tagRomanceWorth It In The End Ch. 07

Worth It In The End Ch. 07


A week later, we had managed to locate a balance between the proverbial work and play. Stefan found that focusing his entire attention on the problem at hand in the meetings exponentially (yet not entirely) decreased his desire to throw me on the floor, professor or not, and fuck me senseless. With this adjustment, and its inevitable snuffing of the sexy and dangerous (and mourned) fire in Stefan's eyes, came my ability to focus. Therefore, everything was going along swimmingly.

One day toward the end of the week, Professor Beauchamp surprised me with a comment.

"Say, Sarah, when are you finally going to pounce on Stefan?"

His query was met with a blank and slightly shocked stare.

"Don't be offended or anything... but I was just wondering when you were finally going to make a move. You two have been staring at each other like starving people eyeing a feast for the past week, and it's downright awkward. I'm planning on mentioning something to Stefan later today... just do me a favor and think about it, would you?" and with that, he patted me on the shoulder and left.

As soon as he left the office I burst into fits of laughter. The laughter was relief met with shock and just plain amusement. The fact that Beauchamp was okay with Stefan and I dating meant that we could stop this ridiculous charade and be natural around one another. Okay, not entirely natural... but we could drop the stranger act we had going. Relief and joy continued to flow through me for a good ten minutes.

A couple of hours later I was looking through the last manuscript I had produced, comparing ideas with recent medical journals, when I sensed somebody watching me. I looked up and saw Stefan in the doorway. I grinned at the impish expression on his face.

"Did Beauchamp talk to you?" I asked, my grin widening.

"How did you guess?"


"Ha-ha," he laughed dryly. "He told me something very interesting."

"Oh, yeah? And what was that?"

He chuckled deep in his chest. "Let's see... I believe it was something like 'Listen, Stefan, if you don't ask Sarah out on a date soon, she's going to rape you in the bathroom.'"

"No!" I said, shocked, and proceeded to guffaw harshly. "Me? Rape you?"

"Hey! Are you saying that's not an inviting prospect?" he raised an eyebrow at me and let his gaze smolder into me for a few seconds. It had the desired effect, of course.

"I'm not saying that at all. I guess you just forgot who was undressing who with their eyes on the train!" I said, ducking to avoid his playful swat.

"Ah, yeah... hey I couldn't help it. Anyway, I figured that about you... that you were traditional... and I told Beauchamp as much."

"Oh? What did he have to say about that?"

"He said he figured too."

I laughed. "Well, I'm glad you two have me so figured out." The laugh died in my throat as I took in the lustful gaze Stefan was firing my way. The look melted the very marrow in my bones, effectively turning my spine into jelly. "Stefan, I..."

"You what?" he interrupted huskily, taking a step toward me. The look in his eyes was positively predatory. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen in my life.

"I don't think you should be looking at me that way now..."

"Looking at you in what way?" he inquired silkily.

"Like you want to pin me down and have your way with me," I whispered.

"How perceptive of you... that's just delightful. I had no idea I was so obvious about my desires..." his voice was impossibly low and impossibly sexy. He turned and closed the door, locking it behind him, then continued moving closer. I began getting a bit nervous. We had been very careful about keeping our sexual relationship on the down-low, but the way he was behaving made it seem like he had done a one-eighty concerning his opinions on appropriate office behavior.

"What are you doing?"

"What Beauchamp sent me in here to do."


"He very pointedly told me to go in here and keep you company. He also winked at me and told me he was going to a meeting and would be absent for about an hour and a half."

"Are you insinuating..."



By that time he had reached me. He held out his hand. I took it and stood up. As soon as I was vertical, he pushed himself flush against me and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his excitement as he pressed against me, and it reduced me to molten goo. I slid my arms around his waist and down to his ass. He groaned appreciatively and leaned down to claim my mouth with his. And claim was exactly what he did. His hot tongue pushed against mine, engaging it in a game of tag. I couldn't hold back the moan as his hands slid ever so slowly down my back to my ass, and proceeded to pull me to him strongly. His hard cock pressed like a hot poker against my stomach.

I ran my hands up into his hair, enjoying the silky feel and the delicious smell of his shampoo. I felt him pushing me backwards with more force, and I stepped back, feeling my ass come in contact with the desk.

"What are you doing?" I asked breathily as his hands slid down toward the hem of my skirt. I put my hands on his in a move to stop him.

