tagSci-Fi & FantasyWorlds Apart Ch. 03

Worlds Apart Ch. 03


Carly Cortez-Johnson always looked forward to swim practice. If she'd told her alien-hating mother the reason, Angelica likely would've had a conniption. Then again, in recent weeks her mother had seemed to mellow towards the aliens that surrounded them on the Federation world. Maybe she'd finally lost it?

Carly blew a lock of her curly black hair up out of her face as she strode into the female locker room at the pool. Most of her teammates were already in the water, but Coach Nyreen knew that Carly had a class that butted up against practice time, so she always let Carly be a few minutes late. She dropped her bag on the bench, popping open her locker and grabbing the swimsuit within. She changed hurriedly, her breath already picking up a little. Soon she'd be in the water, and she'd be able to enjoy herself for a couple hours.

Her hair was just long enough that she could bundle it up behind her head with a piece of stretchy string that she kept her in locker. Carly tied the knot as she stepped through the decontamination antechamber that led to the pool. She was blasted with warm water mixed with fragrant, but powerful antibiotics. With the amount of different alien bodies in the pool every day, the Federation didn't want to take chances. Carly appreciated the effort, always making sure to turn her body into the spray.

She stepped through the main door to the pool deck, and took a quiet breath. Her favorite time of day. Sure, the rest of the team were the aquatic kessa race. Sure, literally all of them were faster than her. But Carly busted her ass every day at practice to stay up to the standards of the team for one reason and one reason only.

Kessa swam naked.

When her parents had told her a few years prior that they'd be relocating to the Federation core in the wake of Judgement Day, as it had come to be called, a part of her had protested. True, like every other human who bore witness to what happened, she mostly felt empty, hollow and lost. But after the move, after spending some time in the Federation core enjoying some semblance of normality, she'd begun to feel...agitated.

Carly had figured out she was a lesbian at the end of high school, and had greatly enjoyed her first semester of college burying her face between the legs and into the pillowy asses of every girl that was willing -- which were plentiful, given that many of those same girls were also experiencing the joys of not being micromanaged by their families for the first time. Her first college semester had been a bacchanalia of sapphic delights, and it had all come crashing down on Judgement Day.

As far as she knew, she and her family were the only humans living in the city -- hell, maybe even the whole planet. And for a while, things had been difficult. Her only release had come at her own fingers, and while she knew where a sex shop close to campus was, she didn't want to be spotted in there and gain a reputation as the human girl who went looking for alien dildos to satiate her.

Then she'd made a wondrous discovery. She'd been working out in the pool one afternoon when she was asked to vacate the lap lanes for the university's swim team. As she got out of the pool, she glanced over, and had to pick her jaw up off the floor. A parade of trim, fit, muscular, and utterly naked female kessa had strolled out of the locker room, their scales every hue of the rainbow, reflecting the lights overhead and the glints of shine off the water. Carly had never thought of the aliens as sexy before, but seeing them all au naturale made her breathing deepen and her sex throb. She'd find out later that, because they'd spent hundreds of years of civilization in the water, the kessa had never really developed a thing for clothes, at least not until they'd started venturing to the stars and making contact with other races, all of whom did. It was a cultural thing -- in public they wore clothes, but in their homes and always in the water, they were naked.

It had been a no brainer for Carly to sign up for swim team tryouts as soon as she could.

Carly walked along the side of the pool, her footing sure on the slick tile. She'd may not have been a kessa, but she liked to think she was as close to one as it was possible for a human to get. She waved to Coach Nyreen, who was her absolute favorite thing to look at in the world. Nyreen was descended from a race of kessa that lived in the deepest trenches of their water-soaked homeworld. Her scales were mostly jet black, unless the light hit them a certain way and turned them a vibrant deep blue. However, unlike other kessa, she other ribbons of scales that were bioluminescent. They actually emitted a pale blue light when Nyreen was agitated, or in the midst of an intense workout demonstration. Her eyes were the same hue as her scales, dark pearls when gazed at directly that changed to brilliant violet and blue at an angle. Carly only knew this because she often stared deeply into the pools of Nyreen's eyes when the kessa wasn't looking.

