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Worshipping Jack


I recently posted a story on this site called "Bachelorette CFNM". I have been asked repeatedly if it's a true story - yes it is! I do not find "fiction" erotic in most cases. I really love the real thing involving real people. In this spirit, I would like to retell a story told to me by my good friend, Debby. Debby is 5 years younger than I, and an absolute knockout. She is happily married to an incredible guy named Jack. Jack is the subject of this story. He and Debby have no children, and are a very liberal couple. They often go to nude beaches and that kind of thing. Anyway, this is a story she recently told me about something that happened on their last vacation....

Jack and Debby vacation in the Carribean almost every year. Last month they rented a very expensive private beach house with a sensational beach shared by only one other couple. Actually, the other "couple" was two women, Jen and Sara. They were very attractive, like my friends. Jen and Sara were well off single girls looking to get away from New York to get tanned and relax for a week far from their hectic jobs. Debby met them on their second day in paradise while walking the beach early in the morning while Jack slept in. All 3 girls hit it off right away, and Debby invited them back to their beach house to meet her husband.

Jack slept late into the morning, and got up to find the 3 girls lounging on the beach house deck getting to know one another better. Wearing just his boxers, he quietly slipped out onto the deck into the brilliant sunlight. Debby introduced Jen and Sara to her husband, and Deb noticed that they seemed very impressed with Jack's good looks. He IS good looking, I must admit. He is about six foot, very well built with blonde hair and clear blue eyes. Jack excused himself to get a quick shower, and he disappeared into the house. Jen and Sara started teasing Debby right away about how attractive Jack was. Debby is very proud of her hubby, and she sheepishly agreed that she was very lucky indeed. Jen boldly teased her further about his "skills in the bedroom." Debby coyly commented that she had nothing to complain about, and that Jack was the greatest lover in the world. Jen and Sara wouldn't let the matter drop, and didn't until Jack appeared again clean shaven and looking fabulous in his red swim suit. I know this swim suit - I saw Jack wear it once. It is a very high cut bikini that would only look good on a perfect specimen like Jack. The four decided to take a swim and enjoy their secluded beach. They spent almost the whole day swimming and tanning and talking.

A couple of days passed, and Debby and Jack had not seen Jen and Sara since their day on the beach. They certainly had talked about them, though! Debby had asked Jack if he found them attractive. Jack told her that they were obviously very attractive, but Debby was all he needed (how sweet!) Debby then confided that the girls found him more than just a little appealing. Jack responded with interest saying he would love to tease them a little with Debby's permission.

(Now, here we go again. I have seen many penises, which all look the same size to me (except Kit's from my story, "Bachelorette CFNM" - his was to die for!) But, Debby swears (and I guess I must believe her) that Jack is extremely well-endowed. She claims that his circumsized penis is a work of art measuring almost eight-and-a-half inches. She also claims that he is very thick. I tend to believe her because my husband once showered with Jack and claims he was the biggest guy he had ever seen. My point is, I tend to be sceptical about such things, but frankly Jack's large penis is what makes her story so arousing.)

The plan was for them to invite the girls swimming the next evening and then over for a late dinner. Jack was going to wear his white thong swim suit to drive the women a little crazy before suggesting they all skinny dip after dinner. Everything went as planned. Jen and Sara accepted the invitation, and showed up the next evening at seven. They explained to Jack and Debby that they had been to several beaches in the area over the last few days. They had had a good time, but they were ready to get away from the crowds and spend the last day of their vacation on their private beach. They all enjoyed a fabulous dinner prepared by Debby (who is a great cook!) and they decided to swim in the moonlight about an hour after eating. As they walked towards the water, Jen and Sara disrobed revealing very sexy one piece suits similar to the one Debby was wearing. When Jack slid off his shorts, Jen was the first to notice his snug thong. She exclaimed loudly "Oh my, God!" and nudged Sara to look at Jack. By now, Jack was racing into the water leaving the girls behind. Debby asked Jen what she was talking about, and Jen giggled that "she ought to know". Debby laughed, and asked them if they were offended by Jack's suit. Sara asked her if she was brainless - she loved his suit. Jen then commented that she also loved his thong, but she would like to see him more comfortable. Debby innocently asked her what she meant, and Jen gasped that she would love to see Jack swimming naked. Debby faked shock, and asked Jen and Sara if they would like to "surprise" Jack by joining him - in the nude. Jen and Sara looked at one another, and without a single word began to peel off their swim suits. Debby followed suit, and she noticed that Jen and Sara were tan all over and very sexy looking. Jen had large breasts, and Sara had long legs to die for. The girls hurried into the water to find Jack, who was quite a ways out by now. When the girls caught up to Jack, they asked him if he noticed anything unusual about them. Jack was truly amazed when all 3 girls jumped out of the water completely nude. He playfully started swimming towards the shore exclaiming that he was going to have to remove his suit so they would not feel uncomfortable in his company.

