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Authors Note: This is my thirty-seventh story and it's a work of pure fiction that was actually written about a year before being submitted here on Literotica, it just took me forever to put on the finishing touches. I hope you enjoy it and please remember to vote and that all feedback is greatly appreciated!


Mark wasn't technically a co-worker because we worked in different department, him being one of our computer techs and me being a secretary. I'd noticed him during my first week on the job. He'd come to map my drives and I found myself watching him very intently, instantly attracted to him.

He was about 4 or 5 inches taller than me, making him around 5'8" or so with a slightly stocky build. His hair a rich black and kept very short and tidy. In contrast to his dark hair were the most intoxicating blue eyes. They seemed both dark and bright at the same time, as if the darkness of them was brightened by some inner light. He was wearing a dark blue polo shirt that day, which just seemed to make his brilliant eye pop even more, and a pair of light khakis which showed off his squeezable ass wonderfully.

Soon I found myself creating issues, excuses for him to come over and look at my computer, just so I cold see him and talk to him. Much to my enjoyment we soon developed a sort of friendship, finding excuses to call, email or stop by to chat with each other at work, eating lunches together once a week or so, but much to my dismay he never made an attempt to have out friendship expand beyond work.

I'd purposely wear slightly provocative clothing, low cut shirts to show off my ample cleavage and a lot of skirts and dresses to give the illusion of easy access to my body. Now and then I'd catch him staring at my tits and I'd try to catch his eye and smile and hope I was putting into my eyes all the desire I felt, hoping he'd make a move, ask me out, comment on my tits, something...anything! But he never did. He'd just look away and act as if nothing had happened and go about his work.

It had been almost three years since we'd been playing this 'co-worker friends who flirt' game and I was getting more and more frustrated. Then out of nowhere the company decides to throw an employee appreciation bash with an open bar at a bowling alley.

I made a point of discussing with a female co-worker about how I'd be going, but wouldn't be bringing a date as I wasn't seeing anyone when I knew Mark was within earshot, hoping he'd take the hint.

Thankfully he did and the moment I saw him walk in, dressed in well fitted jeans and a black button up dress shirt, I was I was happy I'd decided to wear my sexy outfit. It was a low cut, button-up blouse with little cap sleeves with a tight pencil skirt which ended just above my knee. I'd finished out outfit off with a pair of tight fish net stockings and chunky high heels.

We both spent almost the entire evening sitting and talking and drinking together. Neither of us were big drinkers, or big partiers, so we'd both had a few shots and sipped at our one bottle of beer apiece, but suddenly almost everyone else from work was gone and it was almost midnight!

Mark and I were just leaving the bar when I decided I would use the liquid courage I'd drank that night and take the plunge, "So how are you getting home Mark?" I asked, trying to keep my voice light.

"I was just gunna' catch the train. You?"

"I might be a little tipsy, but I didn't drink enough to make me unable to drive so I'm just going to drive home. If you'd like I can give you a ride home so you don't have to take the train."

I tried so hard not to let the hope and anticipation show in my voice, then when he hesitated before responding I thought I would cry, until he smiled and said, "Sure, if you don't mind."

I smiled back, "I don't mind at all, you'll just have to give me directions."

When we got the car Mark gave me the directions to his place and for a couple minutes we sat there in a slightly awkward silence, until Mark asked "Have you ever played that game where you have to pick one of two choices?"

"Sure, like the game on Friends when Joey is trying to pick which route to take across the country," I said with a smile.

"Exactly!" he said, his voice a little overly eager. He paused for a second and then asked, "which is better; watermelon or cantaloupe?"

I laughed a little and said, "Watermelon, of course! So now it's my turn right?"

"Yep. Fire away."

"Which would you rather have; Mexican or Chinese food?"

"I'd take Mexican. I could eat it for every meal I think."

We went on like this for the rest of the drive; asking silly questions about food, drinks, movies, TV shows and other insignificant things. When we got to his apartment I stepped out of the car to walk him to the door and when he motioned me through I followed without even really thinking about it.

I was enjoying his company and the silly game so much it never really occurred to me that I was in his apartment sitting on his couch until he handed me a glass of wine and sat down next to me, his knee just inches from my own.

I suddenly felt nervous and had lost the flow of the game, "Okay, so it's my turn right?" I asked, half wishing it wasn't.

"Yep...your turn," he said, taking a sip of wine.

I took a liberal chug of the fruity wine and decided I'd already gotten this far, why not go for the gold, "who would you rather sleep with; Catherine Zeta-Jones or Jennifer Aniston?"

"Too easy, I'd take Catherine Zeta-Jones every time. She's sultry."

He sounded so at ease, so comfortable and I felt like every never in my body was on fire! It was so unfair! I laughed somewhat nervously and said, "Yeah, I figured she was your type."

"Who would you rather sleep with; Brad Pitt or George Clooney?" he asked, a mischievous smile on his face.

"I think Brad Pitt. George is getting a little too smug for my taste."

"Clooney is getting smug? Pitt is a freakin' egomaniac."

