Worth It Completely


"Who's lead are we following? Do I get to join?" She stands beside Laurel and looks at her. "Hi! I'm Liz. Toni's sister and partner of this place."

"You own this place?" Laurel looked from Liz then Toni. "Yep! It was Toni who sold me the idea and a pretty good one at that." Liz said with pride. "So what brings you to our side of the world, Laurel? You planning to move here and set up practice?" she asked the blonde.

"Liz! I don't.." Toni started to call off her sister but she was given the 'look' that even her husband and son is afraid of. "Go back to work sis the customers are waiting and that's bad for business." She growled. Toni sighs and turns around to leave them alone.

As Toni left, Laurel realizes something. "Wait! How did you know my name and what I do? We only just met." She asked. Somehow not wanting to know the answer.

"I knew of you six months ago when my baby sister called me to let me know she was in love. She also told me that she and her girlfriend would be coming over from LA to visit me so I could finally meet the woman she was sure she was going to spend the rest of her life with." Liz looked at Laurel straight in the eyes as she rattled off ignoring the 'gasp' that came from the blonde. "Then the next thing I know my sister comes over not to visit but to stay for good without you and here we are." She sees the expression on the blonde's face and the tears in her eyes. "So you want to tell me the missing parts of the story, Laurel?" She softly asked.

"Oh God! Oh God! I didn't know!" Laurel whispered. "I know I have no right to ask especially from you but you have to help me!" She pleaded to the smaller brunette. "Please!" Liz nods at her and gives her a big smile. "I am such a sap when it comes to a really good love story. Ok here is what we'll do.."


Toni grumbles as she parks her car in front of what looks like a log cabin. Her sister's car already there parked at the side of the house. Liz called her that morning to tell her to meet her here at 4 p.m. She wanted Toni's opinion on the place she was thinking of buying . It was a good thing she was given specific instructions or she would have ended up getting lost in these woods. As she got out of her car she took a deep sigh looking around at her surroundings. She always wanted to have a log cabin and to have someone to cuddle up to on those cold nights.

She goes up to the porch and opens the door as she enters the view from the high windows overlooking the mountains takes her breath away . She hears movements in the kitchen but was too enthralled with the beauty of it all that she went straight for the window. "God! It's so beautiful. I could just stay here forever." She whispered.

"Yes beautiful. I would want to stay forever as well." That familiar voice said from behind her. She whirled around with her mouth open in shock. "What are you doing here? Where's Liz?" And before she could even get an answer it comes to her. "I'm going to kill Liz after I find her!" She starts heading out for the door.

"Wait Toni! Stop! Please! Don't be mad at her I asked her to help me." The blonde grabs Toni's arm before she could make it to the door. Fearing that if she did not stop her she would not be able to get another chance like this. Toni halts but her back is to her. She could feel the anger emanating from the brunette as she was taking deep breaths . She rubs her fingers up and down the arm she was holding hoping to calm her. "Please Toni! We need to talk." She pleaded.

Toni turns around and Laurel felt the jolt in her body as she sees the pain reflected on the brunette's face with tears swimming in her eyes. "Why? Why do you want to talk now? You didn't want to the last time we saw each other." Toni demanded.

"So we could fix things between us. I want you back Toni. I want us to be together again..this time forever." Laurel said with tears in her eyes as well.

"You want me back? I remember you telling me in my face when you had another woman in your arms in our bed that I was not worth it!" Toni hugged herself while having her right hand over her aching chest. Trying to ease the hurt away. "Why would you want me back when I don't mean anything to you?!" She finally shouted at the end.

"Wait! You have to know that nothing happened between me and the woman you saw in our bed. The moment you left I couldn't..I couldn't go through with it. And I lied when I said 'you are not worth it.' I just said it cuz I was hurt and I wanted to make you feel what I felt." The blonde explained.

"What?! What did I ever do to you to?!" Toni demanded.

"That day six months ago, I went to your office to surprise you and take you out for lunch. But when I got near your room I heard you and Chad talking about planning a romantic weekend together . I also heard him tell you to make sure I was to be told when you got home that night. Then I saw you hug each other."

