World Turned Upside Down


When Cindy looked around she saw Nina with a flushed expression on her face and the boys with what can only be described as a shit- eating grin. Apparently Ricky and Lydia didn't need to watch a program about improving communication. Rickey had Lydia laid back on a couch and was communicating about a third of his large cock into the pussy of the spasaming woman who was crying out for more. "Ricky, darling, don't tease me like that. I need it all in me! Fuck me baby, fuck me!

"Are you sure, Liddy-Widdy?" the athletic young man replied, grinning and keeping up a tantalizingly slow sawing motion in and out of his girlfriend's weeping cunt. "Don't you remember what happened the night we met?"

"How can I forget, you bastard! You felt me up me until I couldn't think straight and then you fucked me stupid."

"And what happens to girls who let boys fuck them stupid without protection?"

"They get knocked up like I did, you bastard maker. Now shut up and put it to me!"

"You want me to do it again, to get you even more pregnant? To have a big bellyful of my baby?"

"Yes, yes, damnmit! I don't care if I get too big to fit in my parking space, just FUCK ME!

Nita had been a little worried about how docile and submissive Lydia had been around Ricky. Now she was relieved to see that when Lydia told Ricky clearly what she wanted done, he did it. As the young man lengthened and deepened his strokes and Lydia's moans turned to shrieks of ecstasy, Nita looked at Cindy and then at Charles and smiled. "I think I need a good long {pause} nap," she said and headed down the hall toward the bedrooms.

Cindy gave Steve a similarly seductive look and replied, "Me too. I'm feeling very {pause} sleepy," and sauntered toward the hall. Charles and Steve high fived and followed their wives swaying assess.


The first days following the vacation Lydia saw a marked improvement in both her friends, in Nita's attitude and in Cindy's attire. Nita's bored indifference to her husband, apparent to her friends, underwent a U turn. She wouldn't shut up about how affectionate Steve was, how good looking, how intelligent, how successful, how attentive and how he fucked her brains out night and morning. Cindy, it turned out had knees after all, though few noticed them when she started showing so much flesh to the north. Three, then four, and finally five inch heels replaced the drab flats she wore and suddenly her arms grew bracelets and bangles and her fingers and toes were painted in a dazzling sequence of colors. The topper was when she bent over one day to reveal a small heart tattooed just inches below her ass-cheeks.

A few weeks later Cindy and Nita burst into Lydia's cubical, laughing excitedly. "We've just come from Dr. Vargas, our OB/GYN and..." Cindy almost shrieked.

"Since he's got almost eight months to plan, he's going to get us adjoining rooms in Sibley Maternity," Nita added with a smirk.

"I'm so happy for you!" Lydia gushed a little insincerely, hugging the two women against her own now very noticeable tummy. "I guess that makes us even. Ricky is giving me twins!"

* * * * *

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