tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWorst Case Ch. 03

Worst Case Ch. 03


It was warm and humid inside the small concrete room. Although she was naked, she was perspiring profusely.

She tried to move her arms, but found them behind her body, chained together by a pair of handcuffs, a rope linking her cuffed wrists to the ceiling, the rope pulling up her arms strappado style, forcing her body to bend forward and down, her face at the same level as her butt.

Her shoulder sockets, internally rotated in an unnatural way, were on the verge of being dislocated. She could take the pressure off only by standing on her tiptoes, for a short while, inevitably growing tired and reverting back to standing on her heels.

She tried to move her legs, but her ankles were tied to the ends of a thick bamboo pole, four feet apart. Not only did the spread legs made it difficult to stand on tiptoes, it humiliated her as a woman, made her feel vulnerable.

She repeated the cycle, standing on tiptoes to ease the strain on the shoulder joints, her calve and thigh muscles trembling within minutes, letting go and again torturing the shoulders. The roaring male laughter each time it happened made her aware that there were men watching her, treating her as entertainment.

She tried to move her head, but discovered a rope tied loosely around her neck, the other end of the rope tied to the middle of the bamboo pole, the rope tugging behind her neck whenever she tried to stand up straight. Her knees were forced to bend slightly to ease the pressure behind her neck.

Even with the neck rope, she could still rotate her head from side to side. When she turned to her left, she saw a man with a tattoo of an eagle on his right bicep, shirtless and wearing only soiled jeans, standing a few feet from her. With her legs spread and body bent, it was hard to tell how tall he was. She was staring straight at his crotch, which seemed to be hardening as he approached.

She turned away, pivoted and looked to the right. The shock hit her like a ton of bricks. She blinked repeatedly, closed her eyes and counted to ten, and would have rubbed them vigorously if her hands were free.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw Cody Laria sitting in a plastic chair in front of her, one leg crossed at right angles on top of the other, his smile so wide his molars were visible. This could not be happening. She was a good judge of character. How could this be? She would have pinched her own nipple to make sure she was not dreaming if she was not strapped down.

"You motherfucking cocksucking son of a bitch!" She screamed at the top of her voice.

Both men roared into laughter, looking at each other and ignoring her. She kept spitting a steady stream of vulgarities at Cody.

"Make sure the camera records all this." Cody said to the tattooed man, who walked in front of her and adjusted the high-definition video camera.

"Don't worry, Captain Laria. We have a Sony here, the best money can buy."

Finally, Cody walked to her, yanked her hair, and lifted her off the ground, forcing her to look at him, "When we're done with you, you'll be begging to be my bitch and whore."

But Cody made the mistake of getting too close to her. She bit on his arm with the strength of a scorned woman and refused to let go even with repeated slaps on her face. She tasted his blood in her mouth and wanted to sever his forearm.

The tattooed man closed in, digging his finger into her nipples, pinching and twisting as if he wanted to tear them out. She cried out and released her jaws, blood streaming down Cody's arm.

"Gagged her! She's a dangerous wild animal." Cody said in pain.

The tattooed man brought a ball gag, forcing her mouth to open wide by twisting a nipple with one hand. He pushed the ball gag in when she screamed. The ball gag was large, filling her mouth and forcing out her cheeks. The thin straps were cruelly tightened around and below her ears, trapping half her hair and cutting into the back of her neck, next to the rope.

Not yet satisfied, Cody grabbed a bunch of her hair, tied them together, and secured the other end to the bamboo pole. She could no longer rotate her head and could only look down. Her mouth filled with a ball gag, saliva dripping uncontrollably to the floor.

Next, the tattooed man held a pair of heavy-duty nipple clamps in front of her, making sure she knew what was about to happen. He clipped one end on her left nipple, the other on her cunt. Taking his time as if he was performing a magic show, he repeated the same with her right nipple. She gasped and panted, but bit her tongue to prevent herself from crying out in pain. She was determined not to give them the satisfaction.

Cody appeared with a bamboo cane, two feet long and an inch thick. He tapped the cane on the chains connecting her clamped tits to her clamped cunt, increasing the force gradually until the clamps tugged and pulled on her moist vagina and elongated nipples. She could not decide whether the burning pain was more intense in her pointed nipples or her cunt. Still, she bit her tongue and refused to give them the pleasure of hearing her screams.

Finally, Cody held the cane high and brought it down, aiming between her legs. The impact threw off one of the clamps, the other one biting more deeply into her. This time, she was unable to remain silent. She opened her mouth and tried to scream, but was muffled by the large gag.

She had already told them everything she knew. So this was pure revenge.

After the torture came the sexual humiliation. Cody went first, standing behind her and pushing his manhood into her cunt. He held her hips to control her gyrations. The tattooed man stood in front, holding the chains of both nipple clamps, each one now attached to the each nipple, simulating a horse ride.

The tattooed man went behind her, going for maximum pain by pushing into her narrow butt. She cried out, but her muffled screams were drowned out by both men's laughter.

When both men were spent, they lowered her from the ceiling. A knife was held to her throat as she was untied and tied up again. She was made to lie down on the floor, her face to the ground, her wrists and ankles hogtied together.

She remained awake all night, plotting her revenge, reserving the most graphic violence for Cody. She hated nothing more than a traitor.


To be continued in the next chapter...

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