Toni's jaw just dropped as the tears she was trying to hold rolled down her cheeks. "Thank you! Thank you for trusting me and believing that I will never betray you with anyone let alone a man!" she sobbed. "I only ever loved you! You were my first in almost everything! I gave you everything! And just because you thought you heard my betrayal you threw me out like yesterday's garbage without having to talk to me!" as she angrily wiped the tears away.

"What you heard was a conversation between two friends helping each other out with their respective partners." She sniffed. "He was bringing his girlfriend to that romantic weekend to propose to her . While I was supposed to finally tell you that I will be moving in with you and that I have spoken with my sister about us. That we were to have our own romantic weekend here at Denver when we visit her to meet you."

"I'm sorry! Oh God I am so sorry Toni!" Laurel sobbed. She knelt in front of the brunette held on to her waist tightly and pressed her face into her stomach as the tears rolled. "Please! Please forgive me! I love you so much..so much it hurts. I've only been half alive these past months without you." She continued. "I promise to make it up to you. I swear to you just please come back to me and love me again."

There was only silence from Toni. Her body rigid that Laurel was so afraid to let go in case she decides to turn and leave. Suddenly she feels the brunette lift her face up look at her. "Damn you! I never stopped loving you!" Toni hugs her tightly to her body.

Laurel jumps up from her kneeling position and starts to kiss Toni all over her face. "Oh baby! I love you! I love you!" She kept saying as she backs her up the sofa. As she laid her down she kept her eyes on the brunette's face seeing the passion there. "I want to make love to you." She whispers. Without waiting for a response she lowers and kisses her lips. She palms Toni's breast sliding her hand up and down the aroused nipple. She does the same to the other breast. Toni groans as Laurel trails kisses down her neck and throat making her arch her torso into her. They stripped each other off and when their naked bodies aligned they both sighed. "You feel so good." Laurel groaned as she started suckling Toni's breast full into her mouth while licking the nipple. Her hands roams and moves in between their pussies. "Oh please!....please..." Toni begs spreading her legs. Laurel transfers to the other breast as her fingers spread and enters the hot core of the brunette. "You're so wet baby." She croons loving the feel of the wetness of her lover. She puts in two more fingers going a little bit faster as Toni starts to hump on her hand. "Uugghh! Yes! Faster baby please....I'm cumming." Laurel gasped when the brunette inserted her fingers in her cunt. "Cum with me! I want....yes....I want us to cum together." It may have been seconds or minutes but they did cum together. It was the strongest and loudest orgasm they both had since their last time together.

Toni woke up to Laurel gazing at her while stroking her face lovingly. "Hi there." She smiles up at the blonde.

"Hey you. I love you..so much." Laurel whispers.

"I love you too.. so much. Why are we whispering?" Toni asks gliding her fingers to the body beside her.

"I'm afraid."

"Afraid of what?"

"Afraid that if I get too loud I will wake up and find that this was all a dream."

"Oh honey! C'mere!" Toni brings the blonde's body close to her and holds her tight. Burying her face at Laurel's neck. "I'm real and I love you." Rubbing her back as if soothing a child.

"I want to stay here forever with you." Laurel said huskily.

Remembering where they are, Toni asks. "Umm... baby I would want that as well but this is not our place. I think we should start dressing up and leave should the owner come back." Then she heard Laurel giggle. "What? It isn't going to be funny when they see us like this."

Laurel looks at Toni and holds her face. "Honey, I am the owner."

"What? When? How? Why?" The blonde laughed out loud. "You know you really are sisters the way you fire off questions." She kissed her lover on the lips. "Okay let me see if I can answer all of them. Yes, I am the owner. well the new owner. I gave a check for the earnest money this morning and the rest will be given by the bank when I sign the documents first thing on Monday. Your sister helped me since she knows the previous owner of this place and the bank that will provide the loan. As for the 'why' part it's very simple, you once told me you wanted to have a log cabin in the woods to have someone cuddle with on all those cold nights. I wanted to be the one to give that to you especially the 'cuddling' part." She coyly said. Toni looked at Laurel with so much love and passion that the blonde had a hard time breathing

"Hold me."


"Love me."


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Nice way to wrap it up!

I'm a sucker for a good romance.

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