Not to mention that, for as old as she claimed to be, Nyreen was probably the most frequent star of Carly's fantasies. The kessa had a body that made Carly envious, curvy in all the right places. Kessa didn't have breasts -- they weren't mammals -- but Carly's eyes were still drawn to the elegant curves of Nyreen's upper body, a hill of firm muscle that almost looked like a pair of tits if you imagined hard enough. But her hips were thick and curvy, and she had an ass that Carly wanted to completely debase herself in. She'd only caught glimpses of Nyreen's nethers, the forbidden place between the kessa's shapely thighs, but she knew that sooner or later she'd have to change that. She could only get herself off with her fingers so long.

"Miss Carly?"

And then there was her voice. It was angelic, sweet and smooth with a hint of a thrum to it from the layers of alien muscle in her throat. Carly snapped out of her trance, realizing she'd been standing still for a solid minute in front of a lane without jumping in the water. "Oh, erm, yes! Yes, Coach Nyreen?"

The kessa's thin lips curled up in a bemused smile. "Something the matter?"

Yeah, I'm not knuckle deep in you right now. Carly shook her head quickly. "N-nope! Not at all!"

Nyreeen inclined her head. "Usual warmups today. Get in the water behind Plaka and we'll get started soon."

"Yes, ma'am," Carly said. She waited until Plaka, a drab green kessa, had flipped and kicked off the wall before she dove in. The water surrounded her, bouying her up to the surface as she found a rhythm, using Plaka as a pace setter. The kessa also served as motivation -- Carly could see between the alien girl's legs. Carly still swam with suits on, though more and more she felt like that was becoming optional. She found her pace, and enjoyed the sight in front of her as she let everything else slip away, as freeform as the water surrounding her.

The practice passed as it did, with Carly revelling in the physical exertion and the nudity of the aliens around her. None of the others ever really seemed to pay her much heed, but Carly had never gotten the sense that they objected to her presence. Perhaps they simply thought she wanted a challenge to keep herself fit and trimmed. Certainly, that was part of it. Whatever excess weight she'd had after leaving the Sol system, Carly had shed long ago. Her body was trim and muscular, her shoulders filled out and her waist slim. She didn't have much of an ass, but that had never bothered her. She enjoyed being the one who was sat upon, rather than the other way around. She also enjoyed watching all the boys on campus turn their heads to look at her as she passed, all of them pining for what they would never get a chance at.

Sorry boys, she thought, her hand slapping the wall as she finished a set. But this bod is for a very special kind of person.

By the end of practice, Carly's arms and legs burned, and her nethers ached from having a cornucopia of female anatomy laid out before her. But she felt good, relaxed and loose.

"Alright everyone," Nyreen said from her sitting position at the edge of the pool. Her sassek head tendrils, black streaked with white, hung down around her head and shoulders like a curtain of black ivy. Carly thought it was one of the prettiest sights she'd ever seen. "That's enough for today, all of you. Good work." She smiled, and in that moment, Carly knew with absolute certainty what needed to happen as soon as possible. "See you next week."

Carly waited as she often did, allowing all the other kessa girls to pull themselves out of the water, her eyes traveling up their legs to the clefts between, the forbidden delights there. She floated near the side of the pool for a time, then launched herself off and backstroked the length of the pool, then flipped and came back. The heat in her was muted somewhat by the time she got back. She pulled herself out, wiping water off her skin. Nyreen was already walking back to the locker room, her thick ass bouncing with every step. How were the kessa not always jumping on one another in fits of horny lust when they all walked around goddamn naked?

Maybe she'd get some answers if she got Nyreen into bed.

Carly stood up and walked to catch up to Nyreen. "Coach! Hang on a second!"

Nyreen turned halfway, the motion hitching a hip. "Yes, Carly?"

"Erm..." Crap, think of something, hornball! "I, uh...I just wanted to take a moment say thanks for everything these past few months. I know I don't really stand a chance at the meets and whatnot, but I still appreciate you giving me the chance to practice with the team."

Nyreen smiled gently at her. "Don't sell yourself short, Carly. You keep up very well compared to the rest of the girls."

Because I have one hell of a motivator. "I appreciate that, Coach. I mean, you don't need to put me in first string or anything. Or at all. I can be a backup."

