tagNon-EroticWorst Night of your Life

Worst Night of your Life


Your day starts as it always does, you get up in the morning and go to work. When you get home you take quick shower before you go out to your favorite club to hang out with your buddies for a few hours.

Tonight you stay at the club with one of your buddies later than you normally do. You know that you've had a few too many drinks but you don't think you're drunk just yet.

After a last shot you decide that you shouldn't drink any more tonight, as you have to go to work in the morning and you're already going to have a hangover.

Not wanting to drive drunk, you call a cab. While you wait for it to arrive you go to the restroom to relieve your bladder.

As you walk to the restroom you brush a big burly man's shoulder. He's obviously been drinking a lot, as he is talking at the top of his voice and quite a lot of his drink sloshed out of his glass as he gesticulated. He seemed to be arguing with someone. Having seen behavior like this many times, you simply ignore him and walk on.

A few steps after you brushed past him you hear a roar like a lion and you turn to look behind you to see what is happening.

You see the man glaring at you with bloodshot eyes.

"Watch where your going, fucker!" He yells in an intoxicated rage.

You're taken aback at this. You know you barely brushed him yet he is acting like you ran into him as hard as you could.

I'm gonna' teach you a lesson punk!"

With that the man clenches a fist and runs at you like a bull. As he swings his fist you try to dodge out of the way but the club is too crowded. You can only manage a short lurch to the side. The man is to drunk to follow his target and misses by a few inches.

After all you have drunk tonight, you find the courage to fight back even though the man is easily the biggest person in the club. Even the large bouncers look small compared to the man.

You take a swing at the man while he is still of balance. You're just sober enough to connect with your target easily and you land a solid blow to the side of his head.

The man staggers back but looks even more enraged than before, his eyes rolling. You begin to think that fighting him may have been a bad idea.

Out of the corner of your eye you see movement. A quick glances tells you that the bouncers are forcing their way through the crowd towards you and the man.

Looking away was a mistake. You don't see the huge fist coming straight for you until it is to late.

The man hits you so hard you feel yourself get lifted off the floor. You fly backwards, landing in the crowd behind you. You feel someone try their best to catch you but its no use. The force of the blow sends you and whoever tried to catch you sprawling.

Your vision narrows too two long tunnels.

Just before you black out, you see three of the large bouncers forcing the burly man to the ground. He tries to fight them off but the over-power him, landing several punches of their own in the process.

With that the tunnels that are your vision becomes two tiny pinpricks of light, then they wink out.

* * *

As you slowly come awake, you feel your head pounding.

"I must have drunk more than I thought." You think to yourself.

Slowly you become aware of a rhythmic beeping somewhere nearby. The sound sends sharp pangs of pain through your skull. You hope whatever is making the noise will shut up.

But no matter how many times you wish for silence, the beeping continues.

You force you gummy eyelids open but quickly close them as the light seems to lance through your brain.

After a short rest you try again, taking it slow this time. As your eyes adjust to the light, the pain becomes bearable.

You see a strange ceiling above you.

"I'm not in my house, did I go home with someone last night?"

You try to turn your head and regret it with all your heart as your stomach rolls. As you lie there recovering you hear a door open and close. You can hear someone walking around the room.

You can just see the woman's back. She has red hair and seems to be wearing a white outfit. But not wanting to move your head again, you can't get a good look.


Again you wonder what happened. As you think, you remember the start of the fight.

"But what happened after that?"

All you can remember is feeling a sharp pain on the side of your head and then everything goes black.

The door opens again and someone else comes into the room. This person walks over to your bed and looks down at you.

You try to ask where you are and how you got here but the words can't make it past your throat and all that comes out is a strangled gurgle.

The man above you makes a hushing sound and says;

"Take it easy, save your strength. You got in a fight and took a nasty blow to the head. You're in the hospital. You've been in a coma for almost a week."

With a groan you close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

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