knees as my cock popped from her hole. She was still gasping and moaning as she grabbed the base of my cock and sucked the head past her lips. Her hot little mouth worked the same oral magic on my dick as she gave my mouth and shoulder before. Her tongue waved and caressed the shaft and all around the head while her hands rhythmically squeezed the base of my dick and balls.

I gritted my teeth, groaned, and ran my hands through her hair, making her look up at me with her beautiful green eyes. "Here it is baby!" I told her, expecting to move away and let me jizz on the wall and floor. Instead, she moved her hand from the base of my cock and stuffed the rest of the shaft into her mouth, swallowing the head just before it started shooting cum. She gulped and slurped and rocked her lips on my dick until she was sure there was nothing left. "Oh god, Lisa, that was incredible." I panted as she stood and I attempted to straighten my clothes.

"Thanks, you too." She grinned and went to the mirror to fix her makeup. When she was done she sauntered back to me with a paper towel in her hand. "Now you have a real story to tell your friends when you get home." she said and winked at me before shoving the paper towel in my hand. I glanced down and saw an email address written on it with black lipstick, and when I looked up again, Lisa was walking out of the bathroom, looking over her shoulder.

Of course, none of my classmates there believed me and hardly any of my friends at home bought my story until I showed them pictures Lisa sent me over the internet. Recognition wasn't what I wanted though, I wanted Lisa. We kept up correspondence, and always promised one another that one would come see the other one day. We both dated other people, and never lied about our relationships. I knew when she was in love, and she knew when I was serious about someone, but there was never any illusion about us wanting each other again.

The drive from France to Spain is a long and tiresome one. Sure, there's nice scenery, but it all looks the same after so many hours on end. I was so happy, tired, and weary when I finally reached Barcelona that I nearly forgot to call Lisa before I passed out face down in the plush king size bed in my hotel suite. "Hola?" She answered the phone, obviously not expecting the call so soon.

"Hey, Lisa, it's Jeremy." I told her and yawned. "I just got in town. I'm in the Diana on the river." I went on and noticed she wasn't talking back, so I tried to catch her interest a little harder. "I almost forgot how beauti-"

"I'm a little busy." she interrupted me. "Sorry, I thought you were coming in tomorrow." she whispered and paused. Before I could ask what was wrong, she told me "I'm on a date with that guy I told you about."

'That guy' was Ahmed, a transplant from Morocco that caught Lisa's eye when he DJ'd one night at her favorite club. "Oh... No problem babe." I said, feeling my heart sink. "It's fine really." I told her when she tried to apologize. "I'm really tired anyway, just call me when you get up tomorrow and we'll meet somewhere." She agreed and I hung up the phone. It wasn't long before I was out of my clothes and asleep under the eight-hundred thread-count sheets.

I had such nice dreams about doing all sorts of disgusting things to Lisa that I wasn't surprised to find a erection waiting on me when I woke up slightly after dawn. I was shocked, however, to feel a pair of lips and soft wet tongue working themselves all over my shaft. I looked around and saw a cart with clean towels folded neatly on it, and a stereotypical black and white maid's uniform thrown across it, then I cleared my throat loudly. From under straight black bangs a pair of nearly too wide, bright green eyes peered up at me. The maid pulled her mouth off my dick and smiled. "Good morning Mister Stahl."

I laughed and pulled Lisa up to me and kissed her. "I actually forgot you worked here." I admitted. I hugged her tightly, breathing her scent in. "God I've missed you so much."

She squeezed me back for a minute, and patted me on the back. "I missed you too, but I can't breathe sweetie." We laughed and I let her go. She wasn't completely nude, just down to a pale purple bra and panties, sitting next to me on the bed. "So, how was your trip?" she asked and I told her about Jo and Michelle as we dined on room service that Lisa brought as a forethought. And she told me about her life since we talked last, and about Ahmed and her date.

"You really like him don't you?" I asked, before shoving a slice of omelet in my mouth. I glanced up her when she didn't answer. She was chewing her lip slightly and staring back at me, one hand propping her up on the bed, the other was slowly twisting her shoulder length wavy black hair together. I swallowed just before she pounced on me. The fork clattered away somewhere and her tongue was in my mouth, legs at my sides, hands on my wrist and in my hair. With my free hand I reached for and unhooked her bra, then journeyed down her back to grope her tight little ass.

Lisa leaned up from the kiss, dragging her sharp nails down my arm and across my chest before tossing her bra away, showing me the delicacies of her perky B-cups and pierced nipples that I didn't get to see years before. "Forget about him, I'm crazy about you." She told me as she ran her hands back up my chest, and around my shoulders. My hand circled her hip and found the moist crotch of her underwear. I pushed against her slit, searching for the barbell through her pierced clit while she rocked on my hand and bit her bottom lip. She reached down and pulled her light green panties to one side and I noticed the piercing was gone as I slid my fingers across her nubbin and then down to her glistening hole. She ground her pussy down on my hand as I pushed my middle finger up into her and hooked my thumb up to press on her cum button.