The kessa turned to her fully. "Well there's nothing wrong with that," she said, her voice light and breathy. "I think Zerena and Hevv are going to be going places. They're two of the best I've ever taught."

"How long have you been teaching this?" Conversation, this is good!

Nyreen inclined her head, and Carly fell into step beside her. "Almost twenty years now. I used to do it myself, but age caught up with me. Now, I train."

"Did you ever win a major contest or anything?"

"A few." Nyreen held the door open for Carly. "Never the big one back on Nautolan, though. Mostly a few smaller competitions here in the Core."

"What's the 'big one' like?" Carly asked as they hung by the edges of the lockers, all the other girls going through their routines and getting ready to leave.

"It's a tradition," Nyreen said. "Dating back thousands of years. Each kessa tribe picks a few representatives to swim a course that takes them from the surface to one of the deepest parts of the Nautolan ocean and back up again. Every kessa on the homeworld watches, and it actually qualifies for employers as a reason to give kessa time off." A ripple passed through her luminescent scales, and she looked away shyly. Carly felt her face flush. "I went several times. Never got past the middle of the pack. There was always someone younger, someone faster." Her eyes grew distant for a moment, then cleared. "But, that's then. This is now."

"How old are you exactly?" Carly asked.

Nyreen angled her head in just a way that the light caught her eyes, turning them blue and purple. "I'll be eighty in a week. I think if my math is right that puts me at about forty-five or so by human standards."

Carly gave her a bemused look. "And you say your old. You've still got plenty of time left!"

"Yes, well..." Nyreen sighed, her eyes getting that distant look in them. "It's what you do with that time that really matters, isn't it?"

Carly put a gentle hand on Nyreen's shoulder. "You'll do fine, Nyreen. I'm sure you will."

Another ripple passed through Nyreen's scales. "That's very kind of you to say, Carly," she murmured. Then she blinked a few times, straightening up. "Well, you'd better be on your way. I'll see you next week for practice." She turned and stepped back out to the pool deck.

Carly watched her go, then padded to her locker and changed into her street clothes, an idea already forming in her mind.

Carly mulled over plans all through the weekend. Her thoughts were occupied with Nyreen, making it difficult for her to focus on her homework. The added distraction of her brother calling her to complain about his living situation for the umpteenth time as she walked to the next practice didn't help either.

"It's starting to get really difficult to live with them," Zach said, sounding like he was adjusting his communicator against the side of his head. Maybe he was pacing -- Carly'd thought he had grown out of the habit.

"So maybe request another living arrangement?" she suggested, turning the corner that put her on a straight shot to a gymnasium. "Or start sleeping with one of them and force the situation like that."

Zach made a strangled noise. "Don't even joke about that! Debbie'd kill me."

Yes, your long distance girlfriend who's half a galaxy away will kill you, you absolute dweeb. "Well then, what else do you want me to do?" Carly said, stopping at an intersection to let a hoverbus pass, waving to the driver. "Neither of those two girls you live with are my type, so I can't force a situation either."

Zach sighed. "I know. You've told me. Mom and Dad are no help either." He paused. "I think..."

Something in his voice made Carly stop. "Think what?"

"Well... just from watching them interact with each other last weekend at home, I think they might be cheating on one another."

Carly wished she could pretend to be surprised. In truth, she'd noticed the growing distance between her parents for ages. It had started not six months after they'd moved to the Federation Core. "Really?" she asked, keeping her voice neutral. "Who with?"

"Dad I think is doing one of his coworkers. It'd make the most sense. And I think mom's seeing the neighbor, that orak."

Carly started walking again. "So what do you want to do about it?"

Zach didn't say anything for a time. "I honestly don't-" Carly heard a noise in the background of his end of the call, as well as two female voices yelling at one another. "God dammit," Zach muttered. "I gotta deal with this. Talk to you later, sis, have a good practice."

"Seeya," Carly said, ending the call as she arrived the the training complex. Her parent's infidelity was a problem for another day. Today's problem was Nyreen, namely the seduction of. Carly had had an idea over the weekend. A crazy, lunatic idea. But if she wanted to make something happen, she had to entice Nyreen with possibility.

And what better to entice the alien with than her own body?