"I plan on having my wicked way with you... complaints?" he asked between kisses to my jaw line and neck. It was a good thing I was pushed against the desk-- otherwise I would have fallen.

"Of course not..."


"It's just that..."

"What?" he sounded exasperated now. I couldn't blame him... the state he was in must not be very comfortable.

"We're in Beauchamp's office. Do you really want to do this?"

The only answer I received was a thrust of his pelvis against me and the renewed attack of his mouth against mine accompanied by a rough groan. His hands completed their quest for the hem of my skirt, and he pulled it up roughly. He slid his hands down my legs and pushed them apart, stepping between them. I gasped as I felt his hard cock push insistently against me. His hands groped around to my hips and began pushing my panties down. As if on their own accord, my hands found their way to his belt. I made quick work of his buckle and fly and proceeded to free his swollen cock. Impatient, he brushed my hands away and jerked his clothes down in one swift move. I didn't even have a chance to admire his thick length because as soon as he relieved himself of his pants, he grabbed my hips and lifted me onto the desk, and in one move plunged deep into my pussy. Gratefully, his mouth was there to swallow my surprised moans.

Almost immediately his hips set up a quick, almost desperate pace. The wet smack of our bodies echoed throughout the office, our muffled cries and moans disappearing, soaking into the books and papers. Stefan's hands were on the desk, one on either side of my hips. My hands ran all over his slightly curved back, pausing on the twin globes of his delicious ass, feeling his muscles flex as he thrust into me wildly. The orgasmic tingle began somewhere in the vicinity of my knees, and I brought my legs around him, angling my body so that his thrusts would hit deeper inside of me. My hands went around his strong back for security. His breath came in hot bursts against my neck, sending shivers down my spine, aiding the tingles in their quest for coalescence. Stefan's teeth found my neck and he nipped me gently, and I was gone. The tingles and shivers shot through my body, causing my pussy to clench rhythmically against the hard cock lodged there. My eyes rolled back in my head as my orgasm ripped through me, my hands gripped strong shoulders. I dimly registered Stefan moaning and grunting harshly into my ear as he rode through his own climax.

After what could have either been minutes or hours, Stefan peeled himself from me, his cock slipping wetly from my freshly ravaged pussy. I opened my eyes to find him looking sheepishly at me, as if realizing for the first time what his libido had led him to do. I slid myself off of the desk, reaching around to unstick a piece of paper that had attached itself to my ass. I held it up for Stefan's inspection, and as soon as I caught his eye I burst into laughter. My legs were still a bit shaky from the thorough fucking I had just received, so I ended up kneeling on the ground, wheezing out laughs. I heard Stefan giggling, and the boyish sound of it sent me into fresh peals of laughter. A minute or so later, sides aching from the laugh attack, I stood up. Stefan came up to me and wrapped his arms around me, nuzzling into my neck and kissing the sensitive spot where he had nipped.

"Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to do that?"

"Probably just about as long as I have..."

"Well aren't we just the pair"


"We'd better get out of here..." he murmured after a few minutes.

"Hm... why?" I was perfectly content to stand here in his arms for the rest of the day.

"Because when Beauchamp gets back here and finds his office smelling of sex and a questionable wet spot on his desk, I do not want to be present, even if the activity was condoned."

"Good point."

That night as I lay in Stefan's strong arms, hearing his deep and steady breaths beside me, I was plagued by unwanted thoughts and memories.

"Come on, baby, don't you trust me?" Gonzalo's voice was soft over the phone. I could hear the sounds of a party. I always hated it when he had to go away "on business".

"Of course I trust you," I answered, infusing my voice with a false conviction.

"Good. Now go to sleep, baby, I will see you soon... love you."

I rolled over in my sleep, careful not to upset Stefan in his sleep. He simply tightened his arm around me, making a contented noise. I hated that thoughts of Gonzalo always crept into my mind at night, throwing a rather unsubtle wrench into my bliss. These thoughts reminded me exactly how love ended up in my life-- thrown back in my face, along with a heapin' helpin' of betrayal.

Each time Gonzalo surfaced in my mind, I was reminded forcibly of the conundrum swirling within my chest. I couldn't help but come to face with the depth of my feelings for Stefan. We worked together, and each night we fell asleep together either at my place, or at the apartment he was renting. I even introduced him to my friends, and, fiercely overprotective as they may be, they could not help but like him. Sure, I could like him. Trusting him, however, was another matter entirely. And it pained me to admit that.

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