Jack walked onto the beach and grabbed his towel. The girls anxiously awaited the moment of truth. With his back to them, Jack slowly slid his thong down over his sexy ass, and he deliberately stepped out of his wet thong. He stood there for a minute with his back to them carefully squeezing the water from his suit and then laying it onto his towel. In the moonlight he looked like a god about to reveal himself to his loving worshipers. Jack then did something quite unexpected - instead of turning around to reveal himself, he knelt down in the sand and slid onto his stomach. He then slowly turned over. Debby was on fire. She saw Jack now laying on his back with sand stuck to the front of his naked body, his enormous penis covered with sand reflecting the moonlight. Jen and Sara both sighed with contentment as they gazed upon Jack's nakedness, his proud erection inviting their hungry stares. Jack stood up and waded into the water towards the silent women. He had a huge grin on his face enjoying the effect he was having on all of them. The four of them swam for a while laughing and splashing in the moonlight. Eventually, Debby suggested that they head inside for some conversation around the fireplace. All agreed. Jack sprinted to his towel and ran inside ahead of the girls. When they were alone, drying themselves off, Jen asked Debby what it was like having that magnificent cock all to herself. Debby explained that she was very satisfied with Jack's size, and that it was an amazing feeling to be completely filled with his sex.

Soon, the three girls were relaxing before a roaring fire in the large living room. They sipped drinks as they sat on the large, thick rug draped only in their towels. Jack had inexplicably not made an appearance since he ran in ahead of them. Just when Debby was about to get up to look for him, Jack came into the room wrapped in his towel. He had obviously just showered. He commented that he hated having sand in his body crevices. Debby spied the girls glancing at Jack's towel - it was tight around his waist revealing the incredible length and girth of his penis. Jack knew what was going on and was eating it up! He sat down behind Debby, and began massaging her shoulders while they talked.

The subject soon turned to sex, and Jen and Sara described in some detail the best sex they had ever had. Strangely enough, it was with the same guy, but not at the same time. Apparantly this guy knew how to please a woman, and they raved about his oral technique in detail. Jen then turned the topic onto Debby. Debby admitted that her best sex was with Jack at home by their pool under the stars. Jack smiled wickedly in agreement. Jen then did something that made Debby feel a little uncomfortable - she asked Jack how big he was when fully erect. Jack didn't miss a beat and asked Debby to help him out. Debby had already anwered this question, but she answered again - eight-and-a-half inches from base to tip. Jen shook her head and claimed that she agreed that Jack was big, but she said that she didn't really believe he was that big. Jack took this opportunity to ask Jen if she would like to verify his measurements for herself. But, there was a catch. If he was as big as advertised, then she had to do whatever he asked of her. Jen thought for a moment, and then agreed. Debby ran off to find her sewing kit. She returned with a cloth tape measure, which she handed to Jen. Jen and Sara both asked Jack to stand in front of the fire for some light, and they both knelt down with just their towels still wrapped around them. Jack stepped in front of the fire. Debby watched as Jen nervously put her slender fingers under the knot in Jack's towel and tugged. Jack's towel fluttered and seductively caught on his massive length. There Jack was, standing over Jen and Sara, naked, except for a white towel proudly hanging from the tip of his hard penis. It was Sara's turn to be aggressive. She reached up and lifted the towel gingerly away. Now the girls simultaneously caught their breath. They were eye level with the biggest specimen of manhood that either of them had ever encountered. Debby watched in joy as she noticed Jack's balls hung very low in his hairless sac. His pink flesh was pulsing, his tiny patch of black pubic hair glistening in the glow of the fire. Jen reached up with the tape and timidly pressed the end of the tape against Jack's sparse pubic hair. With her other hand she extended the tape along the shaft further and further until she reached the wet tip. She leaned in and read the tape outloud, "eight-and-five-eighths!" Jack was even bigger than he claimed! Jen let the tape go and sat back. Now it was Debby's turn to be forward.

Debby unwrapped her towel and knelt down beside Jen and Sara in front of Jack's nakedness. She took Jack's penis into her hand and lovingly stroked his length. She then flicked her outstretched tongue under the moist head of his cock. She turned to Jen and "handed" Jack to her. Jen wasted no time. She worshiped Jack's cock like it was the only thing that mattered to her. She licked him and stroked him until he was as hard as iron. As she worshiped, she exclaimed "You are so big!" over and over. Finally, Jen dared to take his sex into her mouth - she shut her eyes, opened her mouth as wide as it would go, and she delicately lowered her lips over Jack's penis. Jen managed to slide her lips down the shaft a little more than half way. Her head rhythmically began to bob up and down. Jen was in a sexual trance, and she wasn't going to stop unless someone forced her to! Sara was up to this task. She quietly scooted forward and dropped her towel. She began to tickle Jack's sac with her lips and tongue. Jack took his erection carefully from between Jen's lips and guided himself towards the naked Sara. Sara tried to swallow Jack's huge cock in one motion, but she quickly realized the futility of her actions. She contented herself with slurping his magnificent dick with as much passion as her friend. Jen now removed her towel, and tried to lick the shaft of Jack's cock not covered by Sara's mouth. This was simply too much for Jack. Jack straghtened up, and Debby knew what was going to happen next. Just as Jack was about to come, Debby broke in and took Jack's penis from Sara's mouth. She expertly stoked his shaft just behind the head of his cock until Jack began to spurt his hot come onto the three naked goddesses before him. He succeeded in unloading some of his seed into all three mouths before Debby took him into her mouth one last time. She cleaned him up as Jen and Sara sat back swallowing in disbelief. The three women then lovingly cleaned Jack up and then took turns cleaning each other. The four of them spent the rest of the evening talking, and Jack and Debby never saw Jen and Sara after that night - they left for home early the next morning. Debby claims it was the most satisfying sexual experience of her life!

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