Carly set her bag on the bench and changed into her suit quickly. She walked out onto the pool deck, but didn't make for the water, instead walking to where Nyreen stood on the edge watching. "Coach Nyreen?"

Nyreen looked over at her. "Yes, Carly?"

"I was wondering something."

A nod. "Wonder away."

Carly licked her bottom lip quickly. "I was wondering if I could start practicing without a swimsuit."

Nyreen blinked. "I, erm... I don't..." She looked out over the stretch of the pool for a moment, then back at Carly. "What makes you want to?"

Carly folded her arms across her chest, deliberately pushing her breasts up a little. "I just want to. I feel like an outsider with this suit on. And if it causes problems, I can just go back into the locker room and put it back on." She pouted, just a little. "Please, Coach? It would mean the world to me."
Nyreen's eyes flitted back and forth as she thought, bowing her head a little. "I suppose..." She nodded. "Very well. Go take the suit off and come back."

Carly brightened and beamed at Nyreen. "Oh, thak you Coach! I'll be right back!" She hurried back to the locker room as quick as she could, barely making it inside before she peeled off the tight swimsuit. The cool air of the locker room seems to coil eagerly around her chest and nethers, as if they were the eager probes of a creature that had never seen supple human femininity. Carly stood in front of the mirror, making sure the tie in her hair was secure. "You are a fine young woman, Carly Cortez-Johnson," she murmured to herself, shaking her chest a little so her perky tits swayed back and forth. "Sure, Nyreen is older than you. But that doesn't matter. Because you are going to make her want your twenty-two year old ass so much she can't think about anything else." Carly nodded, blew herself a kiss, then turned and strode back out onto the pool deck.

The kessa in the water were focused on their warm ups, so they paid her no heed. But as soon as Nyreen looked over at her Carly saw the kessa's eyes widen and a ripple pass through her scales. Carly deliberately slowed her steps a little and put a little sashay in her hips as she walked to her lane. She'd taken clippers to her mons the night before, her pubic area flat and smooth. She stopped in front of Nyreen and spread her arms. "There. How's that?"

Nyreen fumbled her words for a few seconds, and Carly knew that the seeds had been sown. "W-well, I certainly haven't seen this... this much of you before, Carly," Nyreen said. "I think... well, get in the water. If the other girls think it's too much of a distraction I'll have you put the suit back on. Sound fair?"

Carly nodded. "Fair." She turned to the water, waited for a gap in the swimming kessa, and jumped in. She'd skinny dipped once, a long, long time ago in a terraformed lake on Earth's Moon, and she'd forgotten how strange it felt to have the water in direct contact with her most intimate areas. She knew that if she'd been any more endowed in her chest, swimming would've been really tricky without a suit to hold her bust in place.

But she managed well, still keeping up with the kessa in front of her as she went through warmups and then the workouts. It took the others a little while to notice her fully exposed body, and she heard a few whispers among the aliens. But she ignored them and soldiered on, doing everything that was asked of her by Nyreen, and always making sure to flip off the wall in a way that caused her sex to be visible above water for the briefest moment. Every time they had a rest period, she looked up at Nyreen, and Nyreen pointedly looked away. It was hard for Carly not to smirk.

By the time practice was over, she'd grown used to the sensation of being naked in the water, and she felt like she had some understanding of why the kessa did it. It felt natural, smooth against her bare skin, caressing her breasts as she floated by the wall. No wonder the kessa had never invented swimsuits.

She let the rest of the team leave the water, staying behind and doing a few more warm down laps while she waited. When she got back to the edge of the pool, Nyreen was waiting there for her. "So, how do you feel?" the kessa asked.

How do you feel, Coach? "Just fine," Carly said. "I think I'd like to do this every day from now on."

Nyreen nodded, her face neutral but her eyes betraying how in favor of it she really was. "Good. I'll see you next time, Carly." She got up to leave.

"Wait, Coach!" Carly said, pulling herself up out of the water. The water ran in rivulets down her athletic body, and the cool air kissed her skin and raised goosebumps, making her nipples erect at the same time. Carly hadn't planned it, but she didn't begrudge her body's reaction.

Nyreen did that half turn again, her eyes flitting up and down Carly's body in a motion quickly. "Yes?"

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