She shuddered and moaned and her hands followed my other hand to her tits where I could pull on the little four-way barbells that pierced her nipples. She threw her head back and groaned loudly as I felt her gash spasm from the inside. "Are you going to let me finger you all day, or did you want to fuck me?" I joked and she rolled her eyes before pulling my hand out of her crotch and licking my fingers clean. Lisa slid backwards and lifted her ass up just enough to get my cock under her, and still holding her panties to one side lowered her snatch down over the head. She teased me at first, only letting the tip pass her lips over and over, smiling down at me maliciously. I growled in frustration and grabbed her hips forcing her down body on mine. She screamed and dug her pointed nails into my hands. I groaned as I felt her insides squeezing me over and over.

"Oh, you bastard." She moaned and slowly let her claws out of my skin. She tried to ease herself off of me, only to have her pussy try to suck me back in a few inches later. "You're bigger than I remember." She mewled down at me, trying to pout as she drew the same three inches of my shaft in and out of her over and over.

I pushed up at her slightly, trying to get a rhythm going between us and smiled back. "You're much tighter than I remember too." Eventually her pussy produced enough juice that she could slide my cock nearly out of her hole and back in again, but it wasn't the forceful fucking against a wall we had before. It was slow and deliberate and passionate. I felt every crease and ripple in the walls of her tunnel each time she lowered herself, shuddering, over my cock. I spread her open and filled her completely every time I felt the bottom of her ass land on my legs.

My hands explored as much of her body as I could reach. Up and down each thigh, around each hip and over her stomach. I toyed with her nipples and held her hands, stroked her shoulder and let her rest her face in my palms. She bit down on one of my thumbs as I stroked it across her moistened lips and I felt her whimper as my dick twitched deep inside her pinkness. "I want your cum in me." She breathed out as her walls squeezed me tighter. She leaned down to kiss me during her orgasm, nearly freeing my cock from its slick prison. "Please cum in my pussy." Lisa begged me and forced her hips backwards.

I grabbed her ass and held it down, making her groan in disappointment. She kept trying to wriggle her cunt up and down my shaft, making the tip of my cock scrape back and forth against the door to her womb. I arched up into her and let her ass go, and Lisa started grinding back and forth on me. Her nails found my skin again as she threw her head back then fell forward panting, still grinding her body down on mine. A whine escaped Lisa's mouth as I pushed more of my swelling cock up into her. I growled through clenched teeth as I started flooding her tiny pussy with cum.

Lisa closed her eyes and let a "Oooh... Yesssssss..." leave her mouth. She kept rocking her ass back on me and I was spurting more inside each time our thighs met. She finally slowed and stopped when she could feel cum leaking out of her quim. She rolled off of me and laid there content for a few minutes before inching up to kiss me. "I need to get back to work." She sighed and I was suddenly disappointed she wouldn't be joining me in the shower.

"Don't you want to get cleaned up first?" I said pulling her on her nipple and leading her to another kiss. Our tongues snuck out of our lips and intertwined for a few long seconds.

She backed away and was out of the bed before I could protest. "No way." She answered as she shrugged her bra back on and started to pull on her uniform. "I want to do my rounds and feel your cum squishing around inside me." Lisa explained and winked at me as she tied her apron around her waist. "Now you rest up and get cleaned up, I'm planning on wearing your ass out later." She said and bent down to kiss me again, leaving me ample time to reach under her skirt and grab her ass again. She smacked me playfully with her feather duster. "Mr. Stahl! This is not that kind of hotel!" she squealed and left me in the bed to watch her push her cart out of my suite.

I did I was told, lying in bed for probably another two hours flipping channels before taking a long shower. I tried to kill as much time as I could. I drank a cup of a coffee, played a few games on my new laptop, checked my email and updated my travel schedule. I still had Greece, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Japan, and New Zealand before I was anywhere close to home. I glanced at the clock and realized it was well past lunchtime and I'd still seen nor heard of Lisa. I wondered shortly about how long her shift was then suddenly got an idea inspired by my growling stomach. I called room service and convinced them to make me two bacon cheeseburgers and some fries the way I liked and added "You have a maid here named Lisa; the one with the bright green eyes. Can you please have her bring my order?" to the end of the telephone conversation.

I leaned back in my chair smiling at my own cleverness. Half an hour later there was a knock on the door and I rushed to answer it and usher Lisa inside. Only it wasn't Lisa; her name tag said Elise, and she had bright green eyes, but this Lisa was taller, blond, and thinner with lighter skin. Her narrow face was spotted with freckles across her brow, nose, and cheeks; there seemed to be many more of them under her clothes if her arms and exposed upper chest were any indication. She was definitely not what I ordered, but the meal still looked appetizing. This new maid must've seen the confusion and disappointment on my face. "You actually know Lisa don't you?" I nodded and shrugged, she laughed. "Sorry, she's helping out in the kitchen. The manager sent me because my name is so close to hers and thought you wouldn't mind. Lisa made your hamburgers though."

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