"Yeah, both are pretty full of themselves. But hey, confidence is attractive," I said, thinking about how confident he seemed sitting next to me and how much I wanted to just jump him right then and there. I took another sip of wine and asked, "Which are you; an ass man or a boob man?"

"Well...I'm a boob man when I'm just looking, but an ass man when it comes to sex."

"Ahhh...interesting. I never figured you for being in to anal sex."

"What? No...no, I just like the look of a woman's ass when I'm fucking her from behind. I've never had anal sex."

When he said "fucking" I felt my entire body throb in response, it made me smile and I said softly "I figured you liked dirty talk though."

He gave a slight blush, which just made me smile more, "It's okay, I like it too...with the right person," I said, wishing he'd take the hint and say it again.

He nodded and asked, "what would you rather do; sleep with an ex or a blind date?"

"A blind date. My exes are assholes."

"Hmmm. That's a shame. You should never have to deal with assholes. I mean, you're a wonderful, beautiful person. I can't imagine what you'd be doing with an asshole."

I sipped my wine and tried to figure things out. Was he just being friendly? Was he interested in me sexually? Was he interested in me romantically? I was so lost and bringing up my ex's made me feel suddenly vulnerable. I took another sip of wine and decided that I had to do something about the mounting sexual tension between us...I had to at least find out if it was only me who felt it or if he felt it too. With my mind made up that one way or another I would find out his intentions I confessed, "You're very sweet. It's hard for me to admit but I'm usually attracted to assholes. I mean I don't know it at the time of course. They just wind up that way."

Suddenly he reached over and gave me a quick hug saying, "Well, I'm glad you're not picking them on purpose."

Feeling his arms around me sent a thrill through my body but I forced myself to keep things light and playful so if he wasn't as interested in me as I was in him it would be easy for him to let me down, so I laughed and said, "Okay, enough of that stuff. Let's get serious. What would you rather do; eat a woman out or watch her masturbate?"

"Oh man, that's a tough one. I have to admit I love watching a woman get herself off. Almost nothing else gets me harder. What would you prefer; a man cumming on you, or in you?"

I was overtaken with a mental image of Mark standing before me stroking his cock, about to cum all over me. I took a deep breath to regain my composure and said, "It depends on where...in both cases."

"Okay, where would you like it...in each case?"

"Well, cumming on me would be on my tits. I love to see the cum spurting from a cock and landing on me. I love the feeling. As for inside, I prefer it in my pussy when there's protection. Again, it's the feeling of him exploding inside me; it turns me on. But those are rare cases."

I'd been looking down into my wine glass when I answered, and when Mark didn't respond right away I looked over to see that he had his eyes closed, his mouth open just a little. I glanced down and saw a definite bulge in his jeans. This was not my imagination, this wasn't me reading too much into an innocent remark or glance. This was real; Mark was sitting next to me and hard a hard-on!

My eyes were glued to his groin and I didn't even notice he'd opened his eyes until his hand raised to grab my glass. I silently watched while he put both our glasses down then watched his hands move to my cheeks, felt him cradle my face as he learned forward and gently pressed his lips against mine.

Soon the kiss grew from something soft and gentle to something passionate and frenzied. A soft moan escaped me as I felt his tongue probe my mouth, he responded with a deep groan of his own. I moaned louder when I felt his hands move down my back and squeeze my ass. I arched my body closer into his hands in response and gave a soft whimper when he pulled his hands away.

Then I felt his hands on my face, brushing my hair back as he began kissing down from my lips to my chin and my neck. I moaned softly, "Oh God, Mark that feels so good." Mark began to trace slow, sensuous circles on my neck with the tip of his tongue, slowly moving down closer and closer to my tits.

I felt his tongue lick at the swell of my breasts and moaned, my hands on his back, whished I could feel his skin and not the fabric of his shirt. On impulse I grabbed his shirt and began fumbling to undo the buttons. Finally they were all undone and I frantically tugged the shirt off of him, so eager to feel his warm skin against my hands.

I placed my palms on his chest and closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation of my skin against his. Then I felt a tug at the hem of my blouse. I opened my eyes to watch as Mark held the bottom of the shirt and tore it open. I could feel his desire and his urgency, even stronger than my own and it made me moan, "Fuck that's hot."

Suddenly out bodies were pressed tightly together, my tits pressing hard into his chest through the tin bra as we kissed deeply and passionately. I felt Marks hands unclasp my bra and he pulled away from the kiss, "I have to see them" he pleaded as he pulled my bra off.

I instinctively raised my hands to cover my exposed breasts and smiled wickedly, "I want to see you first."

Mark did as I asked, standing up and slowly unbuttoning his jeans, pulling down the zupper and then in one swift motion he pulled down his jeans and beefs, leaving his cock bouncing just inches from my face. I felt my mouth water as I took in the sight of his hard, fat cock that must have been around 8" long and moaned softly, "That is a beautiful cock."

"Say that again Katie."

I smiled up at him, "I think it's time you called me Kat, Mark."

"Say that again Kat."

