tagBDSMWorshipping My Master

Worshipping My Master


i kneel on the floor in silence. my collar around my neck, my leash attached. naked and warm, i wait for my Owner. i hear the door and i grab my leash and extend it in my hand for my Master to take...

the door closes and You enter the room out of the corner of my eye i see You standing there. i know Your watching me. running Your eyes up and down looking at what belongs to You. my face begins to blush as Your eyes study me. Master You watch as i start to tremble and shake.

You walk towards me circling me, Your fingers tracing over the line of my shoulders touching my Masters mark on my shoulder, across my back and through my hair. You stand in front of me now, facing me and i feel Your hands on my head. You grab my leash pulling me to You gently...."come here cow" and "welcome your Master slave." i smile and moan gently as i lean into You and hugging Your strong legs. slave reaches up and rubs Your chest working down to Your stomach, finding my way to Your pants. i undo Your pants without effort and slide them slowly down Your legs.. the act itself has me trembling and waiting and wanting to please You so much. how such a simple act makes me feel so connected to my Owner. is amazing to me.

slave pulls each pant leg off, careful to fold and place them aside. i lean into You again. my face pushing directly into Masters groin. to the side of Your hard cock, kissing and licking my Masters thigh. while slaves hands are busy massaging and caressing Your legs. i breath my Master in. Your scent alone makes my clit throb hard.

slave bends down and kisses the tops of Your feet. slowly and sensually showing my submission to You always. slave softly works upward. one leg then the other. when i come to Your cock. slave feels her Master's hands work through her hair. i know what my Master wants. i part my lips and open for You Master..

You thrust Your hips forward and pushes through my lips into my mouth. how warm and moist my mouth is on my Master hard cock. You lean back and close Your eyes reveling in the warm velvet that surrounds Your cock. i hungrily take You into my mouth moaning with each stroke, showing my appreciation and my love for my Owner.

i devour You deep into my mouth.. licking the length and the fullness of my Your cock with my tongue.... up and down Your thick fat cock... wrapping my lips around it, sucking and throating my Master.... the motion of my wrist so fluid.... jerking my Master's cock... slave licks every inch of Your cock worshipping You as i have learned to do.... i do not look at You.... i do not dare... i am there for Your pleasure and Yours alone.... i feel Your hands tighten in my hair gripping and grabbing hard.... tugging at me...

i grab the sides of my Master's hips and slowly pull my Master into my mouth...until You are completing in my throat and mouth... You groan "Yessss......that's it slut take it all...take Your Master deep..," You tell Your fat cow...."good girl."

i swallow over and over... tightening my throat around the tip of my Master's cock.... You moan and tighten Your grip on my hair and rock Your hips into my face..... i do not resist but pull You deeper into my throat..... i gag over and over for You...choking and gasping for air... my eyes watering the tears running down my face as Your cock stretches my throat..... the sounds of my struggle to breath ignite my Master's fire...... finally i pull away and for the first time.... i look directly at You....i smile softly at my Master.... silently i tell You with my eyes... thank You "thank You Master for using my mouth"

You smile hungrily at me... brushing the hair away from my face...i look up at You.... so wanting to please You to make my Master happy..... Your eyes filled with lust..... i take Your cock into my mouth....sucking You hard but steady....taking You in full deep strokes..... You groan loudly as i feel You tighten all over.... Your hands grab into my hair and i open my mouth fully to You..... for You to use as You please... Your pushing my head hard and deep onto Your cock...Your cock is popping in and out of my throat...Your fucking my face harder..my head limp in Your hands......You pump into me hard thrusting deep into my mouth now....gagging and choking...fighting to breath...wet and on fire for my Master.....i feel the drops of pre-cum fill my mouth...i suck harder and deeper as you push my head down until i am breathing my Masters cock hairs in my nose...

"Drink my slut my fat fucking cow...swallow all of Me"

i devour and drink every drop of You warm sweet cum......i pull You into my mouth deeper and milk the last of Your cum....

when i have finished....i assume my position with eyes lowered and wait for You to say something to me anything.....You reach down between my legs finding Your cunt dripping with juices...."I see My slut enjoys pleasing her Master".... you have served Me well cow....

You pull my chin up to look into Your eyes....my Master sees nothing but pure devotion, pure love and nothing but true loyalty at that moment..... i am smiling softly at You....i love You my Master with all that i am to You... You look at me "and I you my pet..." Master then allows His slave to assist Him in dressing...Master pulls me to Him kisses me and tells me...."Master does loves His cow always"...tears fill my eyes as i watch my Master leave.....filled with the most undying love a slave can have....

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