I grinned wickedly and replied, "That is a beautiful fucking cock."

"Oh yeah. Now let me see those tits."

I squeezed my tits together a little, giving Mark a nice show of my deep cleavage before I released my tits, "Oh god you have beautiful tits Kat."

I smiled and cupped them as I said, "I'm glad you like them." Then I scooted forward on the couch, bringing my mouth just a few short inches from his hard cock. I saw it jump a little and looked up at Mark's face, giving him a nice view of my tits cupped in my hands and gave my nipples a small squeeze. "I'd like to suck your cock now Mark. Would you like it if I sucked your cock now?" I asked as I pulled on my hard nipples and smiled up at him sweetly.

"Oh yes. I think you need to suck it now Kat."

With that I opened my mouth and let his cock slide in. I moaned a little as I took more into my mouth. When I had his cock deep in mouth mouth I held still and began moving my tongue around the base of his cock before I pulled back and began fucking his cock with my mouth. I felt his hands on my hair, urging my mouth onto his cock and I moaned before I pulled back and said, "Mark your cock tastes so fucking good."

"Your mouth feels incredible Kat," he said with his eyes dark with desire. I moaned again and again took his cock into my mouth and began a steady rhythm of fucking his wonderfully hard cock with my warm mouth.

After a few minutes of my mouth on his cock Mark asked me to stand. I pulled my mouth off his cock and did as he asked. I stood before him for a moment, just feeling his eyes taking in the sight of me, before he lowered his face and took one of my hard nipples into his mouth. I moaned and ran my fingers through his hair, urging him to suck it harder as I felt him cup my other tit and squeeze them together as he said, "Take off your skirt Kat."

I moaned softly, "Mmm, yes Mark," as I unzipped the skirt and shimmied out of it, leaving me standing before him in nothing by my boy cut panties.

"Now take off your panties Kat"

"Yes Mark," I said again as I shimmied out of the panties, exposing my freshly shaved pussy to his sight. I bent down to pick up the panties and leaned foreword a little so my check brushed against his cock along the way, making it twitch for me. After I'd tossed my panties aside I stood up slowly, leaning into his body as I moved upwards. My hands ran over his chest and on impulse I flicked out my tongue and licked one of his nipples.

"Mmmm...that's...oooh...that's good Kat"

"I'm glad you like it Mark"

He took my head in his hands and guided me back up to his mouth. We kissed again, our passion had changed; less feverish but more intense. My nipples were pressed hard into his chest and my pussy was throbbing, aching for attention. "Lay back on the couch Kat."

"Yes Mark," I said with a smile on my face as I laid down in a slouched position on the couch. Mark put his hands on my knees and slowly pushed them apart, leaving my bare pussy open and wide for him and I could feel the wetness of my pussy starting to leak down onto my thighs.

"I'm going to eat your pussy now Kat. Would you like that?"

I shivered and moaned, "Yes please Mark. Please eat my pussy. Oh god I want to cum!"

Mark leaned forward and I sighed in anticipation, then he stopped, his mouth just an inch away from my aching pussy, "Are you sure you want this Kat? You don't sound like you want it that badly."

I looked down at him, his mouth oh so close to my pussy and cried out, "Mark, PLEASE, please, please eat my pussy. I want to feel your lips on my clit, your tongue inside me. I want you to make me cum. Please, I'll do anything."

"Anything?" he asked impishly.

"Yes Mark, if you eat my pussy I'll do anything for you" I cried out in desperation. Then suddenly I felt his tongue slide between my lips, brushing against my clit. I jumped and moaned and felt his mouth lock over my pussy as he slid his tongue between my puffy pussy lips to lap at my wet slit and then up to flick against my clit then back down to my slit. My moans increased and Mark began to focus his efforts more on my aching clit.

"Oh my....ooooh...oh yes Mark, that's so good!" I cried out when I felt his fingers open my pussy wide and his tongue lock onto my clit, sucking it soft and then hard and then soft again into his warm, wet mouth. My hands were in his hair, pushing his face against my aching pussy, urging him to keep sucking on my clit.

I could feel my orgasm building and I cried out "Oooooh...Mark...fuck...yes...aaaaahhhhh! YES! Yes, that's it Mark. Oh god I'm going to cum. You're so fucking hot...yes...make me cum!"

His tongue started moving harder and faster against my clit, I could feel the hot juices of my pussy covering his lips and chin and then the orgasm hit me, hard and fast, making my body shake with the intensity of it as I screamed, "YESSSS! MARK I'M CUMMING!"

Mark kept his tongue against my clit, not licking or sucking it, just there for me to press against or pull away from as I wished. I kept my hands in his hair and rocked my hips back and forth across his tongue while my screams reduced to moans as little aftershocks shook my body. Finally I couldn't take anymore and softly pushed his face from my pussy. He knelt in front of me, looking up at me and watching while I came down from the high of the orgasm. I smiled down at him while my hands running all over my body, gently tugging on my nipples and rubbing my stomach and thighs. Luxuriating in the afterglow of my